Industrial Interiors

If you are a minimalist then this industrial design inspired post may be for you as there has been an upward shift in popularity for industrial design.  A lot of industrial design is inspired by the old industrial, minimalist factory vibe.   This includes using anything from worn-down materials to solid steel.  Decorating with rustic material is great for people decorating their homes on a strict budget.  Industrial design allows designers to become very creative as there are many different kinds of materials they can choose from.  Giving your home an industrial vibe couldn’t be more fun!

Brick Walls

An old grey brick wall covers the living room, while a smooth black wooden floor covering the entire area.


This restaurant is decorated with classic pendant lights, rustic brick walls, and wooden beams to recreate that old factory feel.


An adorable pink refrigerator significantly distinguishes itself in the industrial style kitchen.

Dining Room

Beautifully colored recycled cases sit in front of a worn-out wall.

Living Room

The classic red bricks in the living room is brightened by adding colorful accessories, such as a poster and some flowers.

Hope you enjoyed being inspired by these lovely industrial designs! Images 1 | 2 | 3 |  4 | 5

Do you have a favorite?  Don’t forget to leave us your comments on industrial design and don’t forget to take a peek at this Lake Washington industrial design from NB Design Group!


Stunning Potomac River Residence by FORMA Design

Washington, DC based FORMA Design first began their expertise in both residential and commercial interior architecture when their firm was established in 1994. Driven by the “art of design,” FORMA Design takes on conceptual and physical design challenges by closely collaborating with their clients to create a quality design concept without compromising efficiency and the client’s financial resources and lifestyle. Their Potomac River project is just one of many successful projects FORMA Design has produced that truly exemplifies their drive for creating successful integrated solutions when dealing with design challenges. Before the total gut and renovation, this home was a modest house resting beside a beautiful river that completely dismissed any sight of the marvelous scenic view. Here is FORMA Design’s finished product and solution that creatively brought out the full beauty potential of this home.

House by Potomac River

FORMA Design’s objective for this living area was to be able to maximize the view of the incredible river from the inside of the house.

House by Potomac River

The particular client of this home loved color and asked if it could be incorporated alongside a clean design with lots of light. FORMA Design’s end result: a sleek contemporary kitchen contrasted against a yellow-green wall and a dining area illuminated with a big and bright pendant light.

House by Potomac River

An alternative view of the dining area demonstrating the use of art as a creative addition of color to both sides of the walls.

House by Potomac River

Formerly one large storage room, FORMA Design was able to convert this “basement”- type room into a colorful family room complete with a studio-like study/guest bedroom and bathroom.

House by Potomac River

A roomy study room or guest bedroom with a homely approach to show a truly warm-modern styled in-home getaway.

House by Potomac River

FORMA Design mastered one of their biggest challenges when they decided to merge the three small bedrooms upstairs into one comfortable sized master bedroom suite complete with a sleeping area, lounge area, dressing area, and bathroom. This once enclosed second story of the home now has beautiful views of the river throughout the entire second floor.

House by Potomac River

A lounge area within the master bedroom area utilizing long vertical windows to invite maximum natural illumination into this suite.

House by Potomac River

A non-conventional yet cozy master’s bathroom using opaque shower doors that maintain a consistent amount of light throughout each section of the master suite.

Did you love this renovation of the House by the Potomac River? Check out FORMA Design’s portfolio to see more of their creative renovations! Also, don’t forget to check out our Design Gallery for more style ideas and inspiration!

Miami Gardens Home by Nicole White Designs

Nicole White Designs, joins us again on the Design Shuffle blog today as we feature one of her latest projects. Originally from Jamaica, Nicole draws creative inspiration from the Caribbean’s bold colors and textures. No matter what design style may be required of her, Nicole carries through for her clients by making each home a home of their dreams. Her design firm is committed to transforming the homes of clients to meet the needs of the different stages of their lives.

