Traditional North Carolina Home with Breathtaking Views by Blue Sky Building Company

Blue Sky Building Company LLC was created in 2004 as they saw a need for a first class building company in Shallotte, North Carolina. The principal at Blue Sky Building Company has been in the home building business for over twenty years. For nearly a decade, they have been building homes of various sizes and scopes from the Piedmont to the coast of North Carolina. This 40th Street home located in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, is filled with coastal bedroom designs and inspirations. In 2011, this home was named the Parade of Homes Diamond Award Winning private residence.

Traditional Contemporary Home by Blue Sky Building Company

Impressive architecture is found on this three story gem in the town of Sunset Beach, North Carolina.

Large Back Deck by Blue Sky Building Company

With a stunning views for miles, you can tell this deck was built with quality in mind. The rich color of the wood work is highlighted by the white trim and molding.

Contemporary Living Room Design by Blue Sky Building Company

Various combinations of wood finishes shine in the natural light that flood this aesthetically pleasing room.  Bright colors from the end tables and wall art stand out over the neutral color palette.

Common Area Open Floor Plan by Blue Sky Building Company

White furniture and two stainless steel pendant lights lend a modern feel to the large open floor plan.

Traditional Styled Den by Blue Sky Building Company

Natural woven chairs in this sun room keep a relation to nature with the  large open windows.

North Carolina Traditional Bedroom by Blue Sky Building Company

The chair and ottoman were the direct inspiration for the colors in this bedroom. The table lamps and designs on the throw pillows bring a refreshing theme.

Colorful Contemporary Kids Room by Blue Sky Building Company

Cool ocean vibes come from the hues of mint green and blue bedding.

Creek-Side Deck by Blue Sky Building Company

The craftsmanship and views speak for themselves on this sublime dock.

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Home Decor Trend: Color Blocking

Fashion is an international love. Not only is it prominent in its own industry but it translates among cultures and industries.  Many interior design trends have come directly from fashion. One of the most popular rising trends is color blocking. More and more homes are taking on this vibrant looks in bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices rather than the traditional, neutral colors.

When applied correctly, the results from this trend can give the home a refreshing look while adding an energetic feel to it. However, not all colors match, so prepare by doing research on the different colors before applying color blocking into your design!

Color Block Living Room

Using three or more bright colors is generally a good rule in color blocking.

Color Block Living Room

Color blocking can be easily achieved with wall art and rugs.

Turquoise Chair

The right piece of ividly colored furniture can make a huge difference in the energy of a room.

Color Block with Wall Art

Throw pillows are an easy way to try out color blocking and can easily be interchanged.

Colorful Art Pieces

The coloring blocking trend is effective when used to contrast clean and crisp colors such as white and black.

The world is full of color so be sure to make full use of them in your designs.  Color blocking is a growing trend and will surprise you how much liveliness it can bring to a room. If other trends fit more your taste, check out other designs on our site here!  Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

San Francisco Modern Home by J. Weiss Design

San Francisco architect Jennifer Weiss, the visionary founder of J. Weiss Design has recently renovated this Bay area residence. Luckily for Jennifer the home in its original condition had plenty of character, but it was up to Jennifer to apply her ingenious eye for design in order to transform this house and bring all of its inner beauty to the surface.

Often times modernism is derided by critics as being cold and stoic. Jennifer Weiss and her work on this project illustrate that modernity and sterility do not have to be synonymous. The end result is a home that is as functional as it is welcoming. With the use of low key pieces and an uncomplicated design philosophy, Jennifer has created a comfortable space that does not need excessive ornamentation to be alluring.

San Francisco Modern Living Room by J. Weiss Design

The neutral background serves as a glorious backdrop for the various bold colored accessories.

San Francisco Modern Home by J. Weiss Design

No need for ornimentsation when you can make such a strikeing statement with nothing but shapes.

San Francisco Modern Kitchen by J. Weiss Design

The hardwood floors help add color and texture to an already gorgeous space.

San Francisco Modern Home by J. Weiss Design

Simple, colorful accessories help make an impact without being garish.

San Francisco Modern Living Room by J. Weiss Design

The fireplace serves as the social focal point of the living room.

San Francisco Modern Home by J. Weiss Design

Bare windows allow for the maximum use of natural light, while giving the outside of the house an uncluttered look.

Delve deeper into the world of J. Weiss Design by checking out their portfolio here.

