Remodeled Mid-Century Modern Home by Build LLC

Each Seattle interior designer at Build LLC holds the mindset of being part of an Industrious Architecture team. “Industrious Architecture” is defined as using a process that integrates design and construction to “deliver conscientious, cross-functional living and working spaces that create timeless value for their inhabitants.” With diverse professional backgrounds, quality resources, and diligent budget and timeline tracking, the team ensures each project is completed successfully and within deadlines.

As a mid-century modern home in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood required a fresh look, BUILD LLC designed and remodeled the residence for the young family. Since the foundation of the space was very strong, BUILD LLC assisted with reorganization of space, finishes, and utilities systems. The firm used cost-effective strategies for the update and in the end, doubled the usable space within the home by refinishing and revitalizing the lower basement level.

Saunter through the mid-century modern home and note the effective and visually pleasing use of space:

Seattle Modern Living Design by Build LLC

The modern living room is defined by contemporary furniture and rustic touches, such as a lively fireplace bordered by bricks.

Seattle Modern Living Room Design by Build LLC

An eclectic selection of chairs – fabric, leather, or metal – conveys a distinctively fresh ambiance when combined with natural stone walls and organic wooden floors.

Seattle Modern Kitchen Design by Build LLC

The sleek interior features a kitchen bar with cylindrical pendant lights, exposed wood beams, and a pop of brilliant red via the crimson table lamp.

Seattle Modern Kitchen Design by Build LLC

The other side of the kitchen island reveals an elegant combination of wood cabinets and metal lining.

Seattle Modern Bathroom Design by Build LLC

The master bathroom continues the motif of wood and metal cabinets, while adding a frosted glass pane for privacy.

Seattle Modern Hallway Design by Build LLC

Natural sunlight shines through the windows for a daylighting effect, working in conjunction with ceiling lights to brighten the space.

Seattle Modern Remodel Design by Build LLC

The entryway is warmly lit with welcoming path lights and ceiling lights.

Seattle Modern Patio Design by Build LLC

The exterior is remodeled for a clean and modern architectural look. Just before dusk, the home is beautifully lit from within.

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Traditional French Charm by SuzAnn Kletzien Design

Today, we return to the amazing work of SuzAnn Kletzien Design, an incredibly talented Chicago interior design firm that specializes in exceeding their clients’ expectations. When a young family approached SuzAnn to help them create a serene, casual home with a traditional French vibe, SuzAnn developed a custom design tailored to fit their tastes perfectly. The clients loved the idea of mixing old and new to create an unique look and were open to SuzAnn’s eclectic choices. The result is nothing short of beautiful.

Suzann Kletzien Design Roscoe Village French Influence

The warm golden tones in the living room create an inviting, cozy aura.

SuzAnn Kletzien Design Roscoe Village French Influence

A dramatic Gothic inspired console table and framed French illustrations add a stately sophistication to the living room design.

SuzAnn Kletzien Design Roscoe Village French Influence

The dining room design features rustic French country chairs and brass sculptural centerpieces.

SuzAnn Kletzien Design Roscoe Village French Influence

Modern furnishings in the family room illustrate the beauty of simple, stylish comfort.

SuzAnn Kletzien Design Roscoe Village French Influence

Vintage cigar boxes and serving utensils add a wonderful retro charm to the home bar.

SuzAnn Kletzien Design Roscoe Village French Influence

A petite table for two creates a perfectly romantic breakfast nook.

For a closer look at this stunning home, stop by SuzAnn Kletzien’s portfolio and don’t forget to let her know your thoughts!

What Does Your Wall Art Say About You?

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they decorate their home. One of the simplest ways to personalize a room is by decorating with artwork that reflects your interests. Whether hanging framed photographs of loved ones, thumb tacking a few movie posters or methodically aligning canvas prints, your walls can become a wonderfully creative expression of your identity. What do your walls say about you?

Music Lovers

Musically inspired artwork is sure to give definite personality to a room. Classic and sophisticated, or dynamic and emotional, music is a great place to look for inspiration when setting the mood for any room.

Wall Art Music Lover

The delicate lines and patterns of sheet music can be viewed as artwork in and of itself.

Wall Art Music Lover

Show off your love for music and your favorite band with framed retro prints.

Animal Lovers

One of the biggest ways to distinguish a person’s personality is whether they are a dog person or a cat person. Animal inspired art is a clever and fun way to give a room a light-hearted and playful atmosphere.

Wall Art Animal Lover

A colorful representation of man's best friend shows off a playful personality.

Wall Art Animal Lover

Cat lovers can voice their affection for their feisty felines with a cheeky framed print.

Family First

A collection of framed photos is a charming way to keep those most important to you present in your life. A mix and match of different frame sizes can create an interesting gallery wall, or a perfectly aligned set of photos can become an uniform visual pattern.

