Inspiration Meets Style at Salamoff Design Studio

The Los Angeles interior designers at Salamoff Design Studio turn artistic visions into reality. Founded by Melissa Salamoff, her inspirations are drawn from nature, art, and textile design. Her level of talent shows in this stunning contemporary home in Beverly Hills. With its sleek angles and minimal design, Melissa creates an element of open space within the home.  Furniture is minimal, but offers function and comfort for every room. Gorgeous accessories such as crystal chandeliers and fresh flowers add elegance and charm to dining areas. The fresh and creative design of this home puts it at the forefront of the contemporary-style trend.

Los Angeles Exterior Home Design by Salamoff Design Studio

The sleek, geometric design of the home's exterior offers modern style and appeal.

Los Angeles Contemporary Living Area Design by Salamoff Design Studio

This contemporary living area features a chaise lounge sofa and a sleek stone fireplace with an orange lit backdrop.

Los Angeles Contemporary Dining Area Design by Salamoff Design Studio

This elegant dining area features a modern glass table and a stunning crystal chandelier with colorful accents with a fantastic view of the neighborhood!

Los Angeles Modern Chandelier Design by Salamoff Design Studio

A strikingly modern crystal bubble chandelier compliments the stairway effortlessly.

Los Angeles Contemporary Kitchen Design by Salamoff Design Studio

A large, sleek kitchen island offers room for cooking meals. Striving for minimalism, a stainless steel oven and stove are exquisitely incorporated into the space.

Los Angeles Modern Dining Area Design by Salamoff Design Studio

A sleek glass table with plush white chairs offers a great view of the woodsy backdrop while fresh flowers bring an element of nature into the home.

Los Angeles Contemporary Bathroom Design by Salamoff Design Studio

This Zen-inspired bathroom features a smooth bathtub, bordered by rich wooden paneling. A gorgeous cherry blossom tile wall design steals the spotlight!

Captivated by the work of Salamoff Design Studio? Be sure to check out their portfolio for more creative contemporary designs!

Perfect Pillows: A Home's Best Accessory

The simplest and most functional accessory that can be added to virtually any room is a pillow. Pillows are not only comfortable, but they can enhance the overall look of a space with pops of color, intricate patterns, or even messages. They bring a sense of ease to an area and can be easily switched out from time to time. The wonderful thing about these simply attainable accessories is that they contain two different roles: they can be utilized for additional comfort and/or can be displayed as decor.

With an array of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns offered, pillows can have endless possibilities. They can be mixed to create visual interest or matched for a more uniformed look. Whether they are neatly placed on a bed, casually thrown onto a couch, or displayed on a couple of chairs, pillows can enrich practically any space inside or outside a home.

Living Room Design

The bright yellow pillows give this dominant gray room a splash of personality.

Outdoor Design

Plain yet colorful pillows stand out against the black and white couch in this outdoor space.

Bedroom Design

These pillows compliment the wall decor and give the muted bed a dash of color.

Interior Design

These bold and patterned pillows are strategically mixed together to create visual appeal.

Interior Design Ideas

Words on pillows can give a room an element of character and charm.

Bedroom Decor

An extra long lime green pillow gives this small room balance and style.

Pillows are so versatile, they can go with any home decor. Whether your design style is more traditional or modern, these fantastic accessories can enhance any room! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Design Trends for 2012

Interior design trends can be fickle. Some come and go as quickly as they appeared while others stay around for many seasons. It’s easy for the homeowner to become discouraged when trendy elements they’ve used in their home fall out of fashion, leaving them with a space that is so yesterday. Avoiding this is just as easy by using a few trendy touches along with many classic ones. We’ve gathered eight of our favorite trends to share with you. Decorating ideas, anyone?

1. Tangerine Tango

It’s a tangerine dream for those who love orange. Pantone recently named Tangerine Tango as their 2012 Color of the Year. This colorful trend started during the past year and is still going strong.

