Urban Sophistication in Roscoe Village of Chicago by Lisa Wolfe Design

Change. President Obama used it during his 2008 presidential campaign, and Chicago interior designer Lisa Wolfe believes firmly that change is not only essential, but it is also wonderful and liberating.  Instead of settling for the status quo, her philosophy is that clients should embrace change, that way they can evolve their taste and break through the limitation of their imaginations.

In the hectic urban environment, it is not a bad idea to slow down from time to time to just breathe and take in beauty of the surroundings.  A great way to unwind is to stay home and simply relax. The state of serenity is what Lisa Wolfe attempts to capture in this design of the Roscoe Village residence in Chicago.

Chicago Dining Room by Lisa Wolfe Design

Maintaining the contemporary urban edge with the clean and sleek lines, the neutral colors helps bring in the serenity.

Chicago Living Room by Lisa Wolfe Design

The three asymmetrical coffee tables put a twist to how you can decorate a room.

Chicago Mantle Decoration by Lisa Wolfe Design

The zen-like quality of the decor on this fireplace mantel adds to the sophistication of the space.

Chicago Kitchen Dining Area by Lisa Wolfe Design

Simple and elegant. That is the theme throughout this transitional residence.

Chicago Play Room by Lisa Wolfe Design

A spacious room with enough storage for the young ones, and the chalkboard is a great way to spark their creativity.

Chicago Console Decoration by Lisa Wolfe Design

It is important to have variety when it comes to decorations.

Feeling the calmness after visiting this wonderful residence? Then you should visit her portfolio for more inspirations!

A Tribute To Turquoise: A Color As Bold As It Is Beautiful

While turquoise has long been associated with a certain kitschy style, today, this color can be found in modern to traditional rooms as well. The trend for turquoise has been going strong for quite some time and doesn’t appear to be going out of fashion anytime soon. Turquoise is a vibrant color that can make any room bright and interesting.

One of the greatest things about the color is its versatility. Turquoise is available in many paler variations and it effortlessly accentuates many different color schemes. You do not have to envelop a room in turquoise in order to appreciate its vibrancy. A little turquoise goes a long way. All you need is a single turquoise accent is all you need to add depth to a neutral interior.

Turquoise Interiors Image

You don't sleep in this bedroom, you drift away on top of a calming sea of turquoise.

Turquoise Interiors Image

Turquoise, black and white is a color scheme that may seem contradictory but it comes together quite nicely.

Turquoise Interiors Image

A mid-century modern living room boasts both orange and turquoise for a cheery look. - Chris Barrett Design

Turquoise Interiors Images

This bold color scheme makes for a striking mid-century modern kitchen.

Turquoise Interiors Image

Even in a paler variation, turquoise makes for a great accent to a white interior.

Turquoise Interiors Image

Something as simple as a turquoise pillow is all it takes to make this living room pop.

Go here to see more inspirational turquoise interiors. Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Chic Restaurant and Bar Design by Synergy D&C

With humble beginnings as design firm that recognized the struggle homeowners experienced when choosing designers and contractors, Synergy sought to become the best of both worlds and became Synergy Design & Construction.  Clients repeatedly asked the Synergy team to remodel their spaces and rather than declining, they developed a team of craftsman, trade partners, and field experts to execute the vision. Fast forward many projects later and the team Synergy assembled has allowed them to progress from an award-winning design firm to one-stop-shop design-builder for their clients. Now Synergy D&C prides itself on providing customers with a positive experience they’ll never forget.

A recent project completed by Synergy D&C that showcases their design and building talents is seen at Arlington, Virginia’s very own recently opened Chasin’ Tails Cajun Seafood and Bar. Featuring a bayou-themed color scheme and a mix of fun and chic decor the restaurant is designed to appeal to the young and hip clientele. The sultry salt-waters blues, weathered browns, and kitschy New Orleans photography and art are the icing on the cake that is this design. Let’s take a look:


Contemporary Chasin' Tails Restaurant Interior Design
Complete with plenty of seating, ambiance lighting, and big screen televisions, the bar area is the place to be in this restaurant.


