Aria Design Renovates a Modern Chic Beach Cottage in Laguna Beach

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a home with a magnificent view, and those living next to the ocean have the opportunity to see it every day. Laguna Beach interior design firm Aria Design makes the dream of living in a well-designed seaside home a reality. Led by Arianna Noppenberger, the firm creates imaginative designs, often admired for their modern vibe, balance of textures, and stunning views of the world outside. Frequently with a few bold touches of color, these spaces heighten the senses and bring a comfortable ambiance to the environment. Congratulations to Aria Design for receiving the Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013 Award for their dedication to chic, simple, and elegant design with gorgeous views – as seen below.

Today, we visit the Three Arch Bay private seaside community, recently renovated from its former life as a 1970’s beach cottage. Floor areas and interior walls were eliminated, while exterior openings were modified to achieve greater space, maximize ocean views, and bring in natural light. Witness the splendor of the modern space below and envision living next to the ocean:

Aria Design

Black, white, and shades in between bring together a monochromatic look.

Aria Design

Stepping away from the kitchen space reveals the addition of red and greige furnishings and wall art that give the room a zestful touch.

Aria Design

A hint of red in a neutral setting comprised of wood and stone helps the space achieve a balance of textures.

Aria Design

Any seat in this space guarantees a spectacular view of the ocean’s beauty.

Aria Design

Step right up to look through the windows boasting ocean views.

Aria Design

Contemporary and cool, this casually stylish bedroom provides a comfortable ambiance to help the owner wind down after a long day.

Aria Design

Bright, warm colors wake up those who step into this modern room.

Aria Design

Gold and brown hues, soft and leathery textures – this room gracefully showcases a classy, masculine aesthetic.

What’s your favorite part of this home? Visit Aria Design’s portfolio to discover more of their gorgeous and engaging designs!

Complete Furnishing of Million-Dollar Midtown Atlanta Home by Pearle Staging & Design

Since 2008, Pearle Staging & Design has had it’s hands full, serving both as a full-service home staging and design firm. Having first worked for 17 years in the real estate industry, founder Paige Earles has an extensive business background that has fueled the success of Pearle Staging & Design. As an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner and as a member of the American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners, Paige has certainly made a name for herself and her firm.

Today we are showcasing the tear down and re-build of a beautiful 4-story home in Midtown Atlanta. The client was a local builder and developer who had just completed the re-build of the home and it was ready for decorating. Paige was called in to fully furnish the entire 4-story home including the expansive living room with exposed beams, dining room, den, office, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a home theater  wine cellar, guest suites, and last but not least, the entertainment room. The two main goals in mind were to exhibit the client’s developer skills and to prepare the home for retail in the million dollar market.

With two very big goals in mind, the pressure was added even more with a time crunch of only 4 weeks to complete the entire home for an open house. As if that were not enough, another challenge was truck access to the home. There was a very steep driveway and rod iron gate that did not provide enough room for large truck deliveries. In order to deliver all of the furnishings to the 6,000+sq ft home, the movers had to use a dolly to transport each item up the driveway, transport it to a smaller truck that would fit through the gate, unload, and repeat. The total process took two days.

By now, we are sure you are anxious to see the end result! We love when we get to see the before and after results of any design project and today we are in luck!

We love the ample space available in the living room and the exposed wooden beams which continues to trend in the design world.

 A soft palette of blue and gray hues allow the beautiful french doors to invite an abundance of natural light. Because of the time frame, Paige was given full authority to manage the entire process including product selection, pick-up, delivery, and installation.

This home had already gone through an intensive re-build and structure change, leaving a blank slate for Paige to work her magic.

Simple yet elegant, the office is sophisticated with plenty of storage and file space.

Dividing the kitchen and the dining room is a wainscot wall that matches the rest of the home.

Keeping the focus on the architecture of the home, the dining room is give a simple color splash with the floral artwork.

The living room before had no cohesive colors or organization.

The living room is brought together by adding drapery, a smaller center rug, and an additional seating area by the window.