2. Wood Furnishing

2012 Trends

Another hot trend we think will be around for a long time is the natural, weathered and worn wood furnishings which have taken over the market. Furniture makers that come to mind are Aidan Gray and Restoration Hardware.

3. Grey

2012 Trends

Some were unsure about the grey trend started a few years ago, but it has truly become the go-to neutral for many designers. Grey graces walls, ceilings, cabinetry, floors and furnishings in some of today’s loveliest kitchen and bedroom designs.

4. Industrial

2012 Trends

Trending in expansive warehouses turned residences, the unique industrial look came around to popularity a couple of years ago. When this style is paired with more formal or traditional touches it highlights its patina beautifully.

5. Natural Linen and Soft Cottons

2012 Trends

With the rustic look so popular in furnishings, fabrics like natural linen and soft cottons in tones of cream, greige, gray and beige complete the look on upholstered pieces.

6. Over-sized Art

2012 Trends

Going for quite awhile now, the trend of big art and photography hasn’t waned. Modern works are showcased in traditional settings for an unexpected focal point. Oversized portraits are especially hot right now.

7. Materials

2012 Trends

Hardwoods, reclaimed woods and tiles and weathered architectural elements are still gaining popularity in chic, eclectic spaces. Floors, walls and ceilings are all places to think about adding these environmentally sound choices—excellent living room design ideas.

8. Lighting

2012 Trends

We’re loving the trend of quality, inexpensive lighting. From chandeliers to wall sconces, lighting has become a design element to which many of us give great attention. In the past, the perfect light fixture might be a budget buster, but now many beautiful options are easily accessible. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Do you think your home is trendy? Stay up with the trends by frequently checking out our member faves or creating your own Faves today!

Bare to Modern: A Bachelor Pad Transformation in Brooklyn, NY

Susan Huckvale Arann, President and one of many fabulous New York Interior Designers at American & International Designs, Inc., have over 30 years of design experience in the New York Metropolitan area. Ms. Arann is a graduate of CUNY and a former student of Parsons and New York School of Design with a successful track record of creating beautiful interiors for restaurants, luxury residences, hotel properties, and spas. An award-winning interior designer, Ms. Arann is past president of American Society of Interior Designers, New York Metropolitan Chapter, and holds professional licenses in two states. Although Ms. Arann works primarily in New York, many of her clients are international and seek her expertise in designing their properties in New York City.

Ms. Arann’s passion is design in all forms, which is reflected in her flair for color within her interior design projects. Recently, American & International Designs gave new life to a bare bones bachelor pad. According to the company, “A blank slate is a powerful thing and sometimes the hardest to tackle, but this job turned out beautifully and perfect for the client.” Here’s a sneak peek at the finished result:

New York Modern Living Room Design by American & International Designs

First impression - gorgeous! An entryway can make a statement all on its own, just as this one does.

New York Modern Living Room Design by American & International Designs

Artwork, greenery, and lighting set the dining area apart while still keeping the space open.

New York Modern Living Room Design by American & International Designs

Sectional sofas are fantastic in small spaces. This charcoal gray sofa sits well against the soft beige rug, ottoman, and walls, and is brought to life with vibrant pillows and art surrounding it.

New York Modern Kitchen Design by American & International Designs

Some touches of color, track lighting, and an eat-in area create a full-fledged kitchen perfect for cooking and entertaining.

New York Modern Kitchen Design by American & International Designs

The eat-in section of the kitchen creates yet another great space in the apartment to have a morning coffee and check out the sports section.

New York Modern Bedroom Design by American & International Designs

A striped accent wall behind the bed creates a focal piece no headboard could match. The soft colors of the walls and linens create a relaxing escape from the busy city life.

New York Modern Bedroom Design by American & International Designs

A small chair in the corner of the room creates a quiet space to read or relax.

