Interview With New York Interior Designer, Mimi Fong

New York Interior Designer Mimi Fong of Luminosus Designs creates a fresh touch on contemporary design. Mimi creates her spaces to be a haven of comfort; her designs create environments that are “stylish, yet inviting”.  Below you will find some of our favorite shots from her Bronx, New York Project. Mimi and her team follow the belief  that  “ they can transform any space into a stylish, luxurious, intimate, and comfortable haven.”  Join us today as we feature our interview with this outstanding New York Interior Designer.

1) Mimi, how would you characterize your design aesthetic?

The best way to describe my design aesthetic is would be with two words: “clean and fresh”.  Whether the style is modern, eclectic, contemporary, or traditional, the color palette always begs the eyes to linger and invite you in.  My inspiration for color comes from Mother Nature and from great artists such as Monet and Renoir, masters of Impressionism.

2) Your work is very clean and fresh indeed. How does life in New York affect your work?

Life in and around New York City is simply crazy!  Many of my clients ask for a design that affords them a sanctuary that is calm and serene, and of course I do my very best to create such a space for them.  New York is also a design capital where the inspirations and material options are endless.  I can be inspired by something as simple as a piece of hand-made tile or a bolt of fabric.  Also, New York City is home to many great designers and architects.  Their works are seen in many public places and they are my inspirational sources as well.

3) What an intriguing city to find inspiration. Can you talk a little bit about the Cayman Islands project, and why it was a good challenge for you?

Doing a long distance project presents many logistic problems.  Furniture had to be consolidated and shipped via a freight container so timing the order and delivery to Miami warehouse took lots of planning.  I had to shorten the client interview process and did it via e-mail.  I combined the survey and the wall color selection process into a single trip.  I also built my color scheme backwards, starting with the wall color and finishing with the furniture and rug.  Installation day was another big challenge since trades have to work around each other in a frantic pace.  I even picked up paint brushes and hammers to help as much as I could.  I recall myself being a nervous wreck as I held my breath when we were opening crates of furniture and accessories, hoping nothing was broken or mis-routed by the freighter.  Of course there are always problems.  I simply try to stay calm and find solutions.

4) Managing a long distance project like that is to be admired! Looking outside of the interior design world, what in the world of fashion, art, architecture and pop culture informs your work the most?

I definitely have to say fashion influences my work the most.  From fashion, I glean the trends for color combination, fabric texture and pattern.  However, architecture also inspires my design.  I love the volume created by soaring ceilings, and the play of light and shadow created by the sun dancing across architectural elements.  This uplifting ambiance awes me the most, I try to bring into all of my work.  A good example is the living room of the Bronx, NY project.

5) Lastly, can you tell me a few other things that add to your “eye”?

I love to explore things through my senses: sight, touch, smell, and sound.  As a result, I am always handling different things when I go shopping.  I am also very curious about the construction of things because of the engineer in me.  I test drive every seating piece I come across, look under and behind every cabinet and table to see how they are built and how well they are built.  It can embarrass my friends and earn curious looks from sales staff sometimes.  But I like to know what I am buying, for myself and my clients.   My study of fine arts in both high school and college elevated my design style while classical ballet and figure skating taught me that rhythm and movement can be graceful.  So scale, volume, proportion, composition, rhythm, and movement become natural to me.  But sometimes I love to break these design principles and do something completely unexpected or exaggerated to create a fun conversation piece!

Thanks Mimi for joining us in this month’s interview.  Our admiration for you and your work has increased!

Mimi continues to grace her designs with layers of clean tones to bring out the clarity and beauty in a space. Feel free to check out more of her work here.

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A Twist to Bathroom and Kitchen Decor!

Ontario Interior Designer Tracy Kundell of Avalon Interiors brings a unique touch to interior design ideas. Her style embodies a blend of the team’s expertise along with the client’s personality. She has a great sense of sophistication with a mixture of anticipated future designs. Her exceptional ability to enhance the kitchen environment creates an enjoyable place for cooking and entertaining. Tracy’s distinctive touch to bathroom designs creates relaxing and inviting environments. Creating the comfortable, timeless, and functional environment is part of Tracy’s ultimate inspiration. Tracy is a superb designer who has the gift to accomplish design styles ranging from contemporary to eclectic.