Wall Art Family First

Match your photos with your design scheme by reverting them to black and white.

Wall Art Family First

A bright space needs bright faces!

Artsy Types

Abstract modern art will instantly add a dynamic atmosphere to a room. The contrast of bright colors and erratic lines can reflect active imaginations and adventurous personalities.

Wall Art Artsy

Abstract paint splatters add color to the room and an element of curiosity.

Wall Art Artsy

An ethereal painting gives this room personality and contrasts with the modern furnishings.

What style of wall art do you prefer? Please share your favorite wall of art from your own home with us on our Facebook page!

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Designing with Detail: A Modern Creation by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

With two published books and several TV show appearances, California interior designer, Kerrie Kelly is an accomplished individual. Her passion for interior design stemmed from early family influences that eventually led her to attend Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. Since graduation, Kerrie’s success in the world of design has continued to thrive and she eventually started her own design firm called  Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. With over 20 years experience in the business, Kerrie and her team of talented individuals is the premier design firm in Northern California and they continually create extraordinary interior and exterior spaces.

Kerrie Kelly Design Lab created this home for a modern couple in California. This design contains an array of small yet notable details that enrich the overall look of the space. Whether it is through furnishings, tiles, fabrics, or additional elements, each room contains a clean and modern look with pops of remarkable detail.

Sacramento Modern Door Design by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

This custom entry door is painted in a rich chocolate brown and features an array of square details for a unique and modern look.

Sacramento Modern Living Room Design by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

This dining and living area are enlivened by its colorful and playful rugs. Brilliantly hued pillows rest on chairs near the fireplace.

Sacramento Modern Kitchen Design by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

The lime green accent wall brings a pop of personality to the otherwise simple kitchen design.

Sacramento Modern Wine Room Design by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

A small room just for wine makes the perfect addition to virtually any home.

Sacramento Modern Shelving Design by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

A charming ambiance is created through these artisan bookcases, which are made of plumbing pipe and reclaimed wood.

Sacramento Modern Bathroom Design by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

This soft blue bathroom has minimal ornamentation and clear glass doors for a serene aura.

Sacramento Modern Bathroom Design by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Mosaic tile adorns the wall above the sink for a chic and modern appearance.

Sacramento Modern Bathroom Design by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

This lightly hued bathroom offers a tranquil ambiance.

Kerrie Kelly Design Lab has several more portfolios to explore! Browse through their lovely pictures and add some to your Faves today!

A Delightful Mix of Modern Retro by Lane Design Studio

Since graduating from Texas State University San Marcos in 2005, Austin interior designer, Alexis Lane moved to San Diego, California to begin a career in interior design.  Alexis decided that she was ready to launch her own firm so she got her interior design license and  returned to Austin, Texas where she then started, Lane Design Studio. The firm is focused on taking the stress and frustration out of the design process while making it fun. Her designs have been featured in Austin Monthly Home and several local design competitions. Take a look at a sample of her work with this modern residence that incorporates sleek modern design with added spice of fun retro flavor. Bold colors and patterns flow throughout this home and convey a friendly and inviting ambiance.

Austin Modern Living Room Design by Lane Design Studio

The stained wood floor adds deep contrasts to this white room, while a pair of diamond patterned armchairs usher a lively aroma.

Austin Modern Study Design by Lane Design Studio

Matching color schemes and bold patterns release a natural tone that matches the wood table.

Austin Modern Study Design by Lane Design Studio

The unique miniature retro chairs decorate the wall with a laid back attitude.

Austin Modern Bedroom Design by Lane Design Studio

Natural hues float about the room in conjunction to the bold colors and stripes creating an entertaining atmosphere.

Austin Modern Bedroom Design by Lane Design Studio

Multiple textures add a sense of refinement that is a delight to see.

Austin Modern Bedroom Design by Lane Design Studio

This kid's room has fun colors and comfortable natural lighting that provokes the imagination.

You can see more of Alexis Lane’s designs by visiting her portfolio and adding one of her designs to your Fave’s!


Eclectic Loft in Gramercy Park by Marie Burgos Design

New York interior designer and Feng Shui expert Marie Burgos of Marie Burgos Design has a knack for creating residential and commercial interiors that exude balance, harmony, sophistication – all while embracing the client’s lifestyle. After completing a Masters of Business Management at the University of Paris, Marie pursued her passion for design by earning a degree in Interior Design at New York University. To further her ability to create interiors that encompass elegance, harmony, and tasteful luxury, she trained under Grand Master Lin Yu’s disciple, earning “Red Ribbon” membership at the international Feng Shui Guild and receiving the “Feng Shui Master” designation from Time Out NY.

