Serene & Refreshing Master Suite by Kirsten Kaplan+Haus Interior Design

When Washington D.C. and San Francisco interior designers Kirsten Kaplan and Haus Interior Design asked their client what she envisioned for her master bedroom suite, they were given two contradictory goals. She wanted a room that helped her escape from her professional life yet a room that still managed to be energetic.

San Francisco Modern Master Bedroom Design by Kirsten Kaplan + Haus Interior Design

The beach provided inspiration for the palette of sandy tones used in the paint and flooring, and the creamy palette was carried through to the main furniture pieces.

San Francisco Modern Master Suite Design by Kirsten Kaplan + Haus Interior Design

The white canvas skirted chair and wall art exude serenity and comfort.

San Francisco Modern Master Suite Design by Kirsten Kaplan + Haus Interior Design

The oversized whitewashed wood dresser provides balance and keeps the room grounded.

San Francisco Modern Master Suite Design by Kirsten Kaplan + Haus Interior Design

The colorful touches on the linen blend perfectly with the neutral palette yet provide energy with crystal finials as the finishing touch.

San Francisco Modern Master Suite Design by Kirsten Kaplan + Haus Interior Design

A large oval mirror hand-crafted from oyster shells provides a rustic contrast to the high-gloss white desk.

As the beach can be both relaxing and full of fun, this room was no different. The end result was a space that was calm and comforting for the evening yet provided a cheerful wakeup call and energetic wakeup call.

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4-Story Vibrant Hillside Retreat in San Francisco

Living in the City by the Bay, San Francisco interior designer Kimball Starr, understands how expensive owning a newly purchased home can be, especially with furnishing one of this size. To keep the design budget friendly, some of the existing furniture was updated and complemented to work into the overall style the homeowners wanted, rather than purchasing all new pieces. Located on a hillside in San Francisco, this 4-story home is a retreat that overlooks downtown and the San Francisco Bay.  As a first-time home purchase by young successful newlyweds, this couple wanted a vibrant colorful home to match their outgoing personalities.

Hillside Sanctuary

The colorful poufs that sit on the deck outside the living room are lightweight and can be brought inside for additional seating or used as cocktail tables.

Hillside Sanctuary

In the living room, the white leather sectional was pre-existing, and by adding colorful pillows, artwork, and a curvy patterned rug, the living room was transformed from all white, to a cheery social space splashed with pops of color.

Hillside Sanctuary

The airy Mooi chandelier and the reupholstered colorful chairs make this dining room pop.

Hillside Sanctuary

Using the Brazilian cherry floors as inspiration for the color, an orange Moroccan patterned rug set the tone for the tangerine walls, and Kimball tempered the color with white and a budget splurge on the hand-blocked raw linen curtains.

Every room in this home has a splurge item and a budget item.  The splurge items are pieces that will retain their value and/or have a high quality of craftsmanship to them, and the budget items were pre-existing pieces that were repurposed, or purchased items that were a great value for the look.   It keeps the rooms balanced budget-wise, but also produces a more interesting and imaginative space.  Kimball calls it “democratization of the space”, where every piece has a say regardless of its background or price tag!

Craving more of Kimball’s design creations? Check out her profile for some inspiration!

Modern Sophistication in New York City's Upper West Side

Today we return to the work of Frances Herrera, the inimitable New York interior designer behind Interiors by Francesca, LLC. Working with a young, sophisticated family in the Upper West Side, Herrera transformed a blank slate into a comfortable, kid-friendly home that exudes an unquestionably chic, cozy and polished sense of style.

Modern New York Dining Room Design by Interiors by Francesca

The minimal, contemporary dining room allows the impressive Manhattan skyline to take center stage.

The large, unobtrusive glass table and dining chairs that are upholstered in a practical, yet chic faux ostrich vinyl are perfect for everyday use and for young children.

Modern New York Living Room Design Interiors by Francesca

Abundant neutral and warm shades enhance the coziness of the living room.

The living room design is focused on comfort, luxury and multi-functionality. The large sectional sofa is perfect for family movie nights and for entertaining larger groups of family and friends. Just behind the sofa, in front of an expansive window, a desk and file cabinet make for a perfect place to get work done or simply relax and read.

