Inspirational Interiors from Kristi Sandford Interiors

In the world of interior design, aesthetics are the primary aspect that people look to achieve. However, another important aspect that is often overlooked is the convenience of design.  San Francisco interior design firm, Kristi Sandford Interiors is committed in providing the flawless designs that combines both beauty and usability for clients with consistency and careful attention to details.

Today we are delighted to present to you a few gorgeous interior architectural and design projects from Kristi’s firm.  From living rooms to kitchens, family room to bedrooms, these creations are catered toward the clients they worked for to the best of Kristi and her team’s ability, and ultimately results in the timeless spaces that we are sharing with you today.

San Francisco Contemporary Living Room by Kristi Sandford Interiors

With warming tones utilized in this living area, coming home after a long day does not get any better.

San Francisco Modern Kitchen by Kristi Sandford Interiors

Adequate lighting along with spacious kitchen counters and island, this kitchen is aesthetically pleasing and convenient.

San Francisco Contemporary Bedroom by Kristi Sandford Interiors

A hint of minimalist design, this bedroom is simple but the patterns and lines exhibit an elegance.

San Francisco Contemporary Kitchen by Kristi Sandford Interiors

Not all kitchen needs an island to look great. This white themed kitchen is a fabulous example of how it can be done.

San Francisco Contemporary Living Room by Kristi Sandford Interiors

There is a beautiful contrast between the light toned sofa and the darker wood finishes on the flooring and shelving.


San Francisco Contemporary Loft by Kristi Sandford Interiors

A loft apartment can be a stylish interior as well with with such fantastic wall arts and decor combination.

San Francisco Loft Kitchen by Kristi Sandford Interiors

Brick wall as a backdrop while cooking up some delicious food. Great for hosting a social events with room to spare.

The unique vision of Kristi and her team is what inspired us to post this blog, maybe you will find some inspirations of your own in her portfolio!

Connecticut Contemporary Residence by Catherine Cleare Interiors

Catherine Cleare, Connecticut interior designer  and principle designer of Catherine Cleare Interiors has recently designed the interiors of a home nestled deep in the heart of Fairfield, Connecticut which was ranked by Money Magazine in 2006 as the “Best Place to Live” in the Northeast. Catherine Cleare draws inspiration from the clients she interacts with everyday. Every house should embody the essence of those individuals who call the place home. To Catherine, the design process is as much collaboration as it is inspiration.

This is why listening is the most important aspect of her job. Great interior design does not just happen, it is a delicate process. When aesthetic vision and personality are seamlessly blended together, the end result is something both client and designer can be proud of. The goal of this project was to provide the couple who lived there with bright airy spaces that would draw focus to the spectacular view. The open floor plan facilitated the use of color and texture while allowing for a delineation between the living room and dining area.

Connecticut Contemporary Bedroom by Catherine Cleare Interiors Image

The bare canopy bed provides an uncluttered aesthetic while allowing for the use of various accessories.

Connecticut Contemporary Bathroom by Catherine Cleare Interiors Image

The neutral tones of the space allow for the floral pattern to stand out.

Connecticut Contemporary Dining Room by Catherine Cleare Interiors Image

The utilization of natural light makes for a more inviting dining room.

Connecticut Contemporary Residence by Catherine Cleare Interiors Image

A seamless blend of traditional and modern pieces.

Connecticut Contemporary Kitchen by Catherine Cleare Interiors Image

Hardwood accents provides the space with a sense of elegance.

Connecticut Contemporary Living Room by Catherine Cleare Interiors Image

The central hearth serves as the focal point of the living room.

 For more Connecticut Contemporary inspirations be sure to check out the Catherine Cleare Interiors’ portfolio.

Sugarland Trendy with Contour Interior Design

Principle Designer and founder of Contour Interior Design, Nina Magon has been taking Houston by storm with her insightful and creative design work. Since entering the interior design market in 2006, Contour Interior Design has earned a reputation for exceptional high-end residential design and has been honored with numerous design awards including a Star Award from the Texas Association of Builders.