New York Modern Office Design by American & International Designs

This office is truly a space that inspires. Rich dark furnishings and light wall and accent colors keep this room fresh yet grounded. Perfect for business!

Discover more gorgeous designs by American & International Designs, Inc. and get inspired with their use of color in modern spaces!

A Modern Home Brought to Life by You and Your Decor

When a homeowner in the far north suburbs of Chicago had grown tired of her living room and dining room, deemed “Funeral Home Chic,” she immediately turned to Tiffany Brooks, the Chicago interior designer behind You and Your Decor.  The homeowner was hooked upon reading Brooks’ description of herself, “I have been told there is something just a little eccentric about me. For me, this eccentricity is a gift that makes interior design fun, unique and spontaneous. I believe that design should be an eclectic science, best bound together by personal style.” If there was ever a right person to breathe life into a dull home, lacking personality, it’s Tiffany Brooks.  The added bonus was, of course, that You and Your Decor publish their room by room design fees online. For a homeowner on a budget, it’s a huge relief to not have to worry about the hourly designer fee game.

You and Your Decor Before Far North Suburbs Chicago

Brooks and the homeowner discuss the best plan for reviving this lifeless living room.

In order to work with the homeowner’s budget of 12K, Brooks decided to reuse as much as possible. “We spent the money where it gave us the biggest moments,” said Brooks.

You and Your Decor Far North Suburbs Chicago

A beautiful warm striped yellow wall color instantly makes the living room fresh and inviting.

The chairs and sofa in the living room were upholstered with light golden and cream fabrics to complement the new brighter wall color. The huge mirror installed over the sofa gives the room more of an impact and the illusion of depth.

You and Your Decor Before Far North Suburbs Chicago

The original dining room was rather generic and impersonal.

You and Your Decor Far North Suburbs Chicago

A new chandelier completely transforms the dining room and open shelves show off the homeowners china and family portraits.

You and Your Decor Far North Suburbs Chicago

This beautifully reupholstered wingback chair is the perfect place to relax and read a magazine.

You and Your Decor Far North Suburbs Chicago

Silhouettes of the entire family make a lovely and creative conversation piece in the living room.

Brooks personally had the family sit for shadow cast silhouettes, which she transferred to canvas and painted a soft blue. “Is your living room living?” Brooks asked the homeowner, “It is now!” The homeowner really saw the once dead room come to life before her eyes.

What do you think of this beautiful transformation? Be sure to stop by You and Your Decor’s portfolios and add the beautiful designs to your Faves!

After photos taken by Eddie Shackleford of

Natural Style Meets Modern Form: Interior Design in Oregon

The Oregon interior designers at 2Form Architecture are experts at combining the grace of natural style with the need for modern functionality. 2Form is founded on the principles of collaboration, service, sustainability, and innovative creations. They believe that architecture and interior design capture the relationship people form with their surrounding environment. In their project, Dillard Landing,  2Form designed a 2,500 square-foot home on a 10-acre lot in southwest Eugene. The home’s gorgeous wooden structure is expressed everywhere, reflecting the natural beauty of it’s surroundings. Here are some examples of their impressive work:

Eugene Transitional Home Design by 2Form Architecture

Slick, beautiful wood paneling adds a natural warmth to the outside of this home. Large windows offer ample views of the surrounding nature.

Eugene Modern Wooden Living Area by 2Form Architecture

Combining modern form and decor with classical woods makes this living area inventive and unique.

Eugene Modern Wooden Dining Design by 2Form Architecture

A gorgeous dark Cherry dining table offers function and appeal, with stunning views of the natural landscape.

Eugene Contemporary Kitchen Design by 2Form Architecture

The kitchen features a modern cabinet design (offering ample storage), paired with smooth white counter tops.

Eugene Geometric Bathroom Design by 2Form Architecture

The geometric design of this bathroom features a contemporary open-shower and bath, with a pebbled floor.

