Luxury Airplane Hangar Apartment by Upscale Urban Design in Charlotte, North Carolina

“Every environment deserves distinctive elements all its own.” Such is the belief of Upscale Urban Design‘s Lead Designer Dickey Choate, who creates customized living spaces, or “Visual Signatures,” for clients. With a background in interior design and furniture retailing, she formed Design Consultants Group, Inc., which provides stylish furnishings at affordable prices. In 2006, Dickey collaborated with other designers to create Upscale Urban Design, which focuses on modern design projects. Since then, she has delighted clients with customized high-end residential and commercial spaces while staying under budget.

What would it be like to live in an airplane hangar? Dickey designed and furnished a contemporary airplane hangar apartment and piqued our interest with custom furnishings created by local artisans, a fantastic use of space, and a mixture of textures. Take flight and tour through the space below:

Airplane Hangar Space by Upscale Urban Design

The textures and patterns of upholstered furniture are a feast for the eyes, and the brown and white palette creates a sense of calm.

Airplane Hangar Space by Upscale Urban Design

The airplane hangar exudes a zen feel, with the square windows contrasting against a white background.

Airplane Hangar Space by Upscale Urban Design

A unique take on kitchen space, this area contains a dining area, refrigerator, cabinets, and a place for prepping meals.

Airplane Hangar Space by Upscale Urban Design

Contemporary flavor is expressed with an abstract work of art and a round mirror made with nature’s tree branches.

Airplane Hangar Space by Upscale Urban Design

From the crown molding to the eye-catching headboard, luxury is embodied in the gold and leathery brown hues of this bedroom.

Airplane Hangar Space by Upscale Urban Design

Stepping back, we observe various textures and hues intermingling to create a cohesive and upscale look.

Would you live in a stylish airplane hangar? Let us know what you like best about this space, and take a look at Upscale Urban Design’s other spaces in their portfolio!

Details a Design Crafts Chic Beach House Design in Newport Beach

Ready for the summer?  The residents of the beach house below certainly are! Designed by Details a Design, a full service Orange County interior design firm, this coastal home is decorated in tan and sea blue to mirror the ambiance of the beach. Principle Designer Kevin Smith utilizes a customized, hands-on approach with his projects, and with this Newport Beach home, he creates a space with a retreat-like feel. Known for creating “dreamy designs,” Kevin and his team strive to create a space for clients that are tailored to a client’s personality, passion, and lifestyle.

Charming and peaceful, the spacious beach home is decorated with a mixture of weathered and classic home decor and accessories, with unique pieces that strike our fancy. Wander into this home and note the juxtaposition of natural wooden furnishings along with bright white carpentry, with tinges of ocean inspired hues:

Orange County Interior Designer Details A Design Firm

Entering the summer house, guests feel at ease with the open space design and appealing wood and bright white hues of the hallway.

Orange County Interior Designer Details A Design Firm

The powder bathroom mixes tranquil photographs with a classic gray wallpaper.

Orange County Interior Designer Details A Design Firm

Another view of the kitchen reveals the spaciousness between the transitional island and counter.

Orange County Interior Designer Details A Design Firm

A delightful mix of details is seen in the kitchen space, from the stainless steel hanging pendants, white cabinets, and marble countertops, to the wire brushed wooden floors.

Orange County Interior Designer Details A Design Firm

A wiry globe chandelier becomes the spotlight in this dining room furnished with upholstered and cushioned rattan dining chairs.

Orange County Interior Designer Details A Design Firm

Classy cottage inspired cabinetry, weathered wooden furnishings, and fibrous materials hint to the nautical ambiance of the family room.

Orange County Interior Designer Details A Design Firm

Bright and comfortable, the family room is decorated in tan and sea green alongside images derived from nature’s inspirations.

Orange County Interior Designer Details A Design Firm

A variety of  textures in the walls and furnishings provides an eclectic chic and fun feel to this office.

What are your favorite details within this beach-inspired space? Tell us in the comment section! If you’re craving more delightful and exquisite spaces by Details a Design Firm, visit their portfolio here!

Stunning Palm Beach Gardens Home by Jessica Glynn Photography

Jessica Glynn is an Architectural and Interior Design Photographer with an incredible photography career. Not only has Jessica Glynn Photography won countless awards, but she has also been featured in Top Interior Design Magazines such as Traditional Home, Luxe, and most recently Good Housekeeping.