Specializing in contemporary design, Contour is a true stand out among other Houston based interior design firms. Known for creating one of a kind environments tailored to the unique tastes of her clients, Nina also infuses all of her work with her worldly, fashion-forward, yet historical design aesthetic. While Nina’s role with Contour is to create a vision and execute that vision for her clients, she is not alone in her efforts. With a remarkably talented team to support her and a partnership with a design-build company, Contour has a clear advantage over other design firms and the opportunities know no bounds.

To see how uniquely beautiful Contour’s work is, let’s take  look at recent project entitled, Sugarland Trendy:

Contemporary Houston Foyer Design by Contour Interior Design

Upon entering this home, visitors are greeted by stunning hard wood, a dramatic two-story entry, and since it is Texas, an authentic cow hide rug.
Contemporary Living Room Design by Contour Interior Design
The two-story entry and living room are accentuated by a large purple accent wall with green flower art installation and stark white modern chair.
Contemporary Houston Living Room Design by Contour Interior Design
Contemporary furniture offers plenty of seating in this living room and the large floor to ceiling draperies make a dramatic statement.
Contemporary Houston Living Space by Contour Interior Design
This view of the living space reveals the second story landing, kitchen, and dining space of the home all complete with dark versus neutral aesthetic and overall relaxing ambiance.

Contemporary Houston Dining Room Design by Contour Interior Design

Featuring a lush shag rug, mirrored chandelier, painted ceiling, and stunning wall art, this dining room is the epitome of trendy and chic interior design.
ContemporaryHouston Dining Room by Contour Interior Design
Another view of the dining space reveals a continuation of purple as an accent color which complements the decor of the room perfectly.


Nina recently let us here at Design Shuffle in on what it took to complete the Sugarland Trendy project, here is what she had to say:
What was the client’s background / story for this project ? 
The clients really envisoned their home as a party lounge where people can relax and have a drink. They love to entertain and wanted an entertainment house with bright vivid contrasting colors hence the deep purple against the lime green.

What kind of challenges did you experience during this project?
The clients wanted to use their existing couch and make a change to it, so we redesigned their sofa with new back cushions in a materials displaying their color palettes and added some throw pillows. It was also a little difficult transforming a traditional home into a modern, eclectic lounge, but we were successful by adding statement pieces and bold colors.

Design Phase: Please tell me about the design phase and how different pieces were picked out. 
We started off with a program of our clients needs and figured out quickly that they love to entertain and are not found of traditional design so we designed with every piece to fit into a lounge club that one would go and relax and have a drink in. We wanted bold statement pieces to take the eye away from some of the traditional aspects of the house.


Completion Phase: What was the client feedback? Did the project meet / exceeded their expectaions? 
The clients were absolutely thrilled by the final design. It was more than what they imagined their house would look like.

Honestly, who wouldn’t be beyond satisfied with an end result like that?  The space is beautiful and really makes a statement.


Contour Interior Design is definitely the design firm to follow. Visit their portfolio to see more of their fabulous design work today and be inspired!

Opposites Attract: Black and White Interiors

With the biggest contrast on the visible color spectrum, black and white symbolizes opposition.  However, like many things in this world, opposites attract.  When combining the two colors in living rooms, bedrooms, or other rooms in the home, it can create a dynamic looking space that is both clean and contemporary,  yet also displays a sense of sophistication and elegance.

If you want a simpler look for your home rather than applying the color blocking trend, using black and white as dominant colors can really help you kick start that effort. Here are some exemplary designs using the contrast of black and white.

Black and White Living Room

The clean lines of the black furniture is accentuated by the use of white walls and floors.

White Sofa with Black Decor

Sporadic black trims along with neutral hues throughout the decor gives the room a fresh contrast.

Black Chalkboard

A black chalkboard is a great way to incorporate the black and white concept by adding a unique characteristic.

Zebra Print Rug

Animal prints are a great way to give a black and white space personality.

Black and White Bedroom

Wall art can further enhance the look of this contrasting style.

Black and White Kitchen

A white counter top paired with black cabinets and retro stools give a clean space for this kitchen.

Black and White Bathroom

This black and white space delivers a unique twist with the patterned rug.

