Inspired High-End NYC Living Rooms

When we discovered the work of New York Interior Designer James Rixner, we discovered the work of a highly inspired and refined design genius whose uncommon work is characterized by elegance, serenity, and an approachable warmth. Of course, we can’t forget mentioning his grand usage of mid-century pieces, antiques and contemporary furniture which span many styles and time frames…tres magnifique. Please enjoy a daily dose of design inspirations for the day with these truly insipred living room ideas below.

Mid-Century Modern Sitting Room
This beautiful sitting area in a Townhouse is the quintessential New York Room. The step up to the terrace is carpeted in a dramatic stripe to accent the stairs and draw your eye to the fabulous view . The Lobmeyr Austrian crystal chandelier is a smaller version of those found in the Metropolitan Opera House and the dramatic painting , “Cosmos II” by NY Artist Perry Burns.

Venetian-Inspired Art Deco Living Room
Luxurious finishes, fine period pieces, couture craftmanship and a rare 1920s Aubusson Deco carpet evoke a more glamorous era in this stunning receiving salon.

Hamptons Style Living Room
A Living Room in The Hamptons exhibits a neutral elegance. This room avoids the usual beach house look by using relaxed but elegant fabrics on classic upholstery pieces. The sunny palate mirrors the feeling of days spent outside.

Holiday House
Sterling Gray, White, Black and Hot Lime make up the palate for this up to the minute room. A 60’s style patterned carpet is the starting point which serves as the anchor and allows the various design elements to shine.

Classic and Casual Public House Restaurant Design

Cke Interior Design is back again as we promised! Last time we featured their bathroom designs and this time they’ve come to show off their gorgeous restaurant design. They are not just residential.

We at Design Shuffle love restaurant design so much because we find that restaurants are full of so many design inspirations that can be incorporated into other spaces like our homes…even though the atmospheres are so very different.

Coming from Nashville, a crossroads of American culture and all things musical, Cke Interior Design has had to tailor its interior design to match its community. And they certainly have! What we love most about this project is that Cke Interior Design maintained the historical integrity of the building…and the building does have beautiful roots. Check out this historic building chicly updated with a blend of old and new. The end result is an atmosphere that is both warm and inviting. Here’s what Cke Interior Design says…

Public House Restaurant

The upscale meat and three restaurant called Public House located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, named after a gathering place for anyone seeking good food and drink, maintains a clean environment through the use of white board and batten walls and white booths. The historic integrity of the building is preserved in the exposed brick walls and white booths. Cke Interior Design created the warm atmosphere that you see in these pictures.

We’re ready for a Nashville Roadtrip…anyone else?

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Fabulously Stylish Family Home in Greenwich, Connecticut

If there’s anything interesting to know about New York Interior Designer Doryn Wallach, it’s her ability to read people well. Enter Doryn Wallach Design. Doryn is great at blending the old with the new, the expensive with the affordable and just plain creating interiors that are stylish, comfortable and gorgeous. She’s also quite adept at blending styles with unexpected bursts of vibrant color that are both visually appealing AND inviting. Let’s just say her clients are happy campers.

The below contemporary design ideas are living proof of her gorgeous style from her most recent project in Greenwich, Connecticut. Savour these! Or…as they would say in French, “savourer ce!”

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Interview With Architectural Designer, Brian Hanlen

At Design Shuffle we are constantly trying to improve our content. Starting last month we decided to add an extra feature to our blog where we take interviews and ask a series of questions regarding any aspect of the design industry each month. Results are posted for all of our readers to view and comment. We continue to take interviews each month. Our targets are design professionals including designers and architects everywhere who feel they have something to share. If you are one of them, feel free to contact us at

Brian Henlen of Brooks Design / Build, Inc., an adaptive and influential architectural design firm serving the mountain regions of Colorado, is our interviewee this month.  He combines the ruggedness of American mountain architecture, the permanence of European design, the formality of New England stying, and the casual comfort of homes out of the Pacific Northwest to bring his clients spaces that provide convenience and luxury.  The result is a unique style nobody can really quite put their finger on. Enjoy this Q&A feature below as we delve into the architectural designer himself, Brian Henlen a bit more. The following pictures are work from The Portland at Park Place, by him.

As viewed from the street, the Portland presents a modest but cozy elevation. The deep front porch is sheltered away from the summer sun and provides consistent shelter during the day.