Eugene Fresh Hallway Design by 2Form Architecture

The minimal hallway features an over-sized closet with a dark-tiled floor, and offers a large view into the living area.

As you can see, it is apparent that 2Form Architecture creates some of the most contemporary and innovative interior designs. Their incorporation of natural materials, such as lavish woods, creates a serene living environment for inhabitants. Be sure to check out their portfolio for more inventive projects.

Interview with Los Angeles Interior Designer, David Hicks

Whether he is developing an extraordinary creation for a restaurant, hotel, or residential home, Australian and Los Angeles interior designer, David Hicks  always ensures that his designs are modern yet timeless with the highest of quality. Since finding David Hicks, an internationally acclaimed interior, building, and garden design studio in 2002, David has traveled all over the world. He is often requested for speaking at events and has even served as a judge on the Australian interior design show Home Made.

We had the privilege of interviewing David on one of his gorgeous projects that we just had to find out more about! Enjoy as David takes us through a home tour of the stunning and elegant Toorak Residence.

1. David, before attending the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology to study Interior Design, what inspired you to become an interior designer?

I have always been fascinated with built form. At first, it was just architecture since I did not know there was such a thing as an interior designer when I was young. I used to go to open houses with my parents and take the sale brochure with the floor plan on it. When I would get home, i would re-design the house. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be involved in architecture. When I was a little older and finishing high school, I learned about interior design. This appealed to me because the projects are of shorter duration in comparison to architecture and you can move on from one project to the next much quicker. My inspiration came from me- I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

2. Wow, your interest developed at a very early age. Now after all these years, what is the one thing you love about being an interior designer that drives your work?

I love the constant evolution of interior design. As a designer, I tend to hone my craft as the years go on. I get better with detail, better with my eye, and better with trusting my instinct. i love this constant shaping of myself through design. I also love the new materials that become available. I also always get excited when a project is finished and photographed. The finished images just make me so happy.

3. Your photographs definitely caught our eye! Your finished projects are always beautiful. In regards to the stunning Toorak Residence, can you give us some specifics on the location and client?

This house is located in a leafy affluent suburb in Melbourne, Australia. The house was a new build for a single middle-aged client of ours. They wanted a spacious home but did not want it to feel rambling.

Australia Modern Entryway Design by David Hicks

4) How many rooms are there is this house?

This house consists of :

entry vestibule, study, master bedroom with en suite, two additional bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, powder room, living/dining space and kitchen area, which all surround an internal courtyard with a swimming pool. Below is a large garage which is accessed from the rear lane.

5. Sounds very spacious! What was the client looking for when you were asked to design this home?

The client wanted a modern home but one that would sit well in its surroundings. they did not want ultra modern but something with a little nostalgia. As I am very interested in modernist design, we kept the lines of the house very simple and added just a touch of moulding to the top to give it some character. This touch makes the house look established. Along with the custom designed entry gates and front doors, the detail hints to a past era. I love to insert a little bit of old world glamour and charm into my design work. This makes it somewhat timeless.

Australia Modern Home Design by David Hicks

6. What unique furnishings did you incorporate into the living room?

As with most of our projects, we do not just design the house, we also complete the look with the entire interior. I love sourcing unusual and collectible pieces and combining them with custom made pieces from the David Hicks range, such as the sofa and the slipper chairs. The glass vase was found on a trip to Paris. It is vintage lalique and is very rare – and heavy. The mirror was found at an antique dealer’s showroom in London. I love to mix pieces from around the world as it gives a personal educated look to the house.

Australia Modern Living Room Design by David Hicks

7. What inspired you to use animal print throws in the foyer leading to the outdoor patio?

I love a bit of animal print. This piece was actually owned by the client. It is a vintage piece that we had refurbished and backed in felt. It creates glamour and intrigue for the entry vestibule. it is like a piece of artwork.

Australia Modern Foyer Design by David Hicks

8. The animal print is such a trendy touch. Can you describe the kitchen design, along with the unique tree branch décor?

