Inspirational Interiors from Kristi Sandford Interiors

In the world of interior design, aesthetics are the primary aspect that people look to achieve. However, another important aspect that is often overlooked is the convenience of design.  San Francisco interior design firm, Kristi Sandford Interiors is committed in providing the flawless designs that combines both beauty and usability for clients with consistency and careful attention to details.

Today we are delighted to present to you a few gorgeous interior architectural and design projects from Kristi’s firm.  From living rooms to kitchens, family room to bedrooms, these creations are catered toward the clients they worked for to the best of Kristi and her team’s ability, and ultimately results in the timeless spaces that we are sharing with you today.

San Francisco Contemporary Living Room by Kristi Sandford Interiors

With warming tones utilized in this living area, coming home after a long day does not get any better.

San Francisco Modern Kitchen by Kristi Sandford Interiors

Adequate lighting along with spacious kitchen counters and island, this kitchen is aesthetically pleasing and convenient.

San Francisco Contemporary Bedroom by Kristi Sandford Interiors

A hint of minimalist design, this bedroom is simple but the patterns and lines exhibit an elegance.

San Francisco Contemporary Kitchen by Kristi Sandford Interiors

Not all kitchen needs an island to look great. This white themed kitchen is a fabulous example of how it can be done.

San Francisco Contemporary Living Room by Kristi Sandford Interiors

There is a beautiful contrast between the light toned sofa and the darker wood finishes on the flooring and shelving.


San Francisco Contemporary Loft by Kristi Sandford Interiors

A loft apartment can be a stylish interior as well with with such fantastic wall arts and decor combination.

San Francisco Loft Kitchen by Kristi Sandford Interiors

Brick wall as a backdrop while cooking up some delicious food. Great for hosting a social events with room to spare.

The unique vision of Kristi and her team is what inspired us to post this blog, maybe you will find some inspirations of your own in her portfolio!

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