Chasin' Tails Restaurant Interior Design


The hardwood flooring and high tiled ceiling make it seem like the restaurant is larger than it is.


Contemporary Chasin' Tails Restaurant Interior Design


A mixture of low and high seating creates perfect dining spaces for all restaurant patrons.


Contemporary Chasin' Tails Restaurant Interior Design


 As a restaurant should be, Chasin’ Tails is in no way short on seating options and yet remains uncrowded. 


Contemporary Chasin' Tails Restaurant Interior Design


 The combination of blue walls and sandy hard wood create a truly New Orleans style dining experience. 


Contemporary Chasin' Tails Restaurant Interior Design


 No meal is complete without washing up both before and after and this wash station is sure to encourage good hygiene. 


Did you enjoy the space that Synergy D&C created? Be sure to check their portfolio regularly for must-see design updates!

Resort Property In Leukerbad, Switzerland by Marc-Michael Interior Design, Inc.

Recognized as a full service interior design firm, Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc. specializes in comprehensive interior detailing and space planning. Clients who want a highly differentiated product choose Marc-Michaels for artistic and beautiful interiors designed to create consumer desire and ultimately drive sales. With an active private residential practice, Marc-Michaels’ design teams have direct access to a wide range of high-end design trends and ideas. Marc-Michaels’ thorough understanding of the luxury buyer’s needs and desires is what sets him apart. The full-service firm, headquartered in Winter Park, Florida, also provides luxury tower, model home merchandising and commercial design services.

The firm’s diverse and imaginative portfolio has been featured in numerous publications, and has garnered over 400 national and regional design awards. Architectural Digest has twice named Marc-Michaels to their prestigious list of the “Top 100 Designers in the World,” and has featured the firm’s work in numerous issues. Interior Design magazine has consistently ranked Marc-Michaels as one of the largest interior design firms in the nation in their Design Giants Survey. In his most recent design project, Marc-Michaels designed a stunning resort property in Leukerbad, Switzerland.

Contemporary Bathroom and Bedroom Design by Marc-Michael Interior Design, Inc.

Nestled in the mountains of Switzerland, this Leukerbad resort property gives a stunning snow-capped valley view of the mountains and trees.

Contemporary Living Room Design by Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.'s

The white fluffy carpet and different combinations of texture create the perfect blend for a soft contrast.

Contemporary Bathroom Design by Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.'s

Discover the beauty that lies within this stone granite fire place and enjoy a nice bubble bath while overlooking a breath-taking view.

Contemporary Bathroom Design by Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.'s

Glowing with specs of golden yellow and pearl, this bathroom design draws your eyes straight to accent titles and unique pendant lighting fixtures.

Contemporary Bathroom Design by Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.'s

This oasis bathroom design presents a gorgeous view to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy.

Contemporary Living Room Design by Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.'s

A gorgeous chandelier with stone wall granite and wood ceiling make this living room more cohesive.

Contemporary Living Room Design by Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.'s

Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine in your cozy living room home.

Contemporary Bathroom Design by Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.'s

Paired with a unique lighting design, this custom-made stone sink creates an authentic feel of texture and natural elements.

Are you inspired by Marc-Michaels design of this Leukerbad resort in Switzerland? For more imaginative and inspired portfolio ideas, check out Boston Interior Designers here!

Remodeled Traditional Home by Staged 4 Excellence

Jennifer Turner is the principal of  Staged 4 Excellence in Lakewood, Ohio. Jennifer has long had a passion for interior design and decorating. After spending a decade in the hospitality industry, Jennifer decided to pursue her dream of becoming a professional interior decorator. Jennifer is certified in home staging and is the multifaceted interior decorator that you could use in updating or revamping your home.  Whether you are selling a home or you have just bought one, Staged 4 Excellence will transform your house into a home.

Staged 4 Excellence has taken this home that was old and dated and has returned it to its former glory with a modern twist.

Traditional Bedroom Design by Staged 4 Excellence

Staged 4 Excellence added a fresh new coat of revitalizing yellow to the walls and a classic white trim.

