Print Mania: Interiors Edition

Prints are everywhere on the runway and  interior design, we simply can’t get enough of them. Here are six easy ways to incorporate  print into your own home, whether you want a subtle print or a statement print, it’s all here. Enjoy!

Opting for multiple prints? Choose one color and stick to it.

Have extra fabric? After upholstering your favorite chair for the 4th time, why not make some curtains as well!  Loving the printed pouf as well!

Striped walls is one of the classic ways of incorporating some visual interest, but add a zig zag rug and this room becomes an eye catching marvel.

If you are more of the eclectic type a beautiful symmetrical painting can be paired with a stronger animal print chair.

This watercolor wall is stunning.

Tribal prints add color and history to your space. They are a great gift to bring back from your travels as well.

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A Hidden Villa in the Heart of Malibu

Malibu, California is filled with sandy beaches, celebrity homes, and a whole lot of surfing! Only an hour away from the bustling city of Los Angeles, this affluent Beach city is known to have their fair share of grandiose homes, but we have neverseen a secluded Mediterranean paradise like this one. The creative mastermind behind this home is Robert Shapiro who is known famously as an arts philanthropist, art collector, and antiquarian. Join us as we tour Design Shuffle’s Getaway of the week.

 Hand plastered walls, a muted color palette, and stone floors add a subtle Mediterranean feel to this elegant living room.

One of the most amazing views we have seen in a while, this 20 foot wall is made almost entirely out of windows.

Moroccan Architectural details along with the long center mosaic transport you halfway around the globe.

This Turkish throw adds a subtle pop of color, and is without a doubt the center of attention in this master bedroom.

Comfy seating and a view to the immaculate garden, this is quite the office!

Long arches and lush gardens remind us of a Mediterranean castle.

This sofa had to be custom built to fit the space, and well worth it. We would never leave this cute little nook!

A private entrance to a private beach, what more could you ask for.

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Nina Garcia's Stylish Manhattan Abode

You might have heard about Nina Garcia, fashion director of Marie Claire, judge on a tiny little show called Project Runway, and an international style icon. We knew that her impeccable sense of fashion would translate beautifully into a home, and we were not disappointing. Architectural Digest was able to capture Nina Garcias’ and Carlos Aparacio’s finished project and we can’t wait to share it with all of you as well. Filled with soft relaxing shades infused with personality, this home is truly a show-stopper.

Pale blue hues add a sense of tranquility to this mid century modern living room, while the modern artwork infuses just the right amount of chaos.

Luxurious raw silk sweeping curtains adorn the large windows. The beige furniture works great against the blue walls.

This amazing Swedish rug  is as unique as Nina herself, and was sent all the way from Milan. Nina states in her interview to AD that she enjoys adding color with rugs since she normally embraces neutral palettes.

Grey cashmere curtains, sculptures, a tufted headboard, create quite the impressive master bedroom.

Filled with the most amazing brands and styles, Nina’s closet is her style sanctuary.

White marbled floors and counter tops, and bold yellow flowers, add dimension to this otherwise white washed room.

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Bold and Bright Art in Interior Design

Selecting art for every room in your house,or interior design projects,has become an art form in and of itself. One of the biggest trends we have been exposed to  is adding bold artwork that pushes the boundaries, and we love it! Gone is the traditional framing and canvas only art; the art in the following rooms is quite exciting and refreshing. Join us as we tour the following six rooms as well as some tips and tricks on how to add bold artwork to your home or designs.

With so much to look at in this room the symmetrical, wildly colorful, and abstract artwork is still the center of attention.

Bold artwork can also mean a striking continuous print in black and white, color isn’t always necessary to make a statement.

A giant mirror splattered strategically in paint is an example of a fun, new, and non traditional medium.

Framed prints are a cheap and easy way of updating your space, find them at your local flea markets, or even at your local Museum’s shop.

A wide array of frames and art creates an eclectic room that still continues to feel put together. Remember to select your arrangement before placing the nails.

Small artwork can be used as a stylish table top accessory as well. Choose colors that represent your color scheme, or mood. If you want to DIY but your aren’t artistically inclined, stick to simple shapes and lines.

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An Mid Century Home Marvel by Cure Design Group

Cure Design group, founded by Sarah Turner, is located in St. Louis Missouri. Thanks to its outstanding group of Interior Designers, they have had the honor to be showcased in the St. Louis Home Magazine, and various issues of the At Home magazine. Their philosophy is  listening to their clients and not infusing their own design style, but delivering based on their clients wants and needs.

This particular home was recently photographed for the At Home magazine and we even got to see a quick behind the scenes with the Interior Designer, Jacob Laws. He mentions that they wanted to preserve the architectural integrity of the house, while creating a modern feel, and the result was this Mid Century Home marvel. Join us as we tour this beautiful space.

Large windows create a natural source of light and allow you to enjoy nature, even if your inside!

“For the most part all of the lighting has a softer sensibility as opposed to the very clean straight lines of the house, especially the ceiling fixtures since most of the ceilings are vaulted or at an angle.” – Jacob Laws –

“Every space in the house does have some for of circular element or round element just so there was a little bit more movement and things weren’t so rigid and sterile and linear” – Jacob Laws –

Carefully curated accessories, and furniture, that create a modern twist.

A stunning foyer isn’t complete without a statement mirror and a unique entryway table.

A dark color palette works great in a room with white walls and exposed brick.

Not your average bathroom, this one boasts a unique, elegant, and dark wallpaper, and how can we not mention the gold gilded mirror.

” I’d say 70% of the house are all vintage finds that we refurbished or completely reassembled.”  – Jacob Laws –

Like what you see? Check out Cure Design’s group Profile here.

Coastal Modern by Tim Clarke Interior Design

Tim Clarke has been a pioneer of coastal design for the past 15 years. Known and celebrated for creating a modern feel that encourages freedom, lightness, and reminds you of a long vacation on the Beach. Founder of Tim Clarke Interior Design, and author of The Coastal Modern, also has an impressive list of celebrity clients, among them Ben Stiller and Portia de Rossi.

The following home is an elegant beach house, showcasing all of the sought after details that Tim Clarke Interior Design is known for. Join us as we take a small tour of this coastal marvel.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

A muted color palette and warm furniture is a quintessential part of coastal design.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

This beautiful sea shell table lamp, and blue color scheme, are an ode to the ocean and its beaches.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Modern interior design is softened by the inclusion of organic shapes and textures.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Vintage pieces, and locally sourced materials & objects, create a unique environment.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

A state of the art kitchen, including stainless steal appliances, is a must in any home. The shutter like cabinet doors are a great touch as well.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Create a travelers oasis at home by including bamboo and palm trees.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Sit back and relax on this amazing deck accompanied by a awe inspiring view.

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