Upper West Side Apartment Renovation

New York interior designer, John Buscarello, is known for his innovative solutions for clients’ homes. In this Upper East Side Apartment renovation done for a young couple expecting their first baby, one of John’s challenges was renovating what used to be an old doctor’s office on the first floor of a building in New York into a young family’s dream space for living.  Many New York first floor apartments are employed for doctor’s offices and like purposes, but this particular suite was chosen for a different purpose.  The couple was looking for a contemporary, yet warm, elegant space with some traditional features.

As with any renovation, there were several challenges to overcome –  electrical issues, the ceilings and moldings were a mess, and dark wood which was all beaten up.

The couple was brave and adventurous in their taste. With the use of Tibetan rugs in their rooms, lots of color and dramatic window coverings, the place was soon brought up to speed. The clients openness to using many colors is apparent in the many color shifts and textures throughout.  Let’s see what interior design ideas John and his team had for this renovated apartment.

Interior Design

Using color on the ceiling is a hallmark of John’s work. Note the ceiling’s grayish blue color used in order to bring a bit of contrast with the white plaster into the molding. Also notice the splash of color with the two green Mohair chairs.

Interior Design

A non-traditional dining room was created with a table that can seat six and a sitting area to the right. This became the perfect space to unwind and relax with the new baby. The draping over the window showcases the high ceilings. Lastly the fireplace had been restored from its covered-up status during its doctor’s office phases but was restored with beautiful molding. Restoring it along with the added wall sconces on either side brought a warmth to the dining room.

Interior Design

Once again note the ceiling color, this time it is a dramatic green in this master bedroom. The side tables are mirrored 40’s pieces and the chandelier brings that elegant ambiance to the room. The 40’s chandelier is made of Milano glass.

Interior Design

Pocket paned doors open up the room and show off the more traditional side of the apartment. The doll on the table  is from her mother who is an accessories dealer. The console is an old console she already had which was repainted with a bronze-like finish with a piece of marble added on top. The other pieces are meant to bring the contemporary and warm feeling to the apartment. Lastly, notice the grass cloth wall paper which is dark and dramatic.

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Ocean Front Vacation Condo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Turning the dreams of her clients into a reality is what Laguna Niguel interior designerPeg Berens, is committed to. Owner of Peg Berens Interior Design LLC,  she uses her talent to work with various styles ranging from traditional to mid-century modern to art deco. Her interior design knowledge is only the half of it. Along with her commitment to listening to her clients’ needs, what sets her apart is her ability to manage projects of all sizes.  From preparing project specification books to coordinating with contractors, she will work with all it to develop a functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing space for her clients.

Peg puts her eye for color and scale to work with this stunning dreamy vacation home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The clients were a well-traveled fine art collecting couple who had spent several months out of the year vacationing in Puerto Vallarta for several years.  The clients had purchased an ocean front condo with 80 feet of ocean front terraces from their 5th floor property. Blending contemporary and transitional styles together, she masterfully puts it together with pops of warm reds and neutrals — all while keeping the balance and symmetry in the form of horizontal lines to create a relaxed vibe. This linear form is repeated throughout in the lighting fixtures, custom area rugs, and stainless steel horizontal liners in the kitchen backsplash. Peg was able to incorporate the clients’ extensive art collection throughout the design, turning an old boring hallway into an art gallery by lining it with art and introducing trac lighting. Can you believe that she uses crystal headboards and cabinets to add an extra bit of oomph and shine in many of the rooms?! Keep on reading below to see what makes this vacation getaway oh so dreamy!

Puerta Vallarta Contemporary Transitional Design Family Living Great Room by Peg Berrens

The spacious room calls for a very relaxing vibe with the balance of neutrals and straight lines. The pops of red add a little spice to the overall look!

Puerta Vallarta Contemporary Transitional Dining Room Design by Peg Berrens

A view from the Caesarstone kitchen island showcases the dining room and ocean view.

Puerta Vallarta Contemporary Transitional Kitchen Design by Peg Berrens

Dark red glass cabinets are featured in the kitchen and definitely warm up the room! The dark red ended up becoming the accent color throughout the home

Puerta Vallarta Contemporary Transitional Dining Room Design by Peg Berrens

This dining room features a pair of contemporary sideboards with matching buffet lamps and original artwork. The red wall balances the space with the red kitchen cabinetry.