Modern New York Living Room Design by Interiors by Francesca

A chic wingback chair placed in the corner with a bookshelf becomes an intimate reading area in the living room.

Modern New York Bedroom Design by Interiors by Francesca

In the six-year-old boy’s room, a custom window seat with drawer provides even more storage for toys.

The children’s rooms are designed to provide plenty of comfort and storage space with a playful color palate based on each child’s color requests. Loft beds help maximize the space and creates zones for different activities.  The floor rugs in each room are Flor carpet tiles that can easily be replaced if stained or too worn over time.

Modern New York Bedroom Design by Interiors by Francesca

In the eight-year-old girl’s room, cheerful colors and floor-to-ceiling drapery keeps the space feeling bright and sophisticated.

A swivel Swan lounge chair in the girl’s room allows for panoramic river views, a view that ties in with the bedroom’s watery blue theme.

Modern New York Bedroom Design by Interiors by Francesca

A neutral palette and modern, minimal furniture gives the master bedroom an understated elegance.

The master bedroom design is a luxurious getaway with rich fabrics and an eclectic hanging light fixture that is both practical and sophisticated.

Modern New York Bedroom Design Interiors by Francesca

Soft neutral shades and crisp white ensures the master bedroom is a chic, relaxing escape from the busy city.

This modern, contemporary apartment in the city is truly “sanctuary-like” thanks to Herrera’s expert tastes. The New York skyline, warm colors and rich fabrics must be a dream to come home to! For more of Frances Herrera’s work visit Interiors by Francesca and don’t forget to rate your favorite designs and share your opinions!

Los Angeles Interior Designer's Recent New York Clubhouse Project

As a well-traveled Interior Designer with over a decade of experience, Los Angeles interior designer, Shanna Shryne, prides herself on her keen abilities to match functionality to personality when it comes to understanding her clients’ needs.  Shryne was thrilled to use her coast-to-coast expertise to help a recently retired New Jersey couple transform their home from typically-traditional to uniquely-individual while maintaining a clean, modern look throughout.  Shryne comes from a high-end residential design background, which is evident in her recent project on this New York clubhouse and apartment building. Let’s check it out!

Interior DesignsIn order to accommodate the couple’s plans to entertain visiting family and friends, Shryne made sure to select furniture and decor that would offer a bold presence in order to avoid cluttering their smaller, more intimate square footage.  Straying away from the traditional forrest greens and burnt rust colors common of the area, Shryne updated the entire color scheme of the house by creating a beautiful, and modern, palette that incorporated a softer kelly green, vibrant reds, and rich creams with accents of mahogany and black.  This sleek, transitional bedroom design uses black and white in the color scheme to keep a simple and classic look. As the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Interior Designs

Interior DesignsNote the art work above the sofa in this living room design which matches the colors of the pillows. Also the two wall mirrors hanging near the dining room area give the appearance of a larger space. Very transitional to a T! When Shryne put the finishing touches on the project, this Jersey couple was so excited to embark on their retired years together with the dream home they had always wished for!

If you like Shryne’s work, check out her profile here. To get the latest on interior design, check out our forum page! Remember Design Shuffle is a great place to connect with many interior designers, including Boston interior designers and more!

Debonair San Francisco Victorian Flat by LOCZI Design

Debonair. Charming. Elegant. San Francisco interior designer, Paige from LOCZI Design, brings us this Victorian Flat in Diamond Heights that definitely fits the bill. A design firm whose mission is to create balance and inspire from their interior decorations, you can count on them to provide you with honesty, their best effort, true value, enthusiasm, and a great sense of pride in their work. LOCZIdesign’s work is nothing short of brilliant, and you will definitely see what we mean from their work below.

San Francisco Bedroom Design by LOCZI design

This sitting area could be mistaken for a bed! On a sunny day, this area would be lighted beautifully from natural lighting. The bedside table adds a very interesting touch, making a great contrast from the creme and white tones.

San Francisco Victorian Flat Design by LOCZI Design

Another sitting area for one adds a unique feel to the room with its own personal table to sit and read at or have an afternoon snack of tea and crumpets.