It’s quite uncommon to find an interior designer who has also had a career in journalism. Prior to her establishment of Nicole White Designs, she worked as an award-winning journalist whose writing made appearances in notable publications such as The Miami Herald, Village Voice, and Vibe magazine. Here we have invited her to share with us the background story about her recent Miami Garden house project, home to a member of one of Miami’s well known African-American families.  Let’s dig in!

What was the client’s background and story for this project ? 

My client is a Miami native whose family is among the city’s well known African-American families. She works in Washington, D.C., but spends three to four days in Miami. It took her months to find her dream home but she finally settled on this 6-bedroom home in Miami Gardens, her family’s home base. It’s a massive home for a single person, but it was a steal. Unless she wins the lotto, we’ll also be designing in phases. The photos show the completion of phase one – master bedroom/bath, powder room, kitchen and entryway.


Yellow and Chrome

The pastel yellow colored wall makes the chrome finished home accessories, such as the silver framed mirror and heart sculpture, stand out more.


What kind of challenges did you experience during this project? 

Since our client works in another state, we had to communicate mostly via email, Skype and text messages. We joked at the end of the project that we were suffering from email/text withdrawal. You also never know what you’ll encounter once you start a major project such as this and she increased the budget to address some practical issues, such as updating the lighting, changing out outlets in the kitchen, painting all the baseboards throughout the main floor.

We also had a pipe burst in the middle of the design process, which caused quite a panic in the middle of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Thankfully the house was still empty so it only affected our paint schedule.


Gray and Red Entryway

The candy apple red table brightens by this gray entryway, with a well placed typographic painting to give guests something to read as they enter the home.


We also saved a LOT of money by updating some key areas in lieu of completely renovating. We painted the kitchen cabinets white and changed the blinds from outdated verticals, to a crisp white horizontal instead. And we painted the bathroom cabinets a glossy black, which was an amazing transformation for just $50 with a can paint.


Blue and White Bathroom

The horizontal, navy texture of the bathroom wallpaper creates a nice contrast for the white sink and mirror to be more prominent.. The zebra patterned surface is a fun and stylish addition to this bathroom.


White Cabinet Kitchen

The 'Welcome Home' sign above the cabinet makes the kitchen an inviting space among the pure white colored cabinets and marbled counters.

Design Phase: How were different pieces picked out? 

My client was hands-on about budgeting and scheduling, but much less so when it came to the items selected even the overall design. We came up with the colors, designs after collecting photos of her favorite rooms and she pretty much left the ball in our court. The only key item we shopped for was her headboard and she selected the appliances for the kitchen. Everything else was left up to us, which is not the case with all clients so it’s delightful treat when it happens. I found items at a variety of stores including some of my favorites, Home Goods, Ikea, Z Gallerie, West Elm and Target. Believe it or not, we also found that amazing bathroom vanity, sink and faucet at Home Depot. It took multiple trips to source everything however because again, it’s a really large space and we needed a lot to really have it shine.



The black framed mirror and cabinets complement the cream colored marble counter in this simple but classic bathroom.

Again, she is a pretty laid back woman and doesn’t get super excited about many things. But I think it was safe to say she loved it. She beamed endlessly as she showed friends and family her home at her housewarming party, blasted photos on her Facebook and Twitter page and posted this wonderful message on my blog,“Love love love it! I have to say Nicole is the dream designer/program manager to work with…I knew I had nothing to worry about with Nicole in charge. I can’t wait to get home to my super fab & hot house!


Yellow and Gray Bed

The intricate detailing on the pillows adds a subtle touch of femininity, without overwhelming the bedroom's room aesthetic


Thank you Nicole for sharing this project with our readers!

Please feel free to share your thoughts on Nicole’s project in the comment section below. For more of Nicole White’s design work, have a look at her portfolio.

