Unique Modern-Industrial Loft by Resolution: 4 Architecture

Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz, founders of Resolution: 4 Architecture based in New York, first began devoting their intelligent architecture and design to address 21st century conditions in 1990. Their firm’s objective is to assist in implementing strategies to embed long term changes in our dynamic communities, such as making them more sustainable. Resolution: 4 Architecture has currently been more involved with the single-family housing market, highlighting “mass customization” in their designs. Here is the 4,800 square feet Loft of Frank & Amy, just one of their many creative works.

Loft of Frank & Amy

The splashes of color from various décor in the kitchen and living room give this loft a great modern-industrial look.

Loft of Frank & Amy

The pendant light above the kitchen counter gives a soft illumination highlighting the counter’s contrast to the cabinets against the wall.

Loft of Frank & Amy

This creative cabinet is perfect for storing things of all different shapes and sizes!

Loft of Frank & Amy

The lighting in this hallway really enhances the wall textures and different floor patterns.

Loft of Frank and Amy

The creative quilted pattern of the bedding adds a unique homely feel to this modern-industrial designed home.

Loft of Frank & Amy

These patterned rugs are perfect for adding a non-overpowering contrast to the white walls and beige divider.

See more of Frank & Amy’s loft at Resolution: 4 Architecture’s portfolio.

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