Timeless, Sophisticated and Modern Interior Designs by Meridith Baer Home

For the past 15 years, Meridith Baer Home has been transforming dream homes from fantasy to reality by taking into account the stories of their clients’ lives. Founder of Meridith Baer Homes and a Los Angeles based interior designer, Meridith Baer also specializes in home staging and event interiors, including some projects for celebrities and billionaires. Meridith Baer Home’s work has been featured on notable publications such as New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, and New York Times. As well as appearing on Home and Garden Television, ABC, NBC, and the Discovery Channel.

Find inspiration for your home’s next makeover or upcoming design project with these modern interior designs by the creative minds at Meridith Baer Home.

Modern Architecture and Living Room

The clean architectural lines of this living room brings attention to the simplicity of sofas and coffee table.

Rustic and Modern Living Room

The combination of modern chairs and side table mix well with the rustic wood ceiling and textured brick wall to create a cultural appeal.

Modern Living Room

The color palette of this living room is kept neutral to maintain a subtle modern and welcoming ambiance.

Modern Living Room

The texture of the rug, the sleek surface of the leather chairs, and the intricate detail of the mirrors balance each other to create a perfectly modern-styled room.

Modern and Organic Bedroom

The wood bed frame and hardwood floor introduces an organic aspect to a modern-styled bedroom.

Modern Dining Room

The industrial pendant lights are a wonderful addition to this modern dining room.

Which of these modern interior designs were your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. To see more brilliant interior designs from Meridith Baer Home, have a look at their portfolio here.

Industrial Meets Vintage in this Stunning Office Space by Interior Motives

Las Vegas interior designer Alice Roussos established Interior Motives in 1987. With many years of experience and multiple awards and recognition, Interior Motives has been able to successfully satisfy client needs and is dedicated to creating inspirational and creative interiors.

We are pleased to showcase one of our favorite designs by Interior Motives. This beautiful commercial real estate brokerage company is owned by Las Vegas natives who are inspired by their everyday surroundings. Interior Motives was given the challenge of making multiple styles and colors mesh well: Industrial, Mid-Century Modern,  Orange, and Vintage. The end result was one that creatively combined the client’s requests yet revealed the artistic abilities of Alice. Join us as we tour this stunning company and learn some interesting info from Alice herself!

Industrial Interior Design Mid Century Modern Vintage Office Space

Fun fact: the orange and brown striped sofa that is in the lounge was in the owners living room growing up.  There is a framed photo on the end table of him and his mom sitting on the same sofa in the seventies – his young employees tease him about his “hippie” hair. The retro looking fridge is actually brand new and modern on the inside.

Industrial Interior Design Mid Century Modern Vintage Office Space

The owners passion for airplanes and flying is beautifully represented in this great desk which they call the “Aviator Wing” desk.

Industrial Interior Design Mid Century Modern Vintage Office Space

The client also owns an airplane and the airplane photo in his office is actually a photo of his plane that we took and had blown up and printed on a piece of aluminum.

Industrial Interior Design Mid Century Modern Vintage Office Space

The mail area provides a perfect spot to go when coming in to gather your mail or heading out to a project with keys and brochures. Instead of having normal “in” boxes I bought actual mailboxes and we cut them in half – it turned out really cute.

Industrial Interior Design Mid Century Modern Vintage Office Space

As the  owner and his family are native Las Vegans, we also had photos of “Old Vegas” blown up, printed on canvas and used as art.

Industrial Interior Design Mid Century Modern Vintage Office Space

This stunning all white contemporary conference room has various eye-catching details like the white painted brick wall, tree trunk coffee table base, and fun lighting.

We hope you enjoyed the tour of this amazing office space, which one of these wonderful rooms was your favorite? Make sure to tell us below and don’t forget to check out more of Interior Motives. If you love their creativity, you’ll enjoy browsing all they have to offer in their shop!

