Contemporary Artistic Home by Susan Manrao Design

With over a decade in experience, Los Angeles interior designer, Susan Manrao has over a decade of experience. Her firm, Susan Manrao Design, is Santa Monica based and focuses on interior spaces that convey warmth and character while incorporating innovative art installations and inventive technology.

Susan Manrao has designed a collection of projects ranging from large scale commercial rollouts to intimate residential settings. The projects always emphasize artful solutions, and a forward thinking approach toward programming and expertise in custom product development. The firm works to provide a definitive point of view specific to each client that reflects their unique objective for the use of the space.

Los Angeles Modern Dining Room by Susan Manrao Design

Tall curtains and a large abstract painting shows off the wide dimensions of this stunning dining room.

Los Angeles Modern Kitchen by Susan Manrao

Mixed textures and varying materials are cleverly used to tie this kitchen together.

Los Angeles Modern Bedroom by Susan Manrao

The natural earth tones are surrounding the room are the ideal backdrop for the bright red hanging pendants.

Los Angeles Modern Interior Design by Susan Manrao

This bare wall was enhanced with a random assortment of post cards arranged in a unique form.

The abstract hook wall art combines beauty and function in this steamlined and neutral environment.

Los Angeles Modern Bedroom by Susan Manrao

The hues of purple reveal a comfortable and relaxing ambiance.

To see more of Susan’s fantastic work, be sure to check out her portfolio!

Sacramento Contemporary Home by Benning Design

With nearly 30 years of experience, Benning Design has a portfolio that includes some of Northern California’s most prominent venues and private clients.  With a strong emphasis in lighting, this full service Sacramento interior design firm has earned multiple awards for excellence throughout the years for designs from kitchen and retail designs to small and large residential spaces. Time and time again, the team from Benning Designs transforms a client’s space into something extraordinary.  They diligently cater to the client’s desires, budgetary concerns and more, thus ultimately provide the confidence  and the excellent customer service that clients want.

Benning Design recently remodeled a residence in Carmichael California near Sacramento.  With excellent use of various lighting fixtures and natural lighting, as well as the exquisite interior designs, this contemporary home is definitely a place left to be desired.

Sacramento Contemporary Master Bathroom by Benning Design

Great use of a zebra rug to complement with the colors of the room.

Sacramento Contemporary Family Room by Benning Design

A beautiful foyer light hangs to welcome guests into this vivid part of the house.

Sacramento Contemporary Living Room by Benning Design

The use of colorful wall art as well as matching cushion offers a positive vibe to the living room.

Sacramento Contemporary Kitchen by Benning Design

Black stools in this eat-in kitchen with pendant lights over the kitchen island. Not to mention, the wine rack is nearly full!

Sacramento Contemporary Dining Room by Benning Design

Sensational use of natural lighting in the white dining room with a fire place.

Sacramento Contemporary Master Bedroom by Benning Design

Wall art hanging over the bed, and another great use of the natural light.

Sacramento Contemporary Family Room by Benning Design

With large floor to ceiling windows and a great scenery, it not only brightens the room, it also saves energy cost.

Sacramento Contemporary Bathroom by Benning Design

A large wall mirror as a centerpiece of this modern bathroom with a refreshing design on the sink.

After this exciting tour of this Carmichael residence, come check out more contemporary designs here!

Bold and Flourishing Waikiki Asian Restaurant by The Schoos Group

Los Angeles interior designer Thomas Schoos, head of The Schoos Group, has made a name for himself transforming the interiors of the hospitality industry around the world. His most recent venture took him away from the streets of West Hollywood and put him on the beautiful beaches of Waikiki, Hawaii. For Thomas Schoos his Hawaiian getaway was anything but a vacation. He was responsible for designing the interiors of  Morimoto Waikiki, a restaurant owned by Food Network Star, “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto.  This was not the first time Schoos has worked for Iron Chef Morimoto, Schoos was also in charge of designing The Iron Chef’s other restaurant in Napa, California, Morimoto Napa.

Schoos looked for inspiration in the Zen Garden when designing Morimoto Waikiki. Simplicity was his primary objective. He wanted to make reference to Japanese culture without being too obvious about it. This minimalist aesthetic was  achieved by limiting the colors and textures used and combining them with natural elements, like live moss and large corals, that are native to Hawaii. This subtle approach to design has resulted in a restaurant with a balanced yet distinctly exotic aesthetic.

Waikiki Asian Restaurant Design by Thomas Schoos

The use of natural elements as decorative items, like this coral, helps connect the decor of the restaurant to the island it is located on.

Waikiki Asian Restaurant Design by Thomas Schoos

A simple and restrained color pallet is unified with the use of green, brown and white.

