Complete Furnishing of Million-Dollar Midtown Atlanta Home by Pearle Staging & Design

Since 2008, Pearle Staging & Design has had it’s hands full, serving both as a full-service home staging and design firm. Having first worked for 17 years in the real estate industry, founder Paige Earles has an extensive business background that has fueled the success of Pearle Staging & Design. As an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner and as a member of the American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners, Paige has certainly made a name for herself and her firm.

Today we are showcasing the tear down and re-build of a beautiful 4-story home in Midtown Atlanta. The client was a local builder and developer who had just completed the re-build of the home and it was ready for decorating. Paige was called in to fully furnish the entire 4-story home including the expansive living room with exposed beams, dining room, den, office, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a home theater  wine cellar, guest suites, and last but not least, the entertainment room. The two main goals in mind were to exhibit the client’s developer skills and to prepare the home for retail in the million dollar market.

With two very big goals in mind, the pressure was added even more with a time crunch of only 4 weeks to complete the entire home for an open house. As if that were not enough, another challenge was truck access to the home. There was a very steep driveway and rod iron gate that did not provide enough room for large truck deliveries. In order to deliver all of the furnishings to the 6,000+sq ft home, the movers had to use a dolly to transport each item up the driveway, transport it to a smaller truck that would fit through the gate, unload, and repeat. The total process took two days.

By now, we are sure you are anxious to see the end result! We love when we get to see the before and after results of any design project and today we are in luck!

We love the ample space available in the living room and the exposed wooden beams which continues to trend in the design world.

 A soft palette of blue and gray hues allow the beautiful french doors to invite an abundance of natural light. Because of the time frame, Paige was given full authority to manage the entire process including product selection, pick-up, delivery, and installation.

This home had already gone through an intensive re-build and structure change, leaving a blank slate for Paige to work her magic.

Simple yet elegant, the office is sophisticated with plenty of storage and file space.

Dividing the kitchen and the dining room is a wainscot wall that matches the rest of the home.

Keeping the focus on the architecture of the home, the dining room is give a simple color splash with the floral artwork.

The living room before had no cohesive colors or organization.

The living room is brought together by adding drapery, a smaller center rug, and an additional seating area by the window.

As always, symmetry never lets us down as a pair of lamps and side tables accompany the bed.

We loved the way the home was built and designed. The client was very happy with the results as both the house and client received great praise and recognition. In fact, after being on the market for only 21 days, the home was sold!

Thanks to Paige of Pearle Staging & Design for sharing this fantastic and incredible process! See more of Paige’s work here on Design Shuffle and be sure to let us know what you think of the entire project in the comments below.

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