Architectural Delight with Culligan Abraham Architecture

Founded in 1993 by Michael Culligan and Micheal Abraham, Culligan Abraham Architecture has been offering architectural solutions to clients throughout the Midwest. The firm has won numerous awards and accolades for their work and has been featured in several magazines including: Better Homes and Gardens, Chicago Home & Garden, and Luxe Magazine; all for good reason. Based in Illinois and known for creatively melding and traditional contextual forms and modern lifestyles, the work of Culligan Abraham is not only extremely visually appealing, but also very warm and reminiscent of family trips to the country – perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. The best way to get a feel for the overall design aesthetic of Culligan Abraham is to explore several of their projects and experience it for yourself.

Home Architecture by Culligan Abraham Architects

The polished exterior elements of this home exude calm and relaxation.

Industrial Dining Room Design by Culligan Abraham Architecture

A quick contrast to the previous image, though not the same home, this dining room space blends elements of rustic, industrial, and traditional design.

Dining Room Design by Culligan Abraham Architects

Somewhat formal in design, this dining and living space doubles as great entertaining space as it encourages conversation and relaxation.

Rustic Interior Design by Culligan Abraham Architects

Boasting a twist on traditional design, the richer shades of  this stairwell wood offer a beautiful contrast to the ground floor and are reminiscent of a wild west saloon.

Eclectic Interior Design by Culligan Abraham Architects

This office space serves as a perfect example of how well Culligan Abraham is able to blend design styles in creative ways.

Rustic Dining Room Design by Culligan Abraham Architects

Blending rustic and modern elements, the combination of the stone accent wall, dark wood barn door, and modern accessories create a truly unique space.

Architectural Design by Culligan Abraham Architects

The architecture of this home ensures that it is always ready for time spent enjoying the beautiful view and surroundings.

Be sure to stop by Culligan Abraham’s portfolio to see more of their unique and extremely creative design projects and prepare to be inspired.

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