Uniquely Chic Edwardian Flat by LOCZI Design

Stylish, sophisticated, trendy…these are just some of the words that come to mind when you see this chic Edwardian flat by San Francisco interior designers, LOCZI Design. For this design, the client wanted the home to reflect her love for refined yet stylish designs.  The end result was a home that completely encapsulated the client’s request. Full of chic decor and unique furnishings, this flat is a dashing display of femininity and modern style.

San Francisco Modern Living Room Design by Loczi Design

The living room is kept light and relaxed with beige and off-white hues.

San Francisco Modern Living Room Design by Loczi Design

The driftwood piece blends perfectly with the earth tones.

San Francisco Modern Foyer Design by Loczi Design

Wood furnishings give the home a natural feel.

San Francisco Modern Wall Art Design by Loczi Design

Abstract wall art paired with a single pendant light provides a unique artistic element to the home.

San Francisco Modern Dining Room Design by Loczi Design

Simple yet chic, the lighting design provides a sophisticated yet trendy ambiance.

San Francisco Modern Design by Loczi Design

The use of unique lighting fixtures gives this home a distinct style.

To see more fantastic work from LOCZI Design, check out their portfolio and let them know what you think!

Exceptionally Minimal Interior Inspiration by Geometrix

This design inspiration is for all the minimalist enthusiasts out there! This home was designed by Geometrix, a Russian firm that is well-known for their bold and rigid designs. This particular design is black and white indulgence at its finest. Enjoy!

Geometrix Interior Design

The sharp lines and color contrast in this design create a sleek and sophisticated feel.

Geometrix Interior Design

The blue skylight is a perfect accent alongside the gray textured bathroom wall.

Geometrix Interior Design

Hardwood floors provide a more relaxed environment in this ultra modern bedroom design.

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Whimsical Screened Porch Chic Courtesy of John Loecke, Inc.

We cannot get enough of the exciting and beautiful designs by John Loecke, Inc! We are proud to showcase the work of our Design Shuffle members, and these unquestionably talented New York Interior Designers are certainly no exception.

Today, we’ll be taking a tour of an unconventional space turned swanky party scene. John Loecke and Jason Nixon own an 1840’s era schoolhouse in Upstate New York (fittingly called Madcap Cottage) and they creatively rescued the detached garage that was in desperate need of attention. Nixon describes the former garage as “all creaks and crags,” which is hard to imagine once you get a look at the colorful, whimsical porch now.

New York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

Vintage garden furniture look absolutely charming in this cozy, colorful space.

Flea market finds give the screened porch a lively, retro feel that looks perfectly inviting. As Nixon explained, the porch is now “the scene of many a summer dinner party fueled with gobs of rose wine and pigs in a blanket and fried chicken.”

New York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

Numerous paper lanterns maximize the party-like atmosphere.

York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

A cute daybed sports vibrant, jazzy patterns that simply insist you relax and enjoy yourself.

New York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

Simple Ikea panel curtains were given a lovely makeover using print blocks from India.

New York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

A local powder coater helped transform the sofa and chairs with crazy colors.

New York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

Such an adorable, unconventional space packed with color and whimsy.

And with that, a once-dilapidated garage is given new life, thanks to John Loecke, Inc. Have a look at their portfolios for more beautiful designs and don’t forget to share your thoughts!

Contemporary Outdoor Wood Loft by Fernanda Marques

Today we’re giving you some fun inspiration from designer Fernanda Marques. This loft, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil was created with wooden beams, textured limestone, and pulled together with crystal clear glass.


Brazil Contemporary Loft Design by Fernanda Marques

Brazil Contemporary Loft Design by Fernanda Marques

Brazil Contemporary Loft Design by Fernanda Marques

Brazil Contemporary Loft Design by Fernanda Marques

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Simple Design Elements-Guest Post from Pretty Haute Mess

Happy Friday! Today we’re featuring a guest post from Cori from the gorgeous design blog, Pretty Haute Mess. Her blog is filled with creative inspiration from all areas of design. You’re sure to spend hours there! Without further ado, here’s Cori!

