Classic Sophistication in Historic Bungalow Renovation by Sweet Peas Design

Sweet Peas Design is an full-service Illinois design firm with a unique range of expertise. They handle projects from beginning to completion. With projects of all sizes, Sweet Pea Design has knack for interpreting exactly what their clients want and transforming their wants into realities. One of the key strengths of the firm is project management. They are experts at handling projects within budget, on time, and overseeing every aspect of the job. Sweet Pea Design is able to meet their client’s wishes in each project by setting the foundation for what every home needs. They believe every home needs a modern piece of art, a cozy nesting area, a shower niche, an antique, something orange or red, folding space, dining chairs, something metal, and a touch of black.¬†They have also been published in various publications such as Backyard Solutions, Small Home Decorating, Chicago Home + Garden and much more.

Walk with us as we stroll through this beautiful historic bungalow restoration project. We love the pops of color and the classic style that this home exudes.

Neutral hues and marble floors and shower blend together to create a luxury look and feel.

Sweet Peas Design Bedroom

Key pieces such as the floral accent pillows and zebra-skin rug add the finishing touches to this seating area.

Sweet Peas Design Dining Room

Modern wall art and a bright center urn bring this dining room to life.

Sweet Peas Design Kitchen

We love the open mirror cabinetry on the kitchen island and the 3 pendants give this classic kitchen a unique twist.

Sweet Peas Design Kitchen

Who wouldn’t want to dine here? Padded seating provides a welcoming dining space.

Sweet Peas Design Living RoomThis living room is given a modern look with black sophisticated cabinets and patterned drapes.

Symmetrical table lamps and a pair of ottomans complete this bedroom design.

We absolutely love Sweet Pea Design’s style and how they stay true to what they feel every home should have. Don’t forget to check out the rest of their large portfolio here on Design Shuffle!

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