Modern French Apartment by BKH NY

Burley Katon Halliday (BKH) is an architectural and interior design business with over 30 years of practice, originating from Sydney, Australia. Their second office BKH NY, in New York currently offers purely interior design services. Their clientele are diverse, ranging from domestic, retail, hospitality, and corporate fields. With a client specific approach, the results of their projects are of consistent high quality. The Sydney and New York BKH offices consist of director Iain Halliday and ten designers as the professional team.

Check out this Ikon Apartment by BKH, which is a duplex apartment in a converted 1980’s hotel building. The client had wanted a restful cocoon like interior, evocative of French interiors without attempting to recreate them in a modern building.

Mirrored Living Room

The long sofa and use of mirror walls accentuates the length of this living room, making it appear roomier that it is. The tall lamp shade also helps increase the perceived height of the room, especially with the small armchairs next to it.

Luxurious Gold Armchairs

The simple white colored curtains and the dark gray carpet makes the rich gold cushions of the armchairs even more luxurious and prominent in the foreground of the scenic city view.

Vivid Purple Entryway

The vivid purple colored carpet in this bedroom turned entryway and library is tied to the room’s aesthetic with the same tones of purple accented in the throw pillows.

Quaint Library

To meet the essential accommodations for the client’s extensive book and photographic collections, the entryway is lined on both sides with bookcases to create a quaint library.

French Dining Room

The glass wall outlining the dining room complements the simple dining room, with small intricate detailing on the chairs for a subtle nod towards the French style.

Taupe Gray Bedroom

The frame of the taupe gray chair is reminisce of French interiors, but not heavily ornate to overwhelm this bedroom.

Despite their challenge with access limitations due to the apartment’s high floor level in the building, BKH was able to successfully carry out the client’s request. The client’s response had been glowing, with reference and comparisons to 5 star hotels.

Let us know in the comments section below which of these rooms is your favorite. To see more of BKH’s work, visit their portfolio here.

Brooklyn, NY Brownstone Home Makeover with Interiors by Francesca

Vonnie and Velma Hamilton own a Brooklyn brownstone home that has been in their family for three generations. These wonderful sisters have been a strong positive influence in their Brooklyn community through their service to their church and ever increasing “extended family”, always lending a hand to anyone in need, and creating an open door policy in their own home. Because of recent health issues and time and money spent with doctors, these sisters had no choice but to leave  some of their home needs unattended.  With the overall functionality of their home and appliances falling apart, these “honorary grandmas” were no longer able to host guests in their home as they once were.

NBC show, George to the Rescue, wanted to give back to these two sisters after seeing the inspiring, hard work they have contributed to their community. The New York design community was able to show their gratitude and admiration for these two by renovating their loving home.  When Frances Herrera of Interiors by Francesca was approached with the opportunity to change the lives of these two “honorary grandmas”, she was thrilled. Here are some of her experiences and photos we’ve asked her to share with you about this unbelievable transformation!

What were the client’s needs/objectives?

Recently struggling with mobility issues, Vonnie hasn’t been able to get around as well as she once did. The new space needed to be spacious to accommodate a wheelchair to pass through the parlor room into the kitchen/dining room and allow the furniture to be moved around easily to make space for large gatherings of family and friends.

What kind of challenges did you experience during this project?

Taking time to concentrate on health and  rehabilitation, the sisters had let issues in their 150 year old Brooklyn brownstone fall through the cracks. The ground floor consisting of the parlor and kitchen were in bad shape, cracked walls, poor lighting, damaged and warped wood floors were amongst many other issues. The space felt dark with only one overhead electrical source for such a large space. The space needed a solid floor plan to make it feel warm, bright and welcoming.

Completion Phase: What was the client feedback? Did the project meet / exceed their expectations?

Overall the ladies were floored when they saw their home after we rescued it from years of wear and tear and restored it to it’s original beauty with a contemporary approach to complement modern day living. Never did they imagine that the space would have turned out so airy and elegant to reflect their sunny personalities.

Interior Design Home Decor George to the Rescue Home Makeover Living Room

The wall color from the Historical Collection from Benjamin Moore was selected to give a beautiful contrast against the original plaster ceiling detail. The graphic rug was selected to complement and  emphasize the lovely original arches in the fireplace design and doorway moldings.  It also softens up the space and adds a touch of modern elegance.

Interior Design Home Decor George to the Rescue Home Makeover Living Room

The paisley and greek key pattern pillows give a nod to the traditional elements of the space but with a more updated, fresh approach. The versatile cocktail ottoman can serve as additional seating or as place to put down snacks and drinks. 