As always, symmetry never lets us down as a pair of lamps and side tables accompany the bed.

We loved the way the home was built and designed. The client was very happy with the results as both the house and client received great praise and recognition. In fact, after being on the market for only 21 days, the home was sold!

Thanks to Paige of Pearle Staging & Design for sharing this fantastic and incredible process! See more of Paige’s work here on Design Shuffle and be sure to let us know what you think of the entire project in the comments below.

Arizona's J&J Design Group Brings Relaxed Sophistication to Transitional Interiors

One technique that gives interior designs a unified look is the addition of themes or motifs that permeate a home. Arizona interior design firm J&J Design Group know this well. The firm, comprised of Jennifer O’Dowd and Joanna Gick, designs transitional interiors that are frequently described as sophisticated and inviting. In 2010, after working as colleagues for a period of time, the two decided to go for their dreams and start their own venture – now known as J&J Design Group. The team’s unique talents and tastes results in the fusion of design elements ranging from bold patterns and architectural details to natural elements. A theme of color and pattern is imbued throughout the space, and the gorgeous end result can span from a “modern cottage” aesthetic to casual contemporary – all of which are custom-tailored designs that withstand the test of time.

Each of J&J Design Group’s creations exude a warm, stylish ambiance, and their dedication to quality design does not go unnoticed. We are delighted to present the firm with the Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013 Award! Discover their timeless style below as you browse through the Chandler Residence in Arizona:

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

A touch of lime green goes a long way and complements the light-dark contrast in the room.

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

A wide angle snapshot of the room reveals a variety of textures, colors, and patterns that make this room come alive.

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

Patterned walls and studded chairs are illuminated by a sparkling chandelier.

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

With a wine storage cabinet and extra legroom, this kitchen island is a balance of beauty and functionality.

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

The guest room is personalized with a “Guest” pillow, and the soft ambiance of the room is awakened by a lime green chair.

A lush houseplant and cobblestone-like textures provide this room with a naturalistic feel.

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

Glam up in this powder room, where mirrored surfaces provide a way to see oneself in the best light.

With one dramatic chandelier, the master bedroom transforms into a bold, yet unique, place to rest.

With its elegant details, this home is quite a sight to see! Comment below and let us know which is your favorite room, then take tour through J& J Design Group’s other projects here!

Design Theory Interiors of Atlanta Designs with Style and Originality

With over 20 year of experience and education, The Atlanta designers of Design Theory Interiors has captured the hearts of the clients with their incredible ability to adhere to their client’s goals and desires in a unique way. Offering full services, Design Theory is headed by Jamie Kern who is as Registered Interior Designer. With experience in hospitality and residential design, she has been recognized by the American Society of Interior Designers for her excellent work and her role in a case study titled, “Beginnings of Interior Environment.” Jamie’s work is best described as a unique modern blend. With a team of architects, designers, and CAD designers, Jamie is able to create spaces that her client’s are pleased and in awe of.

As one of our Design Shuffle Top 10 Award winners, today we are bringing you a gallery of Design Theory’s work from here on Design Shuffle. These are some of our favorites and we encourage you to look further into their portfolio to see more! From urban modernism to classic tradition, you are sure to be surprised at every turn.

A blend of mid-century and modern accents are artistically arranged in this room. Our favorite piece is the overhead floor lamp.

Who said you had to sacrifice comfort for style? This beautiful vintage family room was remodeled on an enclosed porch. With a very casual yet stylish feel, the neutrals and soft seating with a hint of orange give this room just the right amount of color.

This guest room is truly an experience. Featuring black and white baroque and mid-century furnishings, this design is just the right amount of eclecticism.

An animal-skin rug is contrasted perfectly with the black chair and ottoman.

Showcasing Design Theory’s ability to design in various styles, we love the blue hues chosen to accompany the wood floor and french doors.

Perfect for entertaining, the basement turned bar is a modern dream.

Transforming the typical glam, this master bedroom is elegantly done with soft lavender and off-white chairs and lighting.

