On the Waterfront: Charming Cape Cod Style & More

The New England coastline offers endless opportunities to explore charming waterfront homes. Cape Cod, Nantucket and many more styles catch our attention and hold it. We hope you enjoy exploring the lovely room images below.

Blue Foyer

A soaring ceiling and lots of windows mean this pale blue Cape Cod entryway is open, airy and filled with light. It’s a stunning introduction to this lovely home.

Blue and White Living Room

Blue accents are chic and stylish, yet utterly charming in the crisp white living space. Explore our post on HGTV’s Dream Home to see more of this gorgeous home.

Blue Vignette

We’re captivated by this Cape Cod beauty. Isn’t the gold-framed painting beautiful and so perfect for the space?

Waterfront Home Office

There’s something so right about this waterfront home office. The blue walls and fish print are a lovely addition to this brilliant white space.

Waterfront Nook

Porthole windows can add awesome waterfront style any home near the water or totally landlocked. We love the look of this step-up nook.

Waterfront Bedroom

Built-in bunk beds, each with its own wall-mounted reading light, are at once practical and beautiful–filled with charming Nantucket style.

Waterfront Batj

Who could resist this contemporary take on a waterfront bath? Like the rest of the home, its a new look at a style that has deep historical roots. Totally irresistible, don’t you think?

Waterfront View

And to end our little tour of waterfront interiors, a comfortable and inviting room with a watery view. Yellow is the perfect accent for this nautical space.

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Inspiration: Dreamy Bedroom Decor

Going for a dreamy look in the master bedroom? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we have eight irresistible bedrooms that offer lots of dreamy ideas you’ll love. We hope you enjoy our latest finds.

Dreamy Bedroom Decor

Wall murals are still gaining momentum in bedroom decor around the world. This stunning example of a photographic mural features oversize blooms in shades of pink is perhaps what makes this the most dreamy bedroom look of all.

Dreamy Bedroom Decor

With a lovely vintage vibe, this dreamy bedroom is all softness and feminine style set against a contrasting black and moody wall. The upholstered headboard and the fabulous crystal wall sconce are our favorite elements.

Dreamy Bedroom Decor Chic and a little glamorous, this soaring bedroom with a water view is fantastic with its pale color palette and awesome architectural detailing.

 Dreamy Bedroom Decor

There’s lots of talk right now about small space living. Isn’t this a great tiny bedroom tucked away in its own nook and gauzy curtain panels for a bit of privacy?

Dreamy Bedroom Decor

This tropical bedroom is infused with color and interesting details. Oversized birds, blooms and foliage give new meaning to tropical style.

Dreamy Bedroom Decor

It’s easy to fall under the spell of this captivating blue look. From the pale rug underfoot to the wrought iron chandelier overhead, this dreamy bedroom is irresistible.

Dreamy Bedroom Decor

Ikat wallpaper goes from floor to ceiling and the continues above the bed to create a dreamy canopy look. Who knew a pattern with so much historical significance could look this amazing with contemporary lighting and bedside tables?

Dreamy Bedroom Decor

A soft room size room and flowing curtains that define a lovely canopy bed make this bedroom both dreamy and cozy. We love the look. What do you think?


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Around the Table: Mismatched Dining Chairs

When it comes to selecting dining chairs, sometimes one chair design is just not enough. Lots of us choose to surround our tables with a lovely mix and match collection. That means we don’t have to choose just one look. Instead, we can enjoy four, six or even more chair designs around our dining table or eat-in kitchen table. See what we mean below:

Mix and Match Chairs

 This fabulous table and mismatched chairs await the wedding party, but we can absolutely see this whole setting moved into the dining room. Mix and match with upholstered dining chairs. What could be better than that?

Mix and Match Dining Chairs

Here we have mismatched chairs for much more casual dining. This is a look to be enjoyed every day, all day long–breakfast, lunch and family dinner.

Mix and Match Chairs

Are natural finishes more your style? No problem. Mixing and matching wood chairs with natural instead of painted finishes is also a great look.

Mix and Match Chairs

Mixing and matching dining chairs with chic modern patterned upholstery can be perfect for those who love a riot of color and pattern in their home decor.

Mix and Match Chairs

Modern shell chairs in a variety of colors is an easy way to mix and match dining chairs. For those who crave a lovely Mid Century vibe, this one is perfect.

Mix and Match Chairs

Painting a collection of wooden chairs in the same brilliant hue is a great way to bring a more cohesive look to mismatched dining chairs. We are captivated by this great blue.

Mix and Match Chairs

Painting a group of mismatched wooden chairs in lovely pastels can be a fantastic way to bring visual interest to an eat-in kitchen.

Mix and Match Chairs

Lastly, here’s an interesting way to mix wood chairs, natural finishes and vibrant paint. What an inviting dining space this is!


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Bedroom Designs: Closets to Envy

It seems our readers never tire of images of great closets. We’ve been collecting ideas for closets we hope will feed the need to see more pictures of enviable  and irresistible storage spaces in the bedroom. Please enjoy our most recent finds:

Beautiful Closet

From floor to ceiling and all around the walls, this traditional closet is beautiful and functional enough to inspire a big case of closet envy.

Beautiful Closet

This chic and stylish transitional closet has all the storage options one could wish for in an enviable space. Lots of light, built drawers, shelves and full length mirrors abound.

Beautiful Closet

This spacious closet is ideal for those who have a shoe and purse obsession. A central island is perfect with a see through storage space to organize, protect and display jewelry.

Closet Organization

Convenient hideaway shoe storage is the centerpiece of this spacious and so enviable closet.

Beautiful Closet

Want to organize and show off your beloved shoe collection? Consider open floor to ceiling shelves. Can one every have enough shoe storage? We think not.

Glam Closet

Even a modest sized space can be turned into an enviable glam closet with button-tufted walls and door. Here it’s done in blue satin. We love the look of the glass and brass door nob and ornate wall mirror.

Beautiful Closet

No closet or tiny closet? There’s a solution for that with a bedroom corner dedicated for use as a closet. This creative space has it all–including a dramatic shoe “tree” and ceiling mounted hanging rods.

Dream Closet

A girl can’t always dream, can’t she? The ultimate closet guaranteed to inspire envy, this fabulous (and massive) closet is stunning in white.


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