A Breath of Fresh 'Luxury' by Maureen Mahon Interiors

Los Angeles interior designer Maureen Mahon wants her clients to be comfortable in their homes. She also believes nobody should have to sacrifice style for comfort. Maureen founded Maureen Mahon Interiors, because of her creative spirit and eye for design. She designs by feel, letting her clients’ personalities lead the way. She mixes clients’ sentimental possessions with new decor to create a rejuvenated version of their personal style. Maureen studied Architectural Interior Design at Santa Monica College. She takes great pleasure in working close with her clients to create a collaborated vision that please everyone. Maureen wants her clients’ homes to look as if a designer had never been there.

Maureen’s transitional project in Granada Hills is an excellent example of her stunning eye for comfort and luxury. Warm toned walls, gorgeous woods, sleek lines, and an expert layout makes this home simply wonderful. A fabulous design that still looks livable is what makes this project a success. Take a look, and fall in love:

Granada Hills Transitional Living Room Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This transitional living room has warm, inviting tones. The modern layout features a symmetrical design with plush couches and a centered coffee table. A gorgeous lighting fixture sparks interest.

Granada Hills Transitional Dining Room Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This dining area has traditional charm with modern accents. A warm and inviting space, with a gorgeous dinner set, and modern candelabra fixture. Dinner guests will be impressed!

Granada Hills Transitional Custom Wine Cellar Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This custom wine cellar is absolutely amazing! Gorgeous wood shelving in a geometrical design offers ample storage for wine. Warm floor tiling adds a touch of class to the cellar.

Granada Hills Transitional Hallway Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This intriguing hallway has a custom dark wooden bookcase and flooring, which contrasts nicely with neutral walls. A step-in bedroom adds an element of contemporary design to the second floor.

Granada Hills Transitional Bedroom Sitting Area Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

Steps in this hallway lead to an intimate sitting area, perfect for a romantic evening. A modern fireplace is built into the wall, allowing heat to carry throughout the home.

Granada Hills Transitional Bathroom Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

A sleek and modern bathroom design has gorgeous wooden cabinetry, and unique wall tiling. A small sitting area is perfect for getting ready for a night on the town.

Granada Hills Transitional Master Bedroom Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

The master bedroom is simple, yet luxurious. A generous king-sized bed with wood paneling sits on a plush rug. Asian wall art creates a serene environment, perfect for relaxing.

As you can see, this home has a warm and inviting tone. Luxury shouts from every corner, but never says unlivable. Take a look at Maureen Mahon Interiors’ portfolio for more fabulous designs.

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