Updated Traditional Kitchen by Staged 4 Excellence

The granite counter tops set the color palette for this wonderfully updated kitchen. Dark, light and orange hued browns fill this space seamlessly.

Traditional Bedroom Design by Staged 4 Excellence

Elegant and romantic, this room has been fitted with ruffled pillows and deep red accents.

Traditional Dining Room Design by Staged 4 Excellence

With doors all around, this dining room has a feel that is spacious and airy. Blue accents on the dining table tie into the blue themed living room.

Bright Blue Traditional Living Room by Staged 4 Excellence

Bright baby blue is a refreshing offset to all the dark stained woods and leathers. This room has a ying yang effect that leaves you in bliss.

Majestic Dining Room Table Setting by Staged 4 Excellence

This simple and chic dining set exudes relaxation and harmony. This is a dining table where you could comfortably enjoy a delicate glass of wine over a delectable meal.

To view the entire Lakewood Century Home project, visit Staged 4 Excellence’s portfolio here!

Beautiful Boat Dock on Lake Austin by Bercy Chen Studio

It is not too often that a boat dock gets on a project list for an architect, but Austin architectural firm Bercy Chen Studio was approached by the clients who owned a piece of property away from downtown Austin and wanted to develop a boat dock for family weekends and serve as a place to entertain friends and business clients.  Challenge accepted.  However, the team quickly realized that this is unlike most other projects that they have participated in.  One glaring challenges is that the beams that they want to use could not be ordered, therefore, it had to be bent on site with a customized machine from the steel contractor.

Following the curvature of the shoreline, the team was able to match the lines with the design of this structure, and the clients were in love with the finished product.  So much so that they spend most of the weekends at this dock over the summer, and it has slowly developed into an iconic structure on Lake Austin. Let’s have a more detailed look at this dock.

Austin Boat Dock by Bercy Chen Studio

Sitting on the deck of this boat dock on a beautiful summer night would not be too shabby.

Austin Boat Dock by Bercy Chen Studio

Althought it is only two story high, but this boat dock towers over the lake with its ascending iconic status.

Austin Boat Dock by Bercy Chen Studio

A man-made waterfall could still add to the serenity of the nature.

Austin Boat Dock by Bercy Chen Studio

The interior matches the elegant of the boat dock with a gorgeous white themed furniture and cabinets.

Austin Boat Dock by Bercy Chen Studio

The view of this nature preserve adds to the magnificence of this iconic boat dock.

To view more of the wonderful work from Bercy Chen Studio, please visit their portfolio here!

Austin Contemporary Interior Design by Butter Lutz Interiors

In 2008 Austin interior designer Amy Mooney Lutz teamed up with Matt Butterfield of Butterfield Custom Homes to create Butter Lutz Interiors, a full service design firm that tackles everything from custom home building to renovations and of course interior design. One of the most cost effective ways to tackle and interior design project is to start early. In the long run it is usually much cheaper to redesign a room while it is being renovated, as oppose to doing both things separately.

Due to their diverse skill set Butter Lutz Interiors allows clients to save both time and money by bridging the gap between building a house and designing your home. Because they are firm believers of the notion that great interiors don’t have to be unaffordable, Butter Lutz Interiors has the experience necessary for maximizing budgets without sacrificing form or function.

Austin Contemporary Interior Design by Butter Lutz Interiors Image

The neutral colors pop with splashes of red.

Austin Contemporary Interior Design by Butter Lutz Interiors Image

A tasteful blend of traditional and modern pieces.

Austin Contemporary Interior Design by Butter Lutz Interiors Image

A beautiful kitchen that is both elegant and uncomplicated.

Austin Contemporary Interior Design by Butter Lutz Interiors Image

An area rug with a distinctive pattern adds drama and creates an exciting floor space.

Austin Contemporary Interior Design by Butter Lutz Interiors Image

A unique blend of distinctive furniture pieces helps create an eclectic ambiance.

Austin Contemporary Interior Design by Butter Lutz Interiors Image

An open floor plan allows for different spaces to share natural light.