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A Contemporary Eclectic Haven by Jeneration Interiors

Jennifer Dyer, founder of Jeneration Interiors, always knew her true passion was interior design. Despite graduating with a double major in Psychology and Sociology, she decided to take a risk and move to Miami Florida to pursue her dreams. After a short six months at her internship, Jennifer began working closely with designers on high profile projects around the world.  It wasn’t long before magazines such as Inside Out recognized her innate ability to mix furniture pieces from different styles and eras.  In late 2005 she made a big move to Los Angeles and was determined to open her own business, undettered by the challenges ahead. Jeneration Interiors has become a household name and even caught the attention of multiple magazines including: Los Angeles Magazine,  Hamptons Magazine, and California Home + Design mag.

This wonderful house in West Los Angeles is a clear example of Jennifer’s undeniable passion and talent. The owners of this lovely home called on Jeneration Interiors to create their dream contemporary, and open space. They wanted their house to reflect their personality, be perfect for entertaining, and centered around family. Join us as we take a tour of this daring and colorful space.

Interior Design Living Room

Vibrant furniture, custom upholstery, great textures, and eye catching artwork make this one showstopper of a living room.

Interior Design Living Room

These colorful printed throw pillows, leaning mirrors, and the hot pink deer head, are great accessories that add personality and individuality to the space.

Dining Room Interior Design

This beautiful mahogany table seats twelve, and is great for entertaining all of your guests in a contemporary and colorful setting.

Office Space Interior Design

The varying purple hues, glamorous glass chandelier, and custom made desk by Jeneration Interiors, make this eclectic office far from ordinary.

Modern Bathroom Interior Design

This relaxing nature inspired bathroom incorporates beautiful wood cabinets, bright natural light, and the vibrant green color of the trees surrounding it.

Bedroom Interior Design

Different Eras and Styles are all tied together by the strategic use of bold magenta accessories, wallpaper and furniture.

Outdoor Interior Design

Keeping with the interior's color scheme, Jeneration Interiors designed this wonderful outdoor space with elements normally reserved for indoors.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this colorful West-LA home. What vibrant colors are you enjoying this summer? Leave a comment below and make sure to check out Jeneration Interiors other exciting projects.

Upper East Side New York Apartment by Andrew Fletcher

Versed in a variety of style and his ability to mix modern and classic styles, Andrew Flesher creates a dynamic style for New York and Minneapolis.  Working from the outside in, first ensuring that a space works well, then imbuing it with livable luxury and timeless aesthetic, Andrew coordinates every aspect of the design process, from “demolition to doorknobs”.

In this Upper East Side project, though the client was only going to be in this living space for a limited amount of time, Andrew wanted it to reflect his design aesthetic and feel like a home for the client.  90% of the furniture he used came from a previous apartment.  Everything was finished in just a few months and the client couldn’t have been happier for the time he was there.  By using various eclectic styles, this Upper East Side apartment creates a beautiful and inviting design for the client.

Upper East Side Eclectic

A rustic feel to a contemporary dining room gives an eclectic vibe.

Upper East Bedroom

The neutral tone contrasted with the colorful patterns brings harmony to the bedroom.

Eclectic Living Room

A mixture of eclectic home decor fills up this living room with a bold black and white pattern on the floor.

Closer View of the Living Room

The eclectic furnishings create depth and accent the white living room.

Flesher Kitchen

The yellow legs of the dining table accent the kitchen space, and the colored wall creates depth.

Minneapolis Living Room

Here is something extra from the Minneapolis profile. The antler chandelier accents the living room while having a natural flow that brings in light.

Andrew Flesher’s design establishes unique visions for his clients.  Which Upper East Side room is your favorite?  Leave a comment below and be sure to check out more of Andrew’s work.

Stonewall Beach Residence & Martha’s Vineyard Project by Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design

Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design is a team of talented designers who have graduated from prodigious design colleges from all across the country. Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design’s objective is to “find inspiration in the perennial elements of each site, creating a direct connection to the natural surrounding.”  Their studio serves a variety of clients from initial consultations to construction observation. Attention to detail is what makes Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design studio so successful in creating a truly unique and complementary design that is  determined by each client’s individual needs and lifestyle. Today we are featuring work from two of their projects, the Stonewall Beach Residence and a project featuring contemporary interiors from a traditional home.