Puerta Vallarta Contemporary Transitional Hallway Design by Peg Berrens

Simply adding her clients' art collection to the walls and adding track lighting make for a chic and sophisticated art gallery out of the hall space

Puerta Vallarta Contemporary Transitional Master Bedroom Design by Peg Berrens

Peg put a twist in this contemporary master bedroom, with subtle but interesting additions. The headboard is made of chocolate crystal, and the dresser hides a pop-up flat screen tv!

Puerta Vallarta Contemporary Transitional Home Office Design by Peg Berrens

Ooh la la! A home office with a little bit of glam. A creme lacquered desk for two with ocean views and the silver-leaf console table complete the look.

Puerta Vallarta Contemporary Transitional Patio Design by Peg Berrens

Why not add decorative accents, artwork and sculpture to your outdoor living spaces? It makes for a more unique and personalized space.

The most important part was the fact that the client was and still is thrilled with their unique, elegant and comfortable vacation homes. Peg had the honor of winning 1st place in the “Best Living Room/Great Room” category for this project in the 2009 American Society of Interior Designers Orange County annual design competition.

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Condominium Remodel turned to Florida "Spa" Retreat

As one of the top Miami interior designers, Suzanne Lawson was winner of the Design Center of America’s, “Rising Star Award.” Her staple trademark is her brilliant use of juxtaposition, mixing man-made and natural elements in her designs. Suzanne ensures that she not only creates spectacular interiors but also makes them functional and custom to her client’s lifestyle by including them in the design process.

When Suzanne asked her Canada-based clients what they envisioned for the remodeling of their condominium, they wanted to recreate a luxury spa for their Boca Raton, Florida retreat. Taking into consideration the vision and the small space, Suzanne was able to redesign using airy colors, high gloss, and strategically placed lighting. The overall project resulted in creating the sense of a larger space and an ideal retreat that evoked feelings of purity and relaxation. The pictures below display the “clean getaway” result.

Miami Contemporary Living Room Design by Suzanne Lawson Design

The living room is artistically heightened with the use of a soffit with illuminating light. The use of sheer, white drapes adds to the design but does not detract from the spectacular view.

Miami Contemporary Living Room Design by Suzanne Lawson Design

Classic example of Suzanne's trademark style. Modern bathroom with gloss counter top and tile juxtaposed with a wood bench.

Miami Contemporary Living Room Design by Suzanne Lawson Design

The overall ambiance is refreshing and the sensational view is breathtaking.

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Style Guide: Victorian

1b Victorian Style

The long reign of Queen Victoria from 1837-1901 created an eclectic style that bears her name. Victorian style spans over 60 years and is highlighted by a revival of historical styles and the introduction of international cultural styles made possible by the global reach of the British Empire. The industrial revolution during the Victorian era created the first mass produced materials which made furniture, fabrics, metalwork, glass and wallpapers more available and affordable. The rising middle class created a large market for decorative arts and furniture.

The Victorians loved decoration and ornamentation. Victorian architecture is known for its decorative ironwork and brickwork, carved wood and painted flourishes. Gothic Revival, Italianate and Queen Anne style homes are the most prolific of Victorian era home styles.

The vastness of the British Empire provided the Victorians with exotic woods, textiles and dyes, as well as exotic design elements. Mahogany, rosewood and ebony were preferred. Textiles include deeply colored velvets, damasks and Indian paisleys. Walls and ceilings were decorated with wallpaper, fabrics, plaster carving, and faux-painting; marbling and wood-graining were popular techniques. Wallpapers were mass produced in florals, damask and “oriental” patterns.

This sofa 1850-1860 by John H. Belter demonstrates the Rococo Revival period of High Victorian style. An excess of ornamentation in the carving and rich, damask fabric are typical of this type of Victorian style. Belter was one of the leading furniture designers and makers in American in the mid Nineteenth century. His designs were widely copied and influenced later designers.

Victorian style includes many different revivals of earlier designs. The biggest design movements include: Jacobethan (1830-70); Gothic Revival (1830–1880); Renaissance Revival (1840-90); Empire (1855-80); Queen Anne (1870-1910); Rococo Revival (1840-1876). Other popular design movements of the second half of the Nineteenth century include Italianate, Neoclassical, Neo-Greco and Romanesque, which had shorter eras of popularity. These styles were the result of the popular Grand Tour that many Europeans embarked on to visit Roman and Greek ruins.

