How To Create Your Very Own Greenhouse

Why make another living room in a conservatory? Do something exciting and unique and turn your room into a greenhouse you can relax in.

Like a house extension, conservatories are built to last and they’re great sources of light and heat, perfect for plant life and spending time with the family. If you love gardening but hate the cold weather a greenhouse conservatory is the way forward.

Who else is doing it?

Anne Wareham is a founder of the thinking garden website and she made her conservatory into a truly beautiful garden. She now changes it every few months to keep the plants fresh and the conservatory tidy.

Why should you do it?

  • It’s unique. Everyone has house plants but who has a room dedicated to flowers and foliage? You’ll be the envy of all your house guests and visitors.
  • Having your own gardening project will give you a hobby, something that’ll interest you and inspire you on a daily basis.
  • If you have a little garden, but want to start getting green fingered, you should definitely try it. Your conservatory could use its space to cultivate some fauna!
  • If you have a simply decorated home a conservatory garden will brighten up your house with colour. You could fill your house with masses of greens, yellows, reds, purples. Your conservatory will be your house’s main attraction.
  • A conservatory garden will give you the feeling of being outside when it is too cold to do so, and depending on the plants you use, you could even give the room a summery feel. You’ll forever be on holiday!

How can I make my conservatory garden?

Go to your local plant nursery and purchase some flowers and plants to suit your tastes. Ask for advice on the maintenance of the plants and check if they meet your requirements.

Be interesting with your design, find some garden ornaments you would not expect to find indoors, you could get a pretty wheelbarrow and use it as a large pot for your plants.

Anne Wareham’s advice for designing is “Think repeat, think pattern.” Get the flower/plant you like and repeat it so it is not solitary and then fit it into a pattern for a stylish looking conservatory garden.


Here’s a few ideas to get you started on your own conservatory garden:

  • Single colours will maximise the drama of any conservatory garden. I don’t mean for you to rely on greens. seek out purples, yellows, blues, make it suit your house.
  • A Rainforest themed conservatory could change your conservatory into another world. Families will love this,  you could hide toy monkeys and tigers in the plants and undergrowths.
  • Succulent plants, or fat plants, such as aloe, are bold, statement making plants, they don’t require much maintenance, and they take centre stage, with their large and strange shapes. A few of these spaced evenly will make a beautiful minimalist garden
  • A rose garden indoors would be incredible, though much harder to maintain. Just imagine the flowers, colours and scents.

I hope this has inspired you. Good luck in creating your own conservatory greenhouse!


This article was provided by Sally Thomas. When she’s not discovering new home design techniques, implementing them in her own projects & writing about them to share her finds with others (yes, there is still time after all that, believe it or not…) – she enjoys the theatre, a good bottle of wine, ladies golf & fun with friends (did we mention the wine???).

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