We hope you have enjoyed this post, and we hope that you will become a member on here and explore the great work that design professionals around the country are doing! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Chicago Modern Residence by Nicholas Moriarty Interiors

Chicago interior designer Nicholas Moriarty the principle designer of Nicholas Moriarty Interiors has recently redesigned the master bedroom of a Chicago home. The residence was an 1890’s home that is nestled in the Lincoln Park neighborhood on the north side of Chicago. His ultimate goal upon embarking on this project was to provide the master bedroom with a sense of warm sophistication. This was achieved through the utilization of warm gray tones, clean modern furniture and carefully selected pieces of art that enhance the room without overshadowing the decor.

Chicago Modern Master Suite by Nicholas Moriarty Interiors Image

Hardwood accents provide the space with a unifying theme.

Chicago Modern Master Suite by Nicholas Moriarty Interiors Image

Button-tuffeted cushions adds a touch of elegance to this piece of furniture.

Chicago Modern Master Suite by Nicholas Moriarty Interiors Image

The fireplace serves as a focal point that makes the room more inviting.

Chicago Modern Master Suite by Nicholas Moriarty Interiors Image

The neutral wall provides a distinct contrast to the piece of modern art.

Chicago Modern Master Suite by Nicholas Moriarty Interiors Image

Furniture with crisp, straight lines make an elegant yet welcoming statement.

Chicago Modern Master Suite by Nicholas Moriarty Interiors Image

An area rug with a bold pattern makes for a visually exciting floor space.

Be sure to check out their portfolio to see more wonderful work from Nicholas Moriarty Interiors.

Architectural Delight with Culligan Abraham Architecture

Founded in 1993 by Michael Culligan and Micheal Abraham, Culligan Abraham Architecture has been offering architectural solutions to clients throughout the Midwest. The firm has won numerous awards and accolades for their work and has been featured in several magazines including: Better Homes and Gardens, Chicago Home & Garden, and Luxe Magazine; all for good reason. Based in Illinois and known for creatively melding and traditional contextual forms and modern lifestyles, the work of Culligan Abraham is not only extremely visually appealing, but also very warm and reminiscent of family trips to the country – perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. The best way to get a feel for the overall design aesthetic of Culligan Abraham is to explore several of their projects and experience it for yourself.

Home Architecture by Culligan Abraham Architects

The polished exterior elements of this home exude calm and relaxation.

Industrial Dining Room Design by Culligan Abraham Architecture

A quick contrast to the previous image, though not the same home, this dining room space blends elements of rustic, industrial, and traditional design.

Dining Room Design by Culligan Abraham Architects

Somewhat formal in design, this dining and living space doubles as great entertaining space as it encourages conversation and relaxation.

Rustic Interior Design by Culligan Abraham Architects

Boasting a twist on traditional design, the richer shades of  this stairwell wood offer a beautiful contrast to the ground floor and are reminiscent of a wild west saloon.

Eclectic Interior Design by Culligan Abraham Architects

This office space serves as a perfect example of how well Culligan Abraham is able to blend design styles in creative ways.

Rustic Dining Room Design by Culligan Abraham Architects

Blending rustic and modern elements, the combination of the stone accent wall, dark wood barn door, and modern accessories create a truly unique space.

Architectural Design by Culligan Abraham Architects

The architecture of this home ensures that it is always ready for time spent enjoying the beautiful view and surroundings.

Be sure to stop by Culligan Abraham’s portfolio to see more of their unique and extremely creative design projects and prepare to be inspired.

Mountain View Modern Ranch House Addition/Remodel by Klopf Architecture

Klopf Architecture specializes in residential design that speaks of craft, warmth, and modernity. Over the past 18 years, John Klopf has sought to understand each client’s needs and preferences, then designed custom solutions for each unique situation. Klopf Architecture designs warm, modern homes, net-zero energy projects, and modern home additions and remodels. Based in San Francisco, the firm is best known for its respectful designs for Eichler and other Mid-Century Modern homes.

John Klopf’s most recent design project was to remodel a post WWII Ranch House neighborhood in a beautiful tree-lined street with many well-kept ranch homes. The objective was to redesign the ordinary ranch home and have the house feel more open and modern like an Eichler. The home also needed to be larger, while fitting the practical needs of the family. Originally, the owners thought a second story addition would be required to preserve the backyard on this relatively small lot while still satisfying the program. While Klopf Architecture did provide a 2-story design, they also took the initiative to fit the program into one level. They extended the home toward the back, provided the space required, provided the desired openness and modern style, and saved money with the single-story design. The new remodel of the ranch home provided a much more contemporary and modern street presence that did not make a huge significant impact the the neighboring homes.