Which style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and see more of all of these projects here in the Design Theory portfolio.

Jorge Castillo Styles and Personalizes a Vibrant Contemporary Haven

Designing is an art, and the Miami interior design firm Jorge Castillo Design, Inc. provides the artists that make homes a personalized work of art. The firm believes that each home starts as a blank canvas and has the potential to become a gorgeous art piece that the owners can experience and enjoy. With over 15 years of experience, Jorge Castillo and his team create unique, friendly, yet sophisticated, spaces within Florida, South Carolina, and Chicago. From timeless modern spaces to inviting and cheerful contemporary designs, the firm takes pride in transforming spaces with the collaboration of owner and designer.

With their original and stylish flair, Jorge Castillo Design, Inc. is one of the distinguished firms receiving our Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013 Award. In the spotlighted project below, the firm’s challenge was to merge traditional and contemporary design with a way to showcase the owners’ collection of contemporary art. To execute the owner’s vision, the design team created the custom home from scratch and balanced the design preferences of the homeowners. The details are evident: clean architectural lines and a neutral color scheme with a hint of color are found in the home and effectively complement the client’s contemporary art collection. Come take a look around:

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

A cheerful palette of green and purple add vibrancy to the dining area.

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

The purple and green theme resonates through the kitchen, providing the calm, contemporary background with a hint of color.

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

The vanity sparkles, complemented by metallic and mirrored glass surfaces.

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

A mixture of shades on the glass pendant adds to the peaceful contemporary ambiance of this bathroom.

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

 Asymmetrical detailing, including architectural wall cutouts and gleaming tables, adds to the visual interest of the space.

 The master bedroom is hidden behind the wall, allowing for easy entry into the room.

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

Another view of the living room reveals the continuation of the green and purple motif. An amethyst stone and aquarium add an organic touch.

What do you think of this contemporary home, and which is your favorite room? Leave us your comments below and take a look through more of the firm’s portfolio!

Refreshing and Colorful Colonial Home by Scott Sanders LLC

Since 2000, Scott Sanders LLC has brought unprecedented interior to the New York and Hampton regions. Starting off at the ever-fashionable Polo Ralph Lauren, Scott  was responsible for creating the interior design department of the company and took part in designing homes for Ralph Lauren clients. His discerning eye for color, texture, shape, and composition has made a significant impact on his career. His creative ability to take a single idea and transform it into an entire creation is one of the reasons why his client’s are loyal to him and his work. Having designed various homes in New York City, Arizona, Florida, and even the Caribbean, Scott repeatedly showcases his talents in small or large scale projects. Featured in various publications such as The New York Times, House & Garden, Elle Decor and many others, Scott’s work is versatile and innovative.

Below is one of our favorite new projects from Scott. Undeniably refreshing and classic, Scott did a fantastic job at bringing patterns, color, and light together to create the total package. As a Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013 recipient, he has continually awed the Design Shuffle community. Enjoy!

 White cabinetry and fresh natural accents widen this kitchen space.

Patterns are expertly used in combination with the dark wood table. A lantern pendant completes the look.

Symmetrical and calming, the living room features neutral furniture with subtle patterns.

Beautifully arranged, the blue palette is accompanied by yellow jars and vases creatively bring this room to life.

Keeping the entire home cohesive, the bedroom is kept simple yet colonial chic with a transparent table lamp and fresh-picked florals.

We absolutely love this den! With an entirely different color palette then the rest of the home, the plaid brings this entire look together.

We can’t get enough of the button-tufting in this design. From aligning the chair to the outlining of the wainscoting on the wall.

We hope you enjoyed this colorful colonial creation by Scott Sanders. If you loved this, you’ll love the rest of the work in his expansive portfolio here on Design Shuffle. Tell us what you think of the home in the comments below, we love to hear from you!