This  spectacular Palm Beach Gardens residence was designed by none other than Krista Watterworth, who you may have seen in HGTV shows such as:  Save My Bath and Splurge & Save. Jessica Glynn Photography was kind enough to share these amazing photos with us, and we have to admit we have a bit of an interior design crush with this home.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Living Room Jessica Glynn PhotographyRadiant natural light and a muted palette create an inviting and relaxing dining area.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Kitchen Jessica Glynn Photography

A dream kitchen like this one consists of a beautiful open floor plan, wonderful wooden chairs, and large windows with a great view.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Office Jessica Glynn Photography

Jessica Glynn found a great way to capture the marriage between the outdoors and indoors in this chic office space.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Contemporary Master Bedroom Jessica Glynn Photography

Adding special touches like a stunning guitar, Andy Warhol portrait, and quotes on the wall is a great way to showcase the client’s personality.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Master Bathroom Jessica Glynn Photography

What would a bathroom be without a lovely vanity and wonderful granite countertops?

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Contemporary Outdoor Seating Jessica Glynn Photography

Exquisite splashes of yellow and light blue create a luxurious outdoor space great for entertaining guests both day and night.

Like what you see? There is a lot more from where this came from on Jessica Glynn Photography’s portfolio, check it out!

Design Perceptions, Inc. Creates Eclectic Custom Home Exuding Traditional and Contemporary Tastes

With more than two dozen awards to date, Nury Feria of Design Perceptions, Inc. has been honored by interior design, lighting, and building organizations for her fabulous interior designs. Within two years of graduating with a degree in Florida International University’s Interior Design program, Nury started an interior design and space-planning firm and Design Perceptions, Inc. was born. Since then, the Miami interior designer has appeared on television shows, radio, and within various publications, including Interior Design, Florida Architecture, and On Design.

From concept to creation, Nury created ceilings, floors, and architectural details for the following custom home in Roads Area. Working closely with the client, Nury planned out the railing and fireplace design, and specified mill work, lighting and plumbing for the space. The home derives inspiration from different styles, including Tuscan traditional and fresh contemporary. Walk through this home and experience the versatility of the firm’s work:

Miami Interior Design Firm Design Perceptions, Inc.

The eclectic family room area exudes a Tuscan feel with contrasting beams and window panes.

Miami Interior Design Firm Design Perceptions, Inc.

This contemporary living room is fitted with velvety seating options and ample lighting for evening entertainment.

Miami Interior Design Firm Design Perceptions, Inc.

Vivid paintings bring a touch of color into the living room and foyer space. Contemporary accents create visual interest within the room.

Miami Interior Design Firm Design Perceptions, Inc.

Regal wooden furnishings beautifully complement the art highlighted in the walls. The bold pendant light also functions as a contemporary art piece.

Miami Interior Design Firm Design Perceptions, Inc.

Transitional and traditional tastes intertwine in this powder room featuring intricate accessories and a sculpture with whimsical flair.

Miami Interior Design Firm Design Perceptions, Inc.

A soothing bath experience and boudoir in one, this bathroom features a large mirror and furnishings that help a lady get ready for her day.

Miami Interior Design Firm Design Perceptions, Inc.

This stunning theater room features vintage film posters and multiple types of accent lighting. Leather seats make for an enjoyable time at the movies.

Miami Interior Design Firm Design Perceptions, Inc.

Abstract paintings and a peaceful teal wall create a balanced look when meshed with golden furnishings.

What was your favorite room in this custom space? To find more inspiring eclectic spaces, visit the Design Shuffle eclectic design gallery!

Fun, Fresh, and Youthful Living by MHD Studio

Meri Hornberger always dreamed of owning her own interior design company. After two decades of success at other interior design firms Meri decided it was time to start her own, and so MHD Studio was born in 1998. MHD Studio’s passion has always been designing spaces that lift their clients both emotionally and spiritually.  Other than in Los Angeles, MHD studio also has hubs in Seattle,  Bellevue,  and Portland. This multi-faceted firm does everything from Residential design, Staging, and Interior Photography, without skipping a beat.

Making an apartment feel like home is one tough job but MHD Studio was up for the challenge. With attention to detail and a fun, fresh, youthful approach they transformed the following three apartments into homes, each with a personality of it’s own.  Join us as we showcase some of our favorite rooms.

Portland MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design

Accessories are key in this stunning Portland Aparment. The chevron rug, printed pillows, and stunning artwork are all tied together by a common color scheme.

Seattle MHD Studio Modern Bedroom Interior Design Home Decor

What a view! MHD Studio has taken full advantage of this prime window view in San Francisco by creating a wonderful lounging area.