Interior Design Home Decor George to the Rescue Home Makeover Living Room

The beautiful original italian marble mantle was begging for a gorgeous statement piece. I selected a modern interpretation of a mercury inlay mirror from Arcadian Home to grace the fireplace and serve as an elegant focal point as soon as you enter the space.  It also serves to reflect the light off the chandelier making the space brighter…I like that Arcadian Home has well made pieces with character.

Interior Design Home Decor George to the Rescue Home Makeover Living Room

The parlor was dark with only one source of ceiling light. By placing a console behind the sofa, it provides a surface to place two table lamps to increase lighting and provide a space for the sisters to display their family photos and mementos.

Interior Design Home Decor George to the Rescue Home Makeover Living Room

Along the fireplace, I selected a two person bench and two accent chairs amongst the sofa for a cozy conversation area. The space was designed to be spacious enough to accommodate dining chairs to be brought in from the adjoining kitchen for larger gatherings. A round table with two chairs near the window is perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee while reading the paper and enjoying the view of the tree lined street and greeting neightboors passing by. 

Thank you Francesca for sharing this project with us! The rescue makeover will air as the season premier of George to the Rescue on NBC Channel 4 on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 9:30am EST throughout the New York tristate area. For areas outside of NY, please check your local listings for show times.

Want more? For more beautiful designs from Interiors by Francesca and an unbelievable product selection, make sure to visit her shop, and check out her portfolio!

Delicious Dining Areas

Dining rooms has long been a social spot for any dinner plans.  If your style is formal or family friendly, you can personalize the dining room with your favorite design.  Play with furniture styles to achieve a personalized look and use various colors to liven up the room.  Whether it be an eclectic or a twist on a traditional style, the most important aspect of the dining room is enjoying great food with your friends and family.

DC Contemporary Dining Room by Patrick J. Baglino, Jr

By placing the dining table by the window, guests can enjoy the view.  The natural light is perfect for the mornings and the parchment chandelier adds a perfect ambiance for the evenings.

Toronto Transitional Dining Room by LUX Design

The intimate dining table leads to a perfect quiet evening.  The natural accents from the lemons and the red flower contrasts the transitional style beautifully.

Nashville Transitional Kitchen by Beckwith Interiors

The transitional kitchen adds slight country element with the unique wood cabinetry and table.  Traditionally, dining rooms are placed near the kitchen, but by placing the table adjacent to the kitchen, it adds an inviting warmth to the kitchen atmosphere.

New York Traditional Breakfast Nook by Andrew Flesher

The open air atmosphere creates a cozy nook for breakfast.  The traditional furnishing supplements the warmth of the nook, which is perfect for dining or just hanging out.

Miami Mid Century Modern Dining Room by DKOR Interiors

The vibrant colors from the mid-century modern furnishings creates an elegant, luxurious aura.  The charming pattern above the fancy chandelier forms another layer to the room.

Greenwich Art Deco Modern Kitchen by Doryn Wallach Design

The great pop of colors from the greens to turquoise, the kitchen and den area looks cozy for a lovely Sunday brunch.  The corner dining nook is a great gathering place!

Encino Modern Kitchen by Jeneration Interiors

The unique modern furnishing for the dining area in the kitchen complements the uniformity of the wood.

Venice Beach Contemporary Dining Room by Susan Manrao Design

The industrial chic furnishings produces a contrast to the traditional aspects of the home.   The unique and magnificent chandelier accentuates the overall design of the room.

Dining rooms are often overshadowed by the living room and the kitchen, but it’s a great way to put your own personalized recipe on it.  Are you hungry for more luscious designs?  Look no further than our great gallery of dining room ideas!

Living Elegantly by mercer INTERIOR™

New York interior design firm, mercer INTERIOR™, prides themselves in striving to provide the highest standard of design for their clients.  Founder Elizabeth Mercer Aurandt, a member of the Design Society of America, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and begin her career in jewelry and fashion design. From their, Elizabeth gained knowledge and experience and began  Mercer INTERIOR™. The firm is able to consult or organize by room, perform home stage consulting, or perform a full interior design and construction management service. Available for both large and small projects,  Mercer INTERIOR™  makes it a priority to understand their client’s wishes while creating a space that reflects their lifestyle. Enjoy as we take a stroll through some of their fabulous work!

Fire Place

A circular mirrors sits firmly on the mantel, reflecting all the richness of the room.

Living Room

The living room has a nice golden ceiling for all your elegant needs.