Innovative Metal Canopy Home in Texas by Wright Built

Wright Built created this lovely home in Hawkins, Texas, a lakeside community near Dallas. The main attraction for the home is the 60×80 feet metal roof canopy. Underneath this metal canopy is over 2,000 square feet of living space which includes 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The large canopy allows for a cross flow of air between the roof and the building. On a great eco-friendly note, most of the home contains reclaimed materials from old barns and buildings to give it a vintage rustic feel. Outdoor living, efficient, livable were constant inspiration for Wright built, and of course FUN!

Rustic Contemporary Home by Wright Build

A great view of the metal canopy surrounds the home adding a wonderful cover for the patio areas.

Outdoor Bar Area by Wright Built

This is a splendid bar area with an outdoor pool table.  The red pool table accents the red window sills, while complementing the rustic wood.

Outdoor Pool Area by Wright Built

The water pump piece adds a unique rustic touch to the pool area.

Rustic Contemporary Bathroom by Wright Built

An interesting blend of modern and rustic-worn accents make this bathroom cohesive with the rest of the home. We love the the neon arrow!

Bookcase Door by Wright Built

An innovative idea to use an old bookcase as a door adds a creative vintage look. The metal egg basket lights add to the theme of the home.

Rustic Contemporary Kitchen by Wright Built

Natural light pours in through the large windows and the garage door to the living room.  The barrel vaulted ceiling adds a different dimension to the living room.

Contemporary Kitchen Tabletop by Wright Built

The rustic contemporary kitchen is mixed with earthly tones of metal and wood.  The large window allows for easy access to the bar area.

Exterior View Canopy Home by Wright Built

By closely examining the metal canopy, you can see the gap between the actual home and the roof.  This allows for an airway to keep the temperature down on hot days.

Erin Wright, owner of Wright-built, describes this home as a “non traditional house full of character and charm,”and I couldn’t agree more!  What do you think of this non-traditional, charming home?  Leave a comment below and check out more photos of this lovely home here.

Sumptuous Danville Residence by Michael Trahan

San Francisco interior design firm, Michael Trahan Interior Design, uses various textures, rich fabrics, and natural products for their clients. With loyal clientele, Michael has been able to establish a name for himself. Clients know they that Michael will stay within budget while still creating a fantastic design. It is evident in his work that Michael is truly a one-of-a-kind designer with an eye for mixing elements, patterns, and colors to establish a creative and refreshing look. Enjoy Michael’s Danville Residence!

Family Room

The spacious family room is centered with a dim-lit chandelier.

Dining Room

Hues of yellow and orange are blended artistically in this room.

Living Room

This living room's design is symmetrical with a pair of identical couches and a pair of lamps on each side.


Contrasting colors create a vibrant atmosphere.

Family Room to Kitchen

The kitchen is elegant with its smooth wood cabinets and stainless-steel refrigerator.

Piano Breakfast Room

Strong elements are present with wood accents, shutters, unique wall art, and enlightening spotlights.

If you enjoyed these samples, there is more to see on his portfolio page.

Mid-Century Modern Elegance by Jamie Bush & Co.

Located in the luscious foothills of Sierra Madre, this elegant residence in La Canada Flintridge is home to a beautiful mesh of mid-century and modern style designs.  Designed by the widely admired Los Angeles Interior Designer, Jamie Bush of Jamie Bush & Co., this home takes wooden elements so evident in mid-century style designs, and incorporates them with a colorful modern eclectic twist. You’ll see how the lovely textures of Jamie Bush’s incorporated natural components intermix with the beautiful neutral color palettes, while colorful home decor and accessories present a sharp, eye-catching contrast in perfect precision. With pops of color strategically placed throughout various spaces of the home, expect some alluring surprises below!

La Canada Residence

Here’s an enticing glance at the various rooms in this home. Working from the exterior in, Jamie Bush’s stunning design creates one cohesive blend of natural textures and colors seen in both the inside and outside of the residence.

