Stylish Properhair Salon in Newport Beach by Cole Barnett Interiors

The passion for design that Cole Barnett has is easily seen. Studying in Architectural Interior Design and Fine Art, Cole’s deep love for fashion and design all play into her use of clean lines, organic textures, earth tones and much more. She has a unique way of blending contemporary pieces tp conform to her client’s personal style and taste. Cole Barnett Interior Design is definitely caught our attention with her stunning hair salon she uploaded. We are most often used to the typical salon design, but Cole Barnett exceeded expectations with the Properhair Salon in Newport Beach which features unique textures of fur, patterns, florals, and even netting.

The entrance of the salon makes huge impact with various textures.

Leather salon chairs and spotlight recessed lighting highlight in all the right places.

Unique artwork inhibiting innovation in the salon are hung around the design.

Bright colors and patterns give the salon an eclectic feel.

Wood furnishings in the salon along with innovative artwork and fantastic lighting surround the work stations.

Cole Barnett did an amazing job at completely transforming a typical salon into a true experience that client’s can enjoy and want to return. Make sure you check out more of Cole’s beautiful work on their portfolio here!

Natural Neutral Elements Flourish in Desert Ridge Home by J&J Design

Teaming up as J & J Design Group, Jennifer and Joanna share their love for design yet bring a unique individual perspective. Jennifer’s creativity stems from her love of the outdoors as she enjoys incorporating nature’s elements into designs. Joanna is all about bold patterns and architectural detailing. Creative herself, Joanna is great at turning her ideas into reality.

The design below accurately depicts how these two personalities combined to create a beautiful modern home in Desert Ridge, Arizona. Neutral elements paired with modern decorative accents give this home a comforting yet luxurious ambiance.

Perfect symmetry is seen within this living room design with the pairing of wall sconces and furniture.

Characteristic of the firm, natural dried elements make beautiful accents for this kitchen.

Cherry wood cabinetry along with cream chairs and industrial pendants combine to create an ideal contrast.

Bold curtains, pillows, and driftwood showcase the warm palette.

Cohesive with the rest of the home, the dining room is alive with patterns and art.

For a more relaxing feel, the bedroom flourishes with blue and stripes

We hope you enjoyed J& J Design’s work as much as we did! There is more from where this came from, right here in their portfolio! You’ll find more of their stunning work, each unique, but true to J&J Design.

Refreshing Contemporary Hermosa Beach Design by Shryne Design

It is hard to find a location more relaxing than the beach. Add a home on the beach, and it is near paradise. Shanna of Shyrne Design had the benefit of designing this dream beach home filled with contemporary and unique elements.  Centered in the midst of Hermosa Beach, CA,  the light color scheme and eclectic accent pieces surround the home with comfort and style. Dive with us into this stunning home and be sure to check out the rest of the portfolio as there is more to see!

Doubling as an entryway, the winding staircase and view into the kitchen is utterly refreshing.

A patterned rug pairs nicely with the gray furniture.

Two pendants hanging over this serene bedroom create complete relaxation.

Featuring a modern twist, this bathroom flourishes with wood accents.

Creative wall decor doubles as storage in this bright and refreshing space.

A beach home is not complete without ample space for body suits and surfboards.

We absolutely loved this beach home and Shryne Design’s style. You will definitely want to check out more of their work here!

A Modern Industrial Beacon Hill Residence by Bunker Workshop

Boston interior design firm Bunker Workshop was born in 2009 as a way for people to bring their ideal haven to life. Close in proximity to Bunker Hill, this Charlestown firm aims to design a bunker, that is, “a personal place that one creates in order to escape from the chaos of outside forces,” for each of their clients. Led by Chris Greenawalt, Bunker Workshop has been featured in various print and electronic publications throughout the years – including Dwell and Boston Home Magazine.

One of the firm’s recent works fuses modern and industrial elements in a late 19th century setting. Explore this renovated Beacon Hill home, a space with wood, steel, and brick textures that add a vintage feel to modern cabinetry and furnishings. Start your tour here:

Bunker Workshop Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen and dining room area mixes modern sophistication with a touch of industrial flair.
Brick, wood, and smooth surfaces add visual interest to this space.

Bunker Workshop Kitchen Island

Neutral white walls, eclectic wall art, and vivid orange chairs give this kitchen island a mod, mid-century feel.

Bunker Workshop Bathroom

Organic with a minimalist touch, this natural bathroom area exudes a comfortable ambiance,
courtesy of wicker baskets, and wooden floors and countertops.

Bunker Workshop Shower

This clean shower design features sparkling white tiles and glass doors.
Fill the shelves with soap and shampoo for a unexpected pop of color.

Bunker Workshop Bathroom

Perfect for wardrobe fittings, this full-sized mirror provides the bathroom with the illusion of space.

Bunker Workshop Bathroom and Bedroom

A narrow hallway space leads to a bedroom designed with wood and white details.
The bedsheets and pillows add a rustic-vintage texture to the otherwise modern space.