Boston Contemporary Modern Loft Redesign by Ruhl Walker Architects

Boston based architecture and interior design firmRuhl Walker Architects do everything from product and furniture design, to residential , commercial, and institutional design projects of various size and budgets. Though varied are the array of design activities they take part in, Ruhl Walker is committed to providing clear and open communication, careful resource  management, and the fundamental belief that innovative design is an essential part of the human experience. An important aspect of each project they undertake is respectfully listening and responding to the client’s needs and desires in order to best demonstrate the inventive and elegant design possible.

A superb example of the firm’s commitment to using natural materials, expressive forms, and elegant design is this contemporary re-design of a Boston loft that features 5,000 square feet and 18-foot high ceilings. A naturally beautiful canvas to begin working on, Ruhl Walker Architects transformed this space in to a stunning contemporary masterpiece with the help of a floating ceiling, floating walls, wood accents, clean lines, and a truly keen sense of design and visual aesthetic.

Boston Contemporary Loft Redesign

Upon entering the loft, we are greeted by the sweeping beauty of the floating wall and ushered towards the home's dining space.

Boston Contemporary Loft Redesign by Ruhl Walker Architects

The dining space of the loft is clean and elegant with a hint of classic design and highlighted by the recessed spotlights in the ceiling.

Boston Contemporary Loft Redesign by Ruhl Walker Architects

An aerial view of the dining space reveals both the kitchen and living area as well as a sweeping view of the stunning wood floors.

Boston Modern Kitchen Redesign by Ruhl Walker Architects

The kitchen of this loft is the epitome of modern with grey accents that are set off by vertical Koto wood panels that extend the length of the entire wall.

Boston Contemporary Living Space Redesign by Ruhl Walker Architects

Low contemporary furniture is used throughout the main living space to keep the room open and ideal for entertaining.

To see more of this project and others by Ruhl Walker Architects, be sure to check out their portfolio and let us know what you think!

Boston, Massachusetts Ocean Loft by Mary Courville Designs

Boston interior designer Mary Courville, founder of Mary Courville Designs is an accomplished interior designer and decorator as well as a kitchen, bath, & lighting designer. What makes Mary Courville Designs unique is their ability to provide all the service and design needs within their firm without having to go to different resources. The firm also specializes in residential interiors and delivers a stunning job whether it is renovating an entire house or a single room.

In a  recent project of renovating a 1980s condominium on the Atlantic Ocean in Boston, Mary Courville Designs was able to transform the 1700- square foot space  into astonishing open loft. The unique style and designs of the floor plan, living room and kitchen designs all complement one another.

Boston Modern Dining Room Design by Mary Courville Designs

Awake each morning with the fresh ocean breeze and a wide-angle view of the Atlantic Ocean while enjoying brunch in these eclectic diamond-patterned velvet chairs.

Boston Modern Kitchen Design by Mary Courville Designs

The rich cherry cabinets are paired beautifully with the waterfall of green pyramid tiles.

Boston Modern Kitchen Living Room Design by Mary Courville Designs

The timeless granite counter top island coordinates with the neutral room to create a smooth and inviting atmosphere.

Boston Modern Kitchen Dining Room Design by Mary Courville Designs

The carefully orchestrated floor plan of this ocean loft is ideal for a modern open living space.

Boston Modern Living Room Design by Mary Courville Designs

A creative twist is added to the room with the abstract wall art.

Boston Modern Master Bedroom Design by Mary Courville Designs

The lilac and grey hues creates the perfect soothing and peaceful contrast in this master bedroom.

Boston Modern Master Bedroom Suite Design by Mary Courville Designs

With a built- in steam shower and whirlpool tub, this room features a spa-like vibe.

Boston Modern Bedroom Design by Mary Courville Designs

This room bursts with rejuvenation and relaxation, a complete bedroom haven.

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San Clemente Beachside Home by Dupuis-Design

Producing modern spaces in an elegant manner, Dupuis Design has a talent for matching it’s inspiration to their client’s desires.  Peggy Dupuis, the interior designer of Dupuis Design, was born in the Philippines and raised in California, in a family of Asian art collectors.

Dupuis Design’s objective is to design the layout, decoration and furnishing of high-quality spaces. Whether dealing with private residences, well-being centers, spas or boutique hotels, their ambition is always to combine comfort and functionality, energy and novelty, while remaining true to their spirit which makes each place they create, unique. Based in Paris and California, Dupuis Design accompanies their clients internationally, either through regular site presence, or through remote management of suppliers and contractors.