La Canada Residence

No matter the season, snuggle up close with your loved ones in this modern, but cozy family area. Complete with a subtle fireplace for chilly winters and large glass windows to invite inside the nice summer-time weather, this beautiful space is the perfect place to host family-bonding time all year-round!

La Canada Residence

Just one of the many creative spaces throughout the home where Jamie Bush & Co. incorporates mid-century style into a modern design highlighted with stylish eclectic patterns. We love how colors replace the need for heavy embellishments in this room!

La Canada Residence

This is the perfect spot for friends and family to laugh over a little afternoon snack. With sunlight-inviting windows and a large open space, hours passing in this room would be spent comfortably!

La Canada Residence

With such a sleek and stylish kitchen design, who wouldn’t want to be the head chef of this home?

La Canada Residence

Escape from the all the stress and business of the work week in this relaxing study space. After all, everyone needs a place for their hearts and minds to rest and rejuvenate after a long tiring week.

La Canada Residence

With a beautiful open fire place, a cozy comfortable chair, and a warm fuzzy rug in this lovely spot, staying home all day would be both easy and relaxing!

La Canada Residence

A bright and airy master bedroom complete with mid-century style walls and colorful modern home decor throughout this spacious room!

La Canada Residence

Relax in Jamie Bush & Co.’s backyard-resort design – complete with a sleek modern pool and surrounded by nature, this La Canada Mid-Century Residence has definitely succeeded in building the home from the outdoor – in.

For more fabulous modern works by Jamie Bush & Co., check out their portfolio!

What do you think of Jamie Bush & Co.’s take on a mid-century modern style? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out Design Shuffle for endless amounts of bedroom and living room design inspiration!

Stunningly Sleek and Modern New Jersey Home by Vanessa DeLeon Associates

Twelve years ago, Vanessa DeLeon founded Vanessa DeLeon Associates, a design service for high-end residential and commercial interiors. Based out of New Jersey and New York City, Vanessa DeLeon Associates has a strong commitment to serving their clients with high quality work from design concept to completion.

Vanessa DeLeon Associates has been featured in countless notable publications, such as The Nest Magazine, New York Spaces, DesignNJ, Luxury Home Quarterly, SOMA, and many others. Interior designer Vanessa DeLeon has also been on hit shows like “Restaurant Impossible”, “Design Star”, and the host of “Your Place is a Deal Breaker”.

Take a look at this gorgeous sleek and modern Edgewater, New Jersey home. The mix of color with grays and neutrals along with creative use of patterns makes this home one to remember. Enjoy!

Modern Living Room
The vibrant blue of the living room wall makes the wall decor more prominent and adds a touch of color to the neutral colors of the room’s furnishings.

Modern Kitchen
No modern home is complete without a sleek chrome and wood-finished kitchen, with a kitchen island that also serves as a small bar counter.

Modern Dining Room
The whimsical pendant lights and cream chairs evoke a sense of elegance to this marvelous hardwood dining room.

Modern Backyard
The simplicity of the patio furnishing contrast nicely against the taupe and gray brick of this backyard oasis.

Modern Closet
The patterned ceiling and detailed floor rug creates the illusion of a more elongated closet space.

Modern Master Bedroom
The texture of the rug and patterned tile wall helps to add depth to this neutral and modern master bedroom.

Vanessa DeLeon Associates exceeded their client’s expectations, and it was no wonder they were ecstatic with the outcome of their home. Let us know which of these designs were you favorite in the comments section below. To see more of Vanessa DeLeon Associates’ exquisite interior designs, have a look at their portfolio here.

