Modernity Meets Simplistic Zen in Tokyo by RCK Design Associates

From the depths of New York City, RCK Design Associates brings both architectural and design services. Founded in 1993 by Ryushi C. Kojima, the staff consists of architects, designers, and technicians who combine their forces to create beautiful homes. Featured in numerous publications all over the world, RCK Design Associates take part in all portions of the design process, from design and function, to cost.

Although the firm is located in heart of New York City, RCK Design Associates does projects all over the world. This particular modern zen design home is located in Tokyo. With only 120 sqm of space, the home is small but was structured adequately. Small spaces are not the easiest to design, but when done right, the outcome can be fantastic. With a simplistic and minimal look, the home features a photovoltaic power system that covers the entire home with electric power. The home features various zen elements that creates a clean slate to enhance the well-being of the soul.

RCK Exterior Design

A narrow exterior gives the illusion of an extremely small space, but RCK Design does so much with the interior.


Unique chandeliers add texture to the space and increase the height of the ceiling.

Dining Room by RCK

Kept simple and clean, the dining room features a large center rug. Matching white seating complements the surrounding perfectly.

Living Room Space by RCK Design

Completely minimal, the television rests nicely against a large council. Simple natural accents are set in the surroundings.

Dining Room Area

A closer look at the dining room shows the simple and clean design. Two hanging pendants complement the small round dining table.

Bedroom Space by RCK Design

The bedroom matches the rest of the home perfectly, with some added color. A patterned bedspread and pop art family photos highlight the room.

Study Area

Minimal and without distraction, this study space is accented with wood flooring. Simple and with plenty of desk space, there is little to bother the mind while working.

We absolutely love how RCK was able to create a minimal yet inviting space with such little square footage! See more of this fantastic home here.

Add Warmth to Tiny Spaces with Color and Patterns

Tiny homes offer both organizational and decorating challenges. In today’s guest post we’re going to talk about ways to add warmth to small living spaces. Using color and/or pattern, let’s see what we can do to inspire your tiny home dreams.

Tiny House Ideas

White walls work well in tiny houses, but when it’s time for a change, one colorful painted wall can wake up and bring a sense of joy to a small interior space. I also love the sunny yellow storage cubes.

Tiny House Ideas

This freight container turned home gives us a myriad of ideas for using color and pattern indoors and out. Tiny homes of any sort can benefit from colorful area rugs, furniture covers and throw pillows.

Tiny House Ideas

For those who love small wall art, this grid idea would be perfect for a tiny house wall. Clips on the wood stripes mean changing out artwork would be a snap. I love this clever and creative idea.

Tiny House Ideas

Adding color and pattern to a tiny bedroom without taking up valuable floor space is an enormous challenge. A tufted DIY headboard adapted from this attic design to fit your bed might just be a beautiful and practical solution.

Tiny House Ideas

This little corner vignette offers several ideas for warming up a tiny house with color and pattern. Upholstered chair, miniscule footstool, painted wooden chair, toss pillows, lamp shade, wall, fresh flowers—any one, or all, of these could add glorious color to a small space.

Tiny House Ideas

Tiny homes don’t offer a lot of space for house plants, but this clever idea just might work. It’s a living sculpture!

Tiny House Ideas

Here, kitchen cabinets, table decorations and area rugs add warmth and color. Even the loft sleeping area gets a touch of orange with a cozy throw.

Tiny House Ideas

What a great outdoor living space for a tiny home! Here the sky’s the limit for color, pattern and warmth. Add a weatherproof box in which to stash pillows and throws and precious indoor storage can be preserved. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


Timeless and Functional Designs by Illinois Interior Designers, 2DesignGroup

The team of Christine Moritz & Trisha Fotsch make up 2DesignGroup. Together they provide individualistic homes that adhere to their client’s lifestyle. Founded in 2008, 2DesignGroup have a combined 24 years of interior design experience. Located in both Chicago and Ft. Lauderdale, Christine and Trisha have an acute sense of detail that make their spaces timeless and functional. With their diverse blend collaborations, the duo collaborates all over including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Dallas

Below is a gallery of some of our favorite work by 2DesignGroup. The spaces are undeniable comfortable, the way we believe a home should be. Yet, they are exude a great deal of style and grace. Enjoy and let us know which design is your favorite!

The contrast in this kitchen is stunning. The button tufted bar stools are adorned with padding for comfortable seating.

This living room makes brown the new black. Sophisticated and inviting, we love the white border outline on the upright chairs.

A simple kitchen area is given a comforting and inviting feel with the light blue seating, perfect for conversation.

Gray cabinetry paired with a marble counter top and gray cushioned bar stools blend together seamlessly.

The best part of the kitchen is the eloquent use of the black on the stools and the simple chandelier.