A modern kitchen with a shabby chic cabinet is given a unique twist.


Blue hues and and a cherry wood piano are given a pop of pattern with the cow hide seat.


This delicate kitchen features splashes of color that give it a refreshing atmosphere.


This cozy office is painted with the most brightest of colors.

If you enjoyed the works of mercer INTERIOR™ so far, go look at more on their profile page.




Luxury Miami Waterfront Condo by J Design Group

Located in Miami, J. Design Group has over 25 years of experience designing luxury homes, corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, and hospitality organizations. Regardless of what type of design project it is, J. Design Group first focuses on the key elements of the design space. Then works on creating a functional environment so each of the key elements optimizes the space but also balances with the client’s style aesthetic.

Take a look at this beautiful Miami waterfront condo designed by Jennifer Corredor from J. Design Group, that was also featured in JW Magazine. See how Jennifer transformed this 2,000 square foot vacation home  into a modern and minimalist getaway with gorgeous sub-tropical colors.

Green Apple and Wood Kitchen

The apple green stools contrast nicely against the rich wood surfaces of the kitchen island and cabinets. The kitchen also doubles as the dining room with the custom designed kitchen island with an attached table  for dining.

Red-Orange Living Room

The contemporary red and orange painting brings out the orange in the circular rug, making this neutral palette living room more colorful.

Lime Green Living Room

The lime green color of the wall stands out more vibrantly against the clean white walls and furnishings.

White and Red Bedroom

This modern and low bed is accented with touches of vivid red from the two pendant lights, swivel chair, and rug.

Red and White Wall Living Room

The plethora of varying textures from the candy apple red and white geometrical wall, quilted pattern of the pillows, and dripping shapes on the rug come together to create a bold and stylish living room.

Pistachio Balcony

The pale color of the pistachio bean bag chairs bring out the intricate weaving details on the black resin table.

Can you believe this amazing contemporary condo was designed in less than a year?! We can’t believe it either. To see more of J. Design Group’s work, explore their portfolio.


A Serene Country Getaway by McLean Quinlan Architecture

Fiona McLean, founder of McLean Quinlan, was born in Scotland and brought up in London.  After training in Edinburgh University she began her own successful practice: McLean Quinlan. This  London based architecture practice has grown leaps and bounds thanks to Fiona’s 20 years of experience, and exquisite attention to detail.  A member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and the Chartered Society of Designers, McLean Quinlan has purposefully remained small in order to focus on doing what they do best: transforming spaces with sustainability in mind.

Angela Pope, an established movie producer,  always had affection for the countryside.  After a long search for the perfect country retreat she found a on old farmhouse for sale. Despite the tragic state of the farmhouse the view was absolutely stunning and Angela could not pass up the opportunity to buy it.  After finalizing the sale she entrusted Fiona McLean to completely transform the farmhouse into a livable and modern space, while still keeping the wonderful elements of  the Devon countryside and reflecting the local building traditions.  Join us as we visit this serene country getaway with inside details by the owner and Fiona herself.

Architecture Interior Design Modern Rustic Country Home

The old farmhouse, which used to sit here, lives on by the intricate use of salvaged stone from the demolition.  Angela Pope was so impressed by the wonderful thick stones that she picked them, and cleaned them up herself.  Clear glass sliding doors go around the entire back of the house so it is easy to look out to the lovely garden and stone patio.

Architecture Interior Design Modern Rustic Country Home Living Room Decor

With the use of an open floor plan the only thing seperating the living room and the kitchen is an open ended wall with a cozy fireplace and chimney.  This house is meant to be an open and light space with a few great quality details and an understated style.  Fun artwork, and the wonderful red accent wall piece, add interest and engaging visual stimulation.

Architecture Interior Design Modern Rustic Country Home Master Bedroom Designs

This serene master bedroom has beautiful oversized windows that are a great source of natural light, and create the feeling of being surrounded by nature without any distractions.  Angela Pope’s favorite moments are waking up to the the sun shining on her pillow. Because of the inaccessibility of the house the the green oak frame that supports the roof had to be flown in via helicopter, how cool is that?

Architecture Interior Design Modern Rustic Country Home Stone Patio

This lovely stone patio is a great space for entertaining or simply for relaxing and soaking in all the beauty of this wondrous garden.  The garden wasn’t an easy project, but made the world of difference by complementing the house and its surroundings perfectly. The addition of these stunning bright orange and red flowers was brilliant.

Architecture Interior Design Modern Rustic Country Home Bathroom Design

This bathroom is a perfect example of the modern feel that resonates throughout the house. With sleek lines and minimal embellishments this is one relaxing bathroom.

