Announcing our 2010 Invite & Win Facebook Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this contest! As many of you know, we are increasing daily in popularity on Facebook! The following contest winners helped us spread the news about Design Shuffle by liking our page, telling their friends, sharing status updates and even inviting their friends to our Facebook page. Yet again, today Design Shuffle is a little more joyful, a little fuller, and a little more active because of your hardy participation! Design Shuffle is proud to present the winners of its 2010 Invite & Win Facebook Contest.

The 1st place winner and recipient of $100 in cash is…Geri Cruickshank-Eaker of Freespace Design LLC!
The 2nd Place winner and recipient of $50 in cash is…our faithful Facebook Fan, Tony Yang!
And last but not least, the 3rd Place winner and recipient of $25 in cash is…another Facebook Fan, Mo Jarock!

Congratulations Geri, Tony and Mo! Thank you for your extended support of our mission to promoted talented interior designers all across the globe . Once again, thanks to everyone who participated. We enjoyed seeing increased Facebook activity. Everyone else, we encourage you to continue uploading your latest, get EXPOSURE, and spread the news about what an awesome place Design Shuffle is!

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