Classy Office in Historical Gastown by Anna Melnikova Interiors

Character is definitely what Toronto interior designer Anna Melnikova‘s interior designs bring out in a room. She delivers not only a stunning interior design to her clients, but a design with personality and sophistication. She utilizes sophisticated colors, sensual textures, fine fabrics, and exquisite accessories to create character in her works. Adding time pieces to her works like items from different time periods and cultures is one of the things she likes to do to give an interior character by allowing it to have its own history.

She does just that in the Gastown office in downtown Vancouver! Being the oldest district in downtown Vancouver, the places refers to the early 20th century. It is located in one of the heritage buildings of Gastown, featuring historical architectural and design elements like arch shaped windows, 14 ft high ceilings, old wooden floors, and classic iron radiators. With this interior design, Anna definitely makes a homage to the history of the neighborhood, which served as inspiration to create a nostalgic and timelessly elegant atmosphere for this Gastown office.

Gastown Office Design by Anna Melnikova

The intimate office space truly makes the most out of its small space. The soft, clean lines of the dark wood furniture makes the room feel more spacious. The paired topiaries on the arched windowsill adds color to the room with its luscious greens.

Gastown Office Design by Anna Melnikova

The two high-ceiling arched windows add plenty of natural light into the interior, giving it a bright natural glow that gives a soothing effect to the entire space.

Gastown Office Design by Anna Melnikova

The framed pictures pay great homage to the historical value of the office. Setting the theme of the interior design to a historical context in mind sets

Gastown Office Design by Anna Melnikova

The minute details are what make interior designs stand out. The unique, old-fashioned lamp definitely complements the dark wooden furniture. Other interesting table decor include the bookends and globe.

Gastown Office Design by Anna Melnikova

A sitting area with a tall floor mirror is a great decorating idea in a small space like this office. A mirror can definitely add more dimension and depth to any room.

Gastown Office Design by Anna Melnikova

A sitting area adorned with fresh food truly adds a personal touch with the blackboard. The quote also adds character to the simple, yet bold space.

If you loved the historical feel of Anna Melnikova’s work from this post, feel free to stop by her portfolio to see more of her interior designs, including some great decorating ideas using historical pieces. Enjoy!

Bringing Cultures Together: Bandhini Homewear Design

It’s always fun to be introduced to new decór items that we can use to style our interiors. Today we’re taking a look at Bandhini Homewear Design’s gorgeous products from hand-crafted pillows to ottomans. What separates their products from others, is that all of their products are designed in Australia and manufactured by hand in India with the use of 100-year-old machines and techniques. Bandhini Design created their name from the word, “bandhej” which refers to the tie and dye art. Yet, for Bandhini Homewear, it also means “to bind”. They aspire to bind cultures together across the globe through their textile work.

Let’s take a look at how some of their products can lead to some great interior design inspiration!

Design Bandhini House AfricanaL15

The sharp contrast of the cream sofa and dark- detailed Bandhini pillows create a sophisticated ambience.


We love the various uses of blue hues which pair perfectly with the rose-colored detailing.

Bandhini Homewear's products are created in India with textile machines such as this one which encapsulate India's rich tradition and history.

Incorporating bright colors into your designs creates a fun and attention-getting atmosphere.

The world influence in Bandhini Homewear’s products is evident. Their work reveals their passion and desire to preserve the history of generations of craftsmen and honor culture, tradition, and the art of textiles.

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A Light and Bright Modern Home Renovation in Australia's NSW Central Coast

The wonderfully talented Australian Interior Designers behind Matilda Rose Interiors renovated today’s featured home in New South Wales Central Coast, about an hour and a half from Sydney, Australia.  Matilda Rose Interiors flawlessly transformed this house, originally in desperate condition, into the beautifully, light and airy, family-friendly home we see today. Thick, black, powder coated steel balustrading once made the house feel very dark and almost medieval, while an unattractive brick fireplace, a timber ceiling of un-matching timber, and an out-dated, non-functional kitchen meant that there was plenty of work at hand.  In order to fulfill the owners’ request for a warm and welcoming home, the house was given a fresh palette of antique white and light taupe paint. The entire staircase and balustrading was replaced with traditional wood, which instantly brightened the whole house.

Matilda Rose Interiors Modern Central Coast Australia Home

The light taupe wall color provides an attractive contrast to the woodwork and brick fireplace, which was rendered before being painted.

Matilda Rose Interiors Modern Central Coast Australian Home

A brilliant pendant light cascades along the three-story staircase.

The next step in the home’s renovation was to convert the original laundry into a walk through wardrobe and ensuite bathroom off the master bedroom. The travertine flooring and muted shades give the feeling of spaciousness, not to mention the added luxury of a walk-in shower in the corner.

Matilda Rose Interiors Modern Central Coast Australia Home

The floating vanity is a contemporary touch that also helps add a sense of space to the bathroom.

The master bedroom incorporates some of the owners’ favorite sea-inspired hues, such as aqua and coral. The bright pops of color keep the room from feeling too plain, yet bring in a serene, beachy feel to the overall design.

Matilda Rose Interiors Modern Central Coast Home

The vibrant 3D flower just over the master bed creates an excellent focal point for the room.