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 3

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 3

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Alone Time: Creative Spaces Just for You

In honor of National Women’s History Month, we have dedicated a blog post to all you pioneering women out there. Enjoy this special as we highlight some creative alone time spaces and ideas for you to make history in! Comments are always welcome.

Every woman needs a place of her own, to think, to write, to draw or just to daydream. So often, women give everything to their loved ones, including the whole house at times. Have you ever dreamt of a place where you can go and know everything is just where you left it? Some of us aren’t so fortunate to have a whole room to ourselves, but we’ve managed to carve out a space and put our stamp on it.

Pink Modern Closet Office (via)

Luxurious space can come in the form of something as simple as a small desk with a decorative chair in the corner of the kitchen or a larger den design. What we put in our space is a personal affair, which should, if we are true to ourselves, show our style and our flair, and center on our interests. Even some living room designs can be equipped to handle a small area for a personal space of one’s own.

Turquoise Chair and Desk Uber Padded (via)

For example, many famous women authors had the most limited spaces imaginable. From a board on her lap under a chestnut tree, Virginia Wolf wrote her famous novels Mrs. Dalloway and appropriately enough, A Room of One’s Own. Jane Austen wrote her historic and massive novel, Pride and Prejudice, from a tiny 12-sided desk where she used 2 inch wide paper slips to write on. Fortunately, many women of today can command a bit more space than our earlier literary examples, whether our calling is writing, knitting or simply putting our pen to paper in signing a greeting card.

Lush and Plush Red Hot Space (via)

A small table or a writing desk suits many uses quite well and can fit easily into a corner or a smallish area within a bigger room. A comfortable chair is in order if we plan to spend more than a few minutes in our creative place, so look for a plush, yet pretty slipper chair or armless modern chair depending on taste. Lighting is highly important, so pick an attractive desk lamp of Tiffany glass or perhaps a little more opulent Swarovski crystal as in the da Vinci collection.

Simple Country Charm (via)

Take a look at some of the beautiful and truly feminine spaces your fellow sisters in creativity have come up with and then go online and research more home office

Aqua, Black and White Attic Office (via)

Zebra Wild Office (via)

Pure White and Hot Pink Office Digs (via)

Floral Green and Yellow Office (via)

What are your favorite parts of the house to spend your alone time in?

A Contemporary Twist on a Tropical Visual Escape…

San Francisco Interior Designer Jerry Jacobs, of Jerry Jacobs Design, has returned with a fresh slew of designs to entice those yearning for a visual retreat. With this unique design, Jacobs invites you to take a step from your world and retreat. Retreat to the sunny villas of your mind and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean, through the expansive and generous windows that the unforgiving sun just effortlessly seeps through. With a grand regal foyer welcoming you into a condo unlike anything you’ve ever imagined, Jacobs shares with us a contemporary yet tropical design that falls nothing short of spectacular.

What was once a two level penthouse condo has been transformed into a lavish and decadent retreat of a home that captures the true beauty of the Caribbean Islands. Utilizing mirrors in the master and dining room to seamlessly create the effect of a more open design, Jacobs places wooden furniture and accents to create a breezy, Tropical feel to the space. The beauty of this design is not the lavish home décor, but rather, the multifunctionality of the design. Enjoy the Mediterranean guest bedroom while the cool marble floor delicately electrifies your toes on hot summer days. Or enjoy a beautiful starry night as you waste away in the basin of your vanishing edge spa. Or rather, cook a feast for your friends in your lush kitchen as you gather around the lazy susan, whilst the cold marble keeps you rejuvenated. Whatever your indulgences may be, Jacobs has created a design that is a feast for all your senses, and as we’ve said, nothing short of spectacular.

Grand Foyer Welcome paired with a Cool Marble Floored Guest Bedroom

Mirrored Dining Room, cool and relaxed

Vanishing Edge Spa inviting you to watch the days waste away

Gather around the Lazy Susan with friends in this Gorgeous Marbled Kitchen

To continue your visual voyage, come away with us here.

25,000 Sq. Ft. Contemporary Home: The Beauty of Accessibility

We’re filled with high spirits this week to feature San Francisco Interior Designer Jamie Snavley of InterDesign Studio. Jamie’s projects consist of contemporary designs catered towards personality while focusing on functionality. Jamie illuminates the world of interior designing by incorporating his art into a functional home. He goes beyond the ordinary while staying within the boundaries of accessibility for all. In the following project Jamie creates a new world to cater a special needs household in this 25,000 square foot fully accessible residence.  Extra amenities include fully accessible flooring transitions, elevator, home theatre, indoor pool, gym, and outdoor kitchen. Be amazed.

