Interior Designing 101 From Rebecca Robeson – San Diego Interior Designer

The following guest post is from Rebecca Robeson, a very well respected interior designer from San Diego.  Rebecca is also an interior design Youtube sensation, you can view her channel here.  She has over 400,000 upload views and 3,700 subscribers so definitely take a look and subscribe — her interior design videos are top notch.

This is a project that fully embraces the Southern California lifestyle. While the vibe is casual and cool, unique and unexpected textural accents keep the aesthetic modern and edgy.

But first…. Let us take you from the very beginning. Our home owners, recent transplants from New York, purchased their first Southern California home. Drab and out of date, they decide to hire a professional Design Firm to help them achieve their goals for a sophisticated,
Beach- inspired home with modern elements suited to their personal taste.

The Beginning


As with all of our projects, we began with 3D renderings of the vision we had for their home. This allowed the clients to visualize the possibilities and add input to the overall design BEFORE the project began.

3D Renderings

On the fireplace, 3D textured panels turned something once ordinary into a stunning work of art. Colored diamond rocks added a twist with a flash of bright color.

In the Family Room, the softness of the oversized sofa and textured linen drapes was a perfect contrast to the tailored furniture. Dark banding on the woven wood valances and custom made pillows added drama and definition to each space throughout. To keep the room feeling fresh, botanicals and books that pop with bright color were used as table top decor. The commissioned one of a kind artwork brought it all together with textural elements reminiscent of the Southern California landscape.

Window Treatments addressed the walls and connected the spaces creating indoor/ outdoor appeal.

Our challenge in the Living room was to add character to a room that was otherwise lacking personality. Budget constraints required using some of the clients existing furniture pieces from another room.

Rebecca Robeson Interior Design



To add textural detail, a wooden room divider screen was taken apart to replace the plantation shutters. New side and cocktail tables were added along with updated pillows, art and accessories. Chrome accents and a sunburst mirror added another unexpected 3D element to the room.

The use of a modern, glass bubble chandelier, hung just above the Dining room table is seen the moment you walk in the door, creating a dramatic first impression.

With the candles lit, lights dimmed just so and music playing in the background… Our clients experienced an overwhelming emotional response when they saw their beautiful new home for the first time. The remarkable response to the reality of what they now own …
THE HOME OF THEIR DREAMS, ….is what drove our passion to work day and night to create the home they had been longing for!

The Final Result!

To Quote our client’s:
“Now I finally the house I’ve always wanted it to be, you know…its not just walls, it’s a Home!”

"It's A Home Run!"

"It's A Home Run!"

I think it’s fair to say, Our clients now know what it means to … Live. Your. Style.

Here’s the Youtube vid of the entire project:

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  1. Rebecca I am always lifted up by watching your works, you are amazing.. I think you are the best interior designer in entire world. I want to be like you. Rebecca you are incredibly talented… same you are beautiful, alive and hunny, you make difference 🙂
    My name is Gitana, I’m lithuanian living in Ireland.

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