Flexible NYC Loft Design by Normal Projects

When it comes to utilizing space in a limited floor plan, New York Architect Michael Chen of Normal Projects is king at achieving such a feat without sacrificing functionality or design. This loft project in particular is tailored for a professional photographer who requires spacial flexibility for photo shoots, presentations, event and such. Using storage components as well as thickened storage zones within walls creates a maximized floor plan, subsequently delineating the space of the loft. Just a peek into the interior design ideas of this project and it is clear that Chen is like a magician of architecture. Shifting shelves, expanding accordion like closets, and makeshift living room space that gets transformed into a private getaway of a bedroom, all seem fit for an underground hideout but instead, in this design, seems perfect for a client seeking a flexible loft. We hope that you find this loft as imaginative and wonderful as we did!

Customizable bedroom design created by shifting closet and foldout wall.

Beautiful kitchen with lots of gorgeous light peeking through!

Open floor plan that uses sliding walls to transform the space.

Such a great use of space! A closet that maximizes space as well as keeping your clothes out of sight!

Hopefully, like us, you thirst for great interior design ideas has not be quenched! Take a stroll through Central Park, over the bend, and to the rest of Normal Project’s Design over here.

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Young & Transitional Westchester Home

New York interior designer Kim Freeman is well known for her discriminating taste as an editor, stylist, creative consultant – and now interior designer. Her signature style of approachable, warm, and lived-in interiors helps her clients realize their dream of a personal environment. Her special expertise lies in absorbing the words of her clients’ words as well as their vision. We’re happy to share with you this young and fresh Westchester home created for its design-conscious owners who wanted to combine inherited antique pieces with transitional style furnishings. Thanks for sharing your work with us Kim!  Photography by Robert Grant.

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Interview With Chicago Interior Designer, Jessica Lagrange

Chicago interior designer, Jessica Lagrange, founder of Jessica Lagrange Interiors LLC
has been at the forefront of Chicago interior design for over twenty-five years as she consistently brings a sophisticated yet warm touch to interior design. We’ve gone through all thirteen albums of her work on our site and seen that each is equally as quality as the last. Jessica knows that a great design is a product of collaborative efforts between her staff and clientele…her devoted clients appreciate her honesty, friendly manner and classically current design aesthetic. Below you’ll find her sophisticated designs in her Gold Coast Residence project located on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive. Join us today as we feature our interview with this top notch Chicago designer!

  1. Jessica, how did you get into interior design?

    It has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember! So I attended the School at the Art Institute of Chicago, and from there started in the library at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. A firm’s library really is the best place to start and learn all the sources and materials. I went to Powell Kleinschmidt and my career progressed from there until I had the nerve to open my own firm, Jessica Lagrange Interiors, in 1998. I initially thought I would focus on commercial interiors, but quickly found that my talents and interests were with residential design, and it evolved from there. I have been so lucky to have close, wonderful relationships with my clients over the years, and I just don’t think that I would have had that opportunity as much working solely with commercial clients.
  2. Living/Dining Room

    Dining/Living room

  3. That says a lot about you to have such devoted clients throughout the years. We see that your designs are as classic as they are current…how are you able to pull this off so well?

    First and foremost, I design for the client’s tastes and needs. I get to know them and the way they live and that completely drives the design. From there, it is rare that we will ever stick to one ‘style’ exactly – I think that’s the way to avoid dating something. The only exception would be a very minimal, super-modern space, the point of which is to be completely of-the-moment; otherwise, we like to mix everything up – styles, periods, materials, colors.
  4. Living room with eclectic and modern decor

  5. You do make wonderful combinations! What’s one decor fad you wish to never see again?

    I’ve never been a big fan of the ‘bedroom set’, or anything else that comes as a complete ‘package’; it’s a sure way to end up with what looks like a hotel room. I find it so much more interesting to assemble what is (or seems to be) a collection of different pieces, all based on your tastes and interests, even if it takes a bit of time and doesn’t come together overnight. It’s worth the wait!
  6. Family Room

  7. We’ll have to agree. What is your favorite project to date?I love a lot of them, all in different ways! But, that’s a terrible answer to your question. We have had a few projects in which there was an extremely high level of trust established with the clients, and they let us take design risks that really paid off (well, they perceived them to be risks, but we never had a doubt). Also, the clients let us see it through completely, finishing every layer. So many people want to stop early, after, say, the furniture, and don’t understand the importance of the pillows and accessories that really make the space successful and special. I’d bet that if you look at our portfolio, you’ll be able to tell which projects these are…they will probably be your favorites, too!
  8. Kitchen