Fully Accessible Kitchen

Fully Accessible Master Bathroom

Fully Accessible Dining Room

Fully Accessible Powder Room

Custom Tile Pattern with stainless and brass dividers

To see the rest of Jamie’s fully accessible project, go here.

Click the photos above to rate some of Jamie’s pictures.

What are your thoughts on this design project? Any thoughts on how functionality should be better intertwined with design?

Contemporary Refinement from the Heart of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Interior Designer Anne Miller, principal of Anne Miller Designs, is an accomplished interior designer who is noted for her unique and custom details in her design. Her design vision includes streamlined interior architecture with an unexpected mixture of vintage antique, custom furniture and artwork.  With her delectable taste for design, each space becomes a personal creation for each client as seen below…She has projects in California and Nevada and has been an instructor in the Architecture department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  She is currently teaching at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. All photography by Ryan Weber, Radiant Photography, Las Vegas, NV.

Anne and her team were involved in the following new construction residence from the pre-planning stages of the house prior to the commencement of construction.  She focused on streamlined architectural details and tactile finishes to warm up the large and open spaces of this expansive house. Note the very interesting human sized square mirror in the 2nd floor bathroom where proportion and scale are unique for this project. In this project, the ceilings are high, the rooms are spacious and there is an abundance of natural light. Anne says, “It was always a  challenge to make this residence appear less commercial looking and more like a home.”  We think she did a fabulous job turning it into a home indeed. Great work, Anne and the team at Anne Miller Designs!

2nd Floor Bedroom Suite Bathroom


2nd Floor Bedroom Suite Bathroom
First Floor Bedroom Suite

Leave us some comment love below!  What are your thoughts of this project?

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Posh Traditional With A Bit of Pizazz

Massachusetts interior decorator Stacy Curran of South Shore Decorating brings us some traditional interior design inspiration today! Her award winning interior decorating firm specializes in affordable custom designs.  The firm decorates home for clients throughout the country through e-decorating services as well as clients in person. Their aim is to design comforting, inviting, beautiful spaces that are made to suit clients styles and needs. Her motto is “Improving the world, one room at a time.”

Check out her profile on Design Shuffle here!

Fashionably Sophisticated Modern Florida Mansion

This modern design project was created by Florida Interior Designer Sharon Gilkey and her team from Montanna and Associates. Renowned for luxury residential interiors, her team has a very impressive portfolio of diverse styles.  Sharon is able to capture the personality and style of each individual in the design of each home. This was our favorite.

Click through some more of their work to check it out!

Winner of the Battle of the Ugly Lights Contest

in February and March of 2011, Design Shuffle went on a hunt for the ugliest light out there we could find. Thankfully, we have fans/followers like these who provided us with a few selections.

And…the winner of Design Shuffle’s 2011 Battle of the Ugly Lights Contest is…Christmas In A Tube!  Congratulations to Alison Chien, Winner of the $500 lighting makeover.  Alison has received 69 votes during the Battle of the Ugly Lights contest. Well done Alison! Alison will enjoy a $500 shopping spree on for Quoizel lighting products to fill her home with.

Winner: Christmas In A Tube submitted by Alison Chien, vote count: 69

2nd Place Runner-up: These Would Make Great “Before” photos submitted by Kendra Smith, vote count: 59

3rd Place Runner-Up: Attic Lamp submitted by Shelley Jacobs Rodner, vote count: 36

4th place runner-up: Up Lamp!! submitted by Sara Shutler, vote count: 17

Thank you very much to all of our participants and voters in the Design Shuffle’s 2011 Battle of the Ugly Lights contest! We have enjoyed much, laughed hard, and found our winner!

Design Shuffle Joins Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts

Design Shuffle has made a $3,000 donation to the American Red Cross to help with the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami relief efforts. As proud supporters of the American Red Cross, we realize this is perhaps the swiftest and most efficient way for Design Shuffle to serve the needs of the Japanese people during this horrific time.  The effects of the devastating March 11, 2011 tsunami following a 9.0 magnitude earthquake are still being felt. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster victims and their families.

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