The kitchen is heavily detailed and streamlined like most of our projects. The cabinets are made from bleached veneer and the backsplash to the rear bench is opaque glass to allow light to penetrate the space. The island bench is a sleek marble cube that forms a center piece and anchor for the space. The floral display is a collection of blossom tree branches that are arranged in a glass vase.

Australia Modern Kitchen Design by David Hicks

9) Moving on to the foyer, what influenced you to choose the unique wall art?

This piece is by a renowned Australian artist and is a contemporary landscape. The vibrant color and subject matter of this artwork is a striking contrast to the neutral tones of the house. This painting faces the internal courtyard of the house to provide a beautiful backdrop when looking into the house.

Australia Modern Living Room Design by David Hicks

Australia Modern Outdoor Design by David Hicks

The painting on the left hand side is a portrait of the owner’s father, which is why it was incorporated into the design of the home.

10) The personal touch is fantastic and meaningful. Lastly, what do you think makes you stand out as a designer amongst others?

I believe in looking at design as a wholistic endeavor. as we undertake architecture, interiors and landscape design, the end product of a David Hicks design is very considered. When considering decoration projects, the use of international suppliers and products adds charm and sophistication that is hard to copy. This is why I like to source individual pieces for my clients and layer it into the design. Most architects or designers just stick to the one thing and mesh it all together. I believe this is what makes me stand out, especially in the U.S. where traditionally this approach is not undertaken. Since opening our studio in L.A., we have had huge interest in the David Hicks aesthetic as it is somewhat different and fresh.

David HicksThank you to David Hicks for taking the time to give us an in-depth tour of just one of his exquisite projects!

Love David Hicks’ designs? Then check out his other wonderful portfolios and add some of his photos to your Faves today!

Instudio: The Art of Design The Business of Living

The San Francisco interior designers at Instudio are experts at blurring the lines between art, design, work and home. By doing so, they provide their clients with unique interior designs that cater to style and practicality. Founded by Samuel Lewis and Stephen Kladder, Instudio acts as personal consultants, helping clients achieve their interior design goals and objectives. Both Lewis and Kladder produce art and practice interior design. As artists, they are able to incorporate artistic style with design principles that are a tailored fit to any residence or small business. Here are  some examples of their exquisite work:

San Francisco Transitional Kitchen Design by Instudio

The use of wood in combination with the white room makes this small kitchen/dining area feel warm and spacious.

San Francisco Transitional Bedroom by Instudio

The hanging of task lights creates a unique and relaxing ambiance.

San Francisco Transitional Dining Area by Instudio

Checkered flooring pairs nicely with the light colored hues.

San Francisco Transitional Living Room by Instudio

The large curved sofa is used in addition with the ottoman to soften the horizontal and vertical lines of this living room.

San Francisco Transitional Living Room by Instudio

Neutral furnishings paired with abstract art pieces create a tranquil environment.

These tranquil and relaxing designs are a  delight to look at and inspire. Be sure to check out the Instudio portfolio for more of their fantastic work.

Eco Friendly Interior Design: The Growth of Bamboo

To the surprise of many, bamboo is a versatile plant that not only feeds the hunger of pandas, but is also rising as a trending material that interior designers are beginning to use in their interior creations. With an overall trend toward eco-friendly interior design, bamboo is a natural material increasingly used to create home decor and accessories.

One of the fastest-growing plants in the world, bamboo is considered a sustainable construction and design option. Certain species can grow up to 100 cm in a day! The miracle plant can also be fashioned into flooring, furniture, décor, and even towels with amazing softness. With its rapid growth and versatility, bamboo products can introduce a natural tranquility to living spaces:

Bamboo Flooring

A sustainable alternative to hardwood floors, bamboo flooring is characterized by its durability and resistance to moisture.

Sustainable Design

Bamboo abounds in the lining of the bathtub, bathroom cabinet, and window blinds to fuse Eastern inspiration with modern design.