Mountain View Modern House Design by Klopf Architecture

Achieve the Eichler design with skilled architect John Klopf and turn your ordinary ranch home into a modernist style.

 photos ©2010 Mariko Reed

Modern Ranch House Kitchen Design by Klopf Architecture

The yellow and neutral color hues help create a warm and inviting kitchen space for your family.

photos ©2010 Mariko Reed

Mountain View Modern Ranch House Bedroom Design by Klopf Architecture

The subtle checkered carpet and matching bed sheets make a great complement to the sea green paint for this bunk bed design.

photos ©2010 Mariko Reed

Mountain View Modern Ranch House Bedroom Design by Klopf Architecture

The key to a stylish design is to choose a right shade of pastel for a simple yet cozy look.

photos ©2010 Mariko Reed

Mountain View Modern Ranch House Dining Room Design by Klopf Architecture

Create a distinct and elegant modern taste with this timeless dining room kitchen table.

photos ©2010 Mariko Reed

Mountain View Modern Ranch House Living Room Design by Klopf Architecture

Create a wide open space by connecting your kitchen dining room to your living room for a refreshing new look.

photos ©2010 Mariko Reed

Mountain View Modern Ranch House Kitchen Design by Klopf Architecture

The beautiful dark mahogany wood echoes for attention and blends perfectly into the kitchen living space.

photos ©2010 Mariko Reed

Thinking of more inspirational ideas for remodeling your home? Check out more of Klopf Architecture’s designs!

Ellis Residence on Washington's Bainbridge Island by Coates Design

Coates Design understands that modern designs not only need to be aesthetically pleasing, but designers should be held responsible for the social, economical, and environmental impacts that their projects have on the world.  With that mindset, this Seattle architectural firm is able to create timeless designs again and again, earning multiple awards from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and other recognition for their beautiful yet eco-friendly designs.

One of these designs is the Ellis Residence, located on the Bainbridge Island near Seattle.  As one of the first LEED Platinum award winners in the Northwest region, this residence is truly a masterpiece.  This design is a great example of what the principle that Coates Design is founded on.  It is 70% more energy efficient than a typical home, which reduces the carbon footprint.  The geothermal heating system is extremely budget-friendly. In addition, the home features a rain collection system that allows the use of nature’s cheapest clean water source.  As if that wasn’t enough, the architecture is ravishing.

Seattle Modern Exterior by Coates Design

Seattle Modern Second Floor Landing by Coates Design

Large windows and skylights are a energy-efficient way to brighten a home while enjoying the scenery.

Seattle Modern Living Room by Coates Design

The wood paneled ceiling is consistent with the overall design of the home.

Seattle Modern Kitchen by Coates Design

Neutral-toned cabinets and a long kitchen counter makes cooking a more enjoyable experience in this kitchen.

Seattle Modern Bathroom by Coates Design

A breathtaking view inside the bathroom is complemented by the beautiful pendant lights over the sink .

Seattle Modern Family Room by Coates Design

Sit in this relaxing family room to unwind after a long day.

Impressed by this marvelous home? Check out more of Coates Design’s work to see more award winning designs!


Atlanta Transitional Residence by Atlanta Design Works

Atlanta interior designer Melissa Cannon, founder of Atlanta Design Works spearheaded the redesign project of this newly purchased Atlanta, Georgia home. The design philosophy of Melissa Cannon is one deeply rooted in aesthetic synthesis. She prides her self on being able to create beautiful spaces by blending the old and the new.

To her, interior design is a highly collaborative process where the designer’s primary responsibility is to create an interior that accurately reflects the personality of the client. An effective way to create an elegant space that is filled with personality is to mix new furnishings with preexisting personal items. This was one of the guiding themes for Melissa Cannon as she embarked on this project.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

The large area rug serves as a sophisticated accent to the furniture.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

The mix of curves and straight lines makes for an exciting yet comfortable space.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

The black and white photography adds a personal touch to the space.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

Functional baskets provide storage while elegantly flanking the television.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

The playful pillow fabric helps pull the different elements of the room together.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

The ottoman provides additional storage while coordinating with the other fabrics in the room.

