Vibrant San Francisco Home by LOCZIdesign Raises the Bar

Happy Monday! To start your Monday off right, today we’re spotlighting the fantastic San Francisco design group, LOCZIdesign. This talented team sets themselves apart from others in that each individual brings something different to the table. With a keen ear for listening to what the client needs in order to truly thrive in the environment, the team firmly believes that what makes a project unique is the collaboration of designers, artists, and vendors that come together to produce a space that the client feels is “totally them.”

Today we’re taking a deeper look into one of LOCZIdesign’s newest completed projects, a vibrant and eye-catching home in San Francisco. The home belongs to Vineet, a modern Indian man who although struggled as a young man from a debilitating disease, is now ready to begin with a fresh start. Taking inspiration from Vineet’s clothes, (one of the only things he moved in with), including his John Varvatos shoes, the home is truly a reflection of his vitality. Although seemingly simple, Vineet’s three requests were to stay on budget, push the envelope, and surprise him.

Throughout the design process, a style guide was created to better understand Vineet’s likes and dislikes. Taking cues from his ethnicity, wardrobe, and color preferences, you can see that he was open to vibrant and fun design.

One of our personal favorites and a symbolic reference for Vineet is the red plaster wall. As a direct reflection of his vitality, it represents his years of diligence both academically and physically. Not to mention, the stunning Gabriel Scott chandelier truly pushes the limit.

Reflecting Vineet’s personality, you’ll see the use of geometric shapes with the carpeting while we love the fantastic wide open windows.

As we take a look into the bedroom, we see the bold blue walls that beautifully complement the Todd Von Merten bed.

Vineet was very pleased with the overall outcome of the design. His openness made it fun and truly an adventure yet the home is still symbolic and true to his personality and journey.

A big thanks to LOCZIdesign who has given us the opportunity to have an inside look into what it takes to create a work of art like this home. Don’t forget to check out the rest of their work here on Design Shuffle!

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  1. Congratulations to the LOCZIdesign. Great job! Lorah’s mom, from Joplin, MO. Go Moorpark High School. My best to the Loczi family in Moorpark! :O) MEG

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