Stunning One of a Kind Living Rooms by Judith Balis Interiors

Judith Balis Interiors has been hard at work for the past 8 years creating stunning individualized living rooms for their clients. Judith is a Boise, Idaho-based Interior decorator who serves clients from Idaho all the way to New York. She believes that despite people’s budgets “EVERYONE deserves to live beautifully” and it is this same attitude that has won her the praise of her clients and fellow peers. Many online publications have featured her beautiful work, and her rooms have also been featured as “inspiration rooms” for national products such as Kirei Boards and Murals Your Way. She was also a winner in an episode of HGTV’s Show House/Show Down.

Each one of her rooms is not only beautifully decorated, but tell a story about their owners anfd their lifestyles. She has a knack for mixing the old with the new and making them feel like “new found treasures,” in a way she makes it possible to create completely redesigned rooms with a large range of budgets. Enjoy!

Interior Design Home Decor Judith Balis Interiors Living Rooms Eclectic Style

This elegant living room gets a bold makeover with hot pink Victorian style chairs, a black and white striped upholstered couch, and teal walls.

Interior Design Home Decor Judith Balis Interiors Living Rooms

The true definition of Country Chic. A cozy and luxurious spot to lounge in next to a beautiful fireplace.

Interior Design Home Decor Judith Balis Interiors Living Rooms

This design a winner in Show House/Show Down, and it comes as no surprise. There are so many intricate details in this wonderful space such as:  the chevron painted fireplace, the beautiful printed throws, the geometric rug, and lets not forget the deer antlers.

Interior Design Home Decor Judith Balis Interiors Living Rooms

Stylish white accents and small striped navy couches give this living room a Hamptons feel. The large windows are also a great addition to the space by creating radiant natural light and providing a stunning view as well.

Interior Design Home Decor Judith Balis Interiors Living Rooms

Sometimes the difference between good and great design can come down to the accessories. These beautiful lamps are such a great way of adding visual interest to a room, without overpowering the space.

Interior Design Home Decor Judith Balis Interiors Living Rooms

Like all of Judith’s rooms, this living room has some of the coolest details. The brick wall lends itself for a more industrial feel. Great steel pieces and crates stacked up to create a faux TV console also create a unique industrial vibe.

We hope you enjoy everyone of these unique living rooms as much as we did. Which one of these individualized spaces is your favorite. Comment below and don’t forget to check out the rest of Judith Balis Interiors portfolio and her amazing online shop!

Vibrant Atlanta Symphony Show House by Meg Adams Interior Design

Meg Adams Interior Design, founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002, wanted a more personal, hands-on approach to the clients’ homes. With a belief that the client should have the interior of their dreams, Meg Adams Interior Design guides them there with quality control. Meg Adams Interior Design believe that interior design is so much more than just picking out fabrics. It is the definition of lifestyle and they want to be a part of that. They are not just designing homes but building relationships and listening to their clients’ preference. “Design trends come and go but the core pieces should always be clean and timeless.”

Meg Adams was one of the few designers to be selected to design the Atlanta Symphony Show House as a fundraising event in 2010 and 2011.  Her elegant contemporary designs upgrades the classical look to a more transitional feel. The vibrant yellows with contemporary pieces that appear effortless in form.

Atlanta Contemporary Sitting Area by Meg Adams

Striped yellow unifies the modern and classical pieces in the master bedroom's sitting area.

Atlanta Contemporary Master Bedroom by Meg Adams

The translucent writing desk accentuates the contemporary design and the rustic wood.

Atlanta Contemporary Dresser by Meg Adams

Matching floral curtains and pillows accent the classical dresser.

Atlanta Contemporary Master Bathroom by Meg Adams

The natural light allows the neutral tones to shine within the bathroom.

Atlanta Contemporary Vanity Dresser by Meg Adams

This beautiful classic vanity dresser is the centerpiece for the transitional room.

Atlanta Contemporary Dining Room by Meg Adams

The eclectic gorgeous chandelier hangs above the marble table, allowing for a creative contrast.

The beautiful Atlanta Symphony Show House features some classic to contemporary works. Meg Adams’ designs allow for a great ease in form, which is clean and timeless. What do you think of the contemporary design? Leave a comment and discover more of Meg Adams’ portfolio here.

