C.K. Nyman's Los Feliz Spanish Mission Style Home

I bet you’re dying to know that today’s find is this happy Los Feliz Spanish influenced home…and yes it is happy indeed (pun intended). Don’t believe me? See for yourself below. Distinguished by contrasts between dark wood furnishings and light toned walls, this home brings back feelings reminiscent of the Spanish Mission Style influence. Of course, if you’re asking for a few mission style design ideas with a modern twist, read on. As for C.K. Nyman Interior Design she’s wowed us with her pizzazz and elegant blend of old and new.

See more here: C.K. Nyman

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Exquisite, Elegant and Exclusive Spaces From Beasley & Henley Interior Design

That’s right, that’s three E’s to describe this top notch company. If you want to see some of the most exquisite, elegant and exclusive interiors read on. Beasley & Henley Interior Design is one of the most respected design firms in the country, stationed in Winter Park, Florida. They have received numerous awards, been published in several periodicals and have been featured in regional television broadcasts and national design programs including HGTV. Their settings are other than and truly intriguing…We are proud to share their work with you on DesignShuffle.

To see more of their award winning work go here. Or you may continue browsing our site to get some more foyer design ideas or bathroom design ideas.

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Romanian Contemporary Bellevue Residence

Tucked away in the mountains of Romania is a spacious one bedroom apartment completely decorated and furnished in a very contemporary way with sleek lines, a focus on function rather than excessive ornamentation, and natural elements. The name of the business? Interiors by White Mountain Property. We’re delighted to present their work, and we’d like to invite you to check out more work here and below as we show off what we promised we would in our earlier Facebook post. See how the Romanian’s do it and make sure you check out the handsome wooden porch at the end.

To view more Contemporary Design Ideas visit here.

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Exteriors by Chad Robert

Based in the Arts District of Phoenix, Arizona, Exteriors is a landscape architectural firm specializing in large-scale residential & commercial garden design and installation. Each year Exteriors’ landscape designs win numerous awards as they have worked in unique gardens throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area as well as some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city. Their work is nothing less than quality!

If you like what you see, visit their website to see more!

Scottish Contractors Craig & Buchanan LTD Going Big

We’re sure you’ve spotted their dashingly handsome work prior to this post…but you have got to check them out if you haven’t. The combination Craig & Buchanan offers to clients is summed up in fully integrated designs, manufacturing and installation services. A few of the projects they boast of in their portfolio are: Forthside Pedestrian Bride in Stirling, Scotland, the Glasgow Science Centre in Glasgow, and the Briggait Centre also in Glasgow, Scotland.

Steel Spiral Staircase Clad in Timber, Garrison House, Millport, Scotland

Structural Glass to Bride Parapets, Forthside Pedestrian Bride, Stirling, Scotland

Structural Glass LED Wall, Glasgow Science Centre, Glasgow, Scotland

Guildry Court Atrium, The Briggait Centre, Glasgow, Scotland

Visit their album here and get more architectural & contractor’s ideas while you’re at it!

Luke Gibson's Stunning Architectural Photography

Here’s another tribute to our architectural photographers! As I went through Luke Gibson Photography‘s portfolio I don’t think I found a single photograph with a flaw and it seems like he only photographs the best work. His photographs seem to stand still in time (even with the fireplace flickering in a few of them), even locking your gaze into a clarity infused mesmerizing effect. Would definitely like to live in a few of these perfect houses if we could. Definitely Luke’s work has been some of our favorite work uploaded so far! Impressive. Grab him while you can, designers.

See more of the work he’s photographed to also get some great design ideas.

Eye-Popping Eye Candy With Barksdale Photography

We were certainly delighted when Architectural Photographer, Darryl Barksdale, recently approached us with the suggestion to add “Architectural Photographer” under the professions section on our Design Gallery. We can’t stress how important having great professional photography to properly portray the beauty of our member’s design work is…with the help of a professional, proper lighting and unique angling techniques, professional photography can take a designer’s portfolio viewing experience a long way for lots of potential clients to appreciate. The difference between a designer with aesthetically pleasing photos and ones with not so great photos can make all the difference when it comes down to choosing the right interior designer or architect to make that renovation or help in the design process of a new home.

It’s a beautiful thing seeing seeing the completion of a project that has taken so much of your passion and energy to complete, but it’s an entirely different thing when your work is captured the way it was created to be.  Let’s get real and say that sometimes our work is just not properly justified by the pictures representing our work.

Get ready for eye-popping eye candy with some of these gorgeous images and stay tuned for a few more posts on the work of our latest Architectural Photographer members!

That’s all for now…but to view more of his eye candy you can view more from his albums here.

Site News! Pre-Thanksgiving Update

Over the months we’ve obtained a pretty broad viewer/member base here at Design Shuffle from interior designers, architects, home enthusiasts, contractors, manufacturers and much more.  With 1600+ Facebook “likes” and a constant flow of traffic going through our site we are now also ranked on the first page on Google search engine’s search result for our category.  We are still working to leverage the first place position on Google’s first page. Most people who are using ‘home design’ or ‘corporate architecture’ related words in search engines only look at the first or second search engine results page and settle with those sites to give them the information they need.  What this means for you that Design Shuffle has a first page ranking on Google:

  • Greater chances of our website (which contains your portfolio) being selected in search engine results
  • Greater traffic to your portfolio work
  • Your business gets more exposure
  • Your business gets promoted for FREE
  • Your business gains credibility with potential clients
  • Greater pool of attracted clients to your business

Pretty juicy stuff, huh? To add a few more statistics to the rack, we received 12,000 visitors in the last month, all of which have been relevant people that are looking for interior design related items.  So our efforts at getting Design Shuffle to the very top of Google’s search engine is extremely relevant to your business! We like to encourage our users to keep the ball rollin’, keep on spreading the word about our site and “like”-ing away on Facebook.  Your support truly goes a long way.

New Features!

We are still making additional site changes to make the viewing and usage of this website more enjoyable for our viewers and members. We’ve also added a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab on the top toolbar…check it out! It’ll answer a lot of the questions you may have had for awhile now about us.

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Noteworthy Portfolio:

Check out the work of Freespace Design LLC here.  We love what she’s done with this cool decked out theater with an Art Deco edge along with some Egyptian Revival!


To see more click here.

Freespace Design's Egyptian Revival & Art Deco Theater

One of our favorite designers is someone whose passion is contemporary architecture and whose profession is interior design….we love her work so much we asked her for more and this is what she fed us. If you’re dying to see an original 1930’s style theater gone majorly eclectic with influences from the 50’s, Art Deco, AND Egyptian Revival, do not miss out on this one! Designer Geri Cruickshank-Eaker of Freespace Design LLC never fails to surprise us. She describes her project here:

[I] recently completed this new theater, as part of an economic development plan and funded by a non-profit organisation, is the renovation of an original Art Deco cinema built in 1939. The facility which opened in November 2009, includes a 394 seat auditorium, reception hall with bar, and display area dedicated to the late musician Don Gibson. The concept: Integration – 1930’s Egyptian Revival, add some 1950’s, an Art Deco color palette and turn up the volume!

Way to go Geri, keep the work comin’!

Art Deco Designs by Freespace LLC

Art Deco Designs by Freespace LLC

Art Deco Designs by Freespace LLC

Art Deco Designs by Freespace LLC

Check out more of Freespace’s work here! Get some art deco design ideas while you’re at it.