By keeping it simple, this luxury master bathroom is a spa-like oasis.

Perfect for family gatherings, this comfortable living room is well lit and spacious. The wall art expands the room.

What we’ve showed you hear is just a snippet of the work that 2DesignGroup has done. Head over to their portfolio here and see more of why we love them!

Innovative and Vibrant Rockefeller Center Office by Pizzigati Designs

We like to change it up a bit here so today we’re showcasing an office space that is vibrant and full of life. Before we take a look, this design and many other beautiful creations was done by Pizzigati Designs. Led by New York interior designer Jenna, Pizzigati Designs is known for their specialization in eco chic interiors in both residential and commercial locations. Each space is custom tailored to suit the environment and crafted with eco-friendly intent. As a member of the IIDA, International Interior Design Association and as a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Jenna is well versed in her craft. This corporate office in Rockefeller Center, NY was made into a refreshing workplace. With splashes of bright color, the environment oozes innovation and creativity.

The lobby of the office is balanced with simple furniture and an accent plant.

A dark wood console, metallic vases and a hint of lime green is a preview of the vibe to come in the rest of the design.


Evoking ideas, the conference room is kept minimal but vibrant with bright accents.

A base gray is spruced up with an endearing yellow pillows and floral pattern.

Fun wall art and a white side table add an eclectic and fun feel.

Kept simple yet functional, this office space features an open shelf bookshelf paired with two white chairs for contrast.

We love how Jenna is able to keep things simple yet bring a new element to the space. If you loved this project, be sure to check out the rest of Pizzigat Designs portfolio which is full of color and eco-friendly technique.


Custom Branded Mid-Century Modern Globe Office by Shryne Design

With the goal of creating harmony between the living environment and the people living there, Shanna Shryne leads the Los Angeles interior design firm Shryne Design as owner and principal designer. The NCIDQ* certificate holder and ASID member believes in creating personal, functional interiors that reflect the needs of the owners. Shanna’s background in high-end residential design and model home merchandising allows her to support the individual style of a diverse array of clients.

Great interior design can enhance productivity in the workplace, and Shanna took this opportunity to spruce up the Globe Office. To give the setting a vintage corporate feel, she placed bright, eye-catching wall art and furniture pieces within the space. Saunter through the office for a look at the mid-century details:

Shryne Design Globe Office Reception

A festive Christmas tree adds holiday spirit to the reception area.

Shryne Design Globe Office

Pops of bright orange provide a cheerful ambiance to this very mid-century modern space.

Shryne Design Globe Office

When combined with a warm, wavy rug pattern, the triangular glass table creates a dynamic, visually striking look.

Shryne Design Globe Office

A colorful surfboard stands in the corner to create a center of focus as clients enter this space. The uniquely shaped wooden coffee table also adds to the visual interest of the room.

Shryne Design Globe Office

Andy Warhol paintings line the wall with their vivid colors and signature look. A comfy hand-shaped sofa is a fun way to relax and take in the artsy ambiance.

Shryne Design Globe Office Kitchen

The lofty lunchroom space is enlivened by a checkered blue rug.

Shryne Design Globe Office Reception Brand Display

The casual meeting space shows off the company’s various branded products. From skateboarding boards to stylish apparel, this office has it all!

Shryne Design Globe Office Reception Brand Display

This display is anything but cliche, as a collection of apparel and other branded products are exhibited via shelf and wall.

What do you think of the Globe Office design? With bright colors and hip furniture, this space conveys positivity and modernity to help clients and employees feel at home. To see more of Shanna’s striking designs, visit her portfolio here!

5-Day Design Challenge: Orange County Veramonte Residence by Cole Barnett Interiors

Orange County interior designer Cole Barnett, founder of design firm Cole Barnett Interiors and home decor line Native Trade, defines the home as “a collection of memories and the vessel for intimate and joyous moments.” Inspired by her world travels and life in California, Cole creates inviting interiors with a playful, yet elegant ambiance. Cole’s design style embodies a delicate balance of beauty, form, function, and lifestyle. A few weeks ago, she was able to use her design skills for a special design challenge.

On the Tuesday two weeks before Thanksgiving (November 20), the client in Orange County had moved into his new home. He wanted to host his family and friends for Thanksgiving, so on Friday, November 23, he hired Cole to design and accessorize his home. The client gave Cole the freedom to design the room as she thought was best, and she began working on the two living rooms and two dining rooms.

The greatest challenges that Cole faced included time constraints and a tight budget:

Friday, November 23: 
Cole met with the client to get the scope of work and to take measurements of the space and existing pieces.
Saturday, November 24: 
Cole planned the space and made a list of everything that was needed, which excluded sofas and dining tables.
Sunday, November 25: 
Cole battled crowds as she went from place to place to find the ideal pieces, while keeping budget in mind.