The Classy Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Antonio by Altus Design Studio

Altus Design Studio, a Dallas interior firm, began in 2009 by Bethany Lewis. A graduate of Abilene Christian University with a B.S. in Interior Design, Bethany has flourished in what she loves, winning the 2008 ASID Legacy of Design Award and the 2005 NAHB Best in Interior Design.  She has designed in many well-known locations such as the Sheraton, Remington Hotels, and the MGM City Center.  The dignifying key to Altus Design Studio is their ability to mold to their client’s needs and design in various styles.

The work done in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Antonio is one that is sure to catch your eye.  The goal of this project was to create a design that blended in with the regional style of San Antonio.  Altus Design Studio was asked to renovate the restaurant, bar, and lobby inside of this hotel. Under a limited budget, it is evident that Altus was able to exceed expectations.

Lobby Area

The chandelier glimmers brightly and vibrantly above the lobby area.


The dim lights around the bar counter sets the tone for a relaxing night.

Front Desk

The front desk is adorned with wood and natural plants to give it a calming ambiance.

Side of Dining Area

Color contrasting adds excitement to this side of the dining room.


The wall of the lobby area perfectly captures the San Antonio regional style.

Dining Area

Neutral hues with various splash of color give the seating area a refreshing feel.

If you enjoyed these, there’s more to see on Altus Design Studio’s portfolio page.


A Luxurious 365 Day Oceanside Escape

Michael Wolk, founder and director of Miami based interior design firm,  Michael Wolk Design Associates, founded this successful company back in 1971 upon one philosophy– “Making Design Matter.” For decades, Michael Wolk and his design team have continually turned brilliant ideas into extraordinary creations promising both form and functionality. As reflected in his designs, Michael Wolk has greatly influenced his firm into putting passion into every design project they are assigned. Without fail, here is just one of Michael Wolk’s amazing works–the Dezer Residence. Capturing views of the beautiful Sunny Isles ocean-front, this extraordinary 8,000 square feet masterpiece truly reflects Michael Wolk Design Associates’ passion and love for design in each and every room of this home.

Dezer Residence

This spacious two story foyer welcomes each and every guest with a gorgeous panoramic view of the ocean-front just below a brilliant Matrix-inspired glass walkway.

Dezer Residence

A capacious seating area to admire the beautiful view of Sunny Isles’ beach front.

Dezer Residence

An impressive kitchen design featuring frosted counter tops surrounding the kitchen island and stylish, storage-efficient kitchen cabinets.

Dezer Residence

Check out this fun and chic design Michael Wolk and his design associates came up with for the dining room! With an elegant view of the beautiful beach, every meal eaten in this dining area is anything but ordinary! And here’s a fun fact: The ceiling was actually inspired by Swiss Cheese!

Dezer Residence

This grand contemporary double-helix-staircase features the use of wooden clad treads and a stylish steel railing.

Dezer Residence

This stunning bedroom boasts of a free-floating bed complete with a pop-up television in the footboard. What a relaxing bedroom to come home to every evening!

Dezer Residence

Have your own daily escape inside this luxurious master bathroom. Treat yourself to a refreshing rain-bath or a relaxing spa night while you catch up on your favorite television shows!

Dezer Residence

This modern egg-shaped bathroom reflects Michael Wolk Design Associates’ creativity! The round yellow rug completes this egg-inspired guest bathroom’s look!

Dezer Residence

Lastly, Michael Wolk Design Associates’ designed this private beach-side get-away resort at the comfort of the client’s own home! Relax in the refreshing zero-edged pool and take an evening stroll right along the ocean side!

Want to see more brilliant designs by Michael Wolk Design Associates? Check out their portfolio of works!

Which room of the Dezer Residence did you love most? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out Design Shuffle where you’ll find endless amounts of living room and bathroom design ideas!