Innovative and Vibrant Rockefeller Center Office by Pizzigati Designs

We like to change it up a bit here so today we’re showcasing an office space that is vibrant and full of life. Before we take a look, this design and many other beautiful creations was done by Pizzigati Designs. Led by New York interior designer Jenna, Pizzigati Designs is known for their specialization in eco chic interiors in both residential and commercial locations. Each space is custom tailored to suit the environment and crafted with eco-friendly intent. As a member of the IIDA, International Interior Design Association and as a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Jenna is well versed in her craft. This corporate office in Rockefeller Center, NY was made into a refreshing workplace. With splashes of bright color, the environment oozes innovation and creativity.

The lobby of the office is balanced with simple furniture and an accent plant.

A dark wood console, metallic vases and a hint of lime green is a preview of the vibe to come in the rest of the design.


Evoking ideas, the conference room is kept minimal but vibrant with bright accents.

A base gray is spruced up with an endearing yellow pillows and floral pattern.

Fun wall art and a white side table add an eclectic and fun feel.

Kept simple yet functional, this office space features an open shelf bookshelf paired with two white chairs for contrast.

We love how Jenna is able to keep things simple yet bring a new element to the space. If you loved this project, be sure to check out the rest of Pizzigat Designs portfolio which is full of color and eco-friendly technique.


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