Hi, I’m Cori from Pretty Haute Mess. I am so happy to be writing for Design Shuffle today. They dropped by PHM not too long ago… click here to see that fabulous post on mirror elegance. Today, I want to share with you the possibilities in simple design. Often times, I hear people deciding over having a modern space versus a space they really want to live in. Well, I’m here to show you that you can have both!

Here’s a room that has lots of warm materials adding a livable element to the space, notice the fur blankets laying over the chairs and back of the sofa. Of course pho fur works just as well. The super plush area rug also adds warmth to this minimal design. So, make sure to pay attention to fabrics.

In the same way that cozy materials can add comfort to simple design, so can warm colors. Notice the dramatic element of the brown drapery in this space. There’s also a cozy bed runner that adds both color and warmth.

This space is very minimal in furniture but each piece is comfortable, like that cute leather pouf near the fireplace… which brings me to the element of architecture and how the easiest way to add warmth is with a fireplace! Also, big windows to let in the sunlight provide warmth to any room. So, if you’re building a space from scratch think about architecture… but if you’re only selecting furniture you can go minimal, just remember to select comfortable pieces.

There’s nothing easier than a bunch of pillows to add that livable element to a simple space…

In the same way that soft fabrics can add the right element, so can hard materials like wood. The color, texture and natural element of wood adds so much life to a simple space.

This last room has a couple elements we’ve already discussed… check out those warm, rich woods both in the furniture and the window treatment. There’s also the element of sunlight. But, notice that one of the most important details to any space is framed art and photography. Whether high-end art or family photos, those framed elements are always a nice touch to simple, elegant design.

We’d like to thank Cori for her fantastic guest post. Check out our interior design guide to learn about all the different interior design styles you can use in your own home!

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Sophisticated Mid-Century Modern Apartment by New York Interior Designer Ruth Kintzer

Today’s sophisticated apartment with a decidedly mid-century modern ambiance comes to us courtesy of the talented New York Interior Designer and DesignShuffle member Ruth Kintzer. Her clients, a female executive and her fiancé, wanted to incorporate pieces of furniture that they already owned in order to make the apartment comfortable for both soon-to-be husband and wife. Kintzer chose a neutral palette to flatter the beautiful amount of sunshine that filled the apartment. The walls are painted in a peanut butter shade of brown, while fabrics used throughout the apartment are varying shades of oyster, tobacco, camel and bronze. The neutral shades are complemented by pops of color from a Persian rug and satin window shades.

Im Pei Apartment Ruth Kintzer New York Mid Century

The custom-made red Parsons coffee table enhances the living room's color scheme perfectly.

Black lamps and black trim on the ottomans and armchairs provide a brilliant uniformity to the living room. The striped armchairs also add texture and interest to the overall neutral palette.

Im Pei Apartment Ruth Kintzer New York Mid Century

The cabinet was given a black lacquer to add a bit of glamour to the living room.

New York Apartment Ruth Kintzer Mid Century Im Pei

A porcelain garden stool, used as a side table, picks up on the colors in the Persian rug beautifully.

The whiskey colored ostrich leather backing on the dining chairs and crystal chandelier overhead add just the right amount of unexpected glamour to the dining room.

Mid Century Apartment Ruth Kintzer New York Im Pei

The black neo-classical mirror and cameos complement the elegant gilded French console.

The bedroom designs showcases a more feminine color scheme dictated by the oriental rug with varying shades of gray and purple. Crystal lamps with crisp white shades help keep the room bright and sophisticated.

Apartment Ruth Kintzer Mid Century New York Im Pei

Lavender silk taffeta curtains in a buffalo check pattern and matching "Billy Baldwin" chair give the bedroom a playful, but chic ambiance.

To see more of Ruth Kintzer’s artful designs, check out her portfolios and share your thoughts! If you’re curious about Mid-Century Modern style, have a look at our History of Interior Design to learn about its origins around the 1950’s.