Because designers usually have time to plan, shop, and design, having only one day to shop placed Cole “at the mercy of what was available” that day, which pushed her to her creative limits. Tour through the home below to see the transformation and visualize the way that she breathed life into this space:

Cole Barnett Interiors Veramonte Residence Dining Room

Dark neutral tones were replaced by vivid reds and blues, with a cheerful yellow wall color.

Cole Barnett Interiors Veramonte Residence Living Room

Unpacking the contents of the boxes and arranging the new home decor items resulted in an inviting space enlivened by the bold floral painting.

Cole Barnett Interiors Veramonte Residence Dining Room

A neutral hued room in the midst of unpacking becomes a modern version of its predecessor, with an eye-catching striped rug and bright hues to bring a pleasant ambiance into the space.

Cole Barnett Interiors Veramonte Residence Living Room

A dramatic palette of deep red and stormy blue provide the room with an upbeat mood.

Cole Barnett Interiors Veramonte Residence Living Room

Walking closer to the sofas, we see a collection of multicolored and patterned throw pillows that greet the space with stylish appeal.

Cole Barnett Interiors Veramonte Residence Detail

 An eclectic collection of blue home decor items bring visual interest and a sense of calm to the space.

Cole Barnett Interiors Veramonte Residence Detail

Adding home decor pieces in a rustic tray is a wonderful way to showcase the items in your home.

Cole Barnett Interiors Veramonte Residence Dining Room

Another angle of the room reveals a modern table lamp that, once again, beautifully brings together the red and yellow hues of the room.

In the end, Cole was able to bring balance and a vivacious quality into the rooms without having to break the bank. The client and his wife were so thrilled about their new home that the client is currently in contact with Cole about a new office space project.  To Cole, bringing happiness to her clients is one of the most fulfilling parts of being a designer.

As the home is a sanctuary, Cole believes everyone should have a home that they truly love. Driven by this philosophy, she has started to offer a flat fee interior design service through the internet, enabling clients to work with designers to build their dream space. To learn more, visit Cole’s virtual design page and shop Cole’s look!

Graceful Elegance Gold Certified Home by McCann Associates Inc.

Happy Monday! Today we’re excited to spotlight McCann Associates Inc. on our blog. The firm prides itself with it’s ability to design with grace and beauty. They characterize their style as “understated elegance.” Their furniture layouts, serene yet colorful palettes and attention to architectural detail all combine to form the end product. As head of the firm, Janet McCann has made a name for herself as one of Chicago’s most respected interior designers. In addition, as a member of ASID, she has been awarded both the Excellence in Community Service and Distinguished Service and Chapter Presidential awards.

This LEED Gold Certified Home is just one of the many projects that the McCann Associates have worked on. Architecture was done by by Burns and Beyerl Architects and construction by Eriksen Armstrong Corporation. Enjoy!

McCann Associates Exterior

Nestled among trees, the exterior boasts beautiful architecture.

Patio Space by McCann Associates

An outdoor patio with a fireplace makes this location ideal for either hot or cold weather.

McCann Associates Interior

A view of the sitting room showcases an elegant color palette. We love the simplicity.

McCann Associates Living Room Design

An array of orange spectrum accent pillows bring this living room to life.

Staircase Design

Stunning architecture  is found in the creation of the staircase.

Kitchen Design by McCann Associates

Bright and cheerful, the kitchen features a pair of large pendants that hang over a large island, optimal for cooking and dining.

Bathroom Space by McCann Associates

The bathroom is one of my favorite areas of this home as the white foundation exudes a refreshing feel.

Didn’t the McCann Associates do a fantastic job? We love everything about the home. Be sure to head on over to their portfolio here to see more of their fantastic work!

Holiday Modern Decorating

Most of the holiday decor we see is traditional, so what do you do if you have a modern home? The inspiration below will show you how to make holiday decorating tailored to your look and style. Whether it be neutral colors or splashes of bright colors, you are sure to get some modern holiday ideas!

Modern Holiday

This simple, elegant natural fir tree has an organic feel to it that is perfect for a modern holiday.  Sheepskin rugs replace the traditional tree skirt and the decorations are kept simple. I love the modern wrapping paper.

Modern Holiday

Modern holiday décor means not limiting your palette to green and red. This chic tinsel tree is beautifully decorated in camel and teals for a festive modern look to freshen up living room designs.

Modern Holiday

An all white palette can inspire beautiful holiday decorating ideas for living rooms and feels very modern. Tons of white votives would look chic on a mantle or along a buffet.

Modern Holiday

These cool craft paper ornaments have a wonderful retro style to them.  They would be great hung in a group like a holiday mobile over a table or in a corner.