This period Victorian parlor in New York City shows the love of ostentatious ornament. Eastlake (1860-90); Empire, Queen Anne and Gothic Revival were popular design movements in the US. Top American Victorian designers and furniture companies include: John H. Belter (1804-1863), Alexander Roux (1813-1886), Gustave Herter (1830-1898), George Hunzinger (1835-1898), Frank Furness (1839-1912), Kimbel & Cabus, Pottier & Stymus.

In the latter years of the Nineteenth century, the ornamentation of Victorian design gave way to the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts styles, which in turn lead to Art Deco and Modernism. However, Victorian style has continued to come in and out of fashion throughout the years.

This home reflects a contemporary take on Victorian style. There is a movement today of Neo-Victorian, a revival of the quintessential revivalist style. Neo-Victorian style incorporates the love of ornamentation, rich textiles, and pattern with furniture styles that are more livable in today’s lifestyle. Victorian style can also be seen in the Steampunk style, which incorporates Victorian aesthetics with a style born from Jules Verne and Victorian era scientific discoveries and exploration. Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

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Modern House Remodel in Ametlla del Valles, Barcelona, Spain

Architectural interior design is one of the many specialties of Barcelona interior designer, Emili Sanchez. Emili Sanchez Interiors is an architectural interior design studio which specializes in a wide variety of customized solutions to clients and their projects. The talented studio assists its clients in improving the quality of their living environments through chic surroundings and striking designs.

His recent updates on Design Shuffle bring us to a breathtaking house in Ametlla del Valles. The project included the rehabilitation of a large house built with a vastly modern architectural style in the 1970s. Their goal required some formal and functional upgrades to the house, which required special care. Careful renovation of the perimeter construction and exterior boasted the addition of a floor dedicated to guests and a basement for an indoor pool. Enjoy the views below! Photography by Siqui Sanchez.

Ametlla del Valle Modern Landscape / Garden Design by Emili Sanchez

The exterior of the house with its pool creates a sophisticated ambiance at twilight

Ametlla del Valle Modern Landscape / Garden Design by Emili Sanchez

A refreshing twist on the traditional car garage port makes for a unique entrance to the house the moment you park your car

Ametlla del Valle Moderm House Landscape / Garden Design by Emili Sanchez

This abstract underside of a car port gives for a welcoming return with the moon roof down

Ametlla del Valle Modern Family Room Design by Emili Sanchez

A very modern and open family room with a sofa that practically wraps around the entire perimeter

Ametlla del Valle Modern Bathroom Design by Emili Sanchez

Sleek contemporary bathroom with great storage space

Ametlla del Valle Modern Kitchen Design by Emili Sanchez

Glass walls lead into the kitchen, making the steel furnishings less intimidating and more inviting

Ametlla del Valle Modern Basement Design by Emili Sanchez

A minimalist approach adds depth to the basement pool with its earth-toned scheme

Ametlla del Valle Modern Kitchen Design by Emili Sanchez

This is the basement...perfect for relaxation at any time of day

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16 Acre Rustic Country Farmhouse Remodel In North Louisiana

Today we’ve invited Becky from Buckets of Burlap to come chat it up about her and her husband’s 16 acre farm in North Louisiana! Today she’s taking us through a tour of their self-made rustic farmhouse that began with a modular home 6 years ago. Becky shows us that even the most simplest of projects can become the most rewarding in the end.  See how they naturally blend in architectural salvage and flea market finds to stay true to their country surroundings and rustic feel. What we love about this project is that it’s an ongoing one – this certainly keeps their home fresh and alive!

Welcome to our cozy little farmhouse here in North Louisiana, where we live on a mini-farm of 16 acres. Unlike a true old historic farmhouse, our modular home was built in 2005. Our goal in decorating the house has been to stay true to the country setting of the outdoor surroundings.

Therefore, we felt a vintage country farmhouse style would suit the interior best.

Because our home is just a few years old, our challenge has been to create a cozy farmhouse feeling inside.

One way we’ve added character to rooms is mixing in architectural salvage, such as vintage doors, shutters, or windows.

We also find great joy in decorating with flea market finds. One of our favorite pieces, our kitchen island, is from Canton Trade Days in East Texas.

The inspiration for our décor has come from many blog and magazine photos of country farmhouses. We liked the appeal of knotty wood floors, and farmhouse tables joined with warm white walls. So we began by painting our main living spaces: family room, kitchen, and dining rooms.

We chose Cotton Fluff by BEHR for our walls, and began adding textures with various woods and vintage items. The light walls make for a great clean background for old chippy treasures, such as our collection of scales. Even our oak kitchen cabinets received a coat of white to brighten the area.