For more inspirational designs from Butter Lutz Interiors go check out their portfolio.

Chic London Residence by Suna Interior Design

A leader among interior design boutiques, Suna Interior Design delivers design excellence in each and every project. With two designers ensuring a high level of individual attention is dedicated to each client and project, it’s nearly impossible for any detail to go unattended. Founded in 2001 and headed by friends Helen and Rebecca, this pair work together to create a balanced creative collaboration that is client centered and target market sensitive.

Lets explore a recent design project that took place in a high end London development known as Portobello Square:

Bedroom Interior Design by Suna Interior Design

 The patterned wall paper paired with the bed side lamps create a spectacular contrast in this bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Interior Design

The feature colors in this bedroom balance perfectly thanks in part to the unique grey wall paper.

Living Room Interior Design

Though small, the living room area is cozy and intimate. Not to mention beautifully furnished and accessorized.

Dining Room Interior Design

Flanking the living area is a small romantic dining area, complete with a mirror to make the space feel larger.

Study Area Interior Design

The study area features a beautiful glass topped desk and director’s chair seating – so posh!

Want to see more of Suna’s designs? Be sure to stop by their portfolio and let them know what you think!

Staged Living Rooms by Seattle Staged to Sell

Since 2005, Shirin has been the principal designer for Seattle Staged to Sell. Her great stylistic range comes in part from living in Europe for many years.  Known for her incomparable attention to detail regardless of project size, Shirin provides designs for home owners, real-estate agents, builders, and her own private clients. She takes the time to listen to the needs of each individual client and provide the home staging design solutions that fit their circumstances. She quotes, “No two clients are the same, and that challenge is what drives my passion in design.”

With more than 87% of buyers searching for homes on the internet, the meticulous presentation of a property is essential to getting it sold. Shirin’s staging makes the magic happen. Here are a few living room designs that have been staged by Seattle Staged to Sell.

Staged Modern Living Room Design by Seattle Staged To Sell

Neutral colors can be the perfect base for any living room. Bright red and orange pillows add a spark of color to this room.

Staged Living Room Design by Seattle Staged To Sell

The traditional white mantel frames from the fireplace is clad in beautiful square glass tiles and adds tranquility to this living room space.

Staged Living Rooms Design by Seattle Staged To Sell

The wide angle view of the windows create an airy feel of the room.

Staged Living Room Design by Seattle Staged To Sell

The color orange can provide a comfortable atmosphere and brighten up any interior design.

Water Front Staged Modern Living Room Design by Seattle Staged To Sell

Enjoy the the scenic view from this water front staged living room.

Staged Living Room Design by Seattle Staged To Sell

The bright red colors and the woven brown chair add the perfect accent and texture.

Are you looking to staging your living room? Let Seattle Staged to Sell transform your home and accommodate your different staging needs. For more living room inspirations, check out  Atlanta interior designer’s work here!


Completely Rebuilt Forest Hills Home by Beckwith Interiors

We are delighted to showcase the fantastic work of Beckwith Interiors today on our blog. We know Jamie for her ability to create impeccable spaces that reveal her passion for design and her belief in artistic freedom. What makes Beckwith Interiors stand out from others is there ability transform spaces into a magnificent blend of traditional and contemporary design.

When we saw her work on this Forest Hills Residence, we knew we had to showcase it! This home was originally a one-story home that was taken down and revamped completely to the gorgeous haven it is now.

Beckwith Interiors

Lime green accents give this neutral space a refreshing vibe

Beckwith Interiors

Cage pendant lights over the kitchen island create a unique focal point.

Beckwith Interiors

The common theme of wood accents is carried into this serene bathroom.

Beckwith Interiors

Blue hues throughout the bedroom display a calming ambiance with eclectic accents.

Beckwith Interiors

A wood paneled ceiling in this screened porch adds a rich classic look.

Closet Space

A spacious walk-in closet is given a fashionable look with patterned wallpaper.

We hope you enjoyed this gorgeous space as much as we did! Be sure to check out all of the work that Beckwith Interiors has shared on Design Shuffle here!

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