Seattle MHD Studio Modern Kitchen Interior Design Home Decor

Less is more in this wonderful Seattle apartment. An open floor plan caters to a busier lifestyle and the kitchen placement is a great space saving technique for smaller apartments or studios.

San Francisco MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design Home Decor

The industrial feel of this living room is livened up with quirky accessories , bold black and white prints, and pops of color.

San Francisco MHD Studio Modern Bathroom Interior Design Home Decor

Simple touches like adding a fun poster, a bold pouf, or even switching up your bathroom towels color, can take your bathroom from feeling like a hotel to feeling like home.

San Francisco MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design Home Decor

Versatile Modern Furniture and exceptional use of color and accessories makes this San Francisco apartment far from ordinary.

Want to see more of MHD Studio’s remarkable work? Visit her portfolio here.

A Warm and Cozy Living Room by DecRenew Interiors

DecRenew Interiors was founded by Ruthie Staalsen in 2002. Ruthie’s passion for interior design grew after her and her husband remodeled 2 homes. Shortly thereafter many friends and acquaintances requested Ruthie’s help to decorate their homes, and like that her hobby turned into a business.

DecRenew Interiors’ main purpose is to help their clients create a stylish home that tells their story, while still being functional enough to spend time in with those they love most. The following room is a great example of a cozy, functional space that is full of personality and charm.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

Great combination of prints and textures, along with the warm color scheme, make this living room cozy and inviting.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

It’s all in the details: beautiful pops of color, rich detailed wood, long mirrors that make the space feel taller, and great printed curtains.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

A touch of industrial can go a long way in a living room like this, balancing out all the warm colors.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

A dream living room would not be complete without a beautiful fireplace.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

Throws and Pillows are a great way of adding that little special something to an otherwise basic couch.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

Orange, and other bright colors can reinvigorate the entire space, as well as add great visual interest.

Want to shop the photos above?  Then don’t forget to visit DecRenew’s shop here!

The Power of Color – Amy Krane Color Defines the Perfect Color Palettes

One of the most crucial elements of design is color. Color has the ability to make or break a design. From choosing the right color scheme to arranging the furniture in specific ways, color consulting can be a difficult process. That is why color consultants like Amy Krane are a true necessity. With a steady passion for color, Amy has over twenty years of experience as a television commercial producer, making her an expert in visual aesthetics. Amy launched Amy Krane Color in 2005 and used her experience to create various palettes inspired by Morocco and Bora Bora. Trained by the IACC-NA, the International Association of Color Consultants, Amy works with many professionals including architects, designers, painters and more.

Today we have a sneak peek into some of Amy’s past work, enjoy and let us know which color palette is your favorite in the comments below!

Amy Krane Color

A neutral color palette sets the stage for this comfortable and relaxing living room highlighted by a staggered wood fireplace.

Amy Krane Color

We love the global vibe this room gives off with the colorful mult-patterned area rug.

Amy Krane Color

This bathroom boasts beautiful natural lighting along with light airy colors.

Amy Krane Color

The bedroom features deep contrasts with light colors on the bedding and rug while dark wood furnishings give a unique pop to the room.

Amy Krane Color

This bedroom has a unique and great color palette highlighting by global accents, fun patterns, and wood textures.

Amy Krane Color

Highlighted by mid-century modern instances and fun sculptures, we love the red lighting!

We hope you enjoyed today’s special look by Amy Krane Color! Tell us your thoughts on color in the comments!

Orlando’s Schmidt Design Studio Transforms Southern Pub Cask & Larder with Contemporary Antique Flair

Having collaborated with nationwide brands, franchises and upscale independent restaurants throughout the country, Orlando interior design firm Schmidt Design Studio is well-regarded for their creative and custom-built spaces. Founded in 2003 by Anna Schmidt, the firm is known for realizing the vision of a client by blending rich textures and creative lighting with well-matched color palettes. Anna’s projects have been featured in Hospitality Design Magazine, Orange Appeal Magazine, and National Restaurant News, among other publications.