Visit their portfolio to see more great work from the experts at Atlanta Design Works!

Charlotte Contemporary Kitchen Redesign Process by Freespace LLC

With a distinctly contemporary European edge, Geri Cruickshank Eaker of North Carolina based Freespace Design LLC creates a truly unique interior design experience for clientele. The work of the firm revolves around the principles of synergy, environment, color, fine art, and services.  Synergy is the clear and honest partnership between the client and the designer that is necessary for a successful design relationship and this is Geri’s top priority. Environmental sustainability, another priority of Freespace,  refers to the sustainability efforts practiced during the design process, which is most commonly recycling and reusing materials in many if not all of their design projects. As with most interior design projects, color plays an important role in creating a solid and unified space that holy represents the client and is of extreme importance to Freespace. Going along with color, Freespace also utilizes fine art in  their design projects by offering insight and access to the world of fine art. Most importantly, Freespace offers a total design concept complete to concept development to the final photography of the beautiful results.

The Johnson Residence Custom Kitchen serves as a perfect example of the total design concept offered by Freespace LLC.

Project description: A 290 square foot kitchen that needs to accommodate a family of  5 with the special request for a custom kitchen island that is to be used for entertaining. Also important to note is that the appliances were pre-purchased and had to be integrated into the design scheme.

Johnson Kitchen Before

Client Needs/Objectives: The Johnson’s desired a very contemporary kitchen with an open plan that was also environmentally friendly, featured the color red, and it had to be completed all on a mid range budget.

Johnson Residence Gutted Kitchen

Project Challenges: The original kitchen was completely removed as was the existing wall to prospective living space so a major challenge was designing space without finished surfaces.

Johnson Kitchen Construction Progress by Freespace LLC

Kitchen Island Concrete Section for Johnson Project

Opportunities: Designing the space without finished surfaces allowed for a complete overhaul as well as complete flexibility in designing the new space. Freespace also had total control over all aspects of project including redesign of window, lighting design and control of budget allocation.


 The Result:

Contemporary Kitchen Redesign by Freespace LLC

Design Solutions and Application: The “Red Line Continuum” concept was used to create the visual boundary between the kitchen and living areas. The bright red wall encompasses the sink area and is angled to intersect the sliding wall cabinet to create a series of linear volumes. A red ribbon begins as a ceiling soffit over the island and continues down the wall cabinets and onto a floor of red mosaic tile ending its journey on the inside face of the central island.

Contemporary Kitchen Design by Freespace LLC

Budget friendly Ikea cabinets were used in this space, with the ability to choose from a range of finishes and colors, and the flexibility to mix and match. Two finishes were chosen, high gloss melamine in three colors, and stainless steel.

Contemporary Kitchen Island Seating by Freespace LLC
Contemporary Kitchen Cabinetry by Freespace LLC

The wrap around counter top was custom built in pure white Silestone and the kitchen window redesigned with sliding panels to emphasize the linearity of the design, to filter natural light across the working area and to function as a serving hatch to the deck.  The backsplash was finished in combination of bamboo and back-painted glass, with an anodized aluminum channel for the transition to the white glass and ribbed aluminum laminate, thus highlighting the energy-saving induction cook top and sculptural black glass Italian cooker hood.

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel by Freespace LLC

All lighting, designed to give as many lighting variations as possible is dimmable LED and includes strip lighting below and above cabinets. The flooring, both old and new oak, was given a dark stain to blend and give a contemporary feel to the space.

Contemporary Kitchen Island by Freespace LLC

The island was designed in 3 sections in GFRC, with integral/removable 3-way chopping board, long Elkay bar sink, and “Tree Frog” laminated, glass-topped bar seating section.

Environmental Concern: All of the lighting used in the space is LED, which saves on use of electricity. Also the kitchen’s stove features and induction cook top, and eco laminates.

Evaluation and measurement of success: For obvious reasons, Freespace LLC’s work on this kitchen surpassed client’s expectations.

To see the rest of the stunningly beautiful work completed by Freespace LLC, be sure to take a look at their portfolio – check it out!