This San Clemente, California space is unbelievably breathtaking. From the contemporary design to the stunning architecture, this home is a vacation spot all on it’s own. Take a look inside!


San Clemente Contemorary Style Home Design by Dupuis-Design

An abundance of windo

San Clemente Contemporary Living Room Design by Dupuis-Design

This entertainment area has a large black wall that gives the kids a chance to add their own art to the home while the long rectangular fireplace is perfectly incorporated into the design.

San Clemente Contemporary Office Design by Dupuis-Design

Bright  white and animated colors create an inspirational yet peaceful view of the cool blue pool in this chic office.

San Clemente Contemporary Bathroom Design by Dupuis-Design

With a stunning view, an open shower is highlighted by floor to ceiling windows. Stainless steel fixtures  and rainfall shower heads add to the contemporary look of this awesome space.

San Clemente Contemporary Bedroom Design by Dupuis-Design

Bold pink embellishments enhance this stark white room giving it a refreshed atmosphere.

San Clemente Contemporary Loft Design by Dupuis-Design

Natural light shines through the sky light adding serenity to this study/library space.

San Clemente Contemporary Living Room Design by Dupuis-Design

The color palate in this room lends its self to the ocean views and natural setting.

San Clemente Contemporary Kitchen Design by Dupuis-Design

Beauty and function meld together effortlessly in this kitchen. The clean lines of the cabinets and counter tops create a workable space that is ready for entertainment in a posh setting.

To see the rest of the California Villa by Dupuis-Design visit their portfolio here!

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Los Angeles interior designer Barbara Stock, founder of Barbara Stock Interior Design took it upon herself to design the interiors of Brambila Salon, a hair salon nestled in the heart of Santa Monica, California. Even though the salon has been serving the Santa Monica area since 2003, they recently closed their doors in anticipation of a grand re-opening. The salon was moved across the street to a new, bigger and brighter space. The salon will be open again to the public sometime this summer.  As a designer, Barbara prides herself in producing designs that are as unique as her clients themselves. In short, Barbara strives to create a living work of art to inspire the art of living.

Considering the location of the Brambila Salon, it should come as no surprise that the style of this project features a design aesthetic that is as ambitious as it is distinct. Barbara’s goal from the onset was to combine the lavish Hollywood regency style with a more subtle beach cottage style. The Hollywood regency style draws its aesthetic from Hollywood’s Golden Age. One of the pioneers of this style was William Haines, a silent era film star turned interior designer. He took elements from the film set and incorporated it into the design of the homes of many Hollywood starlets. This style has seen a resurrection in recent years, especially in the greater Los Angeles area. Barbara does a wonderful job taking the essence of the Hollywood Regency style while toning it down by infusing it with coastal elements.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

The use of mid-modern furniture is a cornerstone of the Hollywood Regency style.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Glass makes everything a little bit more glamorous.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Hollywood Regency style is all about details like the nail heads on the sofa.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Splashes of color help enhance the elegant white background.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

A lot of mirrors might be seen as excessive for a home, but in a salon, they couldn't be more practical.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Tufting buttons and decorative pillows make for a luxurious sofa.

If you are interested in seeing more of the great work done by Barbara Stock Interior Design, check out their portfolio!

Ventnor Beach House Staging by Busybee Design

Philadelphia based design center and home store Busybee Design set out to make design more approachable to the general public and they have done just that. By creating a unique ala carte menu that is a one- stop shop for those desiring design services, Busybee has successfully been providing citizens of Philly with the the opportunity to see, feel, smell, and even taste (they have gum, the very best of what they offer. Built on the premise of affordable design, Busybee offerings include: furniture, art, lighting, tile, houseware, baby selections, and gifts for any occasion. With a team of talented interior designers to assist in everything from finding a single piece of furniture, furnishing an entire home, or the planning of a home renovation – Busybee is there to listen and help improve their clients’ space.

A perfect example of Busybee’s commitment to making interior design easy and approachable is the recent staging of a beach house in Ventnor, New Jersey.

Ventnor Contemporary Living Room by Busybee Design

With a view of the beach like the one this home has, the living room decor can be very light and not seem as though it is lacking.

Ventnor Contemporary Kitchen Design by Busybee Design

Featuring ocean inspired table decorations, the home's kitchen is ideal for preparing beach side meals and entertainment.

