The Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013 Winners…

Design Shuffle Reveals the First Annual Top 10 of 2013 Design Shuffle Winners

Regional Winners Ranked by Popular Votes by Design Shuffle Community and Industry 

January 8, 2012 – As a go-to destination for design professionals and design enthusiasts, is overflowing with an abundance of designs shared daily that serve as a significant source of exposure for professionals and dazzling inspiration for others. Today, we are announcing our first annual community picks for the Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013 awards. Competing against nearly 100 nominated design professionals ranging from interior designers to architects, 10 design professionals for each of 3 regions of the United states were nominated based on the quality of their designs within their uploaded portfolios. Enthusiasts and industry partners everywhere used the popular “Faves” feature to Fave their favorite photos in any designer album.

In order to be nominated, design professionals needed at least 20 photos Faved in 2012. As a result, the top 10 designers in each region, East Coast, West Coast, and Mid-West.

The winners will receive the following:

  1. A front page feature on Design Shuffle’s blog that announces the award.
  2. A “Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013 Award”  banner to display on their website, blog and Design Shuffle portfolio for clients and the public to see.

East Coast Winners

Frances Herrera Design - East Coast

Frances Herrera Design

Pepe Calderin Design - East Coast

Pepe Calderin Design

Beckwith Interiors - East Coast

Beckwith Interiors

Marie Burgos - East Coast

Marie Burgos

Marc Michaels - East Coast

Marc Michaels

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

Betty Wasserman LTD.

Bruce Norman Long - East Coast

Bruce Norman Long

Scott Sanders LLC - East Coast

Scott Sanders LLC

Jorge Castillo Design - East Coast
Jorge Castillo Design Inc.
Design Theory Interiors - East Coast

Design Theory Interiors

West Coast Winners

J&J Design Group - West Coast

J&J Design Group

Aria Design - West Coast

Aria Design

Jeneration Interiors - West Coast

Jeneration Interiors

Hartman Baldwin Design Build - West Coast

Hartman Baldwin Design

VM Concept Interior Design Studio - West Coast

VM Concept

Klopf Architecture - West Coast

Klopf Architecture

InterSpace Design - West Coast

InterSpace Design

AMS Landscape Design - West Coast

AMS Landscape Design

Urrutia Design - West Coast

Urrutia Design

Loczi Design - West Coast

Loczi Design

Mid West Winners

Sweet Peas Design - Mid West

Sweet Peas Design

John Robert Wiltgen Design, Inc. - Mid West

John Robert Wiltgen

S&K Interiors - Mid West

S&K Interiors

Pleasant Living - Mid West

Pleasant Living

Jessica Lagrange Interiors - Mid West

Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Richens Design Inc - Mid West

Richens Design Inc

Butter Lutz Interiors - Mid West

Butter Lutz Interiors

Van Wicklen Design - Mid West

Van Wicklen Design

Barbara Gilbert Interiors - Mid West

Barbara Gilbert Interiors

RSVP Design Services - Mid West

RSVP Design Services

Congratulations to all of our winners! We encourage all to continue to Fave your favorite photos on Design Shuffle as we continue these notable awards in 2014!

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