San Francisco Victorian Flat Design by LOCZI Design

A look of the whole length of the flat gives us the interesting architectural design of the ceiling. The repeated white and black motifs add a sense of fluidity and calming effect, pulling the room together with its simplicity.

San Francisco Victorian Flat Design by LOCZI Design

This kitchen hutch creatively adds pops of color! The brightly-colored kitchenware definitely draws attention to itself, making the space very fun and exciting.

San Francisco Victorian Dining Room Design by LOCZI Design

A quaint dining area with a view of the balcony outdoors really opens up the space of the room. The yellow walls really help to brighten up the mood of the room!

San Francisco Victorian Bathroom Design by LOCZI Design

A wooden and porcelain sink is a sight to see, definitely making a bold statement from the kitchen and dining room above.

San Francisco Victorian Bathroom Design by LOCZI Design

The bathroom design makes for a very simple and modern feel. The honeycomb tile decoration in the bathroom adds fun coloration to the white wall.

San Francisco Victorian Bathroom Design by LOCZI Design

They didn't forget to add a little fun to the floors of this bathroom either. The tiling features green, blue, and orange-colored tiles to fit in with the rest of the room!

To see more interior design works by LOCZIdesign, check out their portfolio and feel free to a drop a line for any projects of theirs that you like!

Luxurious Los Angeles Estate by Magni Design

Los Angeles interior designer, James Magni and the Magni firm know what it takes to deliver quality work to their clients. Named in the “Top 100” designers by Architectural Digest, James is known for his signature work that is both elegant and luxurious. Magni Design’s work on this Los Angeles home is nothing short of stunning. Enjoy!

Los Angeles Modern Loft by Magni Deisgn

The two-story home features a gallery of windows that that are highlighted by the lighting design.

Los Angeles Modern Loft by Magni Design

The glass stair railings create the illusion of larger room space.

Los Angeles Modern Dining Room Design by Magni Design

The dining room features a simplistic design with a line chandelier focal point.

Los Angeles Modern Living Room Design by Magni Design

The room is enhanced by the use of dark-colored furniture that pops against the cream-colored walls.

Los Angeles Modern Bedroom Design by Magni Design

The dark wood cabinets are extremely elegant in this simplistic lounge area.

To see more of Magni Design’s great work, check out there portfolio here and check out our map feature to find other Los Angeles interior designers near you!

Inspiration Friday: Beach House Blues

Interior designs that follow specific themes make creating stylish spaces all the easier. A specific color scheme, a few pieces of great furniture, and just the right amount of details and a space becomes instantly sophisticated. These eight rooms will inspire anyone to decorate their bedroom, living room, or dining room in beach house blues

Beach Blue Bedroom Design

Soft blue walls, a white slat ceiling, and ocean-centric wall art come together for a bedroom design that is both calming and refined.

Family Room Design

Rich blue hues mixed with organic accents like rope-sewn ottomans and a stately raw wood coffee table creates a distinct beach house feel in this living room design.

Bedroom Design

The blue checker chair covers as well as the blue and white chinaware on the table are pretty color choices for a beach house dining room design, and the greenery gives it even more natural beauty.

Blue Bedroom Design

The sheen blues of this elegant bedroom have almost a metallic hue to them, from the satin bed skirt to the textured mirror on the wall.

Accented Den Design

This den design has no shortage of great accents, like the hanging lanterns, wicker trunk, and glass bottles filled with treasured finds.

Coastal Home Design

A great room with exposed wood beams, blue and white wicker couches, and casual folding canvas chairs are all fashionable for a coastal great room.

Teal Bedroom Design

A guest bedroom design with a teal fabric headboard looks beautiful flanked by white walls and a brass dome light fixture.

Coastal Living Room Design

Like a display of nature’s most beautiful creations, the framed coral and starfish seen here makes this wall a stunning showcase and is oh-so conversation-worthy. Images [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 ]

Vibrant, Eclectic French Quarter Home Where "Les Bon Temps Rouler"

John Loecke and Jason Nixon, the always charming and sophisticated New York Interior Designers behind John Loecke, Inc, have gained an impressive reputation over the past ten years for creating stylish, fun and eclectic designs for their clients. When describing his aesthetic philosophy, Loecke says, “Banish the beige! Your home should make you happy. It should be the kind of place where you can retreat and relax in a wonderful, gracious setting with plenty of pizzazz and pop.”