Our master bedroom was once a sage green, so we chose to paint it in a soft gray called Silver Drop by VALSPAR. As a hobby, my husband builds farmhouse items, like our reclaimed barn wood headboard (photo- 960). It is a definite focal point in the bedroom, along with a cowboy tub used to store extra blankets (photo-949). We really try to add unique items that bring an element of surprise to each room.

We spend a large amount of time outside during the spring and fall months. We’ve added wooden decks, stone paths, and flowerbeds to our porch area. We enjoy eating many meals together on our porch, while the pigs and hens roam the yard. Our farmhouse is a work in progress…and we are enjoying the projects along the way.

We love the headboard which is very reminiscent of driftwood. To see more from this beautiful do-it-yourself remodeling project see more photos from her project  here!

A Modern Tribeca Loft with a Traditional Twist

As a top New York interior designer, Sara Gilbane of Sara Gilbane Interiors continues to prove her expertise in mixing modern style with traditional taste. She was named one of the Top 20 Next Wave Designers by House Beautiful and continues to take on projects in New York as well as Florida and California. She creates her trademark style by combining elegant pieces with a chic flair. Today, we get to showcase one of her apartment designs exemplifying the quintessential Sara Gilbane style based in Tribeca.

Home to a young couple with a baby, Gilbane and her clients set out to create a home that was warm and cozy, yet spacious and easy to entertain in. In order to achieve this look they used decorative paintings, a warm color palate, and even added grass cloth to ceilings to bring them in. The couple was looking to create a sense of roominess for their loft without losing the comfort factor. Gilbane added built-ins, created multiple seating areas and distinguished each room by using a slightly different color palate. She used ivory’s, gold’s, and warm greys to keep each room cozy, but added in blues, corals, greens, and even magentas for style. The master bedroom got the royal treatment with a statement graphic rug and upholstered walls in a beautiful hand-blocked fabric.

Tribeca Modern Living Room Design by Sara Gilbane Interiors

The pop of deep blue and plenty of seating makes for the perfect room to entertain in.

Tribeca Modern Dining Room Design by Sara Gilbane Interiors

The mix of modern art and antique lighting create the classic Sara Gilbane look.

Tribeca Modern Dining Room Design by Sara Gilbane Interiors

These unique pieces finish off the look of the dining room.

Tribeca Modern Den Design by Sara Gilbane Interiors

The built-in furniture saves space, but there's no lack of style here.

Tribeca Modern Master Bedroom Design by Sara Gilbane Interiors

The master bedroom got the royal treatment with upholstered walls in a beautiful hand-blocked fabric.

Tribeca Modern Children's Room Design by Sara Gilbane Interiors

The perfect baby's room completes this warm, yet stylish loft.

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Style Guide: French Country

A strong European influence on country style is French country, or Provincial style decor. Provincial style decor literally means “of the provinces” but over the years has come to denote an insult to refer to someone who is unsophisticated, narrow minded or parochial.  When applied to objects it means rustic, which implies crude or lacking in elegance. However, Provincial style is anything but crude or lacking in elegance. While Provincial furniture may not have the gilding and high polished surfaces of formal furniture, it does have certain elegance and is warm, charming and inviting.

French Country furniture and style mainly references a particular style of architecture or furniture in 17th and 18th century France made outside the capitol of Paris. This definition can also be applied to Italian, Spanish, Portuguese furniture of the same time frame and extending into the 19th century.

French Country furniture copies the period furniture of the master furniture makers in Paris and other European capitals. Because the Provincial cabinet maker was not making pieces for the King or the nobility, materials and finishes were simpler. Wood was painted or left plain rather than heavily gilt with gold leaf or veneered with exotic woods. Woods used in provincial furniture include oak, fruitwood, walnut and some mahogany. Surfaces were not highly polished or ornamented with ormolu, a gilt bronze, handles and flourishes. However, many of the shapes, designs and decorative elements were inspired by the formal style.

Fabrics used in cushions, pillows, curtains and table decoration in the French Country style favor toiles, brightly hued and patterned fabrics like those of Provence in Southern France, as well as natural linens and cottons. Provincial style is not about silks, damasks and other fabrics typical of formal, period antiques.

French Country style blends pieces from various provinces of the Mediterranean. Wood pieces mix with painted furniture; fabrics in contrasting patterns add life to a room; hand-wrought metals used as handles, lighting or accents add country charm. French Country style is a relaxed interpretation of a more formal antique style.

