Sag Harbor Beach House by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Betty Wasserman started her design business Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors in 1996, following ten years of working as a private art dealer. New York interior designer Betty has come a long way from first getting her feet wet in interior design when she was renovating her own loft in 1999 to having her work featured in HomeStyle, Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, HC & G, Home Magazine, and many other notable publications. In 2002, she released her very own custom home furnishings and accessories line which offers fresh, linear designs in steel and wood. By combining home furnishings, original art, and interior design to create a complete and modern approach to home decor to meet the needs of her ever growing clientele list.

Take a gander of Betty’s impressive design work on the Sag Harbor Beach House project.

Living Room by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors The simple, pure white color palette of this living room makes it a very stylish space to entertain guests and brightens the room considerably.

Dining Room by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors The intricate detailing of the the hanging light fixtures and textures of the chair creates intriguing accents to this dining room. The vivid yellow of the painting brings a nice pop of color to the overall aesthetic.

Kitchen by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors The sleek, smooth lines in this kitchen provokes a contemporary feel with its minimal ornamentation. An uncluttered appearance is achieved with the use of neutral colors and light colored wood surfaces.

Children's Bedroom by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors The complementary of white and blue colors adds a fresh, crisp feeling to this children’s bedroom. The main focal point of the room is the unique hanging light fixture.

Master Bathroom by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors A perfect minimalist master bathroom that highlights the dark wood finish of its drawers in contrast to the white marbling and tiles.

Living Room by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors The closely situated furniture in this living room creates a inviting atmosphere, surrounded by the vibrant colors of the painting and ornate light fixture.

Share your thoughts about Betty’s work on the Sag Harbor Beach House in the comments. For more of her creative designs, please check out her portfolio.

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