Maison & Object Trend Report 2011

One of the most respected home furnishings shows in Europe, Paris-based Maison & Object did not disappoint with its most recent showcase. Many emerging trends for Fall 2011 and beyond came out of the show, some coinciding with those seen on fashion runways such as snakeskin and muted colors. Below are a few of the trends we picked up on as they relate to major interior design elements.


Pink Ombre Design

While last year’s trend touted lots of bright colors, we’re now seeing more subdued color such as gradients involving multiple objects, stripes and ombres. Palettes of grays, dusty pastels and neutrals are playing a major role this fall and into 2012.  When bright colors are present, it is more a nod towards nature’s vivid hues in greens, blues and yellows.


Maison & Object

The popular interior design site,, reports seeing a notable exploration of textures “…both natural and artificial, was stimulating and provided a tactile experience. Resins, leather, shagreen, wood, ceramics and porcelain contributed to materials used in unusual ways.”

While, Maison & Object said the creativity in this sector is rich, fuelled by both large manufactures and smaller lesser-known designers. Another notable textile trend is centered upon the bed and sumptuous layered linens.


Maison & Object

Practically every surface, even some furniture, is boasting bold patterns many of which are rich, dark and moody. Traditional florals go contemporary with a huge explosion of big pattern as shown above from the Maison & Object showcase. Geometrics also tend towards the modern and show just as much character and personality as the florals. Plaids are in the spotlight, as are other menswear prints such as houndstooth and tweeds.


Snakeskin Patter Design

Wall Art Decor

Collections were seen throughout the showcase. The Kravet blog reports, “Throughout the show, objects are presented as collections but rarely make it to the home that way. For the passionate few, collecting is a way of life. The focus on one object, in all its aspects, created visually stunning, graphic displays.” Whether a collection be grouped by hanging on the wall or displayed in cabinets or on tabletops, this is one trend that tends towards very personal interior designs.


Tribal Interior Design

Ethnic Chic is the newest style emerging out of Europe this fall. Industrial, tribal, Asian, African and contemporary influences give way to a décor of mixed cultures. Travel is a common theme in this style, as objects portray a worldly attitude which in turn displays an open minded approach to interior design. With world view approaches and influences trending, eclecticism is being witnessed as much in Europe as in the U.S. Mixing of styles is frequent with traditional being played out in a modern setting and vice versa. A dominant style is still present with touches of other styles here and there.

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The Modern East Hampton Farmhouse

New York Interior Designer Betty Wasserman seamlessly combines her background as a private art dealer with her passion for design and architecture. The results, from lofts to beach houses, are stunning, contemporary spaces that perfectly showcase original art. With a discerning eye for design and close attention to her clients’ taste, Wasserman transformed this red-painted farmhouse into a relaxing getaway that simply overflows with comfort and modern elegance.

Wasserman relied on varying shades of cream, dove gray, pearl and white to ensure a warm and welcoming environment that would also act as an art gallery. A neutral palette naturally directs the eye toward pops of color from artwork scattered throughout each room. She says of her clients, “Most exciting for me: They’ve really developed a deep commitment to building a first-rate art collection.”

Betty Wasserman

Neutral shades and strict contemporary lines are softened by differing textures - wooden floors and furniture, scattered pillows in a variety of fabrics.

Betty Wasserman

The minimalist design and sweeping glass windows invite in elements of the outdoors, such as plenty of sunlight and visible greenery.

Betty Wasserman

Wasserman designed the "cascade of cone-shaped lights shaded in Japanese rice paper" to brighten the living room in an interesting and playful way.

The living room windows are draped with a sheer fabric that helps soften the sunlight. “Wasserman’s insights as a fellow Hamptons resident served her well on the project: “I understand how the sun, changing throughout the day, affects color.”

Betty Wasserman

Driftwood logs and hardwood floors provide an organic feel compared to the fireplace's contemporary lines.

Betty Wasserman

Bright orange artwork creates a striking and warm focal point for the dining room.

Unique lighting fixtures were used throughout the entire home to give each room a distinct character.  The quirky Helenbilt chandelier in the dining room, made from hundreds of light bulbs, must brighten the room beautifully in the evening.

Betty Wasserman

A striking piece of art graces the poolside court yard - Joel Perlman’s oxidized-steel Seven Ponds II.

Once a simple red-painted wooden building, this farmhouse transformation is truly full of surprises. Wasserman recalls, “Creating the perfect home for my clients while filling it with exceptional art has been a rewarding project. It’s a very cool ‘modern’ farmhouse.”

