First round of $100 shopping credit issued

We issued our first round of $100 shopping credit today. For those of you that are expecting to receive coupons but have not, you probably did not upload enough photos. Drop us an email or comment below if you think we missed you. We plan to issue out a few thousand dollars worth of shopping credit with our site launch promotion. Help us spread the word if you have any interior designer friends. Thank you!

Potential Starbucks Interior Design Job

Just passing the word around. Potential Starbucks interior design job:

“Hello everyone! I am hoping to network with design industry professionals to fill current job openings in Store Design and Store Concepts at Starbucks. For more info about current openings, please feel free to reach out directly, or send me your resume …and portfolio for review against current needs. You can email me directly at”

Of course, you can post your interior design portfolio here at and as your potential clients to come visit. The url you give out would be:

Descriptive Tags? What are they??

When you upload your design photos / albums, on the upload page, you will see that for each photo you upload, there is a box that says descriptive tags. What are they??

Basically, they are tags / labels that describe the photo, and help viewers narrow down what they are searching for. You will notice on our Design Gallery page, on the left hand column, there are links you can click on to narrow down the design albums that are displayed. Those links are the descriptive tags our members enter when they upload or edit their design albums.

Why are Descriptive Tags useful?

So say home owner Jane comes to our site, looking for an interior designer that has done a good job on kitchen designs, she can click on the “Kitchen” link on the left hand side (under the Location category), and then “Interior Design” under the Project Type category; Viola!¬†she would be able to find the relevant designs albums that she’s interested in, and perhaps get in touch with the interior designer that she likes.

So for the interior designers, design professionals, and people who like to get their design albums SEEN, add the descriptive tags to your photos!

In the future, our site will have tens of thousands of photos / design albums. The descriptive tags are what will help people looking for your projects find you!

Working on new features

We have been working hard on implementing new features for since our site launch. The goal is to make our website even more useful to our members. We should be able to launch our new nifty features in a day or two. Stay tuned!

On a separate subject, we started to have more people visiting our site and upload their design albums, which is great! One thing we want to let our members know is that you can upload multiple pictures at once. There are different ways to do that. I’ll talk about the 2 ways that I find the most handy:

  1. When you click on the “Upload Photos” button and the file selection window comes up, browse to the folder that contains the files, then hold down “Ctrl” button and click on the files that you want to upload.
  2. Another way is to select a “range” of files by first clicking on the file that’s at the beginning of the range. That file will be highlighted / selected; then you hold down “Shift” and click on the file at the end of the range. This would select all the files that’s between the file that was high-lighted, and the file that’s at the end of the range.

After the files are selected, just click on the “open” button in the file selection window, and those files will be uploaded. You will be able to arrange the order of the photos on our website easily after they are uploaded. I’ll discuss them in a later post.

One of those days we will put together a tutorial with images to make it easier to see, but I hope people can follow my instructions for now. Feel free to ask questions below if my post is not clear enough to you. launched!

Welcome to After nearly a year of intense development, our website is finally launched.

We will continue to add new features and market our website to make it more useful to our target audience, namely, interior designers, home enthusiasts, and other design / home improvement professionals.

Let us know what you think about our website. We welcome direct feed back from our members.