Modern Holiday

This modern holiday table is layered with bright colors, bold patterns and interesting textures. The textured white tablecloth looks like snow beneath the brightly hued presents and place settings.

Modern Holiday

While I love a sweet Charlie Brown Christmas tree as much as the next girl, there is something so fun in a white or pastel Christmas tree.

Modern Holiday

I love the cool crisp feeling of this blue and white Christmas tree and holiday décor.  Coordinating the tree color with the existing color palette makes it feel more a part of the overall design. This one should have visions of holiday interior design ideas dancing in your head.

Modern Holiday

And finally, what would a modern Christmas be without a mid-century modern gingerbread house? So cool!

Do you love these modern holiday décor ideas?  Check out more inspiration for your interior designs at Design Shuffle where you can connect with Los Angeles interior designers, San Francisco interior designers, and more!

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Classic Sophistication in Historic Bungalow Renovation by Sweet Peas Design

Sweet Peas Design is an full-service Illinois design firm with a unique range of expertise. They handle projects from beginning to completion. With projects of all sizes, Sweet Pea Design has knack for interpreting exactly what their clients want and transforming their wants into realities. One of the key strengths of the firm is project management. They are experts at handling projects within budget, on time, and overseeing every aspect of the job. Sweet Pea Design is able to meet their client’s wishes in each project by setting the foundation for what every home needs. They believe every home needs a modern piece of art, a cozy nesting area, a shower niche, an antique, something orange or red, folding space, dining chairs, something metal, and a touch of black. They have also been published in various publications such as Backyard Solutions, Small Home Decorating, Chicago Home + Garden and much more.

Walk with us as we stroll through this beautiful historic bungalow restoration project. We love the pops of color and the classic style that this home exudes.

Neutral hues and marble floors and shower blend together to create a luxury look and feel.

Sweet Peas Design Bedroom

Key pieces such as the floral accent pillows and zebra-skin rug add the finishing touches to this seating area.

Sweet Peas Design Dining Room

Modern wall art and a bright center urn bring this dining room to life.

Sweet Peas Design Kitchen

We love the open mirror cabinetry on the kitchen island and the 3 pendants give this classic kitchen a unique twist.

Sweet Peas Design Kitchen

Who wouldn’t want to dine here? Padded seating provides a welcoming dining space.

Sweet Peas Design Living RoomThis living room is given a modern look with black sophisticated cabinets and patterned drapes.

Symmetrical table lamps and a pair of ottomans complete this bedroom design.

We absolutely love Sweet Pea Design’s style and how they stay true to what they feel every home should have. Don’t forget to check out the rest of their large portfolio here on Design Shuffle!

Renovated Mid-Century Modern Hillside Residence by 2fORM Architecture

The design philosophy of Oregon architecture firm 2fORM Architecture is summarized in this simple formula: one people + one environment = 2fORM Architecture. That is, the firm understands that architecture captures the relationship and interaction between people and their environment. A multidisplinary design firm based in Eugene, 2fORM Architecture is committed to the principles of “collaboration, service, sustainability, and innovative design.” With each project that the firm takes on, the team collaborates with the client to create spaces that best cater to their needs. The award-winning firm has won AIA awards and been featured in publications, including Design Bureau Magazine, among others.

2fORM Architecture recently breathed new life into a hillside mid-century modern home. Surrounded by a gorgeous foresty landscape, the residence needed a refresh of the interior and exterior spaces, as well as enhancement of the thermal technologies utilized in the home. Saunter into the cozy home and have a look:

2fORM Architecture Dining Room

Industrial aesthetics with a tinge of vintage flavor give this space a lofty feel. The orange-red chairs pop in the otherwise neutral space, while the globe pendant lights complement the newly installed skylights.

2fORM Architecture Kitchen

A look at the kitchen reveals cabinetry with wood grain details and stainless steel enmeshed in the designs.

2fORM Architecture Bedroom

The organic feel of the room is courtesy of a unique globe ceiling light and forest-like wall art and pillow. A contemporary chair sits at the workspace of the divided room.

2fORM Architecture Bathroom

Round dual sinks bring an ambiance of luxury into the handwashing experience. This roomy restroom design conveys a relaxing feeling of space.

2fORM Architecture Exterior

This child’s bedroom allows the kids to easily transition from playing indoors to playing outdoors.

2fORM Architecture Exterior

Increasing outdoor space was one of the main remodeling goals of the owners, so a series of outdoor decks were built to connect the interior with the exterior.

2fORM Architecture Exterior

The exterior of the home was remodeled to include aluminum-clad wood windows and a dark-stained cedar rain screen system.

Enjoyed this tour of 2fORM Architecture’s Hillside residence project? Navigate to their portfolio to see more designs!