If you find this modern farmhouse impressive, don’t forget to check out Betty Wasserman’s portfolios for even more inspiring, creative interior design ideas! You’ll be glad you did!

Moroccan Style Kitchen

Los Angeles interior designer, Melissa Salamoff, approaches each project in a fresh way, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, including nature, art and textile design. Her background includes working for Walt Disney Imagineering to working on projects in Tokyo. She recently remodeled a kitchen, turning it into a Moroccan style kitchen design. The goal was to make this kitchen have the same character and charm as the rest of the house, which is Spanish style.

Kitchen Designs

Melissa said, The first thing was to create uniformity between the spaces and achieve the same richness, harmony and warmth that the rest of the home had. The garden just outside the cozy eating area was the inspiration for the Moroccan style. One other main focus of hers, was improving the overall functionality of the spaces. Maximizing storage was a priority, in order to provide this concealed utility drawers were placed below the base cabinets, a small niche shelf was created above the stove for spices, and the ceiling was raised to incorporate overhead cabinetry.

In the above photo of you can see the full view of the kitchen. You can really see how the space was maximized by adding the shelves above on the right side of the photo.

Kitchen Designs

Don’t you just love how the tiling above the stove really brings that Moroccan style in? The round arch ties together the Moroccan style and Spanish style, while the red and yellow colors brings warmth.

Kitchen Designs

To prevent the kitchen from looking closed in due to the extra cabinets, glass-fronted cabinets were put in. Great kitchen design idea! Notice the personal touch with the decorative plate above the sink.

Kitchen Designs

In order to make the little eating area more eye – catching and functional, Melissa incorporated built-in seating with soft cushions and colorful pillows and drawers for storage below. Notice how the colors of the pillows also add that warmth and compliment the overall theme of Moroccan style.

Melissa did a great job turning these spaces into Moroccan style designs, as well as improving the functionality of the spaces. To check out more of her work check out her profile! Images ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 )

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Luxurious and Modern Downtown Chicago Retreat

Chicago interior designer Jessica Lagrange has been working closely with her team to look into the thoughtful attention of  detail that reflects a luxurious lifestyle  so that it’s as classic as it is current. Her 25 years of experience and success have been known for her vivacious and personable manner. Together with her team, her classic and innovative design principles and passion for the way people live have garnered numerous awards and a beautiful portfolio of work. These traits have earned Jessica Lagrange Interiors LLC (JLI) devoted clients and friends around the world.

One of her projects she did that caught our attention is the Michigan Avenue retreat designed for a suburban Chicago family. See below for more:

Downtown Chicago Retreat House

This bright and elegant dining area has a touch of simple home decor accessories and glass drop lighting.

Downtown Chicago Retreat House

Mixing the black and white to highlight the importance of the kitchen area, here is a bold statement of the interior.

Downtown Chicago Retreat House

Zen feeling master bedroom corner with a wide comfy lounge chair for the client’s moment of peace

Downtown Chicago Retreat House

Use of vivid reds in the accessories for the girl’s bedroom brings refreshing energy to this bedroom.

Downtown Chicago Retreat House

Once again, vivid red is used in the wall cover, curtain, chair, and rug to energize up this simple white room.

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San Francisco Sustainable Seadrift Beach House

CCS Architecture is a group of San Francisco and New York interior designers and architects.The foundation of their work is modern yet they strive to be innovative while practical with their interior design. When asked to design a family beach house in Stinson Beach, CA, CCS Architecture did not just design a beautiful vacation home, but went above and beyond, following a rigorous sustainability program. They achieved the Marin Planning Department’s highest rating for resource efficiency for their work.

Some of the key elements of the sustainable home are the photovoltaic panels that generate the entire home’s electricity and home systems. With the exception of the propane tank, the home has a net-zero energy consumption.

San Francisco Modern Design by CCS Architecture

The living area divides into two L-shaped decks with one being at water-level to accommodate swimming and boating activities.

San Francisco Modern Design by CCS Architecture

The exterior was created with treated wood that does not contain chromium or arsenic.

San Francisco Modern Deck Design by CCS Architecture

The deck features glass railings for an uninhibited and breathtaking view of the lake.

San Francisco Modern Bedroom Design by CCS Architecture

The compact bedroom design was created with ultimate privacy in mind yet still features a stunning view of the lake.