The kitchen was entirely gutted to make room for brand new appliances, counter space and cabinets. The stone bench tops were custom made at 40mm thickness, ensuring a more rustic-looking work surface.

Matilda Rose Interiors Modern Central Coast Australia Home

Off-white Shaker style cabinet doors give this kitchen a traditional feel.

The living room design brings together all the key elements that are used throughout the home. Light taupe walls create the perfect canvas for brightly patterned pillows on the couch and a white painted recycled timber TV stand.

Matilda Rose Interiors Modern Central Coast Australia Home

The silver school of fish wall art and a piece of driftwood placed in the corner add a subtle, beachy feel to the living room.

Matilda Rose Interiors Modern Central Coast Australia Home

A rich, red floral painting provides texture and a beautiful splash of color in the living room.

The home office has a decidedly more rustic feel since it was designed around the Cole & Son “Woods” wall paper, which was used as an accent on one wall. The repeating trees make a wonderful, natural pattern that also helps make the room feel larger.

Matilda Rose Interiors Modern Central Coast Australia Home

These two ladders show a creative way to make a bookshelf out of found items.

The combination of natural materials, light colors and eclectic pieces of art make this a lovely, modern home for a young family. If you enjoyed this house tour, visit Matilda Rose Interiors Central Coast Home portfolio and share your thoughts! And don’t forget to explore Design Shuffle for even more brilliant decorating ideas!

Crystal Creek 1800's Farmhouse Renovated to Perfection

Austin interior designer, Jeanette Van Wicklen, knew it was love at first sight when she saw 616 Crystal Creek. Being an interior decorator with 12 years of experience and living in a larger house next door for years, Van Wicklen and her husband finally decided to talk her sister into purchasing the small cottage next door. Says Van Wicklen, “I have a huge passion for creating warm, unique interiors that are a mix of tradition with a modern twist.  Sharing my design passion with my husband, we have built or remodeled 11 homes together over the last 14 years. We love to hunt all over Texas for unique finds that add the unexpected touch  to design.”  The Van Wicklens have smoothly used that talent here with their cottage next door.

Built in the 1800’s, this sweet cottage was founded by a family by the name of Roves in New Braunfels, Texas. They loved it so much they moved it to the west hills of Austin, to a picturesque parcel of land complete with acreage and beautiful sunset views. The Roves did extensive remodeling to the home before marketing it and were even featured with a story years ago in Home magazine.

Remarks Van Wicklen, “We added alot of modern touches to the cottage by utilizing alot of IKEA’s great products…we basically added the new master closet (IKEA), and also added the new master bathroom.” The couple added several other modern touches to the cottage including a four car barn garage with upstairs storage and transforming the guest house into a design studio downstairs. Enjoy this modern farmhouse cottage’s interior design below.

Texas Cottage

An addition by the Van Wicklens, the master bathroom features half dome sinks rising above the antique cabinetry piece. Note the fireplace above the bathtub and the turquoise mosaic tiling surrounding it. The long mirror above the sink is perfectly placed to open the room up a little more.

Texas Cottage

The seafoam and brown color palette has really brought in a cohesive look to the cottage’s transitional farmhouse feel.

Texas Cottage

This living room design is a testament to the idea that any room can be transformed with a little bit of money. Note the rustic buffet and the beautiful white and brown cow hide rug. The “Revival” sign was obtained from one of her favorite antique shops, Riverside Antiques in Llano, Texas.

Texas Cottage

The backyard porch is the perfect place to come relax. The white bench, table and chairs really bring out a chic farmhouse feel.

Texas Cottage

For the kitchen island surface Van Wicklen used Calcutta Gold marble. The wood counters are butcher block from IKEA. Van Wicklen knows how to make this high-end kitchen affordable.

In the end, the Van Wicklens ended up selling it last Spring to a couple from Lake Geneva who saw the photos online and bought it just before it went on market.  She adds, “Why would we sell that place that was so precious to us, you might ask??  The decision was a long, hard process because our whole family adored that place…Well, we really miss it terribly…but with every project, we end up needing to recoup our dollars. Now we’re redoing a “Tuscan style” one story…..and hoping the next one will create a new story!  To us, each house is a new canvas!”

Thanks so much Jeanette for visiting us today on Design Shuffle! If there’s one thing to know about Jeanette, it’s that she loves helping others decorate their homes. She loves shopping around for deals in design, whether online or scouting around out and about. She welcomes small and large projects and commits to online consultations for those that need help but live outside of Austin.

If you like Van Wicklen’s work, check out her profile here! Be sure to check back again for updates on her “Tuscan Style” renovation. If you loved this Modern Farmhouse Cottage, check out the whole album here!

Infographic: History of Interior Design

The thing about interior design styles is that they can be incredibly complicated to learn or incredibly easy to get. Here at Design Shuffle, we don’t think learning styles should be all that difficult. We’ve decided to make them incredibly easy to understand here in this straightforward and essential Guide to the History of Interior Design. Here is a simple and easy interactive visual for you to quickly and efficiently learn the styles in a matter of seconds. Easily scroll over styles to find definitive images that clearly give you an understanding for each design style. Help us spread the word about it by sharing it with your friends, linking to it, Tweeting it, Facebooking it, and do all that you can to get the word out about it!

Our first infographic on the History of Interior Design!


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