Waikiki Asian Restaurant Design by Thomas Schoos

 The casual elegance of the design theme is continued outdoors. The fire pits allow for those seated here the feeling of being at the beach

Waikiki Asian Restaurant Design by Thomas Schoos

 This  close up of purple orchids serves as a nice contrast to what is otherwise a calming sea of green and brown.  One cannot help but associate these murals with the leis that Hawaii is known the world over for. 

Waikiki Asian Restaurant Design by Thomas Schoos

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese bento box, as well as the sliding walls of a Japanese home. the dining areas are separated with these sheer curtains.

Check out the The Schoos Group’s portfolio to see what else they have done.

Modern Seattle Boat Bay House Design by Eggleston|Farkas Architects

The Seattle architectural firmEggleston|Farkas Architects is firm that specializes in modern architectural design. Seattle is known for its stunning views, being the birth place of modern coffee, and already fabulous architecture. With its location serving as the firm’s ultimate inspiration, it is no wonder why Eggleston|Farkas has won numerous awards for their work. Often called “sleek, aesthetic, and highly livable – contemporary designs that remain sensitive to the Northwest,” it also comes as no surprise that they are this week’s user spotlight on the Design Shuffle Blog. Creating spectacular spaces for interior design, lets take a look at one of their most recent projects.

Eggleston|Farkas recently remodeled a house on a sloping site with panoramic eastern views of Seward Park, Lake Washington, and Mount Baker.

Seattle Modern Home Design by Eggleston Farkas Architects

The entrance to the house makes a huge statement with its industrial feeling concrete address plate. This also serves as an introduction to rectangular shapes, which are used throughout the home.

Seattle Modern Living Room Design by Eggleston Farkas Architects

Upon walking into the home’s living room, we are greeted by a beautiful fireplace that serves as an anchoring point for the entire home.

Seattle Modern Den Room Design by Eggleston Farkas Architects

The den of the home uses the massive wall of windows as a focal point and the position of the furniture ensures an unobstructed view of homes beautiful outside space.

Seattle Modern Home Room Design by Eggleston Farkas Architects

While the kitchen itself is not pictured, check out the large rectangular window with the added benefit of being able to see completely through to the other side of the home.

Seattle Modern Dining Room Design by Eggleston Farkas Architects

The homes dining room is accented with minimal furniture, as the real spotlight to this space is gorgeous view of the lake.

Seattle Modern Patio Design by Eggleston Farkas Architects

Right outside the dining area is a patio. An even more perfect area to really appreciate the views that surround the home.

Did you enjoy taking a tour through this beautifully crafted home? Did you find yourself wanting to revamp your homes decor to mimic what you’ve seen? Check out more of this project by Eggleston|Farkas in their portfolio.

San Diego Modern Coastal Home by Room by Room Inc.

San Diego interior designer Stephanie Malcolm, owner and founder of room by ROOM inc., resides in a city famous for its sunny, mild climate. With over 16 years of design experience within San Diego, Stephanie and her team have successfully enhanced the functionality and visual aesthetic of commercial and residential spaces by editing, redesigning, and organizing client’s offices and homes. Room by ROOM inc. also specializes in vacation homes and real estate staging. The firm provides attention to detail, quality customer service, and a positive approach to each project, ensuring that each client is satisfied with the end result.

Room by ROOM inc. recently designed a Coastal style home that conveys the surfing lifestyle via brilliant colors and beach inspired touches. Imagine living in this home and feeling the sun’s warm embrace throughout the year:

San Diego Modern Living Room Design by Room by Room Inc.

Cool blue walls and throw pillows beautifully complement white cabinets and beige sofas.

San Diego Modern Living Room Design by Room by Room Inc.

The contrasting blue and yellow hues provide this room with a vivacious brightness that lights up the room.

San Diego Modern Living Room Design by Room by Room Inc.

Navy blue cushioned bar stools allude to nautical styles, completing the beachy theme. Colorful surfboards decorate the walls.

San Diego Modern Living Room Design by Room by Room Inc.

Three colors stand out to convey the ambiance of tropical paradise: a yellow sun shines in the
clear blue sky, warming the white sand. The clear glass coffee table has a water-like effect, as well.

San Diego Modern Dining Room Design by Room by Room Inc.

A plush green chair offers intimacy to friends and family with its long, uninterrupted layout.
The vibrant wall painting is an upbeat touch.

San Diego Modern Dining Room Design by Room by Room Inc.

Another view of the dining room reveals fluttering curtains that allow summer breezes to sweep in.

Matching transitional lamps give a modern flair to this relaxing and colorful bedroom.

San Diego Modern Bedroom Design by Room by Room Inc.

Refreshing and breezy, this room comprises of airy curtains and surf-inspired wall art, both of which provide a tranquil setting.

Take a tour through the work of room by ROOM inc. and visit their portfolio!

