Alone Time: Creative Spaces Just for You

In honor of National Women’s History Month, we have dedicated a blog post to all you pioneering women out there. Enjoy this special as we highlight some creative alone time spaces and ideas for you to make history in! Comments are always welcome.

Every woman needs a place of her own, to think, to write, to draw or just to daydream. So often, women give everything to their loved ones, including the whole house at times. Have you ever dreamt of a place where you can go and know everything is just where you left it? Some of us aren’t so fortunate to have a whole room to ourselves, but we’ve managed to carve out a space and put our stamp on it.

Pink Modern Closet Office (via)

Luxurious space can come in the form of something as simple as a small desk with a decorative chair in the corner of the kitchen or a larger den design. What we put in our space is a personal affair, which should, if we are true to ourselves, show our style and our flair, and center on our interests. Even some living room designs can be equipped to handle a small area for a personal space of one’s own.

Turquoise Chair and Desk Uber Padded (via)

For example, many famous women authors had the most limited spaces imaginable. From a board on her lap under a chestnut tree, Virginia Wolf wrote her famous novels Mrs. Dalloway and appropriately enough, A Room of One’s Own. Jane Austen wrote her historic and massive novel, Pride and Prejudice, from a tiny 12-sided desk where she used 2 inch wide paper slips to write on. Fortunately, many women of today can command a bit more space than our earlier literary examples, whether our calling is writing, knitting or simply putting our pen to paper in signing a greeting card.

Lush and Plush Red Hot Space (via)

A small table or a writing desk suits many uses quite well and can fit easily into a corner or a smallish area within a bigger room. A comfortable chair is in order if we plan to spend more than a few minutes in our creative place, so look for a plush, yet pretty slipper chair or armless modern chair depending on taste. Lighting is highly important, so pick an attractive desk lamp of Tiffany glass or perhaps a little more opulent Swarovski crystal as in the da Vinci collection.

Simple Country Charm (via)

Take a look at some of the beautiful and truly feminine spaces your fellow sisters in creativity have come up with and then go online and research more home office

Aqua, Black and White Attic Office (via)

Zebra Wild Office (via)

Pure White and Hot Pink Office Digs (via)

Floral Green and Yellow Office (via)

What are your favorite parts of the house to spend your alone time in?

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