  9. They certainly are our favorites! What is your best piece of decorating advice you can offer our readers?

    Pay close attention to scale; that is to say, make sure that furniture pieces are in proportion to the space and to each other. For example, so many sofas are just huge and are only successful in the most gigantic of rooms; plus, they aren’t necessarily more comfortable than sofas with proportions meant for normal people anyway. But if you do go with a huge sofa, it will need a huge cocktail table, and huge end tables, and huge pillows…
  10. Master bedroom entry

  11. All too true…and to wrap things up, what is your favorite color combination of late?That’s a tough one – it has so much to do with the application. We have been using a lot of charcoal grey, however…it’s a great neutral that can be cozy when combined with darker colors, but quite cool and striking with white.
  12. Master bedroom hallway

Jessica, thank you so much for joining us today! We appreciate your work on Design Shuffle and look forward to seeing your all of your future projects as well!

In the above project, Jessica and her team create a comfortable interior which reflects the comfortable and relaxed lifestyle of its owners and their recent retirement. Do you have any decorating advice you would like to offer? Leave us a comment below. To check out more of Jessica Lagrange’s amazing work, click here!

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Industrial Chic & Urban Glam from The House in Dallas

The House, a 28-story high rise condominium located in Victory Park in downtown Dallas combines uptown Dallas condo living with downtown energy. It was in this landmark where where a group of designers was invited to transform designated rooms. We just had the opportunity of having Dallas interior design team RSVP Design Services share their den (Unit 1802) and guest bedroom (unit 1805) project with us.

Industrial Den Design

Notable elements include metal draperies, an acrylic and wooden slab table in the far end, and an abstract silk rug bringing the room together

Inspired by the saturated hues, structural characteristics and bold forms in the Industrial Design style, RSVP Design services created a concept which opposes the meaning while also supporting it. With a concentration on form, the team carefully chose the furniture, accessories and custom pieces. The contrast of metal and wood pieces creates a dynamic display of natural versus man made elements while maintaining a spacial balance.

Industrial Den Design

The Light Tree made with diamond plate metal, brushed aluminum, mica, and LED back lighting

In the den the team created two featured custom pieces. The first, The Light Tree, is a lit piece hanging on the wall for display. The materials used were diamond plate metal, brushed aluminum, mica and LED back lighting. The juxtaposition of the tree form and the metal makes for an interesting piece of art work that contributes to the overall industrial theme. The second custom piece is the coffee table that is lit from within. Made from diamond plate and brushed aluminum, a small diamond pattern covers the “box” that allows the light to shine to create a glow.

Industrial Powder Room Design

Powder room walls painted dark purple tinted black, then covered in a bark wall covering

The powder room walls are painted a dark purple and covered in a bark metallic looking wall covering. Yet again, another juxtaposition of materials similar to the Light Tree in the den.

The result is a unique and interesting space people will enjoy sitting in and observing the thought that went behind each detail.

Note the upholstered walls, tufted velvet headboard, and the wool and silk rug that grounds the whole space

In the guest bedroom they’ve created the Urban Glam concept contrasting the nit and grit of city life along with its charming and romantic elements. They focused on the balance between the two styles. The urban style is shown in the custom shelf inspired by the Chinese character for “To Create”. The dark concrete gray piece brings in a great urban feel with its straight, heavy lines. The meaning of the shelf supports the industrial side of a city as well its glamorous side. The wall of acid etched mirrors also bring in additional nitty gritty urban feel.

The chandelier in this room is very glam as it’s adorned with jewelry, amethyst and clear stones and beautifully draped fabric. The tufted velvet headboard screams glam in a romantic, luxurious way.

Attached bath in rich purples with upholstered walls, hand blown glass pendants, and hand cut glass mirror above the sink

The attached bath continues the glamorous style with upholstered walls and hand blown glass pendants in rich purples. The mirror above the sink is made from hand cut glass – rough looking, but elegant placement of the pattern.

Urban glam sitting area

Glass Art pieces and matching ivory beauty desk

To finish off this look are the beautiful glass art pieces, matching ivory beauty desk and a bedside table.

That just about sums up The House. To find out more about this talented design team, visit them at RSVP Design Services here.