Exceptionally Modern Sonoma Home by De Meza + Architecture + Interiors

Today we bring you the dashing work of De Meza + Architecture + Interiors. They are a talented group of San Francisco interior designers who committed to creating modern, clean and noteworthy designs for their clients. This home in Sonoma, CA is no different. There is no other way to describe this home other then completely sophisticated and timeless. De Meza took full advantage of the spectacular landscape that Sonoma provides and created a modernized and cutting-edge design. Enjoy!

Sonoma Modern Home Design by De Meza + Architecture + Interiors

The mosaic fieldstone structure of the home is the foundation for this modern design.

Sonoma Modern Home Design by De Meza + Architecture + Interiors

The fireplace was created using copper clad and features a unique color blend and transparent center.

Sonoma Modern Home Design by De Meza + Architecture + Interiors

The veneer cabinetry creates a stunning contrast when paired with the black stool seats and marble countertops.

Sonoma Modern Home Design by De Meza + Architecture + Interiors

This bathroom exudes an abundance of comfort and relaxation as it features a panoramic view of the enticing Sonoma landscape.

Sonoma Modern Home Design by De Meza + Architecture + Interiors

True to the definition of modern, the neutral colors reveal a comforting sensation and the lighting design provides the ultimate ambiance.

The design of this home is uniquely comforting yet astonishingly vibrant. The minimal design is refreshing and is an ideal contemporary home.

To see more of De Meza + Architecture + Interiors work, visit their portfolio. You’re sure to be amazed!

Pristine and Relaxing West Chop Residence by Martha's Vineyard Interior Design

If you’ve ever heard of Martha’s Vineyard or even had the priviledge of spending a summer there, you’ll know that it’s located south of Cape Cod in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and can only be reached by boat or airplane. As a popular summer destination, Martha’s Vineyard is home to pristine beaches, stunning cliffs, and historical and cultural attractions. As a reflection of the environment, the homes of Martha’s Vineyard are equally as gorgeous.

The Massachusetts interior designers of Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design created this simplistic, comforting, and modern residence located in West Chop, found in the north end of Martha’s Vineyard. MVID’s goal is to incorporate the natural elements of the island into the home to create a direct connection. This particular home in West Chop contains only a small seasonal post office, country club, and golf course, making this residence stand out among the others.

Martha's Vineyard Modern Living Room Design by Martha's Vineyard Interior Design

The coastal influence in this living room and wide windows allow for the perfect view of the island.

Martha's Vineyard Modern Bathroom Design by Martha's Vineyard Interior Design

The bamboo wall paired with a wood table contrasts beautifully with the dark hanging pendants.

Martha's Vineyard Modern Dining Room Design by Martha's Vineyard Interior Design

A flourishing floral ceiling light provides a unique focal point for this dining room.

Martha's Vineyard Modern Bathroom Design by Martha's Vineyard Interior DesignThe combination of blue hues and white cabinetry make this contemporary bathroom refreshing.
Martha's Vineyard Modern Living Room Design by Martha's Vineyard Interior Design

The coastal influence in this living room is magnificent as the light colors illuminate the room.

Check out some of MVID’s island-inspired furniture in their portfolio here.

A Perfectly Inviting Modern Family Room by Kirsten Kaplan of Haus Interior Designs

Today, we’re going to take a close look at a family room designed by Kirsten Kaplan of Haus Interior Designs who divides her expertise between San Francisco and Washington, DC. Believing that our homes have a strong impact on the way we feel and how we go about our lives, Kaplan made sure to pay special attention to her clients’ needs when they came to her with a family room that was practically a blank canvas. With two small children, a Wii, and lots of games, it was important that the family room have plenty of storage space and furniture that could easily be moved to accommodate the family’s activities.

An overall neutral palette was chosen to help keep the room from feeling too busy or overwhelming. The warm honey toned wall color blends well with the carpet and wooden furniture frames, while pops of red and black add a touch of energy.