Bruce Norman Long Interior Design Integrates the Modern and Transitional with the Eclectic

One of the most important aspects of being a designer is the ability to understand a client’s lifestyle and needs, then transforming this knowledge into a tangible, fresh design that reflects the individual’s style. Bruce Norman Long of Bruce Normal Long Interior Design does this well, and we recognize the New Jersey design firm for their contributions to the design world with a Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013 Award. Born into a family of antique and art collectors, Bruce was exposed to the world of design and architecture at an early age. In 1993, Bruce launched his firm and has since been creating personalized homes that owners just love. Bruce’s philosophy is that “if a room goes unused, he hasn’t done his job.”

A complete remodel of this Princeton residence brought out the architectural elements and added colorful flair to the home with eclectic and personal furnishings. The spectrum of rooms featured in this home is proof of Bruce and his team’s flawless integration of design styles with the lifestyle of the client. Walk through the spectrum of styles in this unique space:

Bruce Norman Long Interior Design

Velvety textures and and minimally ornate furnishings give guests and family a comfortable place to spend their evenings.

Bruce Norman Long Interior Design

An eclectic mix of mid-century modern aesthetics, paired with a tranquil pool, create a relaxing, yet fun, lounge area.

Bruce Norman Long Interior Design

With the feel of a country cottage, this dining area allows natural lighting to permeate the room, bringing cheer into the home.

Bruce Norman Long Interior Design

Soothing lavender can be found in every element of this room, but textured patterns provide a vivid contrast to the space.

Bruce Norman Long Interior Design

A dining room with charcoal walls and an elegant rug, surrounded by decorative mounting and illuminated by a sparkling chandelier – what’s not to love?

Bruce Norman Long Interior Design

A fiery orange and black combination brings drama to this powder room.

 Bruce Norman Long Interior Design

The shabby chic feel of the room is fused with a modern touch. A glistening chandelier provides a bohemian feel to the space.

Bruce Norman Long Interior Design

Teal makes its way to this eclectic bedroom. Who can resist zebra carpet and the delightful mix of furnishings?

What do you think of Bruce’s work? We invite you to browse around and view more of his stunning work here!

Warm Minimalism in the MacDougal Manor by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd.

As we continue to blog about our Design Shuffle Top 10 Winners, we are pleased to bring you the fabulous work of Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd. Launched in 1996 by Betty herself, Betty had the knowledge and creativity already in her as a private art dealer. You’ll see that Betty’s work is focused on minimalism and warmth that bring a unique approach to her creations. She is best known for her work in lofts and in the Hamptons.

Betty rises to the next level as not only an interior designer but also as a furniture designer. Coinciding with her modern and minimal style, Betty launched her custom furniture line in 2002. Consisting of wood and clean lines, Betty’s furnishings are an extension of her signature style. Infusing her personality into everything she does, you’ll find it interesting that as an accomplished equestrian, every piece of furniture she creates is named after various horses. As an former artist, Betty represents over fifty artists ranging from original paintings, sculpture and photography. Below is one of our favorites works from Betty. This MacDougal Manor is truly a sight to see with unique elements around every corner.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

Neutral colors and a creative mix of patterns on the upholstery and rug blend well.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

Creatively dividing the living room from the dining room is an artistic display of wood intervals.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

Wood cabinetry with white counter tops and three simple pendants gives the kitchen an airy and open feel.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

A coffee table made entirely out of wood blocks keeps the home cohesive and interesting.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

We absolutely love this bedroom! Complete comfort is exuded with the bed and blue hues while a fabulous large ottoman provides additional comfort.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

A master bedroom is not complete without a fireplace. A wicker back board is the backbone for the all-inclusive fireplace and television.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

Ample space in the family room is used appropriately with the large sectional sofa in a bright color. Family friendly and inviting, the room is brought to life with simple decorating.


What did you think of this stunning home? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out the outstanding portfolio that Betty has here on Design Shuffle!

