Charlotte Contemporary Kitchen Redesign Process by Freespace LLC

With a distinctly contemporary European edge, Geri Cruickshank Eaker of North Carolina based Freespace Design LLC creates a truly unique interior design experience for clientele. The work of the firm revolves around the principles of synergy, environment, color, fine art, and services.  Synergy is the clear and honest partnership between the client and the designer that is necessary for a successful design relationship and this is Geri’s top priority. Environmental sustainability, another priority of Freespace,  refers to the sustainability efforts practiced during the design process, which is most commonly recycling and reusing materials in many if not all of their design projects. As with most interior design projects, color plays an important role in creating a solid and unified space that holy represents the client and is of extreme importance to Freespace. Going along with color, Freespace also utilizes fine art in  their design projects by offering insight and access to the world of fine art. Most importantly, Freespace offers a total design concept complete to concept development to the final photography of the beautiful results.

The Johnson Residence Custom Kitchen serves as a perfect example of the total design concept offered by Freespace LLC.

Project description: A 290 square foot kitchen that needs to accommodate a family of  5 with the special request for a custom kitchen island that is to be used for entertaining. Also important to note is that the appliances were pre-purchased and had to be integrated into the design scheme.

Johnson Kitchen Before

Client Needs/Objectives: The Johnson’s desired a very contemporary kitchen with an open plan that was also environmentally friendly, featured the color red, and it had to be completed all on a mid range budget.

Johnson Residence Gutted Kitchen

Project Challenges: The original kitchen was completely removed as was the existing wall to prospective living space so a major challenge was designing space without finished surfaces.

Johnson Kitchen Construction Progress by Freespace LLC

Kitchen Island Concrete Section for Johnson Project

Opportunities: Designing the space without finished surfaces allowed for a complete overhaul as well as complete flexibility in designing the new space. Freespace also had total control over all aspects of project including redesign of window, lighting design and control of budget allocation.


 The Result:

Contemporary Kitchen Redesign by Freespace LLC

Design Solutions and Application: The “Red Line Continuum” concept was used to create the visual boundary between the kitchen and living areas. The bright red wall encompasses the sink area and is angled to intersect the sliding wall cabinet to create a series of linear volumes. A red ribbon begins as a ceiling soffit over the island and continues down the wall cabinets and onto a floor of red mosaic tile ending its journey on the inside face of the central island.

Contemporary Kitchen Design by Freespace LLC

Budget friendly Ikea cabinets were used in this space, with the ability to choose from a range of finishes and colors, and the flexibility to mix and match. Two finishes were chosen, high gloss melamine in three colors, and stainless steel.

Contemporary Kitchen Island Seating by Freespace LLC
Contemporary Kitchen Cabinetry by Freespace LLC

The wrap around counter top was custom built in pure white Silestone and the kitchen window redesigned with sliding panels to emphasize the linearity of the design, to filter natural light across the working area and to function as a serving hatch to the deck.  The backsplash was finished in combination of bamboo and back-painted glass, with an anodized aluminum channel for the transition to the white glass and ribbed aluminum laminate, thus highlighting the energy-saving induction cook top and sculptural black glass Italian cooker hood.

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel by Freespace LLC

All lighting, designed to give as many lighting variations as possible is dimmable LED and includes strip lighting below and above cabinets. The flooring, both old and new oak, was given a dark stain to blend and give a contemporary feel to the space.

Contemporary Kitchen Island by Freespace LLC

The island was designed in 3 sections in GFRC, with integral/removable 3-way chopping board, long Elkay bar sink, and “Tree Frog” laminated, glass-topped bar seating section.

Environmental Concern: All of the lighting used in the space is LED, which saves on use of electricity. Also the kitchen’s stove features and induction cook top, and eco laminates.

Evaluation and measurement of success: For obvious reasons, Freespace LLC’s work on this kitchen surpassed client’s expectations.

To see the rest of the stunningly beautiful work completed by Freespace LLC, be sure to take a look at their portfolio – check it out!


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