Inspiration: Pretty Pastels for Spring

As one of the interior design trends of 2012, pastel colors bring forth a sense of freshness and renewed vigor. The airy, light palette gives new life to interior spaces with its inviting hues, whether with a splash of color within neutral backgrounds or a cheerful coat of wall paint. Revitalize your home decor with these examples of pretty pastels, just in time for spring:

Pastel Room

Floral patterns and blue hues, reminiscent of clear skies, create a relaxing, tranquil space for guests and family members.

Pastel Room

Nothing is more welcoming than a sunny yellow kitchen and a juicy bowl of fruit.
No matter the weather outside, this quaint kitchen is sure to inspire a warm smile.

Pastel Room

Rosy pink and beige hues intermingle with floral prints, while standing out against a stark white background.
The framed wall art and sparkling chandelier add a chic touch to the room, as well.

Pastel Room

Neutral, earthy tones merge with the flora and fauna accents to create a room inspired by rustic, eclectic tastes.

Pastel Room

Plushy, soft pillows and a multicolored blanket give this room a romantic, yet mysterious, touch.

Pastel Room

Cyan pendant lights and plates add a brilliant pop of color to this neutral, cottage-style kitchen.

Pastel Room

  Coastal memories are recreated in this outdoor porch setting, with subtle hints of yellow and green pillows complementing the
cream colored sofa. Wooden furniture conveys the relaxing ambiance within coastal beachhouses. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 45 | 6 | 7

How will you decorate your home this spring? Celebrate spring’s arrival with more interior design inspirations and home decor tips!

Hidden Treasures: A Peek into Indian Colonial Décor

If you’re looking to start off your spring decorating on the right foot, consider a mysterious flair of Indian colonial. This earth friendly style greets the hot summer months to come with comfortable furniture, high ceilings, and practical necessities that make life that much easier. Not only does this charming style bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to a home, but it’s also super stylish in the design world.

Living Room Design

Some History: Indian colonial style emerged in the 16th and 17th century due to the large amounts of British colonies settling in India. Once these colonies and trading posts where established in the area, they brought with them their traditional décor that they eventually combined with local materials and styles. The British adapted their original decorating sense to suit the everyday needs of climate and landscape, resulting in chic design we drool over today!

Interior Design

This fascinating style that the British created in India has developed over the years, resulting in a more modern and up-to- date twist. Some key pieces to incorporate into this design are wrought iron elements like this curving staircase paired with a Persian rug- a signature colonial must-have. For your floor treatments, choose dark woods like ebony, teak, and mahogany for an irresistible sense of luxury.

Interior Design

The British usually kept their walls light in color to make rooms seem airy against the unbearing heat. Well, it’s 2012 and we all have air-conditioning so take the plunge and switch it up with deep colored walls to contrast jewel colored tones like deep blue, green, and gold. Don’t be afraid to implement some of your own style like this crystal chandelier that adds a sense of richness to this dining room. The British brought over their own sparkling crystal and China anyways, to complement the rustic furniture they had in India.

Interior Design
Interior Design

The British used lux rugs and animal hides to symbolize a high class society when they immigrated to the east. To incorporate animal prints into your own home, an effortless way is to pop on an accent pillow in an exotic animal print design. To stay away from an “old-fashioned” look, a modern update like an abstract work of art is sure to do the trick.

Interior Design

It’s even easier to get this look at home with interior designer’s best kept secret: the newly opened Better Decorating Boutique . To achieve an exotic look, shop the boutique’s unique home accessories, and exclusive line of high-end decorative pillows. You won’t leave empty handed! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

For more ideas, DIY projects, and inspiration, visit Suzy Q’s blog at and shop at her new online store at Better Decorating Boutique.

Chic & Stylish Kitchen Spaces

Hello, I’m Heidi! I write for I like, I wish, I heart, a blog which is all about inspirational design. Last month Design Shuffle wrote a gorgeous guest post for I like, I wish, I heart on Places for a Cup of Tea. I thought I would return the favor! This post is all about open shelving in kitchens and these images are set to inspire you to shuffle your kitchen wares about, pull out that lovely old teapot your Grandma gave you and put it on display because a kitchen is not just a functional space, it is also a room where memories are made. Enjoy!



Whether you have a large space or a tiny corner of the house, shelving and storage is crucial in any kitchen. Open shelving offers you the opportunity to display your wears as if they were in a still-life painting.



Storing pantry staples such as grains, flour and rice in large glass jars on an open shelf allows for more room in your pantry plus it is adds a lovely decorative touch to your kitchen.




Somethings are just too pretty to be kept away in a dark cupboard. Give life back to some of those forgotten casserole dishes, salad bowls or vases.


Storing your plates, dishes, platters and glassware out in the open on shelves not only looks nice, but it is a time saver too – less cleaning because you won’t have cupboard doors to wipe down.