San Francisco Modern Living Room Design by CCS Architecture

The living room features a rotating fire orb that can warm the interior or deck as needed.
There are also articulated skylights that create patterned light and add to the interior design.

Along with it’s intricate sustainability features, this home is modern yet casual. It was created in such a way that it is inviting and functional for any family’s lifestyle.

To see more photos of this vacation home or more of CCS Architecture’s work, check out their portfolio here!

A Skyline Inspired Russian Innovation

Seattle interior designer Polina Zaika of Musa Design takes pride in helping her clients bring their ideas to life using the visual language of design. Born and raised in Russia, Polina received her education in art history from the Royal St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. She moved to Seattle in 1994 to pursue her design career.

The overall design direction of this project, Escala, is derived from the dramatic Seattle Skyline. The home’s exceptionally large floor plan, combined with it’s panoramic windows, and expansive deck gives one a feeling of grandeur as soon as they enter.

A Skyline Inspired Russian Innovation

The use of two yellow pillows and a yellow light gives the room a splash of color and contrasts the dark wood.

A Skyline Inspired Russian Innovation

The lights on either side of the mirror give the bathroom a unique feel

A Skyline Inspired Russian Innovation

The warped mirror used to form the ceiling light opens up the room and gives it more of a spacious feeling.

A Skyline Inspired Russian Innovation

This colorful sign encapsulates the lights of the city and brightens up the space.

Let Fall Runway Fashions Inspire Your Home

Fashion week is making its return to cities across the globe. From Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo fashion designers old and new are strutting their stuff on the runway. Interior design is no different. Trends come and go, and it’s no surprise that many of the trends we see popping up on the runway and in our favorite clothing stores are also beginning to appear in the home decor section. Here are just some of this season’s fashion trends and how they translate to your home:

Color Blocking

Fashion Runway

Big blocks of rich color really help you stand out in the crowd.

At home, color blocking can be used to create a focal point or help liven up a room with lots and lots of color.

Interior Design

Avalon Interiors color block this dining room beautifully. Click the photo for more!



Masculine and modern looks were seen all over the runways.

Tailored suits instantly convey a mature, yet charming, attitude.

Sofa Design

Earth tones and pin stripes, like the one on this amazing couch, bring a sophisticated confidence to your home.

It doesn’t have to be all business – scattering tailored, classic inspired pieces throughout your home will soften the effect.

Polka Dots

Runway Fashion

Designers were not shy when it came to polka dots on the runway.

Don’t be turned off by polka dots. When done correctly, polka dots can be fun, flirty and friendly.

Interior Design

The polka dot accent wall makes this contemporary, minimalist room more playful.

Checks and Plaids

Checks and Plaids

Taking a cue from menswear trends, checkered prints are back again!

Checkered prints and plaids have a classically rugged appeal, and yet, they’re incredibly versatile. You can find checks everywhere, from evening chic to daytime casual.

Interior Design

Varying shades of green plaid on the couch, curtains and rug have a subtle, elegant effect.

Checks and plaids may not be entirely new to interior design, but when used in unconventional colors or soft gradations, this style can give your home a fresh modern feel.

What Fall runway styles do you love, and how do you see them translating to your home?

The London Design Festival 2011

London is abuzz this week with the hustle and bustle of the world’s creative elite gathering for the design event of the year—the London Design Festival. For the last nine years, UK’s most remarkable designers rule the city over nine days of events, talks and installations in every design field from graphics to furniture to interior designs. With over 200 partners hosting more than 280 events across 25 design disciplines, there is something for anyone looking to be awed and inspired. London’s mayor Boris Johnson is a big fan of the Festival. He says, “The London Design Festival is the most vivid possible proof that London is the hub of the creative industries of the world.”

Landmark Projects
A prominent centerpiece of the Festival each year is the commissioning of installations in major public spaces by some of the world’s renowned designers and architects. Festival Director Ben Evans shares: ‘What we’ve tried to do is match major public places within the city with architects and designers. The sheer popularity of these sites allows us to reach beyond our core audience of design fans and professionals. We are also interested in reaching people who don’t really think they know what design is.” This year the installations (below) take up residence in Raphael Court, the Southbank Centre, the Victoria & Albert Museum and St Paul’s Cathedral.

  • AL A: Timber Wave, the grand entrance to the V & A becomes one enormous timber wave.
  • David Chipperfield Architects: Two Lines, an interactive, constantly changing dialogue between identical forms.
  • Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec: Textile Field, Raphael’s work viewed from a modern perspective.
  • John Pawson: Perspectives, the largest lens possible to manufacture gives St. Paul’s Cathedral a new look.