Bamboo Decor

Enhance your outdoor decor with bamboo furnishings that match with a variety of patterns.

Eco-Friendly Design

Contemporary bamboo furniture creates a chic space, confirming that the earth-friendly plant is able to transcend styles.

Bamboo Ceiling Design

The use of bamboo in your ceiling creates a tranquil ambiance and suits recessed lighting perfectly.

Bamboo easily complements a variety of design styles, from the current to the cultural. Explore more of these calming bamboo-infused interiors inspired by Asian design! Images 12345

Modern vs. Contemporary Interior Design

When exploring the many styles of interior design, the line between what’s considered ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ can be very blurry. When two styles are used so interchangeably, it’s a common point of confusion because both styles can share several commonalities, such as clean, straight lines, industrial materials or an overall neutral color palette. So, how do you distinguish between modern and contemporary designs? Let’s take a look at a few of the differences.

Form and Function

Modern interior designs emerged during the 1920’s and have lasted well into the 1970’s, and yet, the trend is still going strong today. When referring to Modern design, it is often directly related to the time period describing the movement from traditional design forms in architecture, design and art. If an interior design or a piece of furniture is classified as being from a particular decade from the 20th century, it’s safe to consider it modern. Iconic pieces of furniture from the 1960’s, for example, are the Egg chair or Tulip chair, which can still be found in today’s households. Modern interiors tends to emphasize the importance of simple form and function which generally translates into streamlined, unadorned, and mass produced pieces.

Studio Ten 25 Modern Living Room

This bachelor pad is very modern with its simple furniture and minimal decorations. The small silver tulip table is a modern 1950's staple.

Modern interiors can also be identified by an open floor plan, which allows select pieces of furniture to be displayed as works of art in their own right. The geometric shapes favored by modern designers transform the ornate, complicated designs of earlier trends into simple, abstract pieces.

Luke Gibson Photography Modern Living Room

This modern living room features countless geometric shapes from floor to ceiling. The shag carpet is also a particularly modern touch.

Another characteristic of modern interiors  are large bare walls and tone-on-tone colors that create a cohesive color scheme. Artwork and accessories in vibrant colors are also extremely important, especially when given center stage under a spotlight.

Pepe Calderin Design Modern Dining Room

More geometric shapes - the honeycomb shelving unit seen from this modern dining room displays colorful works of pop art in primary colors.

Minimal And Innovative

Contemporary interior designs, on the other hand, are all about what’s current, innovative and ever-changing. Contemporary designs tend to reinterpret conventional styles in a cleaner, more linear fashion and make us rethink the way we choose to decorate our homes. For example, contemporary designs exaggerate modern simplicity, resulting in very minimalistic interiors that feature just the bare bones of what’s necessary in any particular room.

Contemporary Interior Design Chelsea Atelier Kitchen

The focus of this kitchen design is pure functionality with its clean, open spaces and rudimentary shapes. Unconventional, rolling folding chairs in bright yellow are also a contemporary touch.

Contemporary interiors often have a cooler one-color palette with bright accents, created with brushed steel surfaces,  glass fixtures and plastic furnishing.  Simple finishes and smooth lines reflect a calm atmosphere contrasted with edgy, uniquely textured design accents.

Betty Wasserman Contemporary Living Room

This contemporary all-white living room showcases a custom cascading light fixture and sweeping glass windows with sheer textured curtains.


Both modern and contemporary interior designs showcase clean straight lines, simple uncluttered spaces and a mix of natural and industrial materials.

NB Design Contemporary Living Room

The geometric lines and asymmetrical layout of this living room is very modern, and yet the cool color palette and varying textures make it feel contemporary, too.

As you can see, it’s easy to mix and match modern and contemporary styles, but with a few key differences in mind, you can create interiors that stand out as more modern or more contemporary depending on your preference. What do you think defines modern or contemporary interior designs? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below.