The vibrant, magical city of New Orleans  provides the perfect setting for just that kind of thinking, where the favorite saying is  “laissez les bon temps rouler” or “let the good times roll.” With the John Loecke, Inc. team, this 19th century double-shotgun home quickly became a cool, soothing oasis in the French Quarter.

French Quarter

The living room expertly combines traditional glamour with contemporary pieces of furniture.

The chic chinoiserie wallpaper instantly brings the living room design to life with soft greens, yellows and pinks. Using a statement wallpaper such as this doesn’t have to overwhelm the room. Notice the beautiful scenery is placed only on the opposing wall. The rest of the room is painted white, while the client’s collection of taxidermy and artwork is scattered throughout to add an eclectic, personal atmosphere to the mix.

French Quarter

The simple game table and chairs complement the lively wallpaper instead of distracting from it.

French Quarter

The wonderfully spacious living room and dining room make an elegant setting for entertaining guests.

French Quarter

Matching chandeliers in the living room and dining room give the room a heavy dose of luxury.

French Quarter

Rich, subtle details give the symmetrical layout of the dining room a unique, artistic character.

French Quarter

Bright floral patterns and crisp stripes make this cozy nook a lovely spot to relax with coffee and beignets.

French Quarter

The master bedroom draws inspiration from the color and texture of the abstract painting by artist and musician Ryan Adams.

The button tufted headboard and gold tones in the master bedroom design are a lavish touch to the overall serene and relaxing atmosphere. The laissez-faire quality of the artwork brings in the energetic personality of the French Quarter just outside.

French Quarter

The unconventional color of the love seat is a playful addition to the master bedroom.

French Quarter

The guest bedroom is at no loss for elegance with ornate floral designs on the headboard and area rug.

The team at John Loecke, Inc. utilizes color to create rooms that are once fun, vibrant and sophisticated. This French Quarter home is all about enjoying comfort and elegance without pretension. Spill a cocktail and “les bon temps” continue to “rouler.” The unexpected details – a taxidermy peacock, contemporary paintings, and chandeliers – make the home truly unique to the homeowners.

Explore more colorful interior design ideas by visiting John Loecke, Inc’s portfolio and don’t forget to let them know what you think!

Modern Parisian Restaurant

Designed by Parisian architectural firm and architect Marcelo Joulia Naco of Naco Architectures, the Le 39V resturant is an ultra Parisian restaurant perched on Hausmann “39 V” and is located just a few steps away from the Champs-Elysees in the heart of uptown Paris. The brand new restaurant of Chef Frederic Vardon got its name after its prestigious location in 39 Avenue George V in the 8th district of Paris. The circular space welcomes its guests who can enjoy gorgeous views along with the fantastic interior design of the restaurant. Enjoy the architecture and design of this space!

Modern Designs

If you’re sitting in the modern bar area or  seating along the window, you can undoubtedly enjoy the spectacular view below! Notice the clean look using a distinct black and beige color scheme.

Modern Designs

The geometric design in the facets along the ceiling makes this design shout modern. Despite the sophistication of this design, anyone can pull ideas from this room for dining room design ideas.

Modern Designs

The tectonic plates emphasize a unique atmosphere in this confined space, allowing its occupants to admire the architecture up close.

Modern Designs

The table setting is so classic and chic especially with the faceted walls. Like a bright articulation of scales and creating shapes and movement of light, any group would love this seating area. Bring a piece of Paris home and into your kitchen design with this modern design!

Modern Design

Check out the bar. Note the way the light peaks through each plate, only making the design more appealing and unique. Images [ 1-5 ]

Parisian designs can be so chic and modern, for more great inspiration check out our member faves page to see what inspiration others have been creating!

Light Up Your Life Outdoors

Our friends at Arcadian Lighting are hosting a guest post from Maxim Lighting about outdoor lighting! Not only does exterior lighting accent your home’s features, it also provides a sense of security. This blog provides some great tips on how to liven up the exterior of your home just in time for the holidays! Head on over there to hear about how!

Maxim Santa Barbara Outdoor Lights

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