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Modern Philadelphia Loft Design Creating a Buzz!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! The Philadelphia Interior Design team over at Busybee Design is working up a storm! Busybee Design prominently holds the title as Philadelphia’s leading staging and interior design company…with a twist. They pride themselves in valuing every project with the utmost level of commitment and passion to achieve the vision of the client. Much of their interior design ideas exude an air of modernity, sophistication and practicality, which is evident in their 3rd Street Property Design. This loft is but a working individual’s dream, seeking a modern and sleek refuge of their own. The team at Busybee crafts this design with an emphasis on open living, dining, and kitchen floor plans. Let’s take a minute to go on a visual tour, shall we?

Imagine that you’ve come home from a long day of work in the city and as you walk up the never ending flight of stairs, the door to your refuge grows closer and closer, inviting you in. Upon entering through the extra-long, snakelike entrance, a sleek seating area that boasts a clean modern sectional sofa and a wide black leather swivel chair greet your sore and achy feet.

You realize your throat is parched and a nice glass of cold water will be but a treat to quench your thirst. As you cross over to the kitchen, the warm glow of the glistening moon oh so perfectly shines through the windows and create a nice and warm glow against the sleek counter tops in your modern kitchen design. What a treat for tired eyes!

As you drink to the last gulp, the translucent illumination from your interior bedroom draws you in. Pass the living room, pass the kitchen, through the hallway and at once, you are transported to the refuge that is your bedroom. The unique translucent shelving backdrop wall draws you in, lighting the bedroom with a soft and supple glow. The unique shelving unit is a wonder in and of itself, doubling as a unit for ample storage space.

Not quite ready for bed, you drowsily tread across the barren floor of your loft, the splash of color revives your tired and weary eyes. Reds, blues, greens, and orange tackling your senses and drawing your focus through spaces with a vibrant yet energizing atmosphere, all created and manipulated by the color palette chosen to grace the walls of your home. As you stand in awe of the beauty before you, your eyes are diverted to the ceiling, where the sheer height of it alone acts as a balancing force in creating a space that is ethereal yet practical. What a sight!

And as you retreat back into your bedroom, you make a quick stop to the bathroom. You begin to wash the troubles and joys of your day off your face, brush the gluttonous snacks that were consumed off your pearly whites, and take off the contacts that have been your eyes for the day, all in preparation for the new day to come. But alas, not before a deep and lustrous sleep in your refuge of a loft before tackling tomorrow.

Not quite done with this visual voyage? Check out the rest of Busybee Designs here.

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Modern Designs in Earthy Tones

Happy Earth Day! Today we have earth tone inspired designs from Ontario interior design firm Madison Taylor Design. This firm presents high-end luxurious interiors that allow homeowners to have their own personal expression as well as an enjoyable living space. The firm’s background in high-end residential, restaurant and hotel/resort design gives them an edge in offering innovative thinking for creative and unique spaces. Here we’ve decoupaged some fresh modern design ideas for you from a few of their projects.

This modern and eclectic living room ties in the bluish gray well with the neutral tones

Coffee brown walls with intricately mirrored wall art in the dining room

The black framed photo wonderfully ties the cherry blossom bedspread together

Another angle of the bedroom with rustic details

A large spoon and fork crown the back wall of this modern kitchen

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Vancouver Living Space: Transitional Down To the T

Vancouver interior design firm, Fluff design house, is a fabulous team working to create marvelous designs for their clients. In the following project, they use clean lines and transitional furniture in a traditional space to transform it into a lighter, younger and more hip place to be.

Cream wainscoting and molding contrasted by dark wood floors

Here they chose a cream chenille sofa and two contemporary leather chairs with clean lines for the formal living. The cream color runs harmonically with the cream wainscoting and molding in the room.

Cream chenille sofa and two contemporary leather occasional chairs

The furniture style is simple with refreshingly clean lines in a traditional space. The team chose art depicting a fall scene in a forest with lots of deep orange colors. The warm rusty colors paired with taupe and sage green pillows and area rug were used to create a new welcoming palate.

Warm rusty colors paired with taupe and sage green pillows and area rug were used to create a welcoming palate.

Nicely connecting the style of the space to the dining room are high back cream fabric dining chairs which were paired with a traditional rectangular wood dining table. Three steps above this space in the kitchen and family room transitional elements were introduced – a glass and chrome coffee table, two vintage chairs with chrome arms in cream velvet, a large sofa with wide arms in brown fabric among other brown and cream colors. These colors smoothly connect the finishes of the kitchen to the living room.