Bunker Workshop Master Bedroom

Bountiful patterns and textures give this white bedroom another unique dimension.

Bunker Workshop Foyer Stair

A carefree winding staircase is surrounded by joyous teal birds and a leafy pendant light.
The colorful Southwestern rug is a cheerful addition to the room.

Love the work of Bunker Workshop? Explore more of their portfolio here


Luxurious Spacious Contemporary Haven in Austin, Texas by Paula Ables Interiors

If you’ve ever wondered what your dream home would look like, this one could be it! Paula Ables Interiors from Austin,Texas is head by Paula herself who has over 14 years of residential and commercial design experience. Pursuing a Registration for Architecture in Texas, Paula’s ambitious nature is present in her work.

This particular project is a contemporary dream. Paula’s client’s were newlyweds who were looking to start a family. This home oozes comfort yet style. Effortlessly blended together, Paula created a haven ideal for a family.

The exterior of this home features a large pool and brick accents.

This outdoor patio with a fireplace increases the comfort of the area.

Neutral colors with various accents of wood and brick combine to create a luxurious yet calming living room.

3 pendants hang over the spacey kitchen island while stainless steel appliances and wood surround the area.

An Eames chair and abstract wall art give this room a unique vibe.

An uncluttered bedroom utilizing light hues and accent lighting.

Surrounded by marble, this spacious bathroom highlights a tub/shower and extra vanity space.

For  a newlywed couple (or just about anyone!) this home is a complete dream. Paula Ables Interiors artistically designed to her client’s needs and created a spacious and luxurious home. Now that you’ve seen this, you’ll definitely want to check out more of Paula’s work here on her portfolio!

A Contemporary Gem Renovation by SGH Designs Inc.

SGH Interior Design is a unique combo of husband and wife who met over a project 3 decades ago and have teamed up to share both their life and passion for design. Stephen & Gail Huberman have been designing together for 35 years and has spanned various design styles. Stephen’s background in Interior Design as well as theater and stage design combined with Gail’s extensive knowledge of art from Adelphi University. Their work spans from the Oheka castle, 15 showrooms, and various stores. Their work has been featured in House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Design Times and many others that showcase what these team is capable of.

We are pleased to feature Stephen and Gail’s work on this beautiful contemporary design. This was a 2-year project that included renovations.

This entryway features distinct modern accents that encompass then entire style of the home.

A gray palette paired with wood furnishings provide a unique oasis.

This contemporary bedroom features calming hues of gray and browns that create the ideal resting place.

Neutrals enhance this living room as well as the artwork and lighting.

Another look at this space shows the animal print seating and patterned rug that give a modern vibe.

A breakfast nook makes a perfect gathering spot for the family.

We just love what was done with this home and believe it truly exemplifies what SGH Designs is capable of. This contemporary home is given both an upbeat feel while still maintaining and welcoming and inviting environment. Be sure to check out the other fantastic work by SGH Designs.



Award Winning HGTV Showcase by Nile Johnson Interior Design

Known for their original, timeless style, Philadelphia interior design firm Nile Johnson Interior Design was invited to collaborate with The Commonwealth Group and Montchanin Builders of Wilmington to revitalize a Delaware neighborhood. The Darley Green development was designed to give a new vision to the neighborhood that exuded quality and value. As part of HGTV’s Showhouse Showdown, Principal Nile Johnson competed with other designers to create a model home that would appeal to its unique demographic consisting of first-time home buyers, professional couples, families, and retirees who desire a community.

Nile Johnson Interior Design faced the unique challenge of appealing to different kinds of buyers, while creating designs within a space constraint. He kept the client’s entertaining, comfort, and convenience needs in mind as he designed, giving each multi-functional space a warm ambiance.

In the end, the developers’ client base chose Nile Johnson Interior Design to be the winner of the HGTV Showdown. We congratulate Nile and his team on their stunning work, which can be seen below! Get inspired with the sumptuous details of this elegant design:

Delaware HGTV Showcase by Nile Johnson Interior Design

This space was initially going to be the family room as it features great open space. As it is adjacent to the kitchen, it was later chosen to be the dining room.  The farmhouse-styled table lengthens the space while the tall settee’s give vertical elongation/ The chosen rug is a unique blend of high luxury and casual style.

Delaware HGTV Showcase by Nile Johnson Interior Design

Primarily, the space was intended to be a breakfast nook but was instead created to be a sun room with custom furnishings. With plenty of windows, this space is refreshing and full of light. Window treatments and a sectional rug increase the space and make it an idea relaxation escape.

Delaware HGTV Showcase by Nile Johnson Interior Design

Small but functional, this space gives a foreshadowing of the rest of the home. Equipped with a console desk, high back chair and patterned wall art, this space is a location made for a quick mail read or note taking.

Delaware HGTV Showcase by Nile Johnson Interior Design

A whimsical, yet slightly casual wallpaper lines the inside of this powder room. A non-traditional mirror has a water droplet-like effect, enhancing the standard pedestal sink below.