Marie’s distinct eye for style has earned her unique opportunities and distinct accolades. Currently, Marie designs properties for the HGTV show “The Unsellables.” Marie’s work has been recognized on various publications, including the Luxury Quarterly Magazine. This year, Marie will also be featured in the upcoming edition of “Designers NY.”

Throughout Tribeca, Chelsea, and Soho, Marie is known for her design expertise in loft penthouses. The following four level loft in Gramercy was remodeled to have a modern eclectic style with vintage touches. As an extension of the young artist couple, the home becomes a modern space for eclectic styles, vintage finds, travel souvenirs, and personal art pieces. Walk in to get a feel for the owners’ personality:

New York Modern Kitchen Design by Marie Burgos Design

The modern white kitchen showcases a sleek design with clean lines, a white marble countertop, a mesh metal resin backsplash, and vintage metal counter stools.

New York Modern Living Room Design by Marie Burgos Design

This living room combines a modern background with vintage mid-century modern furniture pieces, such as the curved upholstered sofa and the kilim rug. This setting creates a very lived-in bohemian look – perfect for the owners.

New York Modern Dining Room Design by Marie Burgos Design

With an oversized floor lamp, white table, and modern chairs, this very white space is a breath of fresh air from New York’s hustle and bustle ambiance.

New York Modern Bedroom Design by Marie Burgos Design

Color and vintage styles mesh in this bedroom situated on the top floor of the loft. Cool blue hues and wooden floors give this space a calming, organic touch.

New York Modern Music Studio Design by Marie Burgos Design

Musical equipment in a backdrop of gray and white motif wallpaper make a statement within this eclectic music studio.

New York Modern Home Office Design by Marie Burgos Design

This home office showcases the art and vintage pieces collected by the owner throughout her travels – an eclectic, colorful mix.

New York Modern Home Office Design by Marie Burgos Design

Touring the home office from another angle, one observes that the room was remodeled with custom cabinetry along the mezzanine, durable wood style floor tiles, and a vibrant fabric wallpaper.

New York Modern Kitchen Design by Marie Burgos Design

Original staircases are surrounded by an eclectic mix of the owners’ eclectic travel treasures and vintage pieces.

What did you enjoy about the space? Peruse other contemporary spaces in Marie Burgos Design’s portfolio for more inspiration!

Contemporary French Art Deco Style by Laurel Feldman Interiors

William Morris, a famous English textile designer and artist from the 19th Century once said, “There’s no excuse for doing anything which is not strikingly beautiful.” It is that philosophy and a background in art history and decorative arts that inspires Laurel Feldman of Laurel Feldman Interiors to continually transform interiors into living works of art. When approached with redesigning a plain white residence in the North Shore neighborhood of Chicago, Feldman drew on the drama, elegance and intimacy of French Art Deco style, and added a contemporary twist.  She chose only luxurious materials, such as Paris Ceramics French blue limestone, silver leaf wallpaper, glittering chandeliers and mahogany furnishings to completely revamp the living and dining rooms.

Laurel Feldman Interiors Contemporary North Shore Residence

The blue and black limestone surrounding the fireplace creates a chic focal point in the family room.

Chic, minimal furnishings draw the eye to the tiled fireplace and the TV wall. “To de-emphasize the TV, I surrounded the flat screen with grass cloth wall covering – always a classic natural texture,” explains Feldman. Rich textures, such as linen, velvet, leather and mohair throughout the room help create an inviting, comfortable atmosphere.

Laurel Feldman Interiors Contemporary North Shore Residence

A stunning Lalique chandelier makes a beautiful, sparkling centerpiece in the dining room.

The blue limestone continues into the dining room as both flooring and an accent wall. The grey-ish blue tiles establish a cool, but very rich atmosphere. The tray ceiling is lined with silver leaf wallpaper that brilliantly reflects the glittering chandelier for extra warmth and light. The French art deco mahogany dining table and chairs lend an architectural and elegant presence to the room.

Laurel Feldman Interiors Contemporary North Shore Residence

Beautiful original Art Nouveau mahogany doors provide an elegant entrance to the room.

The gentle curves of the mahogany doors pick up on the nature-inspired design of the Lalique chandelier. The sheer curtains and pale, velvet upholstery on the chairs give the room a light, airy and even feminine appeal.

Laurel Feldman Interiors Contemporary North Shore Residence

Glittering, reflective surfaces help make this small restroom feel more spacious.

“Powder rooms should be glamorous, [like] a jewel box,” says Feldman. Vertically stacked tiles and elongated double mirrors emphasize the bathroom’s height, while a natural quartz beaded pendant and mother of pearl frames around the mirrors act as beautiful jewelry.

What do you think of this elegant home with subtle French Art Deco accents? To see more of Laurel Feldman’s beautiful work, check out her portfolios and share your thoughts!