Kirsten Kaplan Haus Interior Design Modern Family Room

The geometric fabric on the wing chair beautifully combines the red and neutral shades of the whole room.

A local master carpenter was called in to create the built-in to provide abundant storage options, as well as additional decorative space. Two cabinet doors on each side of the TV were finished with wire mesh in order to add a bit of texture to the flat surface.

Kirsten Kaplan Haus Interior Designs Modern Family Room

The circular iron base of the lamp mirrors the iron candle base on the mantle.

Kirsten Kaplan Haus Interior Designs Modern Family Room

The dark red Edelman reupholstered ottoman can easily be moved out of the way when playing Wii.

The simple color palette is complemented by rustic touches, such as the woven baskets, wooden furniture and accessories, and a iron pieces throughout the room. The subtle textured accents and rich red and black colors give the room a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Looking for more living room design ideas? Visit Kirsten Kaplan + Haus Interior Living Spaces portfolio for even more inspiration!

Luxurious Beverly Hills Project by Los Angeles Interior Designer James Magni

“At a glance it looks like a simple design,” observes Marc Welch, project architect for the Landry Design Group, which designed the buildings. “But the attention to detail that went into it to make everything line up perfectly is of the highest quality.” Immaculate, impeccable precision along with a love for rigorous design defines this house.

Today we feature the work of Los Angeles interior designer, James Magni with his project featuring an 8 bedroom and 10 bathroom 24,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion. Named one of the“Top 100” designers by Architectural Digest magazine, James Magni of Magni Design has built a desirable reputation for himself as a leading designer of elegant, sexy and luxurious upscale interior spaces. It is no surprise that his work on this Beverly Hills home resulted in a meticulously tailored interior space that was perfect for the needs of their client. “You can’t get any more custom,” remarks Christina Craemer, Magni’s senior designer, “Nothing here is off the shelf.”

The clients of this home boast ownership of homes all over the world and are avid art collectors. “Here, they wanted a transparent, open floor plan that took advantage of the California weather,” says firm’s principal Richard Landry. That’s one reason the home is long, with rear facing rooms that open completely to the outdoors, providing natural ventilation. Another reason is to take advantage of the stunning Santa Monica Mountain and Los Angeles Basin views.  Let’s enjoy the interior views of this home.

Modern Design
The exactitude of detail in this home is breathtaking. Interior designer James Magni went with CaesarStone (manufacturer of monumental slabs of quartz floor surfacing) to minimize grout lines on in the flooring. Precisely chiseled Indian sandstone facing that was worked on by 100 workmen in China is used on vertical interior and exterior accents, to add a “raked” look.

Part of getting this interior space just right for their client’s needs involved helping the clients connect with local artists to assemble specially commissioned works for the home. The wife “went to all their studios and met with them for hours, resulting in a highly personal collection,” says Magni. And while the couple love the casual California lifestyle, the clients are highly fashionable and accustomed to more formally designed spaces. The interiors of this home reflect a very upscale look.

Modern Designs

Modern works of art play as major elements punctuating the design of this home with “a modern interpretation.” The pieces impart a mysterious, timeless quality to the setting.

Modern Designs
The living room is a richly textured space that blends well with the clients’ high-style. Filled with plush leathers, hides, and high-polish woods, you really can’t get a more custom designed room.

Modern Designs
An all white dining room hosts intimate lunches as well as large receptions. The designers adapted Magni’s versatile Jewel Table dining surface that pulls apart or is easily pieced together depending on the situation.

Modern Designs
A unique piece of art customized to the client’s taste is displayed in the dining room area.

Modern Designs
The living room opens up into the back yard for the clients to enjoy the outdoors while spending time indoors in their lavish interior space.

Modern Designs

The home is finished off with an impeccable exterior with high attention to detail. This home is a feast for the eyes.

If you enjoyed this home tour, make sure and check out Magni  Design’s portfolio, leave comments and share your thoughts! Don’t forget to check out Design Shuffle’s new info-graphic on the history of interior design!