Architecture Interior Design Modern Rustic Country Home View

This beautiful country home is hidden beneath a hill and only viewable to those with the address. The view down the valley is amazing according to Angela who says you can see the sun travel from right to left throughout the day until it finally sets.

This home is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and an oasis of tranquility and relaxation.  We hope you enjoyed the view and are feeling relaxed already! Don’t forget to check out more of McLean Quinlan’s amazing work.

Transitional South Florida Home by AC Builders

This neo-classical  6000 sq ft custom  plantation-style home with a whopping 5 bedrooms and 7 baths was built near Miami, Florida was built by Emilio Cubero from Artigues & Cubero Builders.  AC Builders are based out in Miami and they specialize in custom built homes.  AC Builders worked closely with architect, Raul Sotolongo from Sotolongo Salman Henderson Architects and with landscape architect, Phil Prellezo from Philcorp Landscape, to achieve the dreams of the homeowners.  The client preferred a stripped-down classicism, which required meticulous attention to detail. The result is a flawless, clean and beautiful construction.  The palette of white, black, and gray, and the natural materials like wood and stone give this home an unadorned classical aesthetic. It is a plantation house for today – no frills, just clean lines and simple details, but with the same elegance.

The project was photographed by Jessica Glynn for the builders’ portfolio and was featured in summer edition of Luxe South magazine.  The clients loved Jessica’s work that they brought her back to shoot the master bedroom and bathroom!

Front Exterior Florida Home

The front exterior exhibits the black and white color tones of the whole house with the pillars to keep the neo-classical sensibility.  On the front porch, a oak swing was built for the hot summer days.

Living Room Florida Home

The contemporary fireplace centers the living room, as the furnishing adds a classical twist to the contemporary home.

Modern Kitchen Florida Home

The black tiles mimic rustic bricks stripping down the classical look into a contemporary edge.  The white custom cabinetry contrast perfectly with the black accents.

Master Bedroom Florida Home

The contemporary straight lines echo throughout the  master bedroom.  The absence of black is replaced with gray tones adding soothing blend of texture.

Modern Dining Room Florida

The dining room is contrasted with a dark gray matte wall with an antique mirror creating a dramatic look.  The straight lines, the mix of Asian-inspired table and chairs with a white modern chair adds a nice transitional style.

Pool Side Cabana Florida Home

Perfect for a day by the pool, the cabana contains a small kitchen, a dining table, and a sitting area.  The beautiful vaulted ceiling is supported by industrial steel beams.

Piano Room Florida Home

The music room contains a gorgeous classical piano, while still playing to the theme of the black and white withwood tones to fill the decor.

Loggia Back Exterior Florida Home

The back exterior shows the continuation of the classical style.  The neo-classical loggia provides a shade for a pool side view and a balcony for a perfect view in the evening.

AC Builder brought a contemporary mix into the classical plantation in Florida.  You can see more designs by AC Builders here and look for more exciting photographs by Jessica Glynn.

Winning the Clarke's People's Choice Award by Westborough Design Center

The Westborough Design Center is a family-owned interior design firm located in Massachusetts.  Their specialty is kitchen and bathroom design but they are also well-versed in plumbing, carpentry, and much more.  With more than 30 years in the kitchen and bath industry, the firm’s president, Al Lizotte is also accompanied by his daughter, Claudette Andrew, who works as the company’s interior designer.  Claudette is often complimented on her amazing interior design works.  In 2011,  Westborough Design Center participated in the running for Clarke’s People’s Choice Award.  Some of the contest guidelines included using specific branded appliances. Westborough Design Center incorporated many Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances into the kitchen, including the BI-36U/O Sub-Zero refrigerator and the CTEIH42I Wolf ventilation hood.  The firm blended the contemporary appliances with traditional custom cabinets resulting in a transitional style kitchen. The award was given to the winner that received the most online votes for having the best kitchen.  The Westborough Design Center successfully achieved the highest number of votes, confirming their gorgeous design.  Along with the award, the firm was also award a monetary prize.

Take a look for yourself at the award winning kitchen!

Award Winning Kitchen

The bright windows and the white paint creates a magnificent glow.

Side View of Kitchen

The Sub-Zero fridge fits ideally while the Wolf ventilation hood stands firm over the kitchen island.

Center of Kitchen

This transitional kitchen contains traditional-styled cabinets tat are balanced by contemporary stainless steel appliances.

A hutch piece

Cabinet lighting provides both ambiance and task uses.

