Fun, Fresh, and Youthful Living by MHD Studio

Meri Hornberger always dreamed of owning her own interior design company. After two decades of success at other interior design firms Meri decided it was time to start her own, and so MHD Studio was born in 1998. MHD Studio’s passion has always been designing spaces that lift their clients both emotionally and spiritually.  Other than in Los Angeles, MHD studio also has hubs in Seattle,  Bellevue,  and Portland. This multi-faceted firm does everything from Residential design, Staging, and Interior Photography, without skipping a beat.

Making an apartment feel like home is one tough job but MHD Studio was up for the challenge. With attention to detail and a fun, fresh, youthful approach they transformed the following three apartments into homes, each with a personality of it’s own.  Join us as we showcase some of our favorite rooms.

Portland MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design

Accessories are key in this stunning Portland Aparment. The chevron rug, printed pillows, and stunning artwork are all tied together by a common color scheme.

Seattle MHD Studio Modern Bedroom Interior Design Home Decor

What a view! MHD Studio has taken full advantage of this prime window view in San Francisco by creating a wonderful lounging area.

Seattle MHD Studio Modern Kitchen Interior Design Home Decor

Less is more in this wonderful Seattle apartment. An open floor plan caters to a busier lifestyle and the kitchen placement is a great space saving technique for smaller apartments or studios.

San Francisco MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design Home Decor

The industrial feel of this living room is livened up with quirky accessories , bold black and white prints, and pops of color.

San Francisco MHD Studio Modern Bathroom Interior Design Home Decor

Simple touches like adding a fun poster, a bold pouf, or even switching up your bathroom towels color, can take your bathroom from feeling like a hotel to feeling like home.

San Francisco MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design Home Decor

Versatile Modern Furniture and exceptional use of color and accessories makes this San Francisco apartment far from ordinary.

Want to see more of MHD Studio’s remarkable work? Visit her portfolio here.

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