Marc-Michaels Interior Design Creates an Architectural Wonder in Delray Beach, Florida

Today’s featured Top 10 2013 Awards Winner for the East Coast is Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc., a global firm renowned for creating artistic and high end interiors. Based in Winter Park, Florida, the active full-service interior design firm uses an in-depth knowledge of the luxury buyer’s needs and desires to create beautiful interiors in a range of styles. In particular, the firm is known for giving an interior gorgeous details that both enhance the space and allude to the owner’s fine tastes. In addition to interior detailing and space planning, the firm also provides services in luxury tower, model home merchandising, and commercial design. Marc-Michaels Interior Design’s imaginative projects has earned the firm over 400 national and regional design awards. Architectural Digest has listed the firm as one of the “Top 100 Designers in the World” – not once, but twice.

One of the private Florida residences created by Marc-Michaels Interior Design illustrates a contrast of refined furnishings within a rustic space. Grecian references appear within the home and add a certain majesty alluding to the beauty of ancient times. Imagine yourself here:


A sparkling contemporary pendant light creates an intriguing ambiance within the room.

Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.

Cottage-esque details and classic pantry elements are meshed together for an updated rustic kitchen look.


Two spherical chandeliers, along with symmetrical track lighting, brighten the kitchen immensely and give old world character to the space.

Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.

Greek columns become the architectural focal point between two rooms, with regal arches holding up the ceiling.

Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.

Note the stone detailing on the wall, which provides the room with a touch of ancient history.

Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.

Pops of red ochre give the neutral room a subtle hint of color.

Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.

Another view of the kitchen alludes to Tuscan influences within the space.


This marvelous exterior is resplendent with brilliant wall sconces highlighting the decorative, yet functional, architecture.

What do you enjoy most about this space? Let us know what your favorite element is within the Delray Beach residence, and stop by Marc-Michaels Interior Design’s portfolio for more spectacular spaces!

Marie Burgos Design Luxuriously Transcends Through the Styles

One of our favorite types of interior designers are the ones that can design in a large span of styles. That’s just one of the reasons why New York interior designer Marie Burgos of Marie Burgos Interior Design was chosen as one of the Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013 in her region. Founded in 2007, Marie Burgos has quickly grown from a residential firm to commercial and much more. As a certified Feng Shui designer, she has earned the “Red Ribbon” status membership by Time Out NY. Consequently, Marie has the capability to seamlessly blend elegance and harmony together to transform spaces into luxurious creations. One of her more notable awards was being individually chosen by HGTV to design the properties for their episodes of “The Unsellables.”

We’ve featured Marie multiple times on our blog and today, we are showing our favorite designs that Marie has here on Design Shuffle. This collection showcases Marie’s unbelievable ability to design in nearly any style yet still staying true to her style. From the eclectic Gramercy Park Loft to the undeniably beautiful Tribeca Penthouse. Read on to see why Marie Burgos is a go-to designer for 2013!

Marie Burgos - East Coast

Suitable to the owner’s personality, this home is balanced with black and light hues and texture. With a palette consisting of gold, taupe, and prune, there is an innate sense of luxury exuded.

Marie Burgos - East Coast

This 4-level loft was completely remodeled from an old abbey. Completely eclectic, there are various vintage accents that fit in perfectly with the rest of the modern white space.

Marie Burgos - East Coast

The architecture of this penthouse speaks for itself with the floor to ceiling windows and Feng Shui implementation. Wood floors, clean lines, and vibrant color bring the space to life.

Marie Burgos - East Coast

White and glass pieces along with modern art create visual focal points that bring the design together.

Marie Burgos - East Coast

This home in the heart of Tribeca boasts ample space that makes this bedroom a true dream. Bright colors yet minimal accents work perfectly with the architecture of the home.

Marie Burgos - East Coast

Glossy furniture and crystal pieces allowed the light in this room to create more energy and space.

Marie Burgos - East Coast

Featuring Old World influence yet modern accents, this old warehouse was transformed to its full potential. High ceilings and brick columns and walls bring a vibe that only this space could provide.


 Which of Marie’s designs was your favorite? Be sure to save your favorite to your Fave’s and don’t forget to check back daily as we continue to feature the rest of our winners!