Organic, Modern, Unique and Uncommon – Jamie Beckwith In Review

We’ll have to say that we’re pretty enamored by the Jamie Beckwith Collection as well as Jamie’s own home…a Pool House with a pretty awesome wine cellar you’ve probably never seen the likes of before…this project two years to complete in Nashville, TN. Jamie Beckwith is a unique designer who draws her inspiration from exotic travels, photography, fashion, luxurious textiles and life experiences to bring such a unique approach to design. She says, “My designs are not born from trying to be different, or to create something that is not in the marketplace, but my designs are based on artistic freedom, a passion if you will.” It’s easy to find modern design ideas in her work.

Perhaps the reason Jamie’s work is so appealing to her high-end clients is because she pushes the mold and she pushes is freely. When asked what her inspiration for starting the Jamie Beckwith Collection was, she responded that she was “challenged to create custom solutions for high-profile clients who seek unique objects, uncommon finishes, and unique materials.” Unique and uncommon. That’s exactly how you’d describe her attractive style. But that’s not all. You’ll be intrigued to find out her inspiration for starting the Jamie Beckwith Collection.

Says Ashleigh Farrar, her interior design assistant, “The Jamie Beckwith Collection all started with the need to create an ‘unending floor’ so she thought of a puzzle and how the pieces all fit together. She took the idea of shapes and a puzzle which inspired her to create a floor material that was like a puzzle. From that first design, she learned that many different shapes and patterns could be made and that wood flooring did not have to be strictly linear or straight planks…the floor could be curves, circular, wavy…patterns. The collection centers around all things wood and truly brings an organic fresh feel to the environment the pieces are installed in. Jamie loves the warmth, organic nature, and how every piece of wood is different and unique.” And so do we!

The following describes in detail more about Jamie’s Pool House Project, a project she designed for herself, her family, and her friends. See her work below.

For this project Jamie was her own client, as she wanted to create a space dedicated to her family and friends with the ability to host larger scale functions or parties. In designing, Jamie wanted to mix organic details and finishes with modern clean lines for a warm and inviting space that does not come across as sterile or cold. She was largely inspired by lighting for this project and wanted to integrate into a residential space lighting in a way that is normally seen in a commercial space, such as restaurants or hotels. The wine cellar lighting gives a totally different effect and ambiance when LED lighting is utilized to illuminate the arched acrylic wine storage. The linear chandelier in the pool house stairway Jamie custom designed and is over 20 feet long. It has LED lights running through an acrylic tube housed in the rectangular acrylic fixture. Jamie wanted each area of the pool house to have some sort of unique lighting application. The men’s bathroom has a back lit strip of blue frosted acrylic tucked into a corner as an interesting focal and architectural detail which gives the effect of a waterfall. In the kitchen, the onyx backsplash is back lit as well for a unique detail.

Jamie custom designed this linear chandelier in the pool house stairway custom. It is over 20 feet long and has LED lights running through an acrylic tube housed in the rectangular acrylic fixture.

The sitting area above the wine cellar: The glass floor gives a unique view into the wine cellar below.

Wine Cellar with LED lighted acrylic Gothic arches

Projection, a wood product Jamie Beckwith manufactures, was featured on the DIY network television show about 2 months ago. This is the final product of a Jacksonville, Florida viewer who personally installed the product as a surprise for his wife!

Thanks Jamie for sharing your work with us!

If you like Jamie’s work and would like to see more in the future, “like” this page and leave her some comments below! You can also go here to view more from her portfolio.

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