Modernity Meets Simplistic Zen in Tokyo by RCK Design Associates

From the depths of New York City, RCK Design Associates brings both architectural and design services. Founded in 1993 by Ryushi C. Kojima, the staff consists of architects, designers, and technicians who combine their forces to create beautiful homes. Featured in numerous publications all over the world, RCK Design Associates take part in all portions of the design process, from design and function, to cost.

Although the firm is located in heart of New York City, RCK Design Associates does projects all over the world. This particular modern zen design home is located in Tokyo. With only 120 sqm of space, the home is small but was structured adequately. Small spaces are not the easiest to design, but when done right, the outcome can be fantastic. With a simplistic and minimal look, the home features a photovoltaic power system that covers the entire home with electric power. The home features various zen elements that creates a clean slate to enhance the well-being of the soul.

RCK Exterior Design

A narrow exterior gives the illusion of an extremely small space, but RCK Design does so much with the interior.


Unique chandeliers add texture to the space and increase the height of the ceiling.

Dining Room by RCK

Kept simple and clean, the dining room features a large center rug. Matching white seating complements the surrounding perfectly.

Living Room Space by RCK Design

Completely minimal, the television rests nicely against a large council. Simple natural accents are set in the surroundings.

Dining Room Area

A closer look at the dining room shows the simple and clean design. Two hanging pendants complement the small round dining table.

Bedroom Space by RCK Design

The bedroom matches the rest of the home perfectly, with some added color. A patterned bedspread and pop art family photos highlight the room.

Study Area

Minimal and without distraction, this study space is accented with wood flooring. Simple and with plenty of desk space, there is little to bother the mind while working.

We absolutely love how RCK was able to create a minimal yet inviting space with such little square footage! See more of this fantastic home here.

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