I like to keep olive oil, salt and pepper mills and the other condiments such as soy sauce, sugar and balsamic vinegar on a shelf next to my stove so that they are on hand whenever I am cooking.



Ever wondered what to do with your chopsticks? I display mine in an old glass jar. Then when I want to use them, I just pop the jar on the dining table, ready for use.



These timber shelves add to the warmth of this kitchen, which only adds to its appeal. Open shelving in a kitchen makes the room more personable and inviting, which is just how it should be.
Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

A Refined Contemporary Home with Subtle Prairie Style by Bruce Kading

With over thirty years in the interior design industry, and a strong background in architectural design, Bruce Kading of Bruce Kading Interior Design has earned multiple awards for consistently creating impeccable high-end residential and executive office designs. The Minneapolis interior design firm has nationally recognized projects across the United States, from Pennsylvania to Montana to Florida.

In the lush lakeside community of North Oaks, Minnesota, Bruce Kading collaborated with the owners of a 1.9 acre of land to create a beautiful and relaxing home with a subtle rustic, prairie style. When it comes to working with clients, “the most important lesson I’ve learned is to listen to the client, they hold the key to a happy home,” says Kading. The clients wanted a home that was clean and simple with architectural details and plenty of organic materials and textures. Working closely with his clients, Kading’s meticulous attention to detail and fondness for a sense of age and history produced a classic contemporary home surrounded by woods and a lake.

Bruce Kading Interior Design North Oaks Contemporary

The beautiful symmetry and rustic materials in the dining room create a warm, cozy environment.

Bruce Kading Interior Design North Oaks Contemporary

The living room has a polished, rustic feel with the smooth flat limestone and rough edged stone on the fireplace.

Bruce Kading Interior Design North Oaks Contemporary

The kitchen sports a cooler color palette with a purple, gold and cream colored glass backsplash.

The kitchen design combines tobacco-stained cherry and eucalyptus cabinets and stools that contrast with the sleek, polished contemporary appliances.

Bruce Kading Interior Design North Oaks Contemporary

The great room feature elegant high back chairs with nubby herringbone fabric.

Bruce Kading Interior Design North Oaks Contemporary

The lovely white bookshelf and a rolling library ladder are perfectly old-fashioned and sophisticated.

Bruce Kading Interior Design North Oaks Contemporary

Dark, earthy colors in the master bedroom achieve a quiet, tranquil feel perfect for unwinding.

It’s no wonder this cozy, contemporary North Oaks home won Bruce Kading Interior Design first place in the local chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers in 2008. Visit Bruce Kading’s portfolios for more examples of his stunning work!

Luxury Graces Ocean Style in Palm Beach

The Palm Beach interior designers at Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc. are masters at combining luxury and style. The prestigious South Florida studio designs everything from traditional to contemporary interiors, while capturing an essence of sophistication and a knack for the unexpected. Cindy West Ray was born in Boston and graduated Magna Cum Laude at Boston university.  Her intuitive ability to illustrate the tastes and lifestyles of her clients interiors is what makes her designs exquisite. Many of Cindy’s projects have been featured in celebrated publications, as well as being featured on a recent segment of HGTV’s Interiors by Design Show. She is also an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

One of the studio’s standout designs is their Palm Beach Residence project. The home has a contemporary edge without sacrificing comfort and livability. Take a look:

Palm Beach Contemporary Living Room Design by Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc.

This contemporary living room has so much to offer. Residents relax on modern white couches, while entertained by a wood-paneled entertainement center. Beautfiul ocean creature accents create a serene, calm atmosphere. Views of the ocean are stunning!

Palm Beach Contemporary Dining Room Design by Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc.

This sleek white dining table is decorated with sand-filled teal vases. Modern, clear-shaded pendant lights give the space a unique look. Traditional dining chairs give the space a level of comfort.

Palm Beach Contemporary Master Bedroom Design by Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc.

The master bedroom has soft, inviting hues. A cozy corner features a small area for sitting, and lovely wall decor.

Palm Beach Contemporary Kitchen Design by Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc.

This contemporary white kitchen has a gorgeous granite floor tiling, and a wide space for preparing food. The kitchen leads to an outdoor deck that has stunning views of the rich blue ocean.

Palm Beach Contemporary Bathroom Design by Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc.

This master bathroom for her has lovely blue tile and granite accents. A modern chair fits well with the soft white interior.

Palm Beach Contemporary Foyer Design by Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc.

This cozy hallway area offers foyer seating for residents ans guests. A sleek, polished wooden cabinet has a charming glass conch wall sconce.

Palm Beach Contemporary Master Bedroom Entry Design by Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc.

The entry to the master bedroom offers a small bench with a lovely upholstered fabric design. A luxurious golden mirror offers luxury and class to the room.

Isn’t this beach residence simply gorgeous! For more extravagant designs, check out Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc’s portfolio!