Recently, southern-style pub Cask & Larder asked Schmidt Design Studio to revamp their tavern. The redesigned restaurant features washed wood, teal, and millwork referencing antique and industrial touches. The refreshed restaurant balances antique and contemporary tastes and we invite you to take a look:

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

Come into Cask & Larder, a pub and restaurant in Winter Park known for its housemade beers and comfortable Southern vibe.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

As a tavern that was beginning to show its age, Cask and Larder was looking for a fresh look. The new pub ambiance combines the old and new, with a transformative and bright color palette.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

The traditional bar is modernized with washed woods and track lighting, for a more upscale feel.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

What’s on the menu tonight? The space is infused with rustic appeal, as seen in the weathered wood chalkboard menu and wooden beam bridging two brick pillars.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

Ample bar seating comes in the form of wood and metal chairs reminiscent of old-time schoolhouses.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

Tranquil outdoor seating allows patrons to enjoy the nightly ambiance. The loveseat benches and lanterns are a romantic touch.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

Imbued with traditional flavor, the ceiling molding showcases a homage to regal architectural forms.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

Schmidt Design Studio completes an industrial look with weathered wood dining tables, chairs and the finishing touch of a candle.

Love these restaurant looks? Enjoy more of Schmidt Design Studio’s restaurant transformations via their portfolio!

An Amazing 1960's Home Transformation by Rossington Architecture

Rossington Architecture, located in San Francisco California, was founded in 1999 by Phil Rossington. Phil was no stranger to architecture, he received his Bachelor or Architecture degree from the prestigious Cornell University, and had since worked in various projects at Solomon Architecture. Despite his impressive background one of the most amazing things about Phil and Rossington Architecture is their dedication to finding environmentally sustainable solutions for your home.

This stunning home in Tiburon, California was built in the 1960’s and needed a complete makeover. Thanks to Rossington Architecture this home now has an East Coast Feel, a more open space plan, and an impressive landscape that provided their clients with the full indoor-outdoor living experience. Join us as we take you on a small mini tour.

Architecture, Landscape, San Francisco Architects, Rossington Architecture

The clean lines and beautiful landscape  create a backyard oasis and a perfect spot to unwind or host parties.

Architecture, Landscape, San Francisco Architects, Rossington Architecture

This entry porch creates an inviting experience for you guests, while adding some visual interest to the front of the house.

Architecture, Landscape, San Francisco Architects, Rossington Architecture. Contemporary Kitchen

An inviting kitchen experience like this is hard to come by. The white cabinets and counter tops, as well as all the natural light create a calming  and soothing environment to cook in, or simply enjoy some well needed family time in.

Architecture, Landscape, San Francisco Architects, Rossington Architecture, Piano Room

This stunning piano room is located in a nook of the house. With beautiful details such as this amazing rug, beautiful shelves, and not to mention the large windows that will inspire anyone’s musical talent.

Architecture, Landscape, San Francisco Architects, Rossington Architecture, Master Bathroom

Keeping with the rest of the house this Master Bathroom has clean lines, simple color schemes, and radiant natural light.

Architecture, Landscape, San Francisco Architects, Rossington Architecture, Porch, California

Our favorite spot of the house this amazing Porch isn’t lacking style or function. The view is amazing and who doesn’t enjoy cuddling next to a fireplace.

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour of this beautiful remodel, if you like what you can check out more of Rossington Architecture’s  impressive Portfolio here.

A Dream Beach House by ERREZ Design Inc.

ERREZ Design Inc. is a vibrant Miami Interior Design Firm founded by husband and wife duo Ruben and Katie Gutierrez.  After being founded in 2009 and combining over 10 years of experience this dynamic duo began creating unique, fun, and always client driven. Their passionate approach is clearly visible  even in the smallest details of a room.

This magnificent beach house is located in New Smyrna Beach and it is full of life and color. Join us as we tour this space.

Miami Errez Design Contemporary Eclectic Foyer

The fun filled foyer does not lack color or style. The beautiful gold pouf, lime table, and printed blue rug are beautiful touches.

Miami Errez Design Contemporary Modern Dining Room

A large wood dining table and wood details create a wonderful contrast with the white floors and white dining chairs. Not to mention the beautiful pops of color!

Miami Errez Design Modern Bathroom

White, White, and more White can create an extremely tranquil environment, great for a master bathroom.

Miami Eclectic Family Room by Errez Design

Talk about print! This eclectic family room is filled with stunning printed pillows, beautiful turquoise accessories, and Moroccan themed lighting.

Miami Transitional Eclectic Master Bedroom by Errez Design

This bold bedroom is so stylish. What more could you want: Bold prints, gold details, and is that a balcony I see?

Miami Contemporary and Modern Patio by Errez Design

A patio should be an area for relaxation and ERREZ design created just that! The beautiful pale colors are offset by the great use of textures, prints, tile, and every patio needs some plants!

Thank you for visiting this wonderful space with us! If you want to see more of ERREZ design’s fantastic work check out their portfolio!