Arizona's J&J Design Group Brings Relaxed Sophistication to Transitional Interiors

One technique that gives interior designs a unified look is the addition of themes or motifs that permeate a home. Arizona interior design firm J&J Design Group know this well. The firm, comprised of Jennifer O’Dowd and Joanna Gick, designs transitional interiors that are frequently described as sophisticated and inviting. In 2010, after working as colleagues for a period of time, the two decided to go for their dreams and start their own venture – now known as J&J Design Group. The team’s unique talents and tastes results in the fusion of design elements ranging from bold patterns and architectural details to natural elements. A theme of color and pattern is imbued throughout the space, and the gorgeous end result can span from a “modern cottage” aesthetic to casual contemporary – all of which are custom-tailored designs that withstand the test of time.

Each of J&J Design Group’s creations exude a warm, stylish ambiance, and their dedication to quality design does not go unnoticed. We are delighted to present the firm with the Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013 Award! Discover their timeless style below as you browse through the Chandler Residence in Arizona:

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

A touch of lime green goes a long way and complements the light-dark contrast in the room.

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

A wide angle snapshot of the room reveals a variety of textures, colors, and patterns that make this room come alive.

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

Patterned walls and studded chairs are illuminated by a sparkling chandelier.

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

With a wine storage cabinet and extra legroom, this kitchen island is a balance of beauty and functionality.

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

The guest room is personalized with a “Guest” pillow, and the soft ambiance of the room is awakened by a lime green chair.

A lush houseplant and cobblestone-like textures provide this room with a naturalistic feel.

Chandler Residence by J and J Design Group

Glam up in this powder room, where mirrored surfaces provide a way to see oneself in the best light.

With one dramatic chandelier, the master bedroom transforms into a bold, yet unique, place to rest.

With its elegant details, this home is quite a sight to see! Comment below and let us know which is your favorite room, then take tour through J& J Design Group’s other projects here!

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