Ventnor Contemporary Living Space Design by Busybee Design

The home's alternate living space is clean and serene, the perfect addition to beach front vacation home.

Ventnor Contemporary Dining Room Design By Busybee Design

The dining space of this beach house is perfectly accessorized and ready for a relaxing meal after spending some time enjoying the sand, sun, and water.

Ventnor Contemporary Bedroom Design by Busybee Design

One of three bedrooms in the home, this one is home to beautiful views, clean design, and a nifty sitting area.

Ventnor Contemporary Sitting Area Design by Busybee Design

Boasting a fantastic view of the beach, the sitting area of this bedroom is set up and ready for a romantic conversation complete with wine and a game of chess.


To see the rest of this beautiful contemporary beach home staging and many others, check out Busybee’s portfolio here!

Boston, Massachusetts Brookline Residence by Platemark Design

Boston interior designers Craig Tevolitz and Richard Baiano of Platemark Design strive to develop elegant interiors for the discerning, sophisticated clientele. With over 15 years of combined experience in architecture, art history, interior design, project and construction management, and a solid vendor relationship, Platemark Design have been able to differentiate themselves using a unique approach. At the age of nine, Craig Tevolitz was presented with the opportunity to decorate his bedroom and immediately pulled out a tape measure and a piece of graph paper for drawing the room specifications to scale. He quotes, “White space is your friend. In interior design, there’s a tendency to want to overdo everything. You have so much room and walls to decorate, but the eye needs a place to rest. And so do you.”

Platemark Design recently remodeled a Brookline Residence home where the designers found the perfect balance of furnishings and unadorned space to enhance the couple’s fine art collection. They made sure the length of their custom living room sofa could accommodate catnaps for her tall husband.

Boston Traditional Living Room Design by Platemark Design

Add a pop green to complement the striped patterns, while adding life to your living room decor.

Boston Modern Living Room Design by Platemark Design

Neutral colors can provide the perfect base for your living room decor. Be sure to incorporate a splash of cotton blue for a fun twist.

Boston Modern Dining Room Design by Platemark Design

Muted colors and a touch of antique bronze in this chandelier give this traditional dining room a classy vibe.

Modern Living Room Dining Table Design by Platemark Design

Inviting to the eye, the natural light paired with the bronze chandelier and yellow flowers help create a snug room.

Boston Contemporary Dining Room Design by Platemark Design

A mint green beautifully balances the ambiance of the cream white draperies and light pink flowers.

Boston Contemporary Kitchen Room Design by Platemark Design

Inject more energy with a blue and green color combination for a fresh contemporary style.

Boston Contemporary Kitchen Room Design by Platemark Design

This minimalist concept of a kitchen design features simple clean lines and a soft color hues perfect for a visual impact.

Boston Modern Living Room Design by Platemark Design

Plump comfy pillows on this custom-made sofa create a warm and inviting space.

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South Beach Modern Residence by Causa Design Group

With a great track record of interior designs, many spaces throughout the South Florida area have been successfully transformed by Dawn Causa and her firm, Causa Design Group.  Work closely with the clients, architects and contractors, part of their success includes 5 homes on the prestigious Fisher Island in Miami.  In addition to residential interior projects, the Fort Lauderdale interior design firm also designs custom wine cellars, high-end home theaters, and themed rooms.

The beautiful utilization of white tones in this South Beach Modern residence is apparent and the implementation of various decorations by Causa Design Group created a great contrast to complement the space.  With this exemplary effort, this home would inspire many in modern interior designs.

Fort Lauderdale Modern Bedroom Design by Causa Design Group

Colorful wall art and a patterned red floor rug accentuate the white tones of the room.

Fort Lauderdale Modern Bedroom Design by Causa Design Group

The pattern on the throw pillows and curves of the chair help provide a clean and nice contrast.

Fort Lauderdale Modern Living Room Design by Causa Design Group

With the crispywhite tones, the natural lighting truly brightens up the space.

Fort Lauderdale Modern Living Room Design by Causa Design Group

Great use of track lighting to spotlight the pop art near the kitchen area.

Fort Lauderdale Modern Hallway Design by Causa Design Group

Abstract metal statues add a unique characteristic to this home.

Fort Lauderdale Modern Bathroom Design by Causa Design Group

Simple meets bold in this bathroom design with abstract paintings.

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