Interior DesignsDesign Revolver via

Architect John Pawson, in collaboration with Swarovski, installed a huge lens within St. Paul’s Cathedral to allow visitors a new perspective on the 300 year old structure.

Interior DesignsInhabitat via

AL A Architects and engineering firm Arup transformed the grand entrance to the V & A into a giant timber wave.

With only nine days to see it all, many opt to spend a chunk of time at the destination spots where a collective of hundreds of designers, vendors and products show their designs. Popular design destinations include 100% Design London, Decorex International, designjunction and Tramshed 2011. Smaller venues include Marcel Wanders’ White Building playing house with all of the latest Moooi creations.

Interior Designs Dezeen via

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders presents his Moooi collection amidst mermaids and ocean sounds at the London Design Festival.

Design Districts notes that this year’s Festival is focused on six design districts, “each celebrating their own particular contribution to the world of design in London.” The six include Brompton, Covent, Clerkenwell, Fitzrovia, Pimlico Road, and Shoreditch Design Triangle.
Tom Dixon shows at The Dock during London Design Festival 2011. Visitors are taken through the real world environments of a theatre, factory and workshop–all while experiencing the sensations of each.

Interior DesignsTom Dixon via

Tom Dixon at The Dock during London Design Festival 2011.

Visit for more highlights of this year’s events and showcases.

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Luxurious Contemporary Harbor Home in Florida

After years of accumulated experience under Kolter Group, LLC. Marc Julien decided to step out on his own. Marc Julien Homes, LLC’s expertise lies in real estate development and project management with contracting which seamlessly brings the project from concept to completion. The fact that they are an approved  builder at The Bear’s Club, Jack Nicklaus’ signature golf community, speaks volumes to their ability to successfully design, conceive and construct dream homes. They believe their vision of architecture and interior design will stand the test of time.

Shown below is their “Harbor” project. The overall interior design gives the home an open and comfortable feeling. See their great usage of windows and high ceilings to light up as well as open up the interior space.

Luxurious Contemporary Oceanfront Home in Florida

Windows and high ceilings are used to light up as well as open up the interior space

Luxurious Contemporary Oceanfront Home in Florida

Panelled and detailed ceiling structure in the shape of a hexagon with semicircle windows surrounding

Luxurious Contemporary Oceanfront Home in Florida

A marble finish gives a clean and relaxing touch

Luxurious Contemporary Oceanfront Home in Florida

Countertop material have a mix of lined wood; marble somewhat echoese the dark wood floor

Luxurious Contemporary Oceanfront Home in Florida

Swimming pool by the harbor front!

What do you think of Marc Julien Home, LLC? Come check out more of their project here!

Chic, Australian Blow Dry Salons Designed by Rebecca Ryan

What makes all the difference? Design! Australian interior designer Rebecca Ryan knows that it’s not just homes that need fantastic interior design. With the recent upsurge in the trend of blow dry bars across the globe, Rebecca jumped at the opportunity to design the hair salon franchise, Blow Dry Bars located in Australia with addresses in Sydney, Melbourne, and one coming soon in Brisbane. To increase the popularity of the franchise, the client had one request: an upmarket boutique hair salon. Says Rebecca, “His original store was very bland and had no wow factor. And certainly did not reflect the look he was after.” Rebecca was able to create interiors that are visually stimulating for the clients while they wait.

Rather than an ordinary lounge waiting area, Rebecca was able to pull elements together to create a visually stimulating feast for clients as they waited for their appointments. Being the front of the store, the waiting area was created in a catchy way to draw the customer in with a classy, classic upbeat waiting area. Hair station areas were kept simple and functional with simple white wall to contrast silver ornate, antique mirrors. The overall result was a hair salon that looked like no other, a recipe for a successful business! With a basic color scheme of red and black, the finished product looks stunning.

Blow Dry Bar Interior

A visually stimulating lounge provides a chic place for clients to wait with classic black pressed tin panels and red banquette seats.

Blow Dry Bar Interior

The chandelier is the focal point and perfect touch to the entrance.

Blow Dry Bar Interior

Simple and functional hair stations with white walls help to contrast the silver antique style mirrors which set the theme.

Blow Dry Bar Interior

The salon stands out from others because it delivers quality service while providing a stunning interior to match.

Rebecca Ryan here establishes a foundation of interior design ideas for future Blow Dry Bars.

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