Personalizing Your Space – Gallery of Walls

Creating a gallery wall is a great way to display art work in your home. It has quickly replaced the style of hanging a single large painting on the wall. Hanging a group of framed works of art, photographs, paintings and prints allows you to fill a large wall or a small space with color and pattern. There are numerous ways you can hang art on your gallery wall: in a grid pattern; a random arrangement; a centralized spoke arrangement; on a shelf; on a rail.

Art Wall Gallery

This clever design uses strips of wood and clip hangers to create a temporary gallery wall that doesn’t require nails in the wall.

Art Gallery Design

Hanging or displaying like artwork creates a cohesive feeling of a collection. Displaying all portraits, landscapes, paintings or photographs together feels more like an art collection than a random mix—decorating ideas are endless here. You can also display art by color as another theme. A gallery wall of just family photos turns a plain wall into a memory wall.

Framed Art Design

Using a single style of frame and mat will create a unified look to your gallery wall. The art within the matching mats and frames doesn’t have to be the same. You can even change the mat size and the gallery wall will still have a very cohesive feel. This creates a very geometric arrangement on the wall that works with both contemporary and traditional interior designs.

Focal Point Design

The mix of sizes creates more a dynamic energy on the wall. Using different frames, styles of art and decorative objects, like mirrors, creates a mixed-media gallery wall that has a lot of visual interest.\

Art Design

Chose a frame that will accommodate your largest work and then size mats to fit the smaller works into the large frame.

Gallery of Art Design

Wall Gallery Design

A similar but more casual look can be achieved with a single frame color but in different sizes. The mix of sizes creates more a dynamic energy on the wall. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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