A Chic 21st Century Modern Kitchen by The Inman Company

Its no surprise that the Chicago interior designers at The Inman Company have earned a reputation for excellence in interior design. Founded by Shane Inman, the president and senior principal interior designer, this prestigious design firm located in the Gold Coast of Chicago, Illinois. Inman strives to set an industry standard for excellent performance by maintaining a high level of professionalism.  This versatile firm works on everything from large-scale corporate headquarters, to small residences. Professional designers at The Inman Company strive to think outside of the box, and their innovative work has been recognized by HGTV, New American Luxury, and other notable editorials. One of their stand-out projects is their take on a 21st century modern kitchen. Take a look below:

Chicago Modern Kitchen Design by The Inman Company

The kitchen features an elegant frosted glass counter-top, joined to a granite counter. Stainless steel accessories are modern and chic.

Chicago Modern Kitchen Design by The Inman Company

Sleek and stylish bamboo cabinetry is custom made, and fit for a chef! Modern glass pendant lights add character to the kitchen.

Chicago Modern Kitchen Design by The Inman Company

From a further look, the kitchen's raised counter top is perfect for small meals. High ceilings add space, and industrial flair to the room.

Chicago Modern Kitchen Design by The Inman Company

Walls of windows allow this loft to showcase the custom designed kitchen for all spectators to see!

Were you inspired by The Inman Company’s chic contemporary kitchen? For more sleek designs, check out their portfolio!

Carlos Polo and His California Creation

With nearly 20 years experience, Florida interior designer, Carlos Polo, creates quality spaces and dramatic transformations. His natural design talents were enhanced through his years of education. He attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a diploma in Residential Interior Design. Furthermore, Carlos journeyed to Florence, Italy to attend Florence Design Academy. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design and eventually became an honors graduate of the master program for Interior Lighting Design. With his assiduous attitude and passion, Carlos has become a remarkable designer and has even been featured on HGTV’s Bang for your Buck.

The following photographs feature one of Carlos’ creations in Laguna Nigel, California. Carlos Polo Design was able to transform an older Mediterranean residence into a contemporary dream.

Laguna Nigel California Contemporary Living Room Design by Polo Design

The neutral color palate and sleek design give this living room both a chic and tranquil ambiance.

Laguna Nigel California Contemporary Kitchen Design by Polo Design

The rich chocolate cabinetry and turquoise details make a lovely combination.

Laguna Nigel California Contemporary Dining Room Design by Polo Design

From the textured wall to the contemporary light fixture, this dining room looks fresh and stylish.

Laguna Nigel California Contemporary Bar Design by Polo Design

The notable details, from the unconventional light fixture to the pattern beneath the bar, make this bar area look sharp.

Laguna Nigel California Contemporary Powder Room Design by Polo Design

The circular designs on the wall are a unique and visually appealing touch.

Take a look at Carlos Polo’s portfolio to view before-and-after pictures of this project. Then add some to your Faves today!

A Tastefully Styled North Vancouver Residence by Maria Killam

In 1999, Vancouver interior designer, Maria Killam started her own residential design firm. Maria is an expert in creating exterior and interior color palettes and has studied with Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Institute and Aurosoma. She is known for her fresh approach towards creating warm, comfortable, and inspired spaces that gracefully marry colors, cultures and styles. Maria currently offers a True Colour Expert Workshop where she coaches designers and homeowners on distinguishing undertones. Her work has been featured in multiple print and online publications such as Style at Home magazine and the HGTV website.

This North Vancouver residence project was designed for a young bachelor who requested to have style in each room. With her expertise in color, Maria gave this home a superb color palette that flows in each room and fits together like pieces of a puzzle. Art and foliage scattered throughout the home utters a subtle sophistication that welcomes anyone who steps in the door.

North Vancouver Contemporary Home Design by Maria Killam

The subtle contrast of this living room is matched with art pieces that render the room to a fluid compliment of furnishings.

North Vancouver Contemporary Home Design by Maria Killam

Fresh plants add to the natural hues while leather, chrome, and glass textures give a classy ambiance.

North Vancouver Contemporary Home Design by Maria Killam

Beige tones paired with natural wood enriches this dining room and a well placed mirror enhances the natural ambient light.


North Vancouver Contemporary Home Design by Maria Killam

Reminiscent lavender walls, matching sheets, and sea ornamentation evokes a beach atmosphere.

North Vancouver Contemporary Home Design by Maria Killam

Cleverly placed art brings light to a plain dresser.

North Vancouver Contemporary Home Design by Maria Killam

Earthly hues detach your worries and ground your senses to this bedroom.

North Vancouver Contemporary Home Design by Maria Killam

Layered chests with complimenting hues create the perfect nightstand.

North Vancouver Contemporary Home Design by Maria Killam

Soft coloration combined with floral and stone accents calms the mind.

Head over to Maria Killam’s portfolio for more projects with exceptional color palettes!