Coastal Beach House With A Breathtaking View!

Sheldon Harte, the principle designer over at Harte Brownlee was inspired to create this living space, a 1948 redwood bungalow, with interior design ideas of comfort and sophistication in mind. Overlooking the ocean, this much desired bungalow boasts window panes that make up one side of the home, inviting the warm sea breeze as the salty wind drafts in and out. With such an open floor space, Harte was able to create a unique coastal and sophisticated beach environment with the color palette and beach accents used. “To retain the charm of an older beach house, Harte used the contrast of smooth glossy ceilings reminiscent of a sail boat with sand-blasted craftsmanship and modern silhouetted molding.” It is quite a sight, just like a dream cove!

Beautiful beach front view!

Cool retreat of a bedroom

Imagine what an underwater cove would look like...this is it.

Watch the sunset in this beach front cabana.

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