The sinuous lines of the walnut bed in the Louis XV style are typical of French Country furniture. The multitude of fabrics, including toile, is also typical of French Country style.

This antique French Provincial armoire shows classic characteristics of Provincial style: simple surface lacking decoration; scrolling lines recalling Louis XV style; basic decoration that is not too heavy.

Whether from Tuscany, Spain or Italy, the oak refectory table is a staple of French Country design. Woods like oak, walnut and fruitwoods, including olive wood, were common in antique provincial furniture construction.

A bastion of French Country and Provincial style today is Pierre Deux in New York. This venerable retailer stocks furniture, lighting, home décor, and notably textiles, like the Provence fabric above.

A contemporary interpretation of French Country style can be found in the Shabby Chic collection by Rachel Ashwell. Her painted furniture pieces are based on antique designs and invoke the casual lifestyle of the provinces. There is nothing rustic about these designs. Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

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Simply Inspirational: Relaxing Vacation Inspired Home

Laguna Beach Interior Designer Michael Fullen at M2 Interior Design Inc provides a unique and custom approach to each project. Utilizing the clients lifestyle is front and center when creating a home environment that complements the way you live. From Michael’s portfolio you can see that he has a unique style and expertise with contemporary style.

This Maui Inspired Contemporary home was made to remind the owners of being inside a resort in Hawaii. Starting off with a grand entrance, the wide and tall door used resembles the big heavy doors you’d see at an upscale hotel. Entering the living room, you are greeted with natural ivory and wood colors that make you feel as if you were in the tropics. The interior furniture seems as if it was taken from outside a beach patio. Using this furniture brings the outdoors inside. The living room uses massive window panels that can be opened the let the sun and breeze inside. It also provides a view of the exquisite outdoor patio and fireplace which is a mix of contemporary design and tropical colors. Michael Fullen’s Maui Inspired home definitely inspires us to implement resort style pieces to our homes. Enjoy the show!

Maui Tropical Home - By M2 Interior Design INC.

Maui Tropical Home - By M2 Interior Design INC.

patio Interior Design

Maui Tropical Home - By M2 Interior Design INC.

Maui Tropical Entry Design by M2 Interior Design Inc.

Maui Tropical Entry Design by M2 Interior Design Inc.

Maui Tropical Entry Design by M2 Interior Design Inc.

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House Tour: Luxurious and Contemporary Newport Home

The Los Angeles architects at Laidlaw Schultz Architects have a multi-disciplinary firm encompassing both architecture and interior design. They create engaging designs that mutually support the client’s goals as well as contribute to the projects surroundings. See how they’ve skillfully made that happen with the project below.

Overlooking Newport Bay along the California coast, this elegant and luxurious home has many of its sensual qualities rooted in a simple palette of board-formed concrete, Texas Shellstone, Ipe siding, and white plaster. Light is always used to magnify the unique textures found in the backdrop of the home. Many of the elements come as a delightful surprise to the viewer. The feeling is luxurious industrial yet the various textures introduced bring in a sense of added warmth.The home comes replete with a spacious wine cellar, tasting room, patio and spa overlooking the bay. A few pieces of Brazilian-based designer, Carlos Motta, are found throughout the home. These environmentally-sensitive pieces reminiscent of the beach are a great addition to this California coast home. Enjoy the tour below!

Los Angeles Design by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Los Angeles Kitchen Design by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Island wood counters: The Vintage Wood Floor Company

Los Angeles Kitchen Design by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Los Angeles Living Room Design by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Los Angeles Living Room Design by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Arm Chairs and Coffee Tables: Carlos Motta made of reclaimed wood, Sofa: Claudia Morera Salles

Los Angeles Bathroom Design by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Board formed concrete walls create an unique backdrop to this bathroom

Los Angeles Master Bedroom Design by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Texas Shellstone on the walls brings in elements from the sea into this master bedroom; here you see the Asturias Rocking Armchair by Carlos Motta

Los Angeles Guest Room Design by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Guest Bedroom

Los Angeles Wine Cellar Design by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Wine cellar with Ipe Wood ceiling; the 1950's pendant lamps come from Mazda Industrial Light. The design of this room is spectacular!

Los Angeles Tasting Room Design by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Once again - the board formed concrete is used here in the tasting room; the Pucci hanging mobile pendant light from designer David Weeks

The patio overlooking Newport Bay

Los Angeles Spa Design by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Spa overlooking Newport Bay

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