Serene Pied-A-Terre by Niche Interiors

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Niche Interiors focuses on contemporary, eco-friendly design. From the firm’s profile, “We create distinctive and welcoming homes that reflect our clients’ personalities. We are committed to making as small an environmental footprint as possible.”

Today’s blog post is shining the spotlight on an eco-friendly pied-a-terre created by the talented designers of Niche Interiors. We’re sure you will be captivated by this great example of their work. We love these serene spaces.

Chic and Serene Entry

From the front door, throughout the open living spaces and into the bedroom, the warm color palette creates a serene and inviting look. The slightly tilted orientation of the oval mirror adds a subtle whimsical touch.

Chic and Serene Living Room

Light fills the chic and serene living room. This space feels like a Goldilocks design moment–not to sparse and not overdone, it’s just right.

Chic and Serene Living Space

With carefully chosen light fixtures, the living room, breakfast bar and kitchen are pulled together nicely into a unified whole. We love the little glimpse of the bedroom’s golden glow.

Chic and Serene Living Space

Metal, glass and  wood merge beautifully in this little vignette in the living room. The swirling pattern on the rug adds rhythm and movement to the space.

Chic and Serene Dining Room

Just off the living room and near the kitchen, the stylish dining area with round table and a bundled pendant light seems the perfect spot for good food and interesting conversation.

Chic and Serene Living Room

From any point of view, the curved sofa beckons and offers a place to rest and relax–a balance of beauty and comfort.

Chic and Serene Bedroom

Warm and wonderful simplicity. the bedroom is a lovely mix of muted color and pattern. Somehow this space seems just right with a feeling that everything belongs.

Chic and Serene Bedroom

A close-up of the dark wood bedside table shows careful attention to detail with each decorative object fitting perfectly into the mix.

We’re so glad Niche Interiors shared these serene and eco-friendly spaces with Design Shuffle readers.

Love this beautiful home? Want to see more? Check out Niche Interiors’ portfolio.

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