Stonewall Beach residence

The white interior and minimal décor compliment the tranquil beach view just outside of their residence just beautifully.

Stonewall Beach Residence

The long windows increase this home’s natural illumination highlighting the use of natural lighting to complement the wicker chairs and wooden bench.

Stonewall Beach Residence

This tasteful contemporary beach residence bedroom uses light brown wicker furniture as accents to contrast and bring out the bright green view just outside of their windows.

Martha's Vineyard Contemporary

This living room perfectly illustrates Martha’s Vineyard Contemporary project which features a traditional home with more of a contemporary interior look.

Martha's Vineyard Contemporary

The use of organic elements as part of the structure and décor help to bring the beautiful outdoors into this elegant contemporary home.

Martha's Vineyard Contemporary

This creative dining table, mounted on top of pale bark adds a subtle natural zest to the dining room without the overpowering natural colors of the outdoors.

Martha's Vineyard Contemporary

The mirror above the sink matches the bed’s headboard, giving an overall cohesive feel to the room.

Want to see more of Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design’s work? Visit her portfolio and let us know what you like most about her designs!

What You Can Expect When You’re Expecting: The Perfect Nursery Room

Among the thousands of things on your mind when you’re expecting or expecting to expect, planning the perfect nursery room may not be positioned on your list as high as it should. Your nursery room should be perfect as you may be spending more time in there with your newborn than in any other room in your home. While mapping out the perfect room may seem like a daunting process, designing your one-of-a-kind nursery can actually be enjoyable! Here are some beautiful nursery rooms that may inspire you to design the perfect one of your own.

Perfect Nursery Room

Don’t be afraid of incorporating your own style! Your nursery room shouldn’t just be a room your baby will love, but one that you’ll be looking forward to spending time in too!

Perfect Nursery Room

Growing up in a chic and glamorous room with various bold patterns will definitely inspire creativity in this household.

Perfect Nursery Room

Image Credit: Design, Dining and Diapers

This room uses the addition of orange birds and turquoise decor as a creative way to bring the tree wall decor to life.

Perfect Nursery Room

The design of this room is simple yet creative, utilizing lanterns and polka dots to give a creative splash of color and personality.

Perfect Nursery Room

Adding gray stripes along your nursery room’s walls accented by white shelves can instantly improve your room visually, while at the same time increasing shelf space for all other needs.

Perfect Nursery Room

If you don’t have a room to designate as the nursery, why not bring it into yours? After all, isn’t spending day and night with your baby what expecting is all about?

Perfect Nursery Room

Designing a room for twins shouldn’t be twice the amount of work. Here’s a simple yet tasteful room idea perfect for expecting twins!

Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Have your own Perfect Nursery Room? How did you design your own? We’d love to know! Don’t forget to check out Design Shuffle to discover more decorating ideas over at our design gallery!

Sag Harbor Beach House by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Betty Wasserman started her design business Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors in 1996, following ten years of working as a private art dealer. New York interior designer Betty has come a long way from first getting her feet wet in interior design when she was renovating her own loft in 1999 to having her work featured in HomeStyle, Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, HC & G, Home Magazine, and many other notable publications. In 2002, she released her very own custom home furnishings and accessories line which offers fresh, linear designs in steel and wood. By combining home furnishings, original art, and interior design to create a complete and modern approach to home decor to meet the needs of her ever growing clientele list.

Take a gander of Betty’s impressive design work on the Sag Harbor Beach House project.

Living Room by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors The simple, pure white color palette of this living room makes it a very stylish space to entertain guests and brightens the room considerably.