Delaware HGTV Showcase by Nile Johnson Interior Design

The unique thing about the kitchen is that it is visible from every viewpoint on the first floor. Granite counter tops and beautiful illuminating pendants provide the perfect atmosphere for this center stage kitchen.

Delaware HGTV Showcase by Nile Johnson Interior Design

A bird’s eye view gives us a different look of the cabinetry and crown molding. The molding draws attention to the the ceiling. The kitchen island stands as a focal point ideal for quick dining and cooking.

Delaware HGTV Showcase by Nile Johnson Interior Design

Ample seating and space make this an ideal entertaining location. Simplicity and neutral colors widen the area.

Delaware HGTV Showcase by Nile Johnson Interior Design

Another view of the room displays why this room is central to the home. Ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. Various seat furnishings and media console make it a unique area.

After the show, viewers and visitors to the Darley Green residence congratulated Nile for his win and said he inspired them to incorporate design elements he used into their own homes. The Darley Green sales office also relayed that Nile’s designed unit moved several buyers to ask for more information about the Darley Green community home. What’s most touching is that Nile’s work potentially inspired millions to “Live Beautifully” by design!

For more gorgeous rooms, walk through more of the firm’s exquisite portfolio here!

Classic Sophistication Arises through Duncan Hughes Interior Design

Duncan Hughes Interior is a Boston-based award-winning interior design firm with forward thinking that conforms to the needs and wants of the client, regardless of their design preference. Often considered elegant, sophisticated, yet comfortable, Duncan is a part of every step of the design process. With formal training in architecture, Duncan launched his own firm in 2003. With an impressive scope of projects ranging through the Boston area, Newport, New York City, Utah, and Los Angeles, Hughes has hit the major cities with force and displayed his designs.

We’re pleased to have Duncan on our blog today to showcase some of our favorite work of his. We love how he meticulously and what seems to be effortless, combines styles to provide an elegant yet warming environment.

Neutrals are given an uplift with uniquely arranged artwork and patterned accents.

This entryway features just enough color to make sophisticated yet fun.

Lavender seating paired with a glamorous chandelier exudes a luxurious yet relaxing ambiance.

Bursts of red against the white slate give a refreshing vibe.

Contemporary rustic never looked so good with just the right amount of color integration.

This outdoor lounge flourishes with vibrancy and relaxation with light colored hues of orange and blue.

An ideal place to cool, clear space and clean slates give this kitchen an upscale dimension.

We hope you enjoyed Duncan Hughes work as much as we did! Be sure to stop by his portfolio to see more of what we didn’t show you here.

Distinct Sophistication by Sync Interior Design

Established in 2003, Sync Interior Design ensures that each design is personalized by the client and their vision. Project concepts are the first and most vital step of any design. For Sync Design, these concepts come directly from the client. Kim ensures that she asks the right questions that will guide both herself and the client towards solutions to the design. Regardless of the direction, Kim’s goal is to ensure that the client is moving forward.

Relax and enjoy these stunning designs by Sync Design that truly exemplify their ability to tap into their client’s needs.

Color is king in this stunning living room design where navy and creme molding pair to create a distinct contrast.

Modern and rustic instances flourish in this design. Dark paint still allows for an airy feel.

Neutral accents and airy light curtains allow for the natural light to fill the environment.

Simple elegant space for enjoying conversation.

Dark wood furnishings provide a rich and elegant feel.

It is evident that each project is truly an extension of the client and who they are, a sanctuary that brings them pleasure and peace. We hope you enjoyed the undeniably fabulous work of Sync Design as much as we did! Be sure to head on over to their portfolio to see more of what they have to offer!

Cutting-Edge Eco-Friendly Design in Athens, Georgia

As summer has passed us, some of us are still experiencing some warm weather! We couldn’t pass up this stunning Pool House that instantly caught our attention. Designed by Musso Design Group, this Athens, Georgia pool house is a sight to see. The challenge was to create a very spacious pool house located on a 63-acre property. Pool houses come in various looks and styles, but this particular pool oasis needed to feature cutting edge environmental building and design. From the lounging space with eco-friendly design, the geothermal pool heating, to “green” rooftop covered in native plants, this pool house much more than meets the eye. Dive into this one-of-a-kind design by Musso Design Group and see why they have been continually praised for their fantastic work.

An exterior look at this pool house brings cutting-edge design to a new level.

Lounge chairs featured around the pool are ideal for relaxing.

With plenty of space, a covered patio provides a more sociable area for gathering.

Featuring a wide open view of the pool, this indoor seating area provides an outdoor/indoor experience.

Fans and peek-through windows appear above this room to provide natural lighting.

French doors, comfortable seating, an a breathtaking view.

We hope you enjoyed this ravishing pool house as much as we did! Be sure to head on over to Musso Design Group’s other work to see more of their spectacular work!