Boston, Massachusetts Brookline Residence by Platemark Design

Boston interior designers Craig Tevolitz and Richard Baiano of Platemark Design strive to develop elegant interiors for the discerning, sophisticated clientele. With over 15 years of combined experience in architecture, art history, interior design, project and construction management, and a solid vendor relationship, Platemark Design have been able to differentiate themselves using a unique approach. At the age of nine, Craig Tevolitz was presented with the opportunity to decorate his bedroom and immediately pulled out a tape measure and a piece of graph paper for drawing the room specifications to scale. He quotes, “White space is your friend. In interior design, there’s a tendency to want to overdo everything. You have so much room and walls to decorate, but the eye needs a place to rest. And so do you.”

Platemark Design recently remodeled a Brookline Residence home where the designers found the perfect balance of furnishings and unadorned space to enhance the couple’s fine art collection. They made sure the length of their custom living room sofa could accommodate catnaps for her tall husband.

Boston Traditional Living Room Design by Platemark Design

Add a pop green to complement the striped patterns, while adding life to your living room decor.

Boston Modern Living Room Design by Platemark Design

Neutral colors can provide the perfect base for your living room decor. Be sure to incorporate a splash of cotton blue for a fun twist.

Boston Modern Dining Room Design by Platemark Design

Muted colors and a touch of antique bronze in this chandelier give this traditional dining room a classy vibe.

Modern Living Room Dining Table Design by Platemark Design

Inviting to the eye, the natural light paired with the bronze chandelier and yellow flowers help create a snug room.

Boston Contemporary Dining Room Design by Platemark Design

A mint green beautifully balances the ambiance of the cream white draperies and light pink flowers.

Boston Contemporary Kitchen Room Design by Platemark Design

Inject more energy with a blue and green color combination for a fresh contemporary style.

Boston Contemporary Kitchen Room Design by Platemark Design

This minimalist concept of a kitchen design features simple clean lines and a soft color hues perfect for a visual impact.

Boston Modern Living Room Design by Platemark Design

Plump comfy pillows on this custom-made sofa create a warm and inviting space.

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