Using Gold in Contemporary Designs

Today we have Amber of Simple Dwellings here to visit and walk you through a design board she created which reflects designing a room around one, trendy, contemporary object. Below she shows us how creativity can come from one simple piece of furniture. Thanks for stopping by Amber!

Hello! I am Amber from Simple Dwellings and the topic today is discovering trends in interior design. With fashion, as well as interior design, trends are always there on high alert, ready to be incorporated into your space. Whether your style is modern or traditional, contemporary design can work well in your home. When thinking about putting a room together, the overall feel of the space can be eclectic and blend multiple design styles, yet still be cohesive and pulled together. A current trend in the home today is all about gold! Whether it is used on furniture pieces, art or lighting, gold is back and ready for your space. Here are some rooms that have used this design trend to perfection, while also keeping the rest of the space tailored and balanced.

With gold as the focal point in many stylish ways, I became inspired by this coffee table and designed a room around this piece:

I believe a room design can be inspired by just one piece of furniture, one accessory or simply anything that sparks creative interest. Inspiration can come from anywhere and a room can be designed around one particular design trend. I have used the above furniture piece as inspiration for an entire living room design.

For this space, I wanted to keep the overall look eclectic, modern and whimsical. The mirrored coffee table with gilded detail was the jumping off point for this design. In order for the trendy gold pieces in the room to stand out, I decided to keep the furniture fabric neutral and pull color out from the accessories in the space, such as the fun pillows and metallic branches wallpaper.

Whether you like wallpaper in small or large doses in a space, the branch design can be applied to one focal wall or framed out as art. The remaining walls and drapery can be a soft neutral color to offset the dramatic wallpaper.

With a predominantly neutral backdrop, the gold table can be the focal point in the room, while also incorporating some complimentary accessory pieces. I played off of shapes with this design, and balanced a rectangular coffee table with circular pieces, such as the chandelier, mirrors and garden stool. The chevron rug also brings a modern shape to the space and works well in this eclectic space.

This design was created with one trend in mind and built around one piece of furniture to show that inspiration can come from anywhere and trends can easily be incorporated into your home!

Does this post have you yearning for more design ideas? Check out our members to get inspired!!!!

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