Transitional kitchen in browns and creams

To see more of this lovely project here!

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Rustic Country Cottage Project: Victoria, BC

Today we have the work of Victoria interior designer Tara Sandsmark of Livtona Interior Design Ltd. in her rustic west coast country project.  One thing to know about Tara is that she has a small place in her heart for cracks and chipping paint.  To her, they mean history and age, which are two things she values and admires. While you’ll see no cracks or chipping paint in this rustic project below, you will see remnants of western history and age inbued into the design of this cute country kitchen design. Working side by side with Swiftsure Woodworkers Ltd. allows her and her team’s customers to benefit from quality mill-work and design. Photography by Sean Philip Bushby.

Custom shaker style millwork with beadboard panelling

Dark walnut flooring is a beautiful contrast against the mill-work

And now a peek at this country themed family room:

Crisp whites and warm wood tones give this cottage a fresh airy feel

Cottage kitchen in the country

The dark wooden accents and beautiful contrast is not only aesthetically pleasing, it focuses your attention on the little details of the design that may have been overlooked. And that, is the true beauty of any design, its ability to captivate the audience’s gaze upon the feast of colors, hues, and quirky accents.

Country Themed Family Room. Note the wired deer head!

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Living High in A New York Flatiron Loft

Emerging on the interior design scene, New York interior designer Susan Hughes of Modify Interiors takes on a fresh accessible approach to interior design with her keen sense of style.  Her clients don’t sacrifice style based on their budgets.  Instead, her firm makes affordable solutions accessible to everyone as she understands things from her clients’ perspective.  Today Modify Interiors brings us a beautiful and spacious modern loft from the heart of the Flatiron District…this was a complete gut renovation/remodel of this loft with a beautiful New York skyline view.

Living Room / Dining Room

Room with a view

Dining Room Design

Master Bedroom

And of course, we couldn’t help but share a shot of Modify Interiors’ work for Dzine It, a Flatiron, NY visual communication firm specializing in website design and programming.  Wouldn’t you like to have an employee lounge like this?
Dzine It Hall shot of main work area / Employee Lounge

Open & Modern Spaces with CG & S Design in Austin, TX

Designer Mark Lind and construction manager Danny Scott of CG& S Design, are magicians of spaces.  CG&S Design has the ability to create designs that not only enlarge a room but also turn every inch of a room into a masterpiece of efficiency.  The firm prides itself in it’s ability to cater to their clients needs while also catering towards functionality. In their Silver Agave House project, the team transformed an older small one story cottage into a modern two story fully functional home for a young couple.  With slanted ceilings and enlarged windows along with the amount of land, they were able to open up the house to double the capacity.  Their designs invite you into a tranquil retreat through their peaceful and spacey architecture.  We’ve invited them to tell us a little more about this wonderful home below…what makes a home most interesting is the design masterminds behind it!

“At the front wall of the second story, a large bank of operable windows was sandwiched between the existing first floor roof and the new roof above.”

“The feeling of spaciousness and the use of slightly sloping ceilings in the interior resulted in more interesting spaces and helped contribute to the mid century feel that runs throughout the house”.

“A tiny, compartmentalized kitchen on the first floor was gutted and remade as a spacious, up to date kitchen with a large bar that’s now completely open to the adjacent living and dining areas.”

“An open stairway made distinctive by floating horizontal wood treads and a steel and plywood railing system with a decidedly retro feel connects the dining area with the second floor loft space above.”

“Separating the upper and lower floors is a continuous bank of horizontal windows that wraps the stairwell and visually separates the concrete stucco walls from the painted cement board siding above– an architectural strategy which not only allows for even more natural light on the interior of the house, but helps to minimize the scale of the final two story home among its mostly one story neighbors.”

Addendum: Due the request of our fans, CG&S has so kindly included their before pictures for us to swoon over.

Can you believe this is the before exterior picture?

And now a before/after of the living room:

Before: Living Room

AFTER: Living Room

Before: Kitchen

After: Kitchen, “Above the bar a large open walnut shelf suspended from the ceiling conceals puck lights and mirrors the finishes and forms of the wall-mounted TV enclosure in the nearby living area.”

To check out more of this amazing home click here.