  1. Brian, how did you get into architectural design? I had an interest in architectural design from when I was very young. When I was twelve years old I began working in construction with my grandfather. He was a general contractor in Washington State. It was through this introduction to the construction industry that I began studying not only how things were designed but also how they were built. I founded my company in 1996 and after a few years began doing primarily design work.

    Southern Exterior: When viewed from the adjacent lot, the house takes on a much more expansive nature. This is my favorite view of the project.

  2. That’s quite compelling to see someone starting their career so young. What inspires you to keep consistently producing top tier architectural design?

    Our inspiration comes from the goal that you need to bring everything you have to each project, regardless of the budget and the perceived scope of the project. You always have to be willing to give new examples and different ideas to a client. While it is easier to take the path of least resistance, to go with the tried and true ideas, the best projects always come from pushing the envelope. By trying to learn exponentially from each job and then leveraging that new knowledge into doing something different, unique and special for the next, you are constantly trying to improve. Though this may be subtle at times, it pushes the resulting product year after year towards something better. An appreciation for all styles is very important to our firm. We love to be a part of designing a rustic timber-frame, a contemporary mountain house, as well as true period home with built up painted moldings, as they all are fertile design playgrounds.

      Dining Room: The cozy dining area located just off the kitchen.

  3. We couldn’t agree more! Tell us about your Park Place project…we love the sophistication of its design and neoclassical look. Since the design draws from multiple styles, how would you characterize its main style?

    The Portland at Park Place was a house that was both meant to look as if it had been there for 100 years as well as having elements of being brand new. The project was located at an old hospital site in downtown Steamboat Springs. Several times during its construction we received comments of: “nice remodel”; I took that as proof we had succeeded in blending into the neighborhood. So many of the homes these days feel like they need to be either perfect copies of the original or such a stark opposite just to be different.

      Master Bedroom: The space within the master bedroom has been tailored so that the truncated vault and the low plate height creates a cozy but spacious room.

  4. Homes like the Portland try to blend different ideas and make them into a product that is better than a strict interpretation of a historical home. Older homes while having character, lack the more open floor plans, energy efficient construction, updated heating systems, and modern conveniences. I honestly can’t categorize it as one style or another. It is best to think of the house as being a neoclassical that has been “beefed” up to work in the mountains.

  5. What were some of your inspirations for this project?

    Washington’s South Hill neighborhood served as the primary inspiration for this home. Though not always thought of as a Mecca for design, this neighborhood has some of the best representations of period design in the country. Within a couple of square miles you have great example of a multitude of neoclassical homes. A lot of details that are assumed to be mountain contemporary, are actual reborn ideas from this same time period, we just haven’t seen them widely used in over 90 years.

      Master Bath: This view displays the glass wall for the master shower to be open to the rest of the bath.

  6. What is your favorite magazine or website on space design?

    Fine Homebuilding (Taunton Press) and Luxe magazine are the two best sources for great residential design ideas.
  7. What do you think about Design Shuffle?

    I appreciate the collection of ideas and thoughts that are brought together in one place. Innovation comes through collaboration and can be better facilitated by site like Design Shuffle where a spectrum of concepts are brought together.

      Office: This room looks out over the small patio off the kitchen and has great views to Emerald Mountain and Howelson Hill.

  8. It’s true! What kind of advice do you have for other architectural designers or architects reading this?

    The design profession has to work hard to understand that their ideas do not exist in a vacuum. A thorough understanding of how things are built helps to temper great design with the realities of cost. It also helps ensure that you are able to maximize the potential of any given project regardless of budget. If an idea or project is never built due to cost, that work becomes lost. If possible, younger designers and architects need to spend some time in the field working for construction companies. It will make them better at their respective trades in the long run.

Thank you so much Brian for your time.  We look forward to seeing more of your designs in the future on Design Shuffle!

To see more of Brooks Design / Build, Inc.’s fabulous work go here.

Exclusive Island Resort in the British West Indies

C2 Limited Design Associates is an international award-winning boutique design firm that’s created for itself a signature niche in the world of luxury design and interior styling.

Through work with a class historic hotel to an exclusive residential island resort and more, Christina H. Romann and Craig J. Smith have established themselves as leaders in the luxury hotel, residential, private club and resort marketplace. This lovely duo’s work is amazing! Check out their luxurious project from the Turks & Caicos Sporting Club of Ambergris Cay below.

