Maison & Object Trend Report 2011

One of the most respected home furnishings shows in Europe, Paris-based Maison & Object did not disappoint with its most recent showcase. Many emerging trends for Fall 2011 and beyond came out of the show, some coinciding with those seen on fashion runways such as snakeskin and muted colors. Below are a few of the trends we picked up on as they relate to major interior design elements.


Pink Ombre Design

While last year’s trend touted lots of bright colors, we’re now seeing more subdued color such as gradients involving multiple objects, stripes and ombres. Palettes of grays, dusty pastels and neutrals are playing a major role this fall and into 2012.  When bright colors are present, it is more a nod towards nature’s vivid hues in greens, blues and yellows.


Maison & Object

The popular interior design site,, reports seeing a notable exploration of textures “…both natural and artificial, was stimulating and provided a tactile experience. Resins, leather, shagreen, wood, ceramics and porcelain contributed to materials used in unusual ways.”

While, Maison & Object said the creativity in this sector is rich, fuelled by both large manufactures and smaller lesser-known designers. Another notable textile trend is centered upon the bed and sumptuous layered linens.


Maison & Object

Practically every surface, even some furniture, is boasting bold patterns many of which are rich, dark and moody. Traditional florals go contemporary with a huge explosion of big pattern as shown above from the Maison & Object showcase. Geometrics also tend towards the modern and show just as much character and personality as the florals. Plaids are in the spotlight, as are other menswear prints such as houndstooth and tweeds.


Snakeskin Patter Design

Wall Art Decor

Collections were seen throughout the showcase. The Kravet blog reports, “Throughout the show, objects are presented as collections but rarely make it to the home that way. For the passionate few, collecting is a way of life. The focus on one object, in all its aspects, created visually stunning, graphic displays.” Whether a collection be grouped by hanging on the wall or displayed in cabinets or on tabletops, this is one trend that tends towards very personal interior designs.


Tribal Interior Design

Ethnic Chic is the newest style emerging out of Europe this fall. Industrial, tribal, Asian, African and contemporary influences give way to a décor of mixed cultures. Travel is a common theme in this style, as objects portray a worldly attitude which in turn displays an open minded approach to interior design. With world view approaches and influences trending, eclecticism is being witnessed as much in Europe as in the U.S. Mixing of styles is frequent with traditional being played out in a modern setting and vice versa. A dominant style is still present with touches of other styles here and there.

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