Dining Room by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors The intricate detailing of the the hanging light fixtures and textures of the chair creates intriguing accents to this dining room. The vivid yellow of the painting brings a nice pop of color to the overall aesthetic.

Kitchen by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors The sleek, smooth lines in this kitchen provokes a contemporary feel with its minimal ornamentation. An uncluttered appearance is achieved with the use of neutral colors and light colored wood surfaces.

Children's Bedroom by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors The complementary of white and blue colors adds a fresh, crisp feeling to this children’s bedroom. The main focal point of the room is the unique hanging light fixture.

Master Bathroom by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors A perfect minimalist master bathroom that highlights the dark wood finish of its drawers in contrast to the white marbling and tiles.

Living Room by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors The closely situated furniture in this living room creates a inviting atmosphere, surrounded by the vibrant colors of the painting and ornate light fixture.

Share your thoughts about Betty’s work on the Sag Harbor Beach House in the comments. For more of her creative designs, please check out her portfolio.

Luxurious Renovated Pub by London based Space Design Studios

Steven Curtis, the founder and director of Space Design Studios, is a London based interior designer with a focus on commercial interior and architectural design. He set up Space Design Studios in 2008, and since then has established an ever expanding list of clients in England, Europe, the Middle East, and Far East. Their company mission to give heart and soul to their projects, and to challenge the norm and constantly find new ways of doing things, is evident in each of their passionate designs. Space Design Studios, among many prestigious awards, has also been nominated for the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2012.

The Princess of Wales Pub  is a 150 year old establishment, located in Primrose Hill, that called on Space Design Studios to lovingly renovate their space.  Space Design Studios did a brilliant job in keeping with the traditional pub elements while simultaneously adding a quirky, modern, and luxurious flair.

Here are the final results of this amazing transformation, one of many Space Design Studios exciting projects.

London Victorian Pub and Restaurant Design by Space Design Studios

The Red Brick Facade, combined with the lovely windowsill and hanging flower arrangements, create a welcoming and inviting experience.

London Victorian Dining Room by Space Design Studios

The Neo-Victorian influence is evident by the rich ornamentation, use of luxurious textiles, and patterns.

London Victorian Dining Room by Space Design Studios

The wooden elements do a great job at creating a calm and streamlined space among the various eclectic pieces.

London Victorian Dining Room by Space Design Studios

The quirky empty frames and floral wallpaper lend a new take on tradition, while the pops of green throughout the room create a cohesive space. The individuality of the space is unmistakable.

London Victorian Dining Room by Space Design Studios

This brilliant pendant lamp delivers a touch of luxury with a golden hanging tassel.

London Victorian Dining Room Design by Space Design Studios

This rustic worn-in fireplace, along with the golden accents, create a focal point in the dining room.


What is your favorite room in The Princess of Wales pub? Like what you see, make sure to check out more of Space Design Studios work here.




'The New Vintage' Living Spaces by House of Honey

Tamara Kaye-Honey moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue her dream of becoming an interior designer. In 2010, House of Honey made a lasting impression with an impressive signature style called, ‘The New Vintage.” Gathering inspiration from past and present, design and architecture, Tamara carefully creates a fresh look that retains a timeless quality.  Today, she has been named one of the top new interior designers in 2012. Here is a few highlights of her residential spaces.

Vintage Living Spaces

The traditional furnishing brings a vintage look to a modern home.

Television among picture frames

An innovative idea to blend the television with painting allows an interesting take on the "new vintage".

Kitchen with bookshelves

A slice of a vintage inspired library borders this contemporary kitchen.

Traditional Sofa with Paintings

This lovely living room is decorated with landscape paintings, while the blue sofa pops in the center.

Dining Room

The collection of paintings and decorative items give this dining room an arts and craft feel.

Art Deco Living Room

The geometric patterns brings harmony to the living room that mimic an art deco style

Do you feel inspired by House of Honey’s work?  Leave a comment and visit here for more of her work.