Ambergris Cay is a 1100 acre private residential island resort at the southeastern end of the Caicos Banks in the British West Indies. As the development’s exclusive designers, Christina H. Romann and Craig J. Smith created these award winning interiors throughout the buildings. Have a peek for might want to plan a trip down there soon!

MacFarlane House

MacFarlane House

Vistica House Sitting Room

Caribbean Escape

Calico Jack’s

Calico Jack’s

View more of their work here and become a follower of C2 Limited today!

Delightfully Modern and Contemporary Bedroom Designs

We’ve pulled out some bedroom ideas for those of you who’ve been looking to redesign a room and are hungry for a fresh helping of ideas! Here’s your daily dose of some appealing contemporary bedroom ideas.

(via) Dorian G. Muncey Interiors

(via) CKE Interior Design

(via) Michelle Workman Interiors

(via) Michelle Workman Interiors

(via) Beckwith Interiors

(via) Jill Seidner Interior Design

(via) C2 Limited Design Associates

(via) Kaleido Interior LLP

(via) Mengfei Furniture & Renovation

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Enticing Contemporary Waiting Room Furniture

Found these samples of M3’s Waiting Room Furniture while surfing our site. M3 is a full service office furniture dealership offering cutting edge products to the marketplace. Check them out! I think I could just collapse on one of these and take a nice nap..Which one are you diggin’ the most?

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Country French Home Turned Contemporary

Check out how San Francisco Interior Designer Marie Chan of InterSpace Design transformed this Country French styled home into the contemporary home of her client’s dreams. What’s wonderful about Marie is that she engages her clients in a collaborative design process that respects their budgets, respects the environment and implements their taste. Marie has quite a list of achievements since graduating from Washington State University with a B.A. in Interior Design (Cum Laude).  Her work and writing boast of having been published in the Wall Street Journal’s SmartMoney, Los Angeles Times, Bay Area Spaces, San Jose Mercury News, Decor Elegante, and many more. Enjoy her work below and grab some contemporary design ideas while you’re at it. All photography by architectural photographer Dean Birinyi. Thanks Marie for brilliant contributions to the Design Shuffle network!

My clients have this Country French home which does not align with their own taste. I created new window and floor coverings, cabinetry, and art glass for windows & mirrors to make this a true reflection of their style.

Powder Room After Remodel: The stained glass celebrates the client’s love of flowers in the Saratoga residence. The angular asymmetric cabinet design acts as a counterpoint to the diverse curvilinear elements, completing the transformation of the space into an elegant powder room.

Powder Room Before Remodel

Powder Room Detail: The truncated boat shaped counter frees up much needed floor space with style.
The curvilinear theme carries onto the splash and design of the mirror.

Kitchen: The country French kitchen is transformed by serpentine curves and ‘portholes’ carved into new cabinet doors. Contemporary pendant fixtures and cove lighting in the raised kitchen ceiling add warmth and sparkle to the overall space.

Family Room: The wrap-around valence in the bay window overlooking the Saratoga hills takes its color cues from the custom mirror over the fireplace. Dichroic glass, which shifts in color when viewed from different angles, creates visual interest in the kitchen cabinet. The whimsical crystal jewel in the etched glass is a nod to the clients’ extensive Swarovski collection.

Kitchen: The traditional leaded glass is replaced by contemporary stained glass panels. Art glass in the cabinet door ‘portholes’ complements the color scheme.

Nook: The collage of 3-dimensional slumped glass, dichroic, textured, and art glass offers a dynamic experience and echoes the design of the custom rug.

To see more from Marie’s delightful project visit her here.

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Modern New York Living Marries Elegance and Simplicity

Founded in 1985, Green & Company is an interior design, decorating, and architecture firm specializing in upscale residential and commercial design throughout the country. Synthesis is the key to their style, The New Serenity, where the elegance of the past marries the simplicity of the present. Creating interiors that are luxurious yet understated, historical yet innovative, subtle yet hard to ignore, Gail Green excels at designing imaginative, timeless rooms. Enjoy these modern design ideas below.

Park Avenue Kitchen: a multi-faceted kitchen

Long Island North Shore Modern/Transitional Dining Room

Fifth Avenue sleek, modern kitchen

Central Park West Modernist Dining Room

Sutton Place Modern Master Bedroom

What do you think of these New York modernist designs? Please leave them your feedback below! If you like their work, be sure to follow them today on Design Shuffle.