Kitchen Counter

The granite counter and the chrome faucet perfectly complement each other on the island table.

  If you enjoyed the award-winning kitchen, be sure to go see more of their great work on their profile page!

Ultimate Masterpiece of Minimalist Design by (m) + Charles Beach INTERIORS

When Boston Based Interior Designer (m) + Charles Beach INTERIORS was first contacted to create the ultimate “masterpiece of minimalist design” for a client that wanted a clean design with strong colors to contrast with other design ideas he had in mind, the firm was instantly hired to take on this 640 square foot condominium challenge. The (m) + Charles Beach INTERIORS design firm is known for its bold, fresh, and creative designs, and this former Jamaica Plain High School classroom-sized-space was just the right project for their creativity to shine through. They started off with initial sketches, diagrams, handwritten material, and 3D renderings until they were finally able to come up with their final product. Take a look at (m) + Charles Beach INTERIORS’ completed project, one that truly deserves the title of  “masterpiece of minimalist design.”

R Residence

The designers at (m) + Charles Beach INTERIORS were cautious in their designing to avoid simply cramming a bunch of different design elements into this small urban space. They wanted a judicious, yet tasteful design that their client could enjoy aesthetically and reside in comfortably.

R Residence

Thanks to minimal ornamentation and a tall ceiling, (m) + Charles Beach INTERIORS was able to make this 640 square feet residence seem a lot more spacious than its size dimensions would seem to have allowed.

R Residence

Check out how strong colors, per the clients request, were integrated into this room. Matching the rug with the wall art was a brilliant idea for creating a contrast to the rest of the room while staying unified. Bold yellow pillows were a great addition to include the darker color of the couches with the rest of the room’s color scheme.

R Residence

This simple bedroom, yet bold and exuberant, definitely demonstrates minimalist design at its finest. The warm tones of the wall art and bed sheets create warmth to this gray-toned room.

R Residence

Here’s an aerial image of the original 3D rendering of the condominium. Check out how strikingly similar (m) + Charles Beach INTERIORS’ finished project was with its original design plan. After all, bringing creative interior visions to life is what this design firm is all for!

To see more of (m) Charles Beach INTERIORS’ creative and bold designs, visit their portfolio!

How did you like this tour of (m) Charles Beach INTERIORS’ R Residence? Let us know what your favorite part about this residence was and don’t forget to check out more of Design Shuffle’s living room designs, where you’ll find endless amounts of design inspiration!

Modern Masculine Home by Design Theory Interiors

Design Theory Interiors, led by president Jamie R. Kerns, is a nationally recognized interior design firm. By drawing on their 20 years of design experience, Design Theory Interiors fulfills the goals and visions of each design project with client-driven approaches to transform conceptual designs into a reality. Design Theory Interiors offers their hospitality and residential interior design services in their Atlanta, Georgia and Toronto, Ontario offices.

The American Society of Interior Designers has recognized the registered interior designers of Design Theory Interiors for their design excellence. Design Theory Interiors’ work has been featured in publications such as Naples Illustrated, Club Management Magazine, Jezebel Magazine, Central & Northern Florida Real Estate & Construction Review. As well as an appearance in the Master Suites Series by Comcast on Demand.

This modern home was designed for a single father with a strenuous traveling schedule, who needed his home to be a place to land, unwind, and regroup between business trips. Design Theory Interiors provided an organized, soothing environment to match his modern and fashion forward style with the usage of transitional pieces and mid-century highlights, with warm earthy colors to softened the overall effect.

Dining Room Turned Office
This dining room intended space became a home office with a wood Live Edge desk that could also serve as a dining table. The custom designed shelving behind the desk was also custom designed to provide tidy storage that is both functional and visually striking.

Master Bedroom
The chrome finish of the hanging light fixture adds a nice subtle touch to the masculine ambiance to the master bedroom, already evoked by the sleek leather surfaces of the furniture.

Master Sitting Room
In the master sitting room, the buff tan color of the mantel makes the vivid blue color of the walls more intense. The African folk sculptures and art makes the space more personal and contemporary.

Family Room
The muted and natural earth tones of brown, orange, and green makes this the room’s atmosphere mellow and peaceful. The length of the pistachio colored curtains elongates the height of this two-story family room.

Mid-Century Modern
By placing the mid-century modern furniture intimately close to the earthy home accessories, its creates a more personal surrounding to the room.

What did you think of this modern and masculine designed home? Share your thoughts